08 July 2012

Cobra Interview with Alexandra Silby-Meadors 3 July 2012

It has been a couple of days since I first read this (only the transcript was available then) but the MP3s of the interview are also ready now, so you can choose to either read or listen. I will provide all the links again at the end of the post.

There is much good information in the interview - Cobra is a bit like Sheldan Nidle in the sense that they both provide a lot of background information to help set the stage, so to speak. I must admit that even though I already read the transcript, curiosity made me listen to the MP3 when they became available later on...and I had a fit of giggles that took a long time to subside. This time around, Cobra didn't have a Darth-Vader voice modulation - it was more like a Chipmunk. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it, and I certainly wasn't expecting it :)  It just cracked me up!

Please don't let my infantile reaction to the MP3s put you off listening...think of it as a spiritual maturity relapse...

Some of the points discussed:

  • Cobra's very gracious view on the personal attacks by David Icke
  • Drake's announcement of the Green Light made the Cabal nervous
  • How sufficient understanding of the planetary situation would lead to a more balanced view of what is transpiring
  • COBRA = Compression Breakthrough; how this is helping the advancement of the Light Forces
  • The reason for Portal 2012's existence (Cobra's blog) meant that the Light was winning; situation at present dramatically improved so Resistance Movement numbers reduced from 70 million to 20 million
  • Humanity on Earth is like the last cancer cell in an otherwise healthy Galaxy, so focus is on us
  • Being the last one still controlled by the Dark, and being the one that was the toughest to liberate, advanced Souls with highest possible skills incarnated here for this purpose
  • Cobra's view on where the sources for most of the channelings are coming from
  • Our original "God Codes" are activated by the Ascension Process
  • Why our liberation has been taking such a long time to accomplish
  • Healing Chambers work on the deepest levels to facilitate connection with our own Divinity
  • There will be pre-mass landing preparations to minimise shock factor for the population
  • Real Ascension Plans still classified so no channel truly knows what it is
  • Not all will ascend, but all will be de-programmed from Dark controls
  • Cobra's explanation of the "three dark nights"
  • All negative ETs removed, only Cabal and non-physical Archons remain; which Cabal faction controls where
  • Positive ETs helping to reduce impact of severe weather conditions
  • Magnetic pole reversal already happening, information about physical pole shift still classified but nothing drastic will happen "this year"
  • Power of mass meditations very obvious in May and June, so request to continue until Cabal completely removed
  • 21 December as symbolic turning point
  • Healing the trauma of Archon invasion at cellular memory level
  • Difference between Ascended Masters and high-level Galactics
  • Latest Archon attack between 1996 and 2003 - a "dangerous" period that involved underground battles (this same period was referred to by Ishtar Antares in Underground Kingdom of Light)
  • 4th and 5th dimension, critical mass awakening
  • Micro-chipping through vaccinations are now removed
  • Planetary orbits and Nassim Haramein's views (watch related video)  (personal note: I think there may have been some mismatch in understanding each other here)
  • The 144 000 as part of the Ascension Plan
  • All clones eradicated
  • Symbiotic relationships between Rothschilds and Jesuits
  • Cobra reiterates that when the "real" Green Light is given, we will all know it within 24-hours because it will be very obvious
  • Dealing with humans not easy, factions and ulterior selfish motives still exist, these contribute to delays
  • Collective human free will to decide if we want mass landings
  • Test run by the Resistance Movement on the financial system
  • Stay out of drama and don't be too focused on "when".
Here are the links again, also to Cobra's own blog about this interview:


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