29 July 2012

Crop Circles at The Wrekin and Windmill Hill - 4 August 2012 Interpretation

Updated: 29 July 2012

**Here's another one! At Etchilhampton, Wiltshire - appeared 28 July**

**Another crop circle that is related to the date of 4 August 2012. This one appeared in June in Santena, Italy**

Two recent crop circles are raising lots of questions with answers being offered, and like so many of these mystical Earth Writings (that's what I like to call them), the answers sometimes leave us more confused than ever.

There are analyses of these crop circles (The Wrekin and Windmill Hill), both of which I found at the Crop Circle Connector site. They are by "Red Collie" and the common conclusion is the date of 4 August 2012 for both crop circles. There is currently a lot of buzz around this date, with speculations ranging from the very dark to the most amazing Light. Let's exercise our power to choose...let's go with the Light.

On the same note, there is also another write-up/debate about an earlier crop circle that appeared at Manton Drove in June 2012. Does it point to 21 December 2012 or 4 August 2012? I truly do not know, but I did feature a video that concluded it to be the Alignment Date of 21 December 2012.

Will anything happen on 4 August 2012? This can only be answered for sure when the day itself unfolds. Meanwhile, we can do a lot to ensure that if something does happens, it is Light-based. We can hold the highest intention, in whatever way works for us (meditation, light healing etc).

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