11 July 2012

Night Time Work in the Containment Process - Sierra Neblina


I was very glad to read this article. It felt to me like a much-welcomed oasis of centered calm in a disparaging desert made up of course grains of violent emotions that chafed painfully against the still-forming membrane of Light Consciousness.

The particulates of Goddess Energy that now imbues all and everything help to birth higher consciousness on Earth. To do this, lower consciousness states of reality need to be transmuted. However, before this can occur, we first need to identify and acknowledge these lower consciousness states...and this is what's been transpiring so much lately, and I'm limiting my reference to our own Lightworker comnunity.

So much "stuff" has been brought to the surface for us to work on. We've forgotten two important things as Lightworkers:
  • That we are supposed to be in service to Light
  • That we are first and foremost, Spirit in human form.
It's been ugly. And we can't afford to be ugly.
It's been dark. Aren't we supposed to bring Light into the darkness instead of creating it?

Actually, I've had my personal say in a similar situation before (Spotlight On Us) so I won't repeat it all here. Just read this timely piece of wisdom from Sierra. I'll just add some references at the end that I feel may help or add to the explanation.

In this article, Sierra draws on her own personal experience to explain the process of Containment, after giving us some background information of her life. She also cautions against using lower-consciousness duality thinking and reaction, because that would simply negate the whole point of ascending into a higher dimensional reality. I'm with you, Sierra!

Cobra's Stardust (I feel it's the same as Containment)
Galactic Codex (Rehabilitation and "Reset")


  1. First I read that the negative ETs were being dealt with, then down the chain of command.

    Suddenly, I am hearing thousands of people with any kind of authority are being contained.

    Can we please get back to the prioritizing, and work on the biggest criminals first?

    1. The truth is, I've reached the stage where I don't want to be distracted anymore by "plans" or "timelines" or whatever...it's too stressful! I believe that it's important to keep doing our inner work and raising our own vibrations so that we can be "ready" when the time comes, whether or not the entire Cabal has been arrested/contained/jailed/whatever.