30 July 2012

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey - 30 July 2012

I'm aware of the Cyberspace Chatter at the moment regarding 4th August. So I won't add to it one way or another except to say...let's continue to hold the highest intention and vision for a long-awaited outcome, but not allow any expectations to derail us from our on-going task of being in the Light and raising our consciousness. Know that there is a Divine Plan at work (and has been for eons and eons!) and that it unfolds according to Perfect Divine Timing (see related post).

OK getting back to SaLuSa's latest message, which discusses the following points:
  • The Galactics will undertake Disclosure themselves if Earth leaders continue to refuse to allow this Truth to be revealed
  • They will use the Olympics as the perfect backdrop for Disclosure
  • Cleaning-up will commence without further delay after Disclosure
  • Our Ascension affects the rest of the Cosmos
  • Lightworkers to assist in calming the fears of those around them
  • Several different timelines exist, and time can change these outcomes so changes can be less catastrophic than first anticipated.
Update: Mike Quinsey has sent out a personal note about this message, which I've posted here.

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