23 June 2012

Galactic Codex - Ishtar Antares

I solemnly swear that I didn't consciously look for this article. When synchronicity shows up, I just allow...so here it is, the Galactic Codex that Cobra referred to in an earlier post. You may already know what it is, but I was wondering about it because it was the first time I heard of this term when I read Cobra's update. Universal Laws, yes...but Galactic Codex? So OK I got my answer...and here it is.

This article is also written by Ishtar Antares, who describes the Codex as a system of ethical codes for Beings of Light. This is the summary:

Section 1 - Law of Divine Grace (there are 5 subsections to this Law)
Section 2 - Law of Dividing Conflicting Parties
Section 3 - Law of Balance
Section 4 - Law of Intervention (2 subsections here, the latter of which was referred to by Cobra).

This really is excellent, so please read the entire thing. As with Universal Laws, it gives us a richer and multi-dimensional understanding of the Cosmos.


  1. Such a marvellous document that would appear to support the inference that we are not all here by chance and that their is a Cosmic Plan in which we will all, ultimately, play a part as we evolve spiritually. Most encouraging for those of us who have been wondering whether there is any real point to our existence. Many thanks to Synchronicity and youi!

    1. You are most welcome! There IS definitely a point to all of this ~ though it may take a long and convoluted path to get to :)

      Thank you for your Light, many Blessings