07 July 2012

The Sun and Revolution of Planets

I must say that the information in this video did not surprise me as much as I thought it would. This video shows, using clear graphics (which allowed me to "get it"), the actual path of the planets as they revolve independently from the Sun. I suppose what made a lot of sense to me is the fact that the entire Solar System has been moving towards the Galactic Centre, and this video seems to illustrate the correlation between this movement and the independent revolution of the planets very well. This "spiral revolution/toroid field" is also a tell-tale design of the Universe, and certainly adds to the validity of the claim.

Although I find this interesting, I will still add the usual disclaimer - you will need to exercise your own discernment :)

Note: I also found out that Nassim Haramein had a presentation on this topic, watch this video which was uploaded last year.

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