14 July 2012

Higher / Lighter Vibrations - Athabanthian via Mark Kimmel 6 July 2012

Something must have alarmed the Light Forces so much that here's another one along the same theme...and it also carries that "raise the vibrations" mantra -- we should really pay attention.

We have come to the point where we need to make a decision as to where we wish to "go" from here onwards. This message outlines the three options open to us:
  • Completely ascend into a higher dimensional existence without physical form (Light/Spirit)
  • Transition together with Earth, in a transformed crystalline-based physical form
  • Remain in a lower-density paradigm.
This message is sobering, serious and timely. We have so little time left and yet such a long way to go; our focus needs to stay firmly fixed on the Light...

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