07 July 2012

Raising Your Vibrational Energy - Greg Giles (GFL) 6 July 2012


Raising our vibrations...this is something that I talk about constantly in my Amethyst Road newsletters, and I'm sure those who read them are tired of it :)  However, I feel that this is one of the things we conveniently forget about when we talk about the Awakening and Ascension...it's not just about the economy or the banking or the corruption or the lies etc. etc. etc. It's really about Humanity as a collective race reaching a high enough level of frequency vibrations that we literally ascend into a higher consciousness. OK I'll get off my soap-box now and let the GFL do the talking...

Some topics covered in this message include:

  • We need to raise ourselves to a sufficiently high vibrational frequency to facilitate a "reunion" prior to the commencement of the many planned projects
  • Identify the "stones" that weigh us down and keep us in a lower density existence, and be rid of them
  • Choose positivity
  • Watch what we eat and drink; anti-ascension additives created to keep us from awakening
  • Also avoid all other harmful addictions, including medications and mind-altering drugs
  • Devote energy and attention to our own awakening.

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