16 July 2012

Message From The Pleiadians - Eceti James Gilliland 10 July 2012

This message was downloaded to James Gilliland of ECETI. Here are some of the issues that he discussed:

  • We're in a time of great change, similar to that in Atlantis (before its fall), but we have more “support” to shift into higher consciousness (influx of Cosmic Energies and Star Families assistance)
  • Sons of Belial during times of Atlantis controlled and manipulated the populace through technology, including dominating Nature
  • Same thing occurring now but Law of One beginning to take hold on Earth - James likened it to an invasion of our Souls (or Higher Selves, Divinity, my words)
  • Pleiadians have been passed the sceptre for Earth due to their DNA lineage as well as karmic bonds to the Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations
  • They, as well as other star nations, are working on the etheric fields for the Ascension process; we have to be the “hands and feet” of this Shift
  • We are the Salvation, they can only assist as they do not wish to create a dependence mentality, but they have and still are doing the heavy-lifting in the non-Earth levels
  • Becoming one with Nature is important
  • Effects of Galactic alignments increases vibrational frequencies, which bring up issues for healing, release and transformation
  • Technological grids will cease to work because Earth's density fields are rising
  • We have the Divine right to Ascend!

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