31 July 2012

Mike Quinsey's Follow-up to SaLuSa's Message

Mike Quinsey sent out this personal message regarding SaLuSa's earlier message about Disclosure. Since I posted that particular message, I feel that it's only appropriate to post this as well.

"Dear Friends,

I feel that I should give my views as to what I feel about Disclosure as referred to in SaLuSa's message of today the 30th. July. It should answer questions that are being asked, and hopefully give out more Light through a better understanding of what is behind these events.

Naturally I did contemplate what type of message I would get today, as it would have seemed odd if there was no reference to the earlier messages about Disclosure. I found that mine came through very strongly which made me feel confident that it was genuine. After receiving it I naturally mulled over it's contents, and it seemed to me that there was definitely a concentrated focus upon the Olympic Games in London. Also that it was no coincidence that the live Sky T.V. coverage of the opening ceremony,  revealed a Space Craft observing it and clearly seen in the background when the fireworks display was taking place.
It was also claimed in someone else's message, that the higher plan was for the Olympics to be held in London, and I recall it was because Great Britain is considered to be the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth. Whatever the outcome is I believe the Light will have become much more powerful as a result. I also feel that it will have provided protection against any attempts of the dark Ones to interfere with the Olympics, and what could be better than such an occasion being used to bring Disclosure to the public's notice.

As I see it the only possibility that the proposed day for Disclosure would change would be by Divine command and as we often say, it is not written in stone. SaLuSa indicates this be so by referring to the Disclosure date of Saturday the 4th. August as being one of "intent" thus allowing for change if it was proved necessary. The dark Ones would clearly like to use the event for their own agenda, and it has been said that a fake alien attack was planned using real craft and holographic projections. However, one would like to think that it in no circumstances would it be allowed. On the other hand it might be so if it was stopped in its tracks, to reveal to everyone that it was a false flag attack by the Illuminati. Either way the truth about UFO's and Extraterrestrials could no longer continue to be denied, and I hope that some Leaders will come out with the truth as requested. For me nothing would be better than it to come from President Obama, who I still firmly believe is a great Being of Light, and would be giving a lead to the rest of the world.
These coming days will be filled with anticipation and excitement, and I hope we will witness a great step forward to fulfill our expectations. 

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey"

Message From St Germain and Arcturians - Meline Lafont 30 July 2012

This is another message that revolves around 4 August 2012, and I post it here in good faith -- please trust your inner guidance and hold the highest vibrations that you can around that date, whatever happens (or not...). This message via Meline Lafont clarifies that 4 August is the "starting point" and Disclosure should not be linked to a specific date.

Read the rest here.

Markers Laid...Markers Met...Markers Exceeded...Gaia Portal 30 July 2012

Yessss! We exceeded whatever-it-was-that-was-expected-of-us!!
Let the good news keep rolling in (even though I don't really know what this means)...

30 July 2012

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey - 30 July 2012

I'm aware of the Cyberspace Chatter at the moment regarding 4th August. So I won't add to it one way or another except to say...let's continue to hold the highest intention and vision for a long-awaited outcome, but not allow any expectations to derail us from our on-going task of being in the Light and raising our consciousness. Know that there is a Divine Plan at work (and has been for eons and eons!) and that it unfolds according to Perfect Divine Timing (see related post).

OK getting back to SaLuSa's latest message, which discusses the following points:
  • The Galactics will undertake Disclosure themselves if Earth leaders continue to refuse to allow this Truth to be revealed
  • They will use the Olympics as the perfect backdrop for Disclosure
  • Cleaning-up will commence without further delay after Disclosure
  • Our Ascension affects the rest of the Cosmos
  • Lightworkers to assist in calming the fears of those around them
  • Several different timelines exist, and time can change these outcomes so changes can be less catastrophic than first anticipated.
Update: Mike Quinsey has sent out a personal note about this message, which I've posted here.

Perfect Timing - Kiki Dee

I felt moved to post this classic from Kiki Dee, in view of what's abuzz right now with the prospect of a potential Disclose event in the next few days. It's called Perfect Timing, to remind us that that's how the Divine Plan will unfold. I couldn't find the official video, so this would have to do :)


It could have been anywhere, Or anyone
Since my sensors were undefined
Ah but no, This was no mere random selection
It was something (you know what I believe)
Something (you know what I believe)
We are moving by design
And it was.

It was perfect timing (we've got the rhythm of the time)
We are in line, in line (we've got the metre and the rhyme)
We are in time, in time (in time)
We've got perfect timing (the meaning of the time).

Some would call it coincidence
We're never free, never free
Never free to choose
Ah but no
This was no mere interference
It was something (you know what I believe)
We've got something (you know that I believe)
We are moving by twos
And it was.

It was perfect timing (we've got the rhythm of the time)
We are in line, in line (we've got the metre and the rhyme)
We are in time, in time (in time)
We've got perfect timing (the meaning of the time).

There was something

We've got perfect timing (we've got the rhythm of the time)
We are in line, in line (we've got the metre and the rhyme)
We are in time, in time (in time)
We've got perfect timing (the meaning of the time).

We've got perfect timing (we've got the rhythm of the time)
We are in line,in line-

[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/k/kiki+dee/perfect+timing_20295870.html ]

A Glimpse Into the Future - Owen K Waters

This came via my email subscription and it's an excerpt from a book so I will have to copy the whole thing here. The book is called Follow the Yellow Brick Road : A Journey in Consciousness by Owen Waters and I thought it would be a nice read and just allow ourselves to visualise a version of the not-too-distant future that's in store for us.

"Because your mind is free to travel to any other point in time and space, you have the capability to view the future at will. It does take time and patience to bring back the information you want, but anyone can do it. The deeper you go into a meditative state, the more glimpses you will receive of the subject of interest. Just like any kind of exercise, the more you practice viewing the future, the better you become at it.

When you view the distant future, prepare to witness a world filled with amazing achievements of the mind and spirit. The world of a thousand years from now is just as mind-boggling to us as the present-day world would be to a person who had just time-traveled from the 1500’s into today’s high-tech noise and clatter.

A thousand years from now, the noise and clatter have gone. There are ecologically balanced mini-cities dotted around the countryside, with high-rise activity centers in the middle, surrounded by pleasant greenery and residences. They don’t encounter today’s hurricane and coastal flooding problems because, other than some recreational facilities, they are built well away from coastlines. The preferred locations are often near the foothills of mountains which supply a natural, year-round fresh water runoff. These communities produce clean energy from the universal supply, zero pollution, and are totally in tune with nature.

They manufacture items as needed by, not only materializing the items, but custom-producing the materials needed for their construction. So, if you wanted a set of decorative, solid gold plates, you’d only need to order them and they would be materialized for you in finished form. The most work-intensive part of the process would be deciding on the artistic design.

The real surprises begin with their mode of transportation. When you view these cities of the future, you see virtually no vehicles moving around. No cars, trucks, trains, or even flying vehicles. That’s because teleportation is the standard means of travel.

The secret behind teleportation is to realize that, at the level of subtle etheric energy, every location in the world has its own signature vibration. Infinite Being designed the universe so that everything in it is unique. Every snowflake is unique, every human being is unique, and even subatomic particles are unique. It comes as no surprise, then, to learn that every location in space has its own unique vibratory signature pattern.

The existence of a subtle energy signature for each location will be incorporated into teleportation technology. Vehicles will be developed that can isolate themselves from the fabric of space by creating an energetic bubble or force screen around themselves. Once isolated, the vehicle has only to be attuned to the signature vibration of its intended destination. Then, as the isolation bubble is turned off, the vehicle has no option but to emerge from ‘subspace’ at the location that matches its new signature vibration. The result: Instant relocation.

The fun really begins when, in the future, the same type of vehicles start to be used by people who have developed their consciousness enough to become attuned with, and consciously direct, the destination of the vehicle. Then, using a blend of consciousness and technology, they will be equipped to move through, not only space, but time as well.

Yes, time machines at last! The Time Machine author, H.G. Wells, would be impressed.

The interesting thing about time is that it’s not fixed in the way that we have been led to believe. We have been trained to see the past as fixed and the future as something that will become just as concrete and fixed when it comes to pass. However, time is not one fixed river. There are timelines – alternative realities – and we shift easily from one timeline to another according to our daily decisions.

The paradox of time travel used to be that it wouldn’t be possible to go back in time and meet yourself, because then you’d have a memory of having met yourself in the past, and because you don’t, you couldn’t have ever done that. Well, that problem doesn’t exist, thanks to alternate timelines. If you went back now and met yourself, you would create a new timeline and return to the present along that new timeline – one which includes the memory of having met yourself then.

In the past, kids used to want to grow up to be train drivers. In the future, they’ll want to grow up to be timeline explorers!

The future contains many wonders, thanks to the continual expansion of consciousness. With everyone adept at using the next three stages of consciousness – Love, Inspiration and Creativity – the world will be a truly wonderful place.

That is, once we get past the end of the world…
This was an excerpt from Owen K Waters' e-book Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Journey in Consciousness, which is available for immediate download at:


29 July 2012

Crop Circles at The Wrekin and Windmill Hill - 4 August 2012 Interpretation

Updated: 29 July 2012

**Here's another one! At Etchilhampton, Wiltshire - appeared 28 July**

**Another crop circle that is related to the date of 4 August 2012. This one appeared in June in Santena, Italy**

Two recent crop circles are raising lots of questions with answers being offered, and like so many of these mystical Earth Writings (that's what I like to call them), the answers sometimes leave us more confused than ever.

There are analyses of these crop circles (The Wrekin and Windmill Hill), both of which I found at the Crop Circle Connector site. They are by "Red Collie" and the common conclusion is the date of 4 August 2012 for both crop circles. There is currently a lot of buzz around this date, with speculations ranging from the very dark to the most amazing Light. Let's exercise our power to choose...let's go with the Light.

On the same note, there is also another write-up/debate about an earlier crop circle that appeared at Manton Drove in June 2012. Does it point to 21 December 2012 or 4 August 2012? I truly do not know, but I did feature a video that concluded it to be the Alignment Date of 21 December 2012.

Will anything happen on 4 August 2012? This can only be answered for sure when the day itself unfolds. Meanwhile, we can do a lot to ensure that if something does happens, it is Light-based. We can hold the highest intention, in whatever way works for us (meditation, light healing etc).

Sierra Neblina Takes Us Backstage on Disclosure

More on 4 August 2012, this time in the form of Ground Intel through Sierra Neblina. If this unfolds as planned...I need not say more! However, I will say that yes, over the past years we have been given dates for Disclosure that have passed without even a fly-by courtesy of a stray craft. We will know if this one joins the long list of dates by August 5th :)  Meanwhile, I'll try not to count the days...

In this message, Sierra reports on the behind-the-scenes masterminding regarding Disclosure. It would appear that this date of 4 August is the deadline given to Earth leaders to disclose, failing which the Galactics will take over the mission. The Divine Plan comes into force thereafter. Progress is deemed to be too slow. (Is that an understatement or what?!) She also reveals that the Denver shooting had thwarted plans for Disclosure, and gives some information about President Obama.

Children are also being prepared to show the way when the time is right. Sierra predicts a rise in global consciousness over the next fortnight. (But won't things change radically once Disclosure occurs? Maybe this is in reference to a non-event on 4 August.)

Image: Crop Circle at The Wrekin which is said to show planetary alignment of Mars, Saturn and Spica on 4 August 2012   www.cropcircleconnector.com

26 July 2012

Akashic Overlays, Human Warriors and Joys of 5D Form - Astria of Electra via Aurora Le

Here is a wonderful and timely pep-talk to remind us why we are here on Earth at this time. (Yes...we actually have work to do...)

Astria's message addresses a distinct difference between Earth Warriors and Starseeds. Past-lives for the former are real, while for the latter it's more of an "imprint", as explained in the work of Dolores Cannon with her deep-state regression clients. That aside, all Lightworkers have a common goal in the Ascension process.

We are also reminded that we are Beings of Light, and not our physical body. We need to work with it in order to facilitate its transformation into a higher light body of fifth dimensional qualities.

What The Mayan Elders Are Saying About 2012 - Carlos Barrios

Carlos Barrios, a Mayan Elder and spiritual guide, clarifies the confusion and misinformation about 2012 that have arisen from misinterpretation of ancient texts and symbols. He is understandably unhappy about the way "experts" have come out with their own distorted conclusions, and wishes to set the record straight through this message.

Mayan wisdom indicates the current period we are in as the time in-between. We have left the World of the Fourth Sun, poised to enter the Fifth. This phase between worlds is a time of transition, where massive global changes will occur in preparation for the birth of the New Earth, in alignment with the Galactic Centre and Cosmic Cross.

Carlos also gives a simple meditation that we can easily do to help raise the energy vibrations. Each one of us has a responsibility to prepare ourselves for the Shift, each one of us can make a huge difference.

"All you need is within you....Find your heart and you will find your way."

Note: I'm unable to verify when this message came out, but it may be around April 2012.

25 July 2012

Neglected Personal Issues Are Arising - Saul via John Smallman 25 July 2012

This update from Saul covers the following points:
  • The Ascension timeline is on track and in time; this event will unfold as Divinely determined
  • We are losing interest in our 3D illusionary desires as we awaken more fully
  • Personal issues that require our attention surface now for our inner work and eventual transmuting and release
  • "Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness" is the key to inner peace and sanity
  • Living in the moment allows us to perceive and enjoy Life's luxuries
  • Each one of us (and our awakening) is essential to the Whole, as well as our assistance towards others in their awakening.

Hatonn via Nancy Tate - 24 July 2012

Hatonn speaks about the "overriding" of the potential of Earth going through an experience similar to the fate of Maldek (whose destruction resulted in our Asteroid Belt).

The ones that had been waiting for this repeat will be relocated off-planet for healing and return to Source. Potential destruction to Earth will not be permitted. Instead, people on Earth as well as those residing within Her will undergo a leap of evolutionary consciousness. This may cause physical discomfort but is only temporary as we become more crystalline in nature. Manifestations will also occur within shorter time-lags.

Read full message here.

For more information on Maldek and the formerly dangerous potential of Earth sharing its same fate, please listen to this recording.

Sheldan Nidle Update - 24 July 2012

This is a very "busy" update! The theme is that the old realities must be allowed to collapse so that Humanity will be "encouraged" to see the real truths; this includes the financial system and the perpetuation of conflicts around the globe. Be prepared to step in to play our role for family and friends when these truths are revealed.

The "cascade of dominoes" event is near...

23 July 2012

Going Within, Day Out of Time and the Olympics

With so many calls for global meditations recently, the approaching Day Out of Time on 25 July, and the fear that is building up over the Olympics, the need for going within becomes ever more crucial for us. Our path all along has been littered with the truth (in various guises) that self-empowerment through our own connection with our Divine Self will steer the way. Without this connection, we will either get lost on other people's paths or we will find ourselves being steered by another.

We are Spirit in human form, with the Divine Spark of the Creator in each one of us. We are therefore, powerful creators in our own right -- able to create both positive and negative realities. It all depends what steers us...love or fear?

So this week, let's intensify our focus on love and use this force to power our meditations. We can step into our own shoes as Conscious Creators and utilise the potential energies for positive outcomes.

22 July 2012

Nassim Haramein - Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields

Nassim Haramein is someone who puts the "Spiritual" back into "Science" and allows us to truly understand the energy signature of All That Is in all of Creation. In this 2010 lecture, he takes us through a most interesting exploration of the Unification Theory based on the Fractal Cosmology. Dispensed in his trademark style and wit, Nassim discusses the following in this 90-minute lecture:

  • Filling the chasm that exists between Quantum vs. Einstein Theory, Finite vs Infinite, Spiritual vs Science
  • Focus should be on space instead of matter
  • Space is where we find the information
  • Matter as the result of division of space
  • "We are creating reality" but reality is also creating us at the same time
  • Morphogenic field in relation to consensus reality
  • All knowledge is within
  • Mass of the Universe and mass of the proton
  • Mini Black Hole theory
  • Harnessing the abundant energy all around us
  • Understanding the Universe so that we can apply that knowledge for Ascension
  • How we are literally Light
  • Sacred geometry in ancient civilisations.

Face in the Crowd - Lionel Richie and Trijntje Oosterhuis


The subject of Twin Flames has been popping up in my life a lot recently. A couple of people have asked me about it and I've been coming across articles on the same thing without actually searching for them. Then when I turned on my Mp3 player, "Face in the Crowd" came on.

"Umm...is there a point to all this?" you may ask. Not exactly :)  Anyway, the reason for this post is because when I first heard this song a couple of years ago, it immediately gave me a sense that it was about Twin Flames. Of course, that's just my perception...take a break and enjoy this!

21 July 2012

The Seven Spheres of Consciousness and Our Seven Selves - Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie

Resurrection - Barbara Garber

The Aura of God that radiates from the Heart of All That Is is differentiated into seven spheres of Consciousness, each of which houses a mystic temple that corresponds with its own qualities or characteristics.

In this article, Dr Lie describes the levels of Divine Creation, originating from Divine Thought/Plan all the way down into physical manifestation on the lower realms.

The Form of the Wise Mother embraces the Will of the Powerful Father to birth their Child of Love, which then proceeds to "step-down" the process of Creation to the Seventh Sphere, where the etheric patterns are held until human consciousness unites with Divine Consciousness to manifest the Divine Plan.

Next, Dr Lie gives us more details about our Seven Selves -- each of which exists simultaneously on a particular sub-plane on the fourth dimension, with our physical body on the third. These Selves comprise three higher bodies and four lower ones, and they each correspond with the seven levels or rays of differentiation. Connecting, healing and aligning with all our Selves will create the path back to the fifth dimension...Ascension.

Read about the Seven Rays of Light

Note: The terms used in these articles may differ from those used in other sources, or may vary from what you are more familiar with.

The Seven Rays of Light - Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie

We are, in our original state, Human Angels. Our greatest creations across all of the Cosmos and our captivity by Dark Forces are the results of our origins. This has been our greatest gift and darkest doom, revered and feared all at the same time.

At this stage of our evolution back into our higher states of existence, I find myself thinking more and more about this "returning", and felt that it would be appropriate to once again feature some information regarding our Origins. In this article (the first in a series) by Suzanne Lie, she describes the division of Source through a prism of separation, with each ray corresponding to an aspect of Its wholeness. This is somewhat similar to the fragmentation of Source into seven different frequencies of Creation or Consciousness in Prism of Lyra. 

The description here is also echoed in some other texts where the first two rays are represented as the Divine Father and Divine Mother, with the third ray as the Divine Child from the union of the first two. These are the "higher" rays; the "lower" rays (4 - 7) are the expressions of Consciousness that are in force in lower dimensions.

The Angelic Kingdom as Keepers of Flame (led by Archangels) are the protectors of Divine Will in the domain of the Divine Father.
The Devic Kingdom as Keepers of Form (led by Elohim) are the guardians of Divine Wisdom in the manifested realm of the Divine Mother.
The Human Kingdom as Keepers of Mind (led by Ascended Masters) are the stewards of Divine Consciousness and Love from the Divine Child force, serving to anchor Higher Consciousness and Love in the lower dimensions.

In the next article, Dr Lie elaborates on the hierarchy of these seven rays, and how they ultimately serve Source through assisting Humanity in realising their own potential and their eventual return to Sovereignty. As gods and goddesses who were meant to re-create Heaven on Earth as was initially planned, our Free Will took over and we went out of alignment with Divine Will, and "this" is the result. This window of the Ascension is our gift and opportunity to reclaim our Sovereignty, and knowledge of these "unseen" forces can definitely help us in the process.

The two articles both contain useful charts that illustrate the functions and areas of service of these seven differentiations of Light. They include the specific rays of Archangel, Elohim and Ascended Master energies.

Dr Lie also summarises our affinity for an individual ray through profession or personality, which I will reproduce here:

FIRST RAY persons are often rulers or executives. 
 SECOND RAY persons are often teachers or students.  
THIRD RAY persons are often arbitrators or peacemakers.  
FOURTH RAY persons are often artists or musicians.
FIFTH RAY persons are often doctors or inventors.  
SIXTH RAY persons are often priests, ministers or healers.  
SEVENTH RAY persons are often diplomats or mystics.

For more information, please read Seven Spheres of Consciousness and Our Seven Selves.

19 July 2012

2012 Breakthrough of Light - Portal 2012

Dougie Johnston-http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_depth/photo_gallery/3077437.stm

I feel very tempted to make wild guesses at what this means but I'll just take deep breaths instead. Someone pointed out via the comments that this post was labelled "Event"...can we assume that it's a big hint?

18 July 2012

Effervescent Crystal Particulates Envelope Each Shadow Heart - Gaia Portal 18 July 2012


Call it whatever -- containment/house arrest/mass arrest/stardust -- Gaia Portal describes what's happening to dark hearts in a most poetic fashion in this update. Heartburn? An experience to be avoided at all costs!

Do Not Engage with the Moods, the Emotions, the Anxieties - John Smallman

We have entered the final phase of the purging of all lower density existence; this can take the form of emotions, issues, belief systems...anything and everything that does not have a place in 5D. This would include all the "mess" that has been stirred up everywhere we look, and there is no one or place immune to this great cleansing.

In order for all this to be released for transmutation into higher frequencies, they need to arise in our realities first, and that is precisely what's happening as we hurtle along towards the end of the year. We need to deal with them as they surface, so that we may heal ourselves in the process and allow us to proceed with minimum impediment. Saul via John Smallman speaks in detail about this clearing process in this update. Love and Forgiveness are key components to this clearing.

Sheldan Nidle Update - 17 July 2012

Here's the synopsis for Sheldan's latest update:
  • The Cabal regime continues its downfall, aided by space/"divine" technology
  • The financial system needs to completely fail, paving the way for new reforms to be put in place
  • Real history to be revealed to populace once the Dark is fully cleared
  • Full knowledge of Who We Really Are made available
  • Introduction to technologies
  • Full consciousness comes with sacred responsibilities.

Sanctuary - Rumi

Sometimes (lately, this has been "very often") I come across stuff that I like and put it aside for later use, and then I forget all about them. This is one such incident. I can't remember where this came from, so I'm unable to provide the link to its source. Apologies to its owner.

Timely reminder from a sage in times of confusion. And yes..."raise our vibrations"...

16 July 2012

Windmill Hill Crop Circle, Wiltshire UK - July 2010

I have a tremendous fondness for crop circles, cetaceans and crystals, not necessarily in that order. So here's a video of a crop circle that caught my attention only just a couple of weeks ago, two years two late!

The reason I'm posting this is because this one is rather special in the sense that there were complicated braids and folds in the formation, which the close-ups on the video will show. Besides, we need every bit of (higher dimensional) beauty we can get in our lives right now :)

Message From The Pleiadians - Eceti James Gilliland 10 July 2012

This message was downloaded to James Gilliland of ECETI. Here are some of the issues that he discussed:

  • We're in a time of great change, similar to that in Atlantis (before its fall), but we have more “support” to shift into higher consciousness (influx of Cosmic Energies and Star Families assistance)
  • Sons of Belial during times of Atlantis controlled and manipulated the populace through technology, including dominating Nature
  • Same thing occurring now but Law of One beginning to take hold on Earth - James likened it to an invasion of our Souls (or Higher Selves, Divinity, my words)
  • Pleiadians have been passed the sceptre for Earth due to their DNA lineage as well as karmic bonds to the Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations
  • They, as well as other star nations, are working on the etheric fields for the Ascension process; we have to be the “hands and feet” of this Shift
  • We are the Salvation, they can only assist as they do not wish to create a dependence mentality, but they have and still are doing the heavy-lifting in the non-Earth levels
  • Becoming one with Nature is important
  • Effects of Galactic alignments increases vibrational frequencies, which bring up issues for healing, release and transformation
  • Technological grids will cease to work because Earth's density fields are rising
  • We have the Divine right to Ascend!

Forward Movement Comes Quickly - Gaia Portal 15 July 2012

Exhale...As Karen Bishop used to say, "...perfect Divine Order..." Read Gaia Portal's latest message.

I'm all for the forward movement...please!

15 July 2012

Gonzo's Do-It-Yourself Enlightenment

And to continue with the mantra of Raising Our Vibrations, here's Gonzo to show us how it's really done!

Time for a laugh, in the midst of all that's going on...thanks to Galactic Free Press for posting this!

14 July 2012

Higher / Lighter Vibrations - Athabanthian via Mark Kimmel 6 July 2012

Something must have alarmed the Light Forces so much that here's another one along the same theme...and it also carries that "raise the vibrations" mantra -- we should really pay attention.

We have come to the point where we need to make a decision as to where we wish to "go" from here onwards. This message outlines the three options open to us:
  • Completely ascend into a higher dimensional existence without physical form (Light/Spirit)
  • Transition together with Earth, in a transformed crystalline-based physical form
  • Remain in a lower-density paradigm.
This message is sobering, serious and timely. We have so little time left and yet such a long way to go; our focus needs to stay firmly fixed on the Light...

The Plan Expanded - Cobra 13 July 2012

Contemplation - Lee Ransaw
I can't help but notice that the theme in this message (yes, it's an actual message and not a code) is the same as a couple others which I posted recently. Cobra's latest update tells us that "The Plan" for liberating Humanity has been expanded in view of recent reactions/developments, especially pertaining to the Lightworker World, where not much light was being exhibited lately.

This was mentioned in Gaia Portal's Insight and Inspiration Enters and Insinuations are Released; Sierra Neblina also commented on this in her piece -- it would seem that the Lightworker World itself is being watched for slip-ups and unawakened behaviour.

Cobra also explains more about Operation Omega Phoenix 2, and that advanced notice may or may not be issued. Whatever the ultimate course of action is, "The Plan" will take place. (And I have nothing of value to say about the ongoing Mass Arrest/Containment/Stardust debate...)

However, I do wish to repeat something, yet again...if we are ascending into higher consciousness beings, then we need to continue raising our own vibrations and begin to live our lives through our hearts, in Unity Consciousness. And oh...remember the Light! :)

13 July 2012

Insight And Inspiration Enter As Insinuations Are Released - Gaia Portal 13 July 2012


Gaia Portal's messages, although mostly cryptic (and therefore open to all sorts of  interpretations) always leave me with an impression that we are on the right track, and that the Divine Plan is going according to Divine Timing. If these messages are indeed of the Highest Light (and therefore of the Highest Truth), then oh-my-goddess we are actually doing OK despite the appearance of insanity in our very own Lightworker World :)  And  :) again.

"Galactic Planet Craft now approach Gaia to proceed with final steps."

This message has more information than usual, so hurry along and read it :)

12 July 2012

New Earth Relationships - Indigo Nine

Ever wondered what relationships in a higher dimensional existence would look like? This article from Indigo Nine speaks about the factors that are the driving forces behind the creation of such relationships. It all boils down to being in Unity Consciousness, being heart-centered, and being in the higher energies of Love and Light.

Star DNA - GFL via Greg Giles 8 July 2012

The GFL explains about our multi-dimensional nature, which is our natural state and the reason why we are evolving towards this once more. It ties in with the multi-dimensional behaviour of our DNA strands; it is who we truly are. This is why we can be "activated" or "triggered" for a certain phase (such as awakening, downloads, "mission" activation, remembrance of past-lives, ancient memories) through our DNA codes. I like to call them God-Codes :)

This message also contains some details about the DNA educational program, one of many lined up for us to choose from, in the very near future.

The Plan - Portal 2012, 11 July 2012

Your guess is as good (or better!) than mine...proceed to decode this message...

11 July 2012

Night Time Work in the Containment Process - Sierra Neblina


I was very glad to read this article. It felt to me like a much-welcomed oasis of centered calm in a disparaging desert made up of course grains of violent emotions that chafed painfully against the still-forming membrane of Light Consciousness.

The particulates of Goddess Energy that now imbues all and everything help to birth higher consciousness on Earth. To do this, lower consciousness states of reality need to be transmuted. However, before this can occur, we first need to identify and acknowledge these lower consciousness states...and this is what's been transpiring so much lately, and I'm limiting my reference to our own Lightworker comnunity.

So much "stuff" has been brought to the surface for us to work on. We've forgotten two important things as Lightworkers:
  • That we are supposed to be in service to Light
  • That we are first and foremost, Spirit in human form.
It's been ugly. And we can't afford to be ugly.
It's been dark. Aren't we supposed to bring Light into the darkness instead of creating it?

Actually, I've had my personal say in a similar situation before (Spotlight On Us) so I won't repeat it all here. Just read this timely piece of wisdom from Sierra. I'll just add some references at the end that I feel may help or add to the explanation.

In this article, Sierra draws on her own personal experience to explain the process of Containment, after giving us some background information of her life. She also cautions against using lower-consciousness duality thinking and reaction, because that would simply negate the whole point of ascending into a higher dimensional reality. I'm with you, Sierra!

Cobra's Stardust (I feel it's the same as Containment)
Galactic Codex (Rehabilitation and "Reset")

Emancipation Protocols Initiated - Gaia Portal 10 July 2012

Goose-bump inducing message...liberation of "Hue"manity in progress!

10 July 2012

Evaluations Complete, Channels Selected - Gaia Portal 9 July 2012

This message is the follow-up to the previous, which I will reproduce here since I didn't post it:

"Evaluation of all light channels in progress."

There is progress...lovely! I just look forward to the day when all will be revealed.

08 July 2012

Cobra Interview with Alexandra Silby-Meadors 3 July 2012

It has been a couple of days since I first read this (only the transcript was available then) but the MP3s of the interview are also ready now, so you can choose to either read or listen. I will provide all the links again at the end of the post.

There is much good information in the interview - Cobra is a bit like Sheldan Nidle in the sense that they both provide a lot of background information to help set the stage, so to speak. I must admit that even though I already read the transcript, curiosity made me listen to the MP3 when they became available later on...and I had a fit of giggles that took a long time to subside. This time around, Cobra didn't have a Darth-Vader voice modulation - it was more like a Chipmunk. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it, and I certainly wasn't expecting it :)  It just cracked me up!

Please don't let my infantile reaction to the MP3s put you off listening...think of it as a spiritual maturity relapse...

Some of the points discussed:

  • Cobra's very gracious view on the personal attacks by David Icke
  • Drake's announcement of the Green Light made the Cabal nervous
  • How sufficient understanding of the planetary situation would lead to a more balanced view of what is transpiring
  • COBRA = Compression Breakthrough; how this is helping the advancement of the Light Forces
  • The reason for Portal 2012's existence (Cobra's blog) meant that the Light was winning; situation at present dramatically improved so Resistance Movement numbers reduced from 70 million to 20 million
  • Humanity on Earth is like the last cancer cell in an otherwise healthy Galaxy, so focus is on us
  • Being the last one still controlled by the Dark, and being the one that was the toughest to liberate, advanced Souls with highest possible skills incarnated here for this purpose
  • Cobra's view on where the sources for most of the channelings are coming from
  • Our original "God Codes" are activated by the Ascension Process
  • Why our liberation has been taking such a long time to accomplish
  • Healing Chambers work on the deepest levels to facilitate connection with our own Divinity
  • There will be pre-mass landing preparations to minimise shock factor for the population
  • Real Ascension Plans still classified so no channel truly knows what it is
  • Not all will ascend, but all will be de-programmed from Dark controls
  • Cobra's explanation of the "three dark nights"
  • All negative ETs removed, only Cabal and non-physical Archons remain; which Cabal faction controls where
  • Positive ETs helping to reduce impact of severe weather conditions
  • Magnetic pole reversal already happening, information about physical pole shift still classified but nothing drastic will happen "this year"
  • Power of mass meditations very obvious in May and June, so request to continue until Cabal completely removed
  • 21 December as symbolic turning point
  • Healing the trauma of Archon invasion at cellular memory level
  • Difference between Ascended Masters and high-level Galactics
  • Latest Archon attack between 1996 and 2003 - a "dangerous" period that involved underground battles (this same period was referred to by Ishtar Antares in Underground Kingdom of Light)
  • 4th and 5th dimension, critical mass awakening
  • Micro-chipping through vaccinations are now removed
  • Planetary orbits and Nassim Haramein's views (watch related video)  (personal note: I think there may have been some mismatch in understanding each other here)
  • The 144 000 as part of the Ascension Plan
  • All clones eradicated
  • Symbiotic relationships between Rothschilds and Jesuits
  • Cobra reiterates that when the "real" Green Light is given, we will all know it within 24-hours because it will be very obvious
  • Dealing with humans not easy, factions and ulterior selfish motives still exist, these contribute to delays
  • Collective human free will to decide if we want mass landings
  • Test run by the Resistance Movement on the financial system
  • Stay out of drama and don't be too focused on "when".
Here are the links again, also to Cobra's own blog about this interview:


07 July 2012

Raising Your Vibrational Energy - Greg Giles (GFL) 6 July 2012


Raising our vibrations...this is something that I talk about constantly in my Amethyst Road newsletters, and I'm sure those who read them are tired of it :)  However, I feel that this is one of the things we conveniently forget about when we talk about the Awakening and Ascension...it's not just about the economy or the banking or the corruption or the lies etc. etc. etc. It's really about Humanity as a collective race reaching a high enough level of frequency vibrations that we literally ascend into a higher consciousness. OK I'll get off my soap-box now and let the GFL do the talking...

Some topics covered in this message include:

  • We need to raise ourselves to a sufficiently high vibrational frequency to facilitate a "reunion" prior to the commencement of the many planned projects
  • Identify the "stones" that weigh us down and keep us in a lower density existence, and be rid of them
  • Choose positivity
  • Watch what we eat and drink; anti-ascension additives created to keep us from awakening
  • Also avoid all other harmful addictions, including medications and mind-altering drugs
  • Devote energy and attention to our own awakening.

Central Stargate-Portal of Light Has Formed and Stabilised - Gaia Portal

It's very difficult to not post all of Gaia Portal's messages because they are so positive and filled with Light...so here is the new one :)

We are now able to receive "downloads" from our Galactic Sun; these same energies will also "...seal the fate of those limited ones, and they shall be repaired elsewhere."

Enjoy the entire (short) message!

World Of Forces - Lisa Renee July 2012

In her recent report, Lisa Renee talks about the extra-dimensional forces that are influencing us at this point in time, with increasing intensity towards the end of 2012 and beyond. When we are over-identifying with our ego, these forces will exert their influences within us to "play out" its manifestation. The key to avoid using these forces for negative outcomes is knowing our own inner energies and taking responsibility over them.

It is a very long article, but very crucial to know, especially in these current times, not just because of the Ascension Process but also the existing tensions and chaos that is so evident in the Lightworker community today. Very important that we read this.

Here are some salient points:

  • The Life Force that exists throughout the Cosmos, and how a better understanding of our own Inner Life Force can create a more harmonious existence with the external world
  • Maintaining inner balance increases our inner Life Force and strengthens our multidimensional energetic form
  • Law of Resonance - impact of forces upon our energetic body and their resonance with the frequencies of our being
  • Succumbing to lower frequency reactions of the ego will only serve to increase the negativity and hamper positive outcomes
  • Spiritual development and maturity necessary in order to avoid or turn away from dissonant energies
  • Morphogenetic fields form the architecture of the planet, which has been hijacked and controlled by negative and limiting forces; these fields also influence and alter the emotional and mental archetypes. Another way to describe it is that our planetary "mind" has been invaded and controlled
  • Psychic warfare manipulation by negative aliens is rife in spiritual communities; purpose is to divide and conquer
  • Self-mastery through discipline over our thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • Characteristics of an unstable or wounded personality - how to spot them and deal with them
  • Ray Identity Force that moves consciousness intelligence through an activated chakra system
  • Zodiac Identity Force that offers clues to our spiritual lessons
  • Mathematical Identity Force and its messages for our spiritual growth, also synchronicity because we exist in a space-time continuum that is mathematically driven
  • Healing negative reincarnation memories by stopping destructive patterns in our life
  • Family patterns from biological and galactic lines are created for optimum spiritual growth; healing these patterns bring resolution
  • "Know thyself and to thyself be true".

Titus Ang - Ascension Letter

I chose to post this letter from a 19-year old student sitting for his exams. It demonstrates very clearly to me the sort of paradigm shifts one undergoes when Awakening strikes.

It is the story of Titus Ang and his decision to follow his inner guidance even though it made him look like someone who has totally lost his grip on sanity. (Actually, he was just losing his grip on 3D...which is a very good thing indeed.) Occupy Exams?...

This comes from the Aquarius Channelings site.

The Sun and Revolution of Planets

I must say that the information in this video did not surprise me as much as I thought it would. This video shows, using clear graphics (which allowed me to "get it"), the actual path of the planets as they revolve independently from the Sun. I suppose what made a lot of sense to me is the fact that the entire Solar System has been moving towards the Galactic Centre, and this video seems to illustrate the correlation between this movement and the independent revolution of the planets very well. This "spiral revolution/toroid field" is also a tell-tale design of the Universe, and certainly adds to the validity of the claim.

Although I find this interesting, I will still add the usual disclaimer - you will need to exercise your own discernment :)

Note: I also found out that Nassim Haramein had a presentation on this topic, watch this video which was uploaded last year.

04 July 2012

Sheldan Nidle - 3 July 2012

It's All-Systems-Go! This message by Sheldan Nidle gives us the analogy of a Cape Canaveral space flight, where the countdown has been initiated. This countdown involves the activation of a number of related sequences, and each of these sequences must be completed before the much-delayed lift-off happens. The Divine Decree issued by the Elohim Council is the impetus now driving the force of Ascension forward. No further control programs by the Cabal will be allowed.

"The Earth Plan", as designed by Divine Creator, will now proceed to its successful fruition...and as I explain in my tagline, it's "the one that worked...and we're it!". We are now being asked to place our powerful collective intention to ensure that this "launch" takes off.  

And do this we simply must!

In the update sent to my email, some explanations of the terms were provided; however, they don't appear on the message page itself. You can find them in the Glossary section together with other terms; for now, here is the list given in the email:

AEON: It is the highest realm of Heaven and the area around the Throne of the Creator.
Lord Surea: Aspect of Mother/Father God in charge of sacred Lineage and Councils of Heaven, that carry out Divine Plan. All Divine minions of Heaven follow Lord Surea's holy pronouncements.
Seraphim: Holy Entity composed of a conscious soul grouping of ten to twenty million high Councils of Archangels. They represent the highest aspects of the Orders of the Elohim, and the Divine Councils of Time Lord.

***Psst...by the way, the "Green Light" is mentioned here...

Flowers of Rainbow Light Become Visible to All - Gaia Portal


Sounds like Humanity is going through some serious awakening :)  The Inner Child will show the way. Read the original messsage.

03 July 2012

Crystal Pyramid in Bermuda Triangle


It's always great to see science (finally) catching up with Greater Truths and making it to mainstream news...except for the "sacrificial" part though :)

Nice short video, just over a minute.

Call To Action - July 2nd Meditation - Inelia Benz

A call from Inelia Benz to collectively cocoon Mother Earth in Love and Light energies, and to connect with the Galactic Centre individually. Let's do this!

01 July 2012

Ellie Miser - Earth As A Free-Will Experiment (Steve Beckow)

This was such a delightful change of "tempo" from the current hot topic of the week in Cyberland. But the main reason I'm posting it is actually quite serious, and is related to the impending changes of this Great Shift.

Ellie Miser, who is Steve Beckow's favourite Pleiadian, had a conversation with him and has allowed pertinent segments of it to be recorded for public information. In the enclosed MP3 of the article, Ellie reveals that a supernatural event is imminent, and that she is meant to witness this before she is "allowed" to go back to her Pleiadian form. She doesn't know what this public event is, though. We will just have to wait it out, too.

I'm using the same image that was used in the original source because I simply adore it! I fully understand how she feels :)

Thanks, Steve, for bringing this to the public. I love the idea of how this supernatural event will symbolically be the "Go Ahead"!

Green Light Update - Cobra 30 June 2012

Cobra has confirmed that the "real" Green Light has yet to be issued, and if it is declared, what transpires then (within a 24-hour time frame) will leave no one in doubt that events are indeed in motion. Cobra (I keep wanting to say "she") has indicated that there are "hints" that this may occur by 4 July; whatever the actual date, the assurance is that events will take place.

One positive development that Cobra reports is that some Cabal members are considering "silent surrender". Read the rest of the message, which includes video clips of Operations Omega Phoenix and Stardust 2, as well as the World Liberation Movement meditation.