29 June 2012

Crystal Energy Snowfall Begins - Gaia Portal 29 June 2012

I've always felt that Gaia Portal's cryptic messages speak to a specific aspect of individuals, and I for one will not attempt to insist that one is more accurate than another. That being said, this message says to me that things are falling into Divine Alignment and that we can now allow our own "tune-ups" to begin.

Operation Omega Phoenix - Cobra 28 June 2012


On 26 June, Cobra posted the coded message "Evaluate Omega Phoenix". In this latest message, Cobra provides some details on what this is. It involves the role of the Resistance Movement and their emergence to the surface during the mass arrests, ready to assist if necessary. Also, negative infiltration into the Positive Military has been nullified, allowing them to proceed with action, readily supported by the Resistance Movement and Pleiadians.

Cobra has also stated that he/she has yet to receive confirmation for the Green Light. (Drake has announced the Green Light; I did not listen to his show but you can find it here.)

28 June 2012

Cue The Orchestra - Ashtar Command via Greg Giles

Sorry guys, no synopsis for now because of severe time constraints on my part. This is a wonderful message and the last paragraph...just magical!

My Little Post-It Note

I know you already know this, but please allow me to repeat...

Have a supply of water, food, essentials, cash etc. to tide over a few days. This is in responsible preparation just in case services are not available when events start to unfold in rapid succession. When? I wish I knew for sure. Just be prepared. Some also advise filling up your fuel tank. Do what feels right for you and hang on tight to your Light!

Earth Changes, Evacuation, Rise of Atlantis et al...


This is something I've been meaning to write for some months now, but have put it off each time for two reasons. Firstly, I didn't want to add to the many versions and noise level "out there". Secondly, I don't channel any Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Representatives or the cat next-door. The only accreditation I have is academic, and this is absolutely obsolete in the spiritual world. All I offer is a sharing of what I understand , which is the main purpose of this blog, and I ask that you read it with this in mind. As always, if it doesn't resonate with you, simply toss it :)

If we remember that this Ascension has actually been Divinely planned eons ago, and that so many sectors of the Cosmos are involved in what is transpiring in our beautiful but tiny planet, it will help us place this event in greater perspective. In addition, what is occurring on Earth will directly impact the Universe and beyond. It is indeed something that is of the size, scale and scope that is truly beyond our currently limited comprehension.

When we speak of Earth Changes, it is also good to remember that this has occurred before in ancient times. Although I don't know for sure how many times, I can quote the Ice Age as one example. This was "manipulated" by Creator Forces to eliminate the devastating radiation from thermo-nuclear wars. It allowed the starting-over of Life on Earth. Another one is of course the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis, where whole civilisations were wiped out. All this while, our Inner and Hollow civilisations grew and thrived in higher dimensions, living in peace and harmony. It has always been the surface that had consciousness issues.

Another thing to bear in mind is that this Ascension is something very special and unique -- Earth and Humanity as a race are ascending together, something that has never happened before in all of Human History. This is a vital point because it means that we are not going to be "erased". We are still going to be around, albeit as a new race of Divine Humans. We are bringing our physical bodies with us, warts, wrinkles and all. (Don't worry, all this will be healed, rejuvenated, regenerated, etc...we will look gorgeous.)

If Earth is going into 5D, there is something we need to ask ourselves. What will that look like? To me, the fact that Earth will be restored to her original pristine Garden-of-Eden state means that it would look like Paradise. And in my eyes, Paradise means living in harmony with Earth herself. Buildings will follow the concepts of sacred geometry and energy flow. There will be nothing to create potential harm to the environment. If that's the case, then what place will all our existing man-made monstrosities have on New Earth? All these skyscrapers, congested buildings, highways, factories, waste-product plants, communication towers and pylons...what do we do with them? Dismantle them? Or allow Earth to "absorb" these elements back into her beingness so that she has a clean slate to remake herself?

Then we have the "rearranging" of the continents. That sounds to me like a lot of shifting on Gaia's part. Imagine what will happen to us on the surface if tectonic plates need to be rearranged. Add to this the rising of Greater Lemuria and Atlantis...the oceans will look pretty busy.

Should this cause fear in us? Absolutely not. Remember I mentioned earlier that this time around, we are also ascending with Earth? We will be safe, protected and busy preparing ourselves for full immersion into 5D, just as Earth does the same, simultaneously.

How will we be safe?

Back in the 80s, Tuella received much information from the Ashtar Command pertaining to these Earth Changes. It was published in a book called Project: World Evacuation. From the information therein, we will begin to understand that preparations for this timeline has been ongoing for a very long time. Although I personally feel that some arrangements may have been revised, the fact nevertheless remains -- every human being will be taken care of. They include those whose Souls prefer to defer Ascension because they feel the need to continue experiencing polarity. There will also be Souls who have decided not to participate in this, and they will return to Source to wait it out. Everyone else will be relocated, either off-planet or Inner/Hollow Earth. It would be really, really, really unwise for anyone to remain on the surface while Earth goes through her physical transformation, unless of course they are assisting the Galactics in helping Earth with the energetics of this transformation; even then, they will be protected.

The Agarthans have already prepared for this mass evacuation, and there are hundreds of thousands of ships surrounding Earth for the same purpose (as well as being involved in so many other tasks!). As for the Souls wshing to continue with their development in polarity, a sister-planet is also ready for them.

Ascension was originally meant to be organic, that is, allowed to occur "naturally" with each individual waking up and going through the Ascension process by raising their frequencies and consciousness through meditative practices and living in love and compassion. There has been a change in plan and we are now on Plan B (or even C, D and more!) The truth is that Humanity has been very slow to awaken as a race. We have thus been given a big nudge in the ribs and a huge prod to move forwards. Light chambers will assist us in this process to come to full ascension to 5D.

For me, this whole Ascension event feels like something that I've waited for all my life. It feels like it is a big part of my purpose here on Earth, in this lifetime. I can feel nothing but an immensely profound desire for it to take place; fear isn't even in the equation.

I am aware that many sources also assure the exact opposite to what I've just described. They say that with our increased vibrations, there is no need for massive Earth Changes. They see it as being a negative thing while I see it as a beautifully and divinely planned remaking of Earth. They could be right, I'm in no position to insist on one version over another. I can only offer my own take on the big debate of Earth Changes.

SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey - 27 June 2012

The theme of SaLuSa's message via Mike Quinsey echoes that in the recent message published by Sheldan Nidle. These are some of the issues discussed:

  • Pressure mounting for those at the front-line but Galactics able to provide back-up
  • Old systems need to be eliminated before new ones come online
  • Time to reclaim our sovereignty
  • Be compassionate, stay in the energy of love -- road to Ascension
  • Help each other when need arises, especially if confusion arises among those who are not aware when events unfold
  • Cabal's access to funds severely restricted
  • Continue to raise our own consciousness
  • Request to spread the news.

27 June 2012

Update by Sheldan Nidle - 26 June 2012

OK...things are definitely picking up speed. This update from Sheldan is practically preparing us to make that move. This is the summary:
  • Ball is now in the Light's court since the Dark refused to surrender peacefully
  • Media will be prevented from being used by the Cabal for propaganda purposes
  • 72-hour period critical after government resignations; this must be handled properly
  • Divine intervention allowing Galactic assistance for Earth Allies because these transition activities getting difficult as we move closer towards the end
  • The time to move to Inner Earth almost upon us
  • Request for global mass meditations to raise unity consciousness
  • Formal announcements to come...

26 June 2012

Uranus Square Pluto - Archons Activity by Cobra

Ouch. There's so much noise out there in Cyberland it's hurting my eyes and ears. To be honest, I did try to follow updates by a few "sources" who appear to be very popular and have huge fan-bases. But I couldn't do it anymore after a while because their messages did not resonate with me.

And so I'm posting something that carries the voice of reason, wisdom and calm amidst all the aggression being promoted. If all you can take from this message is the sense of assurance, then it's worth it.

Cobra explains that this period of the Uranus-Pluto Square brings up tension (for peaceful transmutation and resolution?), the futility of the Archons' plans and the utmost need to stay calm and centered. There is also a bit more clarification about how the "Stardust" nanotechnology works.

"Goddess wants peace, and peace shall come."

25 June 2012

Yellow Alert?

I don't really know what's going on, so I'll just post a couple of things here for you to decide for yourself.

Firstly, the Loverush/Bryan Adams' song "Tonight In Babylon" was posted on Cobra's site. Here is a section of the lyrics:
Gonna be a revolution, a change is gonna come,
Gonna be a new beginning, gonna shine on everyone
Tonight in Babylon, tonight in Babylon
Tonight in Babylon, tonight in Babylon
Everybody knows it's over, we knew it all along,
Tonight in Babylon, tonight in Babylon.

Is this a coded message to denote that "events" are taking place? I don't know.

Then there's this post that appeared in 2012 Scenario, titled "Preparing For Mass Arrests". They also are not able to clarify anything but Geoffrey West (Cosmic Vision News) has arranged for live updates if mass arrests do occur.

And lastly (at least for now), here's another cryptic message from Gaia Portal. "Harvest comes quickly...full Galactic support for such is assured."

I am vacillating between cautiously optimistic and wildly excited. Buckle up...

Liberation of Planet Earth - Ishtar Antares

Nathan Vogal

I'm continuing with Ishtar Antares' information in this post. Actually, the title is but one of five sections which I will summarise here. In these articles, Ishtar gives us some galactic history that had direct bearing and long-lasting impact on Earth, and the role of Agarthans in our dark and convoluted history. Reading this triggered a deeper "soul understanding" of this beautiful higher-dimensional race that shares the same planet as us. It really underscores the intense desire for Agarthans to re-unite with surface dwellers, as clearly indicated in all of Zorra's messages.

(Please note that I use Agartha/Argartha/Argatha interchangeably in all my posts about them. The truth is I have no idea how it's "supposed" to be spelt, so I usually follow the lead of the author.)

Summary of these 5 sections (which you can click on at the top of the page):

1. The Underground Kingdom of Light
How the Agarthans came to inhabit the subterranean areas of Earth, their crusade against the Dark over the thousands of years and how they are continuing this until the present time.

2. Journey Into The Resistance Movement
Formation of the Resistance Movement, their role in assisting Humanity (in spite of ourselves, my words), tachyon technology, rise of New Atlantis.

3. Galactic Wars
The original Star Wars, 12 Universal Rays, the cycles before the turning point, Key of New Earth.

4. Liberation of Planet Earth
Tachyon vs Photon universe, the unliberated sector of the Universe, Galactic Codex and critical mass, transition phase where massive changes occur in accelerated succession, Ascension waves and Evacuation.

5. Vision 2012
"It will begin suddenly, without warning." Collapse of 3D, First Contact, end of Mayan calendar.

Home, sweet Home.

23 June 2012

Galactic Codex - Ishtar Antares

I solemnly swear that I didn't consciously look for this article. When synchronicity shows up, I just allow...so here it is, the Galactic Codex that Cobra referred to in an earlier post. You may already know what it is, but I was wondering about it because it was the first time I heard of this term when I read Cobra's update. Universal Laws, yes...but Galactic Codex? So OK I got my answer...and here it is.

This article is also written by Ishtar Antares, who describes the Codex as a system of ethical codes for Beings of Light. This is the summary:

Section 1 - Law of Divine Grace (there are 5 subsections to this Law)
Section 2 - Law of Dividing Conflicting Parties
Section 3 - Law of Balance
Section 4 - Law of Intervention (2 subsections here, the latter of which was referred to by Cobra).

This really is excellent, so please read the entire thing. As with Universal Laws, it gives us a richer and multi-dimensional understanding of the Cosmos.

Portal 2012 - Ishtar Antares

Ishtar Antares gives a wonderful account of the transition period from 11:11:11 until the Ascension Gateway of 12:12:12. We are already past the half-way mark, delineated by the Venus Transit and described in this message as the turning point (and boy is he right!). Ishtar calls this transition "Portal 2012" which interestingly is the name of Cobra's site. And I will have to say that I was "led" to Ishtar's message so here it is.

The beginning of the end of Darkness is upon us now, brought on by the ever-increasing presence of the Goddess Principle. The second half of this Portal (after the Venus Transit) translates into action, paving the way for First Contact.

Please note that there are two other articles on this same page - Soul Families and The Goddess Returns. Due to time constraints on my part, I will not be highlighting them here but please, give them a read as well because they are just as good as the first one.

Message From Intergalactic Council Elders For Supervising Waves and Frequencies - Christiine Anne K

This message, in English, is from the Lightworkers website. When I traced it back to the source, I found that the site is in French. Since my French is close to non-existent, I will link to the English version here and provide the link back to its site of origin for those with a better grasp of the French language :)

This message, channeled by Christine Anne K, gives suggestions on how to ride these super Cosmic Waves that are pouring onto Earth right now. It advises against the use of pharmaceuticals and the need to avoid strong emotional responses or reactions so that we make it easier on ourselves to assimilate all this nourishing energy that is helping us to raise our vibrations.

Rest, sleep, "surrender"...and sing! We can use our own voice frequencies to help us with these alignments and adjustments. We need to help ourselves get through these phases smoothly.

22 June 2012

Operation Stardust 2 - Cobra 21 June 2012

If it feels like my recent posts have a similar theme running, it's because they do. Not by "choice" but by synchronicity...so here's the latest update by Cobra of Portal 2012 on what's been transpiring. I'll just give a quick summary, so you don't have to much to read unnecessarily. It's a very significant message, so please go right ahead. I should use the "Discernment" word, but I really hope that the time is now.

This message explains what Operation Stardust means, and its implications for the Cabal. The "Go Ahead" has been given.

Massive Transformation Is At Hand - Gaia Portal


Here's another short semi-cryptic message from Gaia Portal. It feels like progression, and that is always most welcome. Are we ready? Let's fly!

21 June 2012

Final Address To The Cabal - Your Time Has Come

The deadline is here - and this is a message following the Terms of Surrender. It is chilling, clear and yet...as it should be. I won't highlight anything, it's only 8:30mins and everything is relevant. As with the previous video, I have no way to verify it so it's up to our own discernment.

20 June 2012

Stargazers, Prepare for the Changes - Gaia Portal 19 June 2012

Feast of the Gods - Jan van Kessel

Another one!! Oh..my..Goddess...I have no idea what this message means but it sounds really really good :)  Time to feast...manna at last for a starving Humanity!

It's so short I could copy it here, but you know my policy so please go to the site of origin, thanks.

SaLuSa 20 June 2012 - Mike Quinsey

Another message that carries the same theme as some messages recently. Can we expect blatantly "open" positive developments following the Solstice? Dare I say it?...Yay!! This one is from Mike Quinsey channeling SaLuSa. These are the main points:

  • The immense and meticulous plan to remove the Dark's influences from Earth
  • Illuminati have come to the end of the road (...and rope I suppose)
  • We should remember to remain in the Light and not seek revenge against the Dark, and instead learn the power of forgiveness
  • Keep our focus on Ascension, and all the joy it will bring
  • Commit to helping Mother Earth clean up the mess we created.

Sheldan Nidle June 19 Update


"The Solstice Holds Many Keys" is the sub-title to this positive update, which seems to indicate that the upcoming Solstice could be a trigger-point for the physical manifestation of the ethereal reality of the recent Eclipses and Venus Transit. "...the final pieces of the puzzle being solved..." Here are some interesting highlights:

  • Much to be done in a short period of time after removal of the Dark
  • "Holographic forces" ready to intervene if necessary
  • Preparation for refuge in Inner Earth
  • Heaven's Plan for our new star nation, and how the rich diversity from the Cosmos is contributing towards it
  • "Spiritual loggerhead" with the Dark coming to a (much-needed and long-overdue, my words) welcome end
  • Process of restoring Humanity to full consciousness now in motion
  • Appreciation for all who helped to return us to Divine Sovereignty.

19 June 2012

Terms of Surrender For The Cabal

This is the video that was referenced in a recent posting by Cobra. If it's the real deal, then it could definitely rank as one of the most important piece of information regarding the complete liberation of  Humanity from the control of the Dark. I'm in no position to verify its authenticity and as always, please decide for yourself.

Hollow Earth

I spent almost the entire Father's Day drifting in and out of sleep, trying to get over a severe migraine. The next day I woke up feeling fine and raring to go -- and I was confronted with a mass of updates and news from Ground Intel that almost made my head ache all over again. It is, as I've said to some people lately, a noisy and confusing time in the Lightworker world.

So...I'm following my inner compass and have decided to let it all go for the time being. All I can offer today is this very nice depiction of Hollow Earth, which I copied off the Hollow Earth Network site (I'm sure they don't mind). It is more details than the ones I've seen before, such as the location of Shamballah and the base/portal for off-planet travel.

15 June 2012

Sky People - Simona Rich

I've come across many descriptions of Starseeds, some of them very helpful while a few were not. However, this is the first time I've come across a comprehensive list of traits for what the author, Simona Rich, calls "Sky People".

This one definitely falls into my "helpful" category. Thanks for the link, Ju :)

In The Midst of Shifting Realities (June 2012) - Solara and the 11:11


Solara's June report speaks to many of us who are finding themselves inhabiting two different worlds at the same time, accentuated by the recent energy alignments of the Eclipses and Venus Transit. What compounds this challenging situation is that these worlds are not separate but superimposed upon each other, so that being in one instead of the other is not possible. Instead, we find living in the old world increasingly uncomfortable in many ways, and at the same time, we are not able to exist fully in the new because it is not yet sufficiently manifested.

Solara offers the advice of being in the Unknown during the time of this transition, while the New World is being formed. We should stay present in the energies of the Now, being open to whatever unfolds before us. Meanwhile, we are also active participants in the making of this New World, which requires us to be our True Selves.

Note: This is a free excerpt and is available on this link for the current month only.

14 June 2012

Emergence of Christ Consciousness - Message from Elohim via Tiara Kumara

Creation of the Cosmos

Great news from Tiara Kumara channeling the Council of Elohim -- 144,000 beings on Earth have now achieved Christ Consciousness. This will trigger another wave of mass advancement towards further raising the frequencies and awakening of Souls, as well as allowing for further Divine Intervention towards Ascension. Many will achieve this same Christ Consciousness by the end of the year and everything is on schedule.

With the Crystalline Grid now fully activated, onward progression will pick up momentum. Meanwhile, we are also reminded in this message to continue our inner work to increase our own consciousness.

Stephen Cook Interviews Cobra - Light Agenda

Stephen Cook interviews Cobra on this debut episode of Light Agenda (one hour). Cobra speaks using a voice modulator to protect his/her identity; this does not fail to prevent some personality coming through! Good intel, great show. Here are some highlights:

  • Current state regarding mass arrests and why there have been delays
  • Despite the delays, there has been much progress and success after the mass meditations
  • The actual state regarding nuclear weapons and the Galactics' role (as well as challenges) in preventing their use
  • Attempts to deactivate the controls that Archons have over Humanity
  • Cobra's incarnation on Earth and his/her contacts with the Pleiadians 
  • Technology such as replicators and transportation
  • How Disclosure and Mass Landings will probably occur
  • Ascension (liberation of consciousness from all limited 3D reality) Plans will be revealed by Pleiadians once Cabal is totally removed
  • Deprogramming from all the control inserts to allow positive evolution of Humanity
  • Many "versions" of Ascension being presented now, but further discussion on this not possible until Cabal's presence is voided
  • Influences of Light and Dark in Cobra's life
  • Connecting with the Source through meditations.

12 June 2012

Sanat Kumara - Purpose of Life, Universal Law and Longing for Liberation

This hour-long interview between Sanat Kumara and Steve Beckow, channeled by Linda Dillon, covers many pertinent topics for this last stage prior to the Ascension Gateway. It offers us a deeper understanding of the complex web of Creation and the Divine Plan driving it.

Here are some major points:
  • Creation and the various expressions of All That Is to experience love
  • Free will given for self-direction
  • Earth was intended as planet of love and peace for the physical Human experience in free will, in whatever manner
  • Being "stuck" in physical form was not in the original Divine Plan; human free will "gone awry"
  • Divine Plan is for us to eventually find our way back to Divine Unity through this Grand Awakening which is assisted by the higher realms
  • Guidance has always been given in many forms over the ages to help Humanity get back on track
  • Darkness and Light are just different degrees of experience
  • Universal Laws as collective tool for creation, experience, understanding and eventual return to the Divine
  • Can also be referred to as Law of Love or Law of One, the purpose of which is ultimate unification
  • Alignment with all our multi-dimensional Selves leads to alignment with Who We Truly Are, which is contributing to the Ascension process
  • During this time of the Transition, "the wandering is over"
  • Our innate yearning to return to the Whole is the counter-balance to free will.
The transcript is also available.

09 June 2012

Surrender Of Cabal Meditation - 10 and 11 June 2012

The Return of the Goddess global meditation was a huge success, as reported by Cobra. There is a new request for another, this time for the peaceful (and overdue) surrender of the Cabal, slotted over June 10 & 11, depending on where we are.

Please join in this meditation if you feel this is for you.

Zorra via Zaraya - 6 June 2012

Zorra returns via Zaraya to clear up some confusion caused by mis- and dis-information over the past couple of months. Although much of it is a re-cap of topics discussed by Zorra in previous channels, it is a timely reiteration of information that we need to understand. Very re-assuring in the currently noisy and confusing world of the Internet, where clarity is much needed.

Here are some key-points that Zorra addresses in this message, which is about 2 hours 20 minutes.
  • Several thousand ships around Earth assisting in the Ascension process into 5D
  • Galactics, Inner and Hollow Earth in preparation for this
  • The Gathering, when surface dwellers will be re-located to safety while Earth goes through her restoration back to her original pristine state; this will involve physical transformation of her surface, expansion and upheavals
  • Those still wishing to continue with 4D existence will be relocated to Earth's sister planet
  • 2013 - the first year of 5D
  • Living areas already established for this evacuation: Off-planet, Inner Earth, Hollow Earth (Telos for those with Lemurian heritage)
  • Ashtar Command and Federation managing nuclear fall-out from Fukushima; also all nuclear weapons completely deactivated
  • We need to change our attitudes towards abundance programs
  • Venus transit initiated much-needed love vibrations being beamed to Earth, so embrace them and "soak them in"!
  • We are all One, we are all Gods and Goddesses, we are all born natural healers, we are all creators of our reality
  • Either step aside or become part of the solution
  • Now at 75% mark towards critical mass trigger for mass Ascension; raising our consciousness and vibrations is a must!
  • Participants in Hollow Earth expedition will be screened prior to entry
  • Innoculations serve to disable innate gifts of new-borns
  • Cancer - caused by parasites/fungus called galls, activated by dead foods (e.g.meat); cures - baking soda, iodine, research Dr Hulda Clark & Dr Simoncini (this is around the 46-minute mark)
  • Raising consciousness exercise can be done even when waiting in the car
  • Becoming one with Mother Nature helps with our Ascension
  • Arrests of Cabal have begun
  • Send love to all Light forces who are working hard to bring about positive changes
  • Spread information about existence of Hollow Earth.

08 June 2012

Crop Circle 2 June 2012 - Alignment Date

This crop circle which appeared on 2 June 2012 at Manton Drove in Wiltshire, UK looks deceptively simple. Its message is anything but that. The uploader of this clip (which is under 7 minutes), NYC812 has taken the suggestion from a contributor and deciphered the crop circle. It's a wonderful confirmation of the Ascension process. I won't spoil it for you or diminish your feelings by saying what it's about. Watch it...and thoroughly enjoy it!

07 June 2012

Life Review - Lisa Renee June 2012

In this June message by Lisa Renee, there is a fairly detailed account about what the Eclipses and the Venus Transit have left in their powerful wake, and what inner work we can expect from now. The title "Life Review" says it all!

It is likely that we will be presented (yet again!) with past issues and residual "stuff" that needs to be eventually released, because we cannot proceed with ease if we are still clinging on to lower vibrational frequencies in our psyche. Lisa cautions and urges us to get that done, or we will face challenges in August. Unconditional love and forgiveness for others and for ourselves are essential.

This message contains critical information that we need to be aware of. Key points include:
  • The intense energy upgrades brought upon by the recent powerful and potent alignments have "rearranged" all Life on Earth; expect great transformation
  • Why organic 5D Ascension plan had to be aborted
  • Quarantines placed upon and around Earth to prevent leakage of planetary miasma into the space fields are now being lifted
  • Lightwork carried out to facilitate this release
  • Why numerous reincarnation cycles had to occur and how this became Humanity's curse, leading to a split in consciousness
  • Recent energies helping us heal this DNA mutation and remove the control seals
  • Akhenaton's failed attempt in creating Christ Consciousness on Earth, and how some are now completing this mission
  • Improved transmission with the elemental kingdoms, who also possess intrinsic desires to evolve
  • Assuming the role of guardians of Earth and her kingdoms
  • How the masses will be impacted by the removal of the controls placed by the Reptilian agenda
  • Law of One Practices.

04 June 2012

Is Ascension Really Happening? Sandy Stevenson

Here is a really great article for those who are wondering if they are on the right track or are actually onboard the Ascension Train (yes, you are!). Written by Sandy Stevenson, this is presented as a Q&A session that covers most concerns about our evolution into higher consciousness.

Sandy speaks from a place of wisdom when she answers all the "little" as well as major questions. Here are some examples:
  • I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing!
  • How do I recognise truth?
  • Why am I losing my memory? 
  • Why is my eyesight affected? (This is one that really annoys me...)
  • Who will show me the way?
  • How do I act like a Master when I feel like a victim? (My favourite answer from Sandy :) )

I truly love what she has to say!

Omnec Onec - Unknown History and Christ

Omnec Onec is a Venusian on an Earth mission. As with others like her who came here to help with the Ascension, Onec teaches us the ways of higher consciousness living and attempts to disseminate hidden or suppressed truths about our actual history.

One of these is about the true history of our Solar System and Humanity. Although it is a very much summarised version, what I like about it is that it gives enough information for us to frame some sort of picture about what happened to Humanity throughout the ages. There are, of course, many documents and books available on this, but for a quick read, this is good. (I didn't know about the mutations into dinosaurs and reptiles!) Please note that Onec does not name the dark races; I have heard her explain in an interview that it's because the race that controlled Humanity for eons are now making working for the Light, and are themselves helping us with our Ascension and repaying their racial karma.

The other document is about Jesus. I have read in quite a few sources that he is an Ascended Master from Venus, the same planet from which Onec hails. She gives a very good account about Jesus here, and points out that many Christians are actually holding back his own evolution by bonding him to their salvation. It truly is time to take Jesus off the cross, for good -- literally.

Please visit Onec's website to download these documents.

03 June 2012

It's You - From Athabantian and Mark Kimmel

In this message via Mark Kimmel, Bren-Ton and Taugth report from the starship Athabantian. These are some highlights:
  • Reiterate that collapse of man-made structures is imminent, and so are physical earth changes, but we should have a clearer comprehension by now why these are occurring
  • Many among the masses are beginning to awaken, and yet at the same time those in power are clinging on to their own reality during these last stages of duality 
  • Failure of financial systems to set the stage for eventual currency-free existence in the future
  • Validates that all non-indigenous beings have been removed from Earth
  • Stage 1 of major changes expected to occur towards end of year, followed by massive 'clean-up' of Earth after generations of abuse by humankind
  • Assistance from off-planet sources
  • Also seek Caretakers to play an active role in regeneration of Earth; Andromedans have the technologies to restore her to pristine state but we need to take responsibility and be involved in the creation of New Earth
  • Mark's centre Abiquor will focus on learning to live in Light for the years ahead.

Encountering Online Hostility - Ashtar Command via Greg Giles 30 May 2012

Online bickering and animosity must have reached such a critical level to compel a discussion about it by Ashtar Command. Here are some of the points raised in this channeling via Greg Giles:

  • Our "mission" is of paramount importance; we cannot afford any distractions that may impede progress
  • We have been “trained” before to rise above the pettiness and attacks, and to just turn around and get on with it
  • Not all messages that are given are understood, and even then sometimes a single message is not understood in its entirety
  • Reminder that it is normal for some to react by rejecting the truths when the masses that have been kept in the dark and under control for eons are suddenly faced with a radical shift in ideals and truths that result in life-changing realities
  • We may have been in the same scenario before eons ago, but on the opposite side of the fence, so we can draw on this compassion for greater understanding that not all will embrace what we try to disseminate
  • Ashtar Command gives us their gratitude - we have made a difference!

All About Starseeds - Free Webinar by Sheldan Nidle 14 June 2012

Update 19 June 2012: The video is now available!


Sheldan Nidle will be conducting a free webinar titled "All About Starseeds" on Thursday 14 June 2012. Based on Sheldan's background, this should be interesting and very informative.

Please read more here.

Overcoming Delays and Other Messages - GFL via Greg Giles

Messages via Greg Giles have taken on urgent undertones in the past couple of weeks. This is not surprising given the fact that we have not much time left before the New Age is upon us, and many on Earth are still unaware of events that are about to transpire. In their recent messages, the source representing the GFL through Greg have openly asked for "ground" assistance in spreading information about the Ascension, and this message repeats their request. "Desensitizing agents" seems to be a pretty good description!

As with a recent SaLuSa message regarding Disclosure, this one also reveals that there have been some delays to their implementation of gargantuan changes leading up to Ascension. Nevertheless, the plans are still in place and will proceed, albeit at a later date than expected.

There is also a previous message about Free Energy Zones that deals with the installation of devices to convert households to free energy utilisaton. The GFL is openly inviting participation in this programme -- please read the message for more details. It seems to me that there may now be attempts to introduce "changes" directly to the people in stages rather than wait for interim governments to be set up to coordinate such plans, considering the fact that there have been delays towards this end.

Venus Transit and Raising Frequencies - Michael via Ron Head

As we continue to work with these ultra-energies between 20 May and June 6 to raise our own consciousness, here is another suggestion for the global effort on the last day of the Venus Transit. Ron Head channels AA Michael in this message to encourage us to release all the last vestiges of 3D limitations and "fill up" with Love and Light. We are also reminded that we are making good progress.

In the next message, we are told that the truths that will be revealed in the days ahead will be Life-changing for many who may not be aware of what's happening. Even those of us who are in this "community" will be surprised at the extent of lies that have kept Humanity ignorant for too long. AA Michael also urges us to keep our focus on what's truly important and not be distracted by the "noise" created by those trying to cling on to their control during these last stages of duality.