21 July 2012

The Seven Spheres of Consciousness and Our Seven Selves - Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie

Resurrection - Barbara Garber

The Aura of God that radiates from the Heart of All That Is is differentiated into seven spheres of Consciousness, each of which houses a mystic temple that corresponds with its own qualities or characteristics.

In this article, Dr Lie describes the levels of Divine Creation, originating from Divine Thought/Plan all the way down into physical manifestation on the lower realms.

The Form of the Wise Mother embraces the Will of the Powerful Father to birth their Child of Love, which then proceeds to "step-down" the process of Creation to the Seventh Sphere, where the etheric patterns are held until human consciousness unites with Divine Consciousness to manifest the Divine Plan.

Next, Dr Lie gives us more details about our Seven Selves -- each of which exists simultaneously on a particular sub-plane on the fourth dimension, with our physical body on the third. These Selves comprise three higher bodies and four lower ones, and they each correspond with the seven levels or rays of differentiation. Connecting, healing and aligning with all our Selves will create the path back to the fifth dimension...Ascension.

Read about the Seven Rays of Light

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