18 July 2012

Do Not Engage with the Moods, the Emotions, the Anxieties - John Smallman

We have entered the final phase of the purging of all lower density existence; this can take the form of emotions, issues, belief systems...anything and everything that does not have a place in 5D. This would include all the "mess" that has been stirred up everywhere we look, and there is no one or place immune to this great cleansing.

In order for all this to be released for transmutation into higher frequencies, they need to arise in our realities first, and that is precisely what's happening as we hurtle along towards the end of the year. We need to deal with them as they surface, so that we may heal ourselves in the process and allow us to proceed with minimum impediment. Saul via John Smallman speaks in detail about this clearing process in this update. Love and Forgiveness are key components to this clearing.

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