23 July 2012

Going Within, Day Out of Time and the Olympics

With so many calls for global meditations recently, the approaching Day Out of Time on 25 July, and the fear that is building up over the Olympics, the need for going within becomes ever more crucial for us. Our path all along has been littered with the truth (in various guises) that self-empowerment through our own connection with our Divine Self will steer the way. Without this connection, we will either get lost on other people's paths or we will find ourselves being steered by another.

We are Spirit in human form, with the Divine Spark of the Creator in each one of us. We are therefore, powerful creators in our own right -- able to create both positive and negative realities. It all depends what steers us...love or fear?

So this week, let's intensify our focus on love and use this force to power our meditations. We can step into our own shoes as Conscious Creators and utilise the potential energies for positive outcomes.

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