22 July 2012

Nassim Haramein - Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields

Nassim Haramein is someone who puts the "Spiritual" back into "Science" and allows us to truly understand the energy signature of All That Is in all of Creation. In this 2010 lecture, he takes us through a most interesting exploration of the Unification Theory based on the Fractal Cosmology. Dispensed in his trademark style and wit, Nassim discusses the following in this 90-minute lecture:

  • Filling the chasm that exists between Quantum vs. Einstein Theory, Finite vs Infinite, Spiritual vs Science
  • Focus should be on space instead of matter
  • Space is where we find the information
  • Matter as the result of division of space
  • "We are creating reality" but reality is also creating us at the same time
  • Morphogenic field in relation to consensus reality
  • All knowledge is within
  • Mass of the Universe and mass of the proton
  • Mini Black Hole theory
  • Harnessing the abundant energy all around us
  • Understanding the Universe so that we can apply that knowledge for Ascension
  • How we are literally Light
  • Sacred geometry in ancient civilisations.

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