14 July 2012

The Plan Expanded - Cobra 13 July 2012

Contemplation - Lee Ransaw
I can't help but notice that the theme in this message (yes, it's an actual message and not a code) is the same as a couple others which I posted recently. Cobra's latest update tells us that "The Plan" for liberating Humanity has been expanded in view of recent reactions/developments, especially pertaining to the Lightworker World, where not much light was being exhibited lately.

This was mentioned in Gaia Portal's Insight and Inspiration Enters and Insinuations are Released; Sierra Neblina also commented on this in her piece -- it would seem that the Lightworker World itself is being watched for slip-ups and unawakened behaviour.

Cobra also explains more about Operation Omega Phoenix 2, and that advanced notice may or may not be issued. Whatever the ultimate course of action is, "The Plan" will take place. (And I have nothing of value to say about the ongoing Mass Arrest/Containment/Stardust debate...)

However, I do wish to repeat something, yet again...if we are ascending into higher consciousness beings, then we need to continue raising our own vibrations and begin to live our lives through our hearts, in Unity Consciousness. And oh...remember the Light! :)

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