11 May 2012

Galactic Federation of Light via Greg Giles - 10 May 2012

 We are reminded in this message that we are not, and have never been alone on this journey here on Earth. Each of us has our own Soul Path to traverse; no being of Light can interfere in our journey, except when assistance is requested. The GFL has likened this lifetime trek as a long sea journey, and they can at times be the wind that helps with the direction of our Soul growth.

Just as Higher Beings enjoy the advantage of a higher vantage point that allows them to see beyond the surface of 3D linear "reality", so too can we if we remind ourselves now and then to climb up that mast of our Soul Ship and take in the bigger picture.

This seemingly never-ending and oft-tumultuous journey of ours is very near its end. We will soon dock at the harbour that we can actually now see just up ahead of the nearing horizon of land.

We will be Home soon.

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