21 July 2012

The Seven Rays of Light - Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie

We are, in our original state, Human Angels. Our greatest creations across all of the Cosmos and our captivity by Dark Forces are the results of our origins. This has been our greatest gift and darkest doom, revered and feared all at the same time.

At this stage of our evolution back into our higher states of existence, I find myself thinking more and more about this "returning", and felt that it would be appropriate to once again feature some information regarding our Origins. In this article (the first in a series) by Suzanne Lie, she describes the division of Source through a prism of separation, with each ray corresponding to an aspect of Its wholeness. This is somewhat similar to the fragmentation of Source into seven different frequencies of Creation or Consciousness in Prism of Lyra. 

The description here is also echoed in some other texts where the first two rays are represented as the Divine Father and Divine Mother, with the third ray as the Divine Child from the union of the first two. These are the "higher" rays; the "lower" rays (4 - 7) are the expressions of Consciousness that are in force in lower dimensions.

The Angelic Kingdom as Keepers of Flame (led by Archangels) are the protectors of Divine Will in the domain of the Divine Father.
The Devic Kingdom as Keepers of Form (led by Elohim) are the guardians of Divine Wisdom in the manifested realm of the Divine Mother.
The Human Kingdom as Keepers of Mind (led by Ascended Masters) are the stewards of Divine Consciousness and Love from the Divine Child force, serving to anchor Higher Consciousness and Love in the lower dimensions.

In the next article, Dr Lie elaborates on the hierarchy of these seven rays, and how they ultimately serve Source through assisting Humanity in realising their own potential and their eventual return to Sovereignty. As gods and goddesses who were meant to re-create Heaven on Earth as was initially planned, our Free Will took over and we went out of alignment with Divine Will, and "this" is the result. This window of the Ascension is our gift and opportunity to reclaim our Sovereignty, and knowledge of these "unseen" forces can definitely help us in the process.

The two articles both contain useful charts that illustrate the functions and areas of service of these seven differentiations of Light. They include the specific rays of Archangel, Elohim and Ascended Master energies.

Dr Lie also summarises our affinity for an individual ray through profession or personality, which I will reproduce here:

FIRST RAY persons are often rulers or executives. 
 SECOND RAY persons are often teachers or students.  
THIRD RAY persons are often arbitrators or peacemakers.  
FOURTH RAY persons are often artists or musicians.
FIFTH RAY persons are often doctors or inventors.  
SIXTH RAY persons are often priests, ministers or healers.  
SEVENTH RAY persons are often diplomats or mystics.

For more information, please read Seven Spheres of Consciousness and Our Seven Selves.

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