26 May 2012

Jaime Maussan and Eclipse Crop Circles

Since we are still in the energy "sandwich" of May 20 and June 6, I thought it would be a good excuse to post something on crop circles, especially ones that refer to these two high-energy events.

Jaime Maussan points out the details of these two eclipses in the respective crop circles, beautifully created as usual. The recent Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20 and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on June 4, merging with the Venus Transit over June 5&6 is the period that will see the Earth's grids going through another major re-boot and re-structuring, sealed and locked in by June 6. A major wave of Light is washing over Earth at this period in time, further reinforcing the structural framework for the Golden Age.

We're still buzzing from the download on May 20...let's continue with the meditations to keep bringing the energies in!

This video is about 5 minutes in length.

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