07 July 2012

World Of Forces - Lisa Renee July 2012

In her recent report, Lisa Renee talks about the extra-dimensional forces that are influencing us at this point in time, with increasing intensity towards the end of 2012 and beyond. When we are over-identifying with our ego, these forces will exert their influences within us to "play out" its manifestation. The key to avoid using these forces for negative outcomes is knowing our own inner energies and taking responsibility over them.

It is a very long article, but very crucial to know, especially in these current times, not just because of the Ascension Process but also the existing tensions and chaos that is so evident in the Lightworker community today. Very important that we read this.

Here are some salient points:

  • The Life Force that exists throughout the Cosmos, and how a better understanding of our own Inner Life Force can create a more harmonious existence with the external world
  • Maintaining inner balance increases our inner Life Force and strengthens our multidimensional energetic form
  • Law of Resonance - impact of forces upon our energetic body and their resonance with the frequencies of our being
  • Succumbing to lower frequency reactions of the ego will only serve to increase the negativity and hamper positive outcomes
  • Spiritual development and maturity necessary in order to avoid or turn away from dissonant energies
  • Morphogenetic fields form the architecture of the planet, which has been hijacked and controlled by negative and limiting forces; these fields also influence and alter the emotional and mental archetypes. Another way to describe it is that our planetary "mind" has been invaded and controlled
  • Psychic warfare manipulation by negative aliens is rife in spiritual communities; purpose is to divide and conquer
  • Self-mastery through discipline over our thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • Characteristics of an unstable or wounded personality - how to spot them and deal with them
  • Ray Identity Force that moves consciousness intelligence through an activated chakra system
  • Zodiac Identity Force that offers clues to our spiritual lessons
  • Mathematical Identity Force and its messages for our spiritual growth, also synchronicity because we exist in a space-time continuum that is mathematically driven
  • Healing negative reincarnation memories by stopping destructive patterns in our life
  • Family patterns from biological and galactic lines are created for optimum spiritual growth; healing these patterns bring resolution
  • "Know thyself and to thyself be true".

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