26 July 2012

What The Mayan Elders Are Saying About 2012 - Carlos Barrios

Carlos Barrios, a Mayan Elder and spiritual guide, clarifies the confusion and misinformation about 2012 that have arisen from misinterpretation of ancient texts and symbols. He is understandably unhappy about the way "experts" have come out with their own distorted conclusions, and wishes to set the record straight through this message.

Mayan wisdom indicates the current period we are in as the time in-between. We have left the World of the Fourth Sun, poised to enter the Fifth. This phase between worlds is a time of transition, where massive global changes will occur in preparation for the birth of the New Earth, in alignment with the Galactic Centre and Cosmic Cross.

Carlos also gives a simple meditation that we can easily do to help raise the energy vibrations. Each one of us has a responsibility to prepare ourselves for the Shift, each one of us can make a huge difference.

"All you need is within you....Find your heart and you will find your way."

Note: I'm unable to verify when this message came out, but it may be around April 2012.

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