25 June 2012

Liberation of Planet Earth - Ishtar Antares

Nathan Vogal

I'm continuing with Ishtar Antares' information in this post. Actually, the title is but one of five sections which I will summarise here. In these articles, Ishtar gives us some galactic history that had direct bearing and long-lasting impact on Earth, and the role of Agarthans in our dark and convoluted history. Reading this triggered a deeper "soul understanding" of this beautiful higher-dimensional race that shares the same planet as us. It really underscores the intense desire for Agarthans to re-unite with surface dwellers, as clearly indicated in all of Zorra's messages.

(Please note that I use Agartha/Argartha/Argatha interchangeably in all my posts about them. The truth is I have no idea how it's "supposed" to be spelt, so I usually follow the lead of the author.)

Summary of these 5 sections (which you can click on at the top of the page):

1. The Underground Kingdom of Light
How the Agarthans came to inhabit the subterranean areas of Earth, their crusade against the Dark over the thousands of years and how they are continuing this until the present time.

2. Journey Into The Resistance Movement
Formation of the Resistance Movement, their role in assisting Humanity (in spite of ourselves, my words), tachyon technology, rise of New Atlantis.

3. Galactic Wars
The original Star Wars, 12 Universal Rays, the cycles before the turning point, Key of New Earth.

4. Liberation of Planet Earth
Tachyon vs Photon universe, the unliberated sector of the Universe, Galactic Codex and critical mass, transition phase where massive changes occur in accelerated succession, Ascension waves and Evacuation.

5. Vision 2012
"It will begin suddenly, without warning." Collapse of 3D, First Contact, end of Mayan calendar.

Home, sweet Home.

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