01 July 2012

Ellie Miser - Earth As A Free-Will Experiment (Steve Beckow)

This was such a delightful change of "tempo" from the current hot topic of the week in Cyberland. But the main reason I'm posting it is actually quite serious, and is related to the impending changes of this Great Shift.

Ellie Miser, who is Steve Beckow's favourite Pleiadian, had a conversation with him and has allowed pertinent segments of it to be recorded for public information. In the enclosed MP3 of the article, Ellie reveals that a supernatural event is imminent, and that she is meant to witness this before she is "allowed" to go back to her Pleiadian form. She doesn't know what this public event is, though. We will just have to wait it out, too.

I'm using the same image that was used in the original source because I simply adore it! I fully understand how she feels :)

Thanks, Steve, for bringing this to the public. I love the idea of how this supernatural event will symbolically be the "Go Ahead"!

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