29 July 2012

Sierra Neblina Takes Us Backstage on Disclosure

More on 4 August 2012, this time in the form of Ground Intel through Sierra Neblina. If this unfolds as planned...I need not say more! However, I will say that yes, over the past years we have been given dates for Disclosure that have passed without even a fly-by courtesy of a stray craft. We will know if this one joins the long list of dates by August 5th :)  Meanwhile, I'll try not to count the days...

In this message, Sierra reports on the behind-the-scenes masterminding regarding Disclosure. It would appear that this date of 4 August is the deadline given to Earth leaders to disclose, failing which the Galactics will take over the mission. The Divine Plan comes into force thereafter. Progress is deemed to be too slow. (Is that an understatement or what?!) She also reveals that the Denver shooting had thwarted plans for Disclosure, and gives some information about President Obama.

Children are also being prepared to show the way when the time is right. Sierra predicts a rise in global consciousness over the next fortnight. (But won't things change radically once Disclosure occurs? Maybe this is in reference to a non-event on 4 August.)

Image: Crop Circle at The Wrekin which is said to show planetary alignment of Mars, Saturn and Spica on 4 August 2012   www.cropcircleconnector.com

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