31 August 2012

Crystal Skull - A Work of the Aliens?

Umm...yes. This is an interesting clip ( >4 minutes) with lots of information. I've read quite a bit about crystal skulls over the years, and yet I wasn't aware that this Mitchell-Hedges Skull had movable jaws until I watched this video! Thanks to Harun Yahya for enlightening me :)

The video highlights these as well:
  • The skull is made from same substance as today's microchips i.e. piezoelectric silicon dioxide
  • Able to produce its own electricity (same concept as orgonites, which never "run out" of energy)
  • Both upper and lower parts of skull made of same piece of quartz crystal 
  • Modern equipment would not be able to produce the same level of finesse without shattering the crystal
  • Looking inside the eye sockets will enable one to see the whole room reflected within the skull.

Hatonn via Nancy Tate - 30 August 2012

The first line of this message has nothing to do with subtlety -- Hatonn gets straight into it without wasting any time! He reiterates that an upcoming "Event" will affect just about everyone on Earth, including those who are not aware of the impending Great Shift. He asks that we claim back our sovereignty and walk in the power of Who We Really Are, so that we can create a world that was meant to be.

Love is the answer; Love is the key.

30 August 2012

A Possible Glimpse of a Future Timeline - Bella Capozzi 29 August 2012

This message from Bella Capozzi really resonated with me, especially the information about the differing timelines. When we understand that there is more than one timeline for the Great Shift, we can then accept the differing messages that are being given, especially in the past few months. We are all at various stages of our "path" with various potential scenarios.

Bella also shares three different scenes from one of the timelines she visited during her dream-state. In the first scene, she was in her Pleiadian form, teaching people how to use a food-replicator, post-Disclosure. Then the next scene has her teaching about the Divine Feminine energies to a group of females, and the last sees her being confronted and rejected by a group who wasn't yet ready to accept what was happening.

28 August 2012

Connections to Portal Locations Are Being Completed - Gaia Portal 28 August 2012

Looks like we are in for another round of "Cosmic Fireworks" come 9-9-12, then 10-10, 11-11 and 12-12 before the eventual 21-12 Ascension window. Gaia Portal's latest update also speaks to those who are  involved in anchoring the upcoming Light downloads, and assures us that Gaia is progressing as scheduled.

Hackpen Hill Crop Circle - 26 August 2012 NYC812 Analysis


I've been fascinated with this crop circle since I first saw it a couple of days ago. There are some explanations offered, but I didn't feel that they were quite for me. Until today, when NYC812 released her analysis of this gorgeous creation with intricate details.

She draws our attention from the start to the shadow at the bottom of the cube. I didn't even notice that! And how are shadows formed? Only when there is light...

The main points of interest that NYC812 notes about this formation:
  • A cube when opened becomes a cross
  • Earth opening up to Christ Consciousness.

Please watch the full 12-minute video.

Simply Divine!

The Divine Plan is for Earth and Humanity to ascend back into full consciousness and Divine Light, aided by Divine Intervention permitted through Divine Decree. 
The outcome of this Divine Process is determined by individual Divine Will, in accordance with Divine Timing. All is in perfect Divine Order, birthed by Divine Love.

27 August 2012

Crop Circles - Oxleaze Copse and Woodborough Hill UK 23 and 20 August 2012

This 3+ minute video shows two recent crop circles with interpretations:

Oxleaze Copse
I like the interpretation offered for this crop circle - a huge antennae covering all of Earth. Perhaps they've got us under protective cover? That's what I "see" anyway :)  The Matrix of Ascension...


Woodborough Hill
Venus and Mercury "swimming" through the sky towards the Sun on 20 August 2012, as interpreted here. When I look at it, I get two impressions - Quetzalcoatl and Galactic Homecoming. 

Both images from www.cropcircleconnector.com

Ascension Platform Established - Gaia Portal 26 August 2012

We're getting there...! Please read the rest of this most encouraging post from Gaia Portal.

"Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity is now complete. Sufficient individual awakened beings now present upon Gaia 3D surface to proceed with final steps."

26 August 2012

Ultimate Test of Faith

There is a sense of lull that has descended, at least for me. It feels like the calm before the storm...whatever that "storm" is supposed to be. It is a space filled with nothingness, yet so potently alive with...well, particles of that "storm". I'd like to think that this "storm" is the same as what has been referred to as The Event. I'd also like to think that we are drawing close to it, whatever it may be.

I had mentioned earlier this month that I had reached a point where I just didn't want to read any more messages or listen to any opinions or analysis of what is going on, or what happened or didn't happen. This feeling has continued, although I have begun to read/listen/watch again, albeit selectively. Very selectively.

Wes Annac posted something that echoed how I feel, and I left a comment there saying that it seems to me like the caterpillar "cocooning up" in the chrysalis prior to the metamorphosis of becoming a butterfly. I have disconnected so much already this year, and find that I am disconnecting even more, if that's at all possible. Well, yes, it actually is possible, but perhaps not very practical unless I move myself to some remote island free from all 3D "responsibilities" such as raising kids, paying bills, getting groceries.

I have, at this point in time, ceased being concerned about conflicting messages or information. I just take in what I feel I can, and leave the rest. Not so much exercising discernment (which we must always do), more of not really "caring". Because ultimately, it doesn't matter. This is the ultimate test of faith -- not in someone's opinions or information, not in some Higher Being's message, not in the "trend" of the day. It is the ultimate test of faith in Self. Going within, finding the connection and Divine Wisdom that's in all of us. We just need to trust that it's there, waiting for us.

How much do we trust our Inner Guidance and allow It to show us our next step?
How much faith do we have to allow full integration with our Higher Self?
How much can we surrender to Divine Will?

In the midst of the noise "out there", the need to switch off and tune-in to our Higher Self is crucial.

Intentions, Invocations and Images


"You were born with the creative power of the universe at the tip of your tongue." 
Mildred Hinckley

The spoken word carries within it powerful creational forces. This is as it should be, because we are Creator Beings with creator abilities, albeit drastically limited when we fell into limited consciousness eons ago. Obviously there is so much to be said about creating with words, but this post will just cover spoken intentions as a spiritual tool for raising our vibrations. Sometimes just hearing ourselves speak the words will add to our conviction, and sometimes our own cells need to hear these words out loud.

These verbal intentions are suggestions only and you should always go with what feels best and most comfortable for you. To further enhance the power of these intentions, we can visualise appropriate images to accompany them. For example, when we give an intention to create a sacred space, we could use an image of sparkling diamond particles of Light streaming in and surrounding us. Allow that imagination to take you to magical places!

Creating Sacred Space
"I now create a sacred space of Light and Love around me and my home. I ask that this space be blessed with high vibrations of Source Energy, keeping it safe and sacred."

DNA Encodement and Activation
"I  now ask and intend for the full activation of my 12-strand DNA, and a complete clearing of all limiting patterns and beliefs that still exist on a cellular level."
(This is based on an invocation by Anrita Melchizedek.)

"Please encode me with your codes, frequencies and fire letters needed for Ascension."
(This is based on an invocation by Crystalai.)

Releasing Limitations
"I now give permission and ask to release all residual, stuck and limiting karma and energies that no longer serve me as an Ascended Being. I bless them for all their gifts and now release them with love and blessings."

Clearing Negative Energies
"I command all negative entities and beings to leave me and my space, now and forever, I call upon the Light and Love vibrations to fill my home and keep it safe and sacred."
(Paraphrased from Greg Giles...I think...)

Daily Living
"To my guides and all of those who are assisting me in my evolutionary journey on Earth: It is my intention that I be successful. It is my intention that I receive love and give love in all things that I do. It is my intention that I have a good time and that I be provided for with prosperity according to my needs. It is my intention that I not become overly enamoured of the material world. (Thank you.)"
(Bringers of the Dawn, Barbara Marciniak - words in brackets are mine.)

Higher Guidance
"I am in Divine Guidance. I am always at the right place at the right time. Everything I do is orchestrated for my higher growth, my higher consciousness and my higher evolution."
(Bringers of the Dawn, Barbara Marciniak)

Underscoring Intentions
"I intend that this come about effortlessly."
(Bringers of the Dawn, Barbara Marciniak)

These are just some examples of how we can use spoken  intentions in our quest to raise our vibrational frequencies. Use them or create your own :)

25 August 2012

Sheldan Nidle with Tazz and Paula - 24 August 2012

This one-hour radio show features Sheldan Nidle being interviewed by Tazz and Paula with, as usual, lots of information for listeners. Although there is no "new" information, it is still interesting because Sheldan reassures us that "things" are happening according to Divine Plan; he does admit, however, that there is very little time left and so much more to get done. Synopsis as follows:
  • How Sheldan "lost" his telepathis ability when he shut down a particular part of his life years ago
  • Elections (in US) "not supposed to be happening"
  • Transitional governments will allow for prosperity programs and long-awaited new positive systems to come online
  • "Apocalypse has been cancelled"
  • Fall of Atlantis 13,000 years ago led to limited consciousness in Humanity, which allowed Annunaki/Sky Gods to rule and enforce concepts of competition, power and control
  • Annunaki allowed within Divine parameters to "rule", but hands-off imposed for total shutdown of DNA and recall of Divine Laws so that Humanity can access these when the time is right
  • "Game over" for the Dark, time now for Light to take over
  • Anchara Continuum in 1995 agreed to transition to the Light, followed by Annunaki
  • Human Dark Cabal, however, refused to embrace the Light and instead filled vacuum created when Annunaki left
  • Galactic Federation brought in to help and assist in Humanity's transition to Light, overseen by Ascended Masters
  • Secret sacred societies set up by Ascended Masters for Great Shift on Earth
  • We are very close now to first series of changes that will start floodgate of more changes
  • Geneticists discovering "junk" DNA encodements are activating/waking up
  • How we can "infect" others with our activated DNA codes
  • Religious, physical, scientific, philosophical, societal and consciousness shifts occurring
  • Sheldan mentions Star Trek!  <3
  • GF not on a rescue mission -- we need to be responsible for our own positive change, but we can (and have) asked for help
  • Merging of timelines at end 2012, according to right Divine Timing
  • Structures decaying from inside-out so evidence is not immediately obvious
  • Mass media still not reporting vast changes that are taking place around the world eg Mexico, Egypt, Wall Street chaos
  • We are becoming fully conscious Beings of Light, in unity with the Great Oneness.
 Great reminders for us all.

Horus via Nancy Tate - 24 August 2012


This is a very interesting update from Horus, thanks to Nancy Tate. Horus speaks of the utmost importance of remembering Who We Truly Are and the clarity of knowing what we really desire. He tells the story of his ties with Maldek and the Annunaki, and his own eventual awakening and ultimate remembrance of his Light, Love and Divinity.

He also talks about the Greater Truths that are on the brink of making themselves known, paving the way for an escalation of processes into complete liberation of Humanity from the webs of illusions perpetrated by the Dark over eons.

This is a powerful message -- we can learn much from it.

24 August 2012

Welcome the True Selves Which are Emerging. Breathe - AA Michael via Ron Head 23 August 2012

AA Michael reminds us to continue releasing what no longer serves as we evolve into fully conscious beings, our true natural state before Humanity's fall from higher consciousness. At the same time that these amped-up super energies are gifting us with Light frequencies, they are also creating chaos in the lives of those around us, as well as breaking down third density structures to allow for a new beginning.

Read the full message as channeled by Ron Head.

Collaboration of Gaia Light Groups at All-Time High - Gaia Portal 23 August 2012

This update from Gaia Portal reports that progress is on-going as Gaia and Humanity make our way towards the Ascension Gateway at the end of the year. It reassures us that we are on the right track, and learning to operate from our Heart-Mind instead of the limited reptilian-logic. It also validates the sense of "liberation" we have been feeling lately, using our Higher Self for guidance. Wonderful :)

23 August 2012

Hilarion's Weekly Message 19-26 August 2012 - Marlene Swetlishoff


Hilarion's latest update addresses a common dilemma that we are facing in this phase of our journey, and it is probably one of the most challenging because it involves the people who are in our lives. Aided by the empowering and extremely potent energies that now cocoon Earth, issues that require our full-on and immediate attention are looking at us in the face for resolution.

We are advised to stay patient and not take things personally when working through these issues, remaining within our own "zone" and being detached in situations. Staying in love is vital. The process of integrating more aspects of our Higher Self continues.

22 August 2012

Ascended Masters on "Truth or Event" that is to Cascade into Full-on Disclosure via Wes Annac - 19 August 2012

The Ascended Masters via Wes Annac prepares us for The Event that is expected to unfold...and I will avoid the word "soon" because even Zorra admits that it's such an ugly word to many. Let's just say that this Event is supposed to be public, global and hard-to-explain-away. It's meant to leave people without a doubt that "we are not alone".

Allow me to digress a bit. In the very entertaining (and prophetic) classic The Day The Earth Stood Still, Klaatu was asked by Professor Barnhardt to give a demonstration as a sort of "calling card" that would be clearly evident to the masses. Klaatu obliged by deactivating all electric power around the globe for 30 minutes.

Back to this. I strongly believe that The Event will be more supernatural in nature, something literally out of this world that carries a potent message. In a previous post, Ellie Miser (Earth As A Free Will Experiment) also mentions an "event".

This is what the Ascended Masters say for this update:

"...we intend for the needed manifestation of some type of perception-shattering yet not in any way scary, truth or event which will in itself be a precursor to the giving of immense truth."

Enjoy the rest of this short but very uplifting message.

21 August 2012

Zorra's Update via Zaraya - 19 August 2012

Zorra - www.hollowearthnetwork.com

Zorra's back! Well, he never really left, because he still came through Annette Sassou. He's now back with Hollow Earth Network through Zaraya, and Zorra has announced that he will be giving information weekly from now on. If you are wondering what happened to Zaraya and Quasar's return to Hollow Earth, Zorra explains that Adama has informed them of their Oversoul plan to remain on the surface and be part of Disclosure.

This call is about two hours long (with Q&A during the second half), and here are some of the highlights:
  • "Raising vibrations"...that's all there is!
  • Earth and Humanity's Ascension is unique and extremely special event
  • August 4 was date for Disclosure by Earth governments; this was not honoured so now Galactic intervention is possible to proceed
  • Armadas of ships in daylight, uncloaked, not lenticular clouds
  • Cabal's last-ditch attempts through disinformation via distorted teachings and channels
  • Remain in high vibrations of love and joy
  • As more awaken to joy, negativity lessens collectively
  • "Soon" is such an ugly word to many people
  • Oversoul scripts our blueprint or Life Plan
  • Explains how Disclosure will be broadcast and how we can ask to go onboard
  • Zorra corroborates GFL's message via Greg Gile regarding sea-bed walls
  • Gathering still taking place but exact timing still not confirmed (end of year or shortly after?)
  • Neptune and Elenin still on alert
  • Cabal "on very last legs"; Washington DC is its last stand
  • We are not free, but will soon be
  • Meat experiment to demonstrate toxicity
  • Take back our Planet from the Cabal!
  • Zorra delivers healing energies together with Hollow Earth Council of 12 (around 1-hour mark), and reminds us that our true mind lies within the Heart chakra
  • Helios (our Sun) is a planet and it's not hot (the heat is created by the rotational field of Earth when sunlight reaches the atmosphere)
  • Sister World to Earth is on the "far side" of the Sun - this is where those who do not wish to ascend will be relocated to continue their lessons and experience of polarity
  • Earth changes will necessitate the removal of surface dwellers temporarily; to this end, She requested that Galactics remove "their own" to safety while She undergoes massive cleansing in preparation for Ascension
  • Some (via DNA determination as well) will go to Inner/Hollow Earth
  • Return of Mother Earth to Her pristine state is not "destruction", it is re-terraforming
  • We will recreate our own dwellings (as Ascended Beings) once Earth completes this cleansing
  • After Gathering, we will be in 5D "Year 1".

20 August 2012

Inspiratonal Video - Power of One


This short (>3 minutes) video reminds us, in a beautiful way, that one person can make a difference. There is power in "One", and sometimes, "One" is all it takes.

Is Our Sun A Massive UFO Stargate?

With all the obvious Starship activity moving around the Sun courtesy of so many videos freely accessible on the Internet, I don't know how much more "proof" is required for the mass population to accept the glaring fact that We Are Not Alone. Sigh.

Anyway, this short clip (5+ minutes) shows Nassim Haramein with some Mayan artifacts that clearly depict Starships using the Sun as a Star Portal. There's also some good images of the Sun, thanks to NASA. And no, the Sun's not "hot", as Zorra has emphatically and repeatedly said via his messages.

Chakras : 7 Minute Tune-up

All it takes is just 7 minutes to do a quick tune-up to get those energetic alignments unblocked and flowing optimally! Very do-able...just let those tones come out nice and clear :)  Thank you to the people at Healing Sounds.

Note: While these tones are beneficial, we must also remember that each of us has our own special unique "tone"...it's the specific tone that comes out naturally (or is waiting to come out!) when we get into our zone, open our mouth and let the sound come out.

Gaia and Hue-manity Optics Upgrades in Progress - Gaia Portal 19 August 2012

Blurred vision? Seeing flashes of colour? Deteriorating eye-sight? Don't worry, it's just our optics being upgraded as we move along this Ascension process, in alignment with Gaia's own Ascension. This update from Gaia Portal reassures us that all's well and proceeding well, in spite of all that's going on "out there". Well ok, that's my own addition to the message, but you know what I mean :)

Note: The Update at the end of Gaia Portal's message makes me feel like Gaia is receiving acupuncture treatment on her energetic portals.

19 August 2012

Chilbolton Crop Circles - "The Face" and "The Response"

Since I referred to these crop circles in an earlier post (The Founders on Earth History via Sal Rachele), I will include some information on them for reference. The crop circles appeared in 2001, so they are nothing new at all. This, however, does not diminish the significance of their messages, in my opinion.

In August 2001, two crop circles appeared within days of each other near the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK. One was an image of a face, while the other was a response to a binary message composed by Dr Frank Drake and Carl Sagan that was transmitted from the Arecibo Observatory in 1974 (shown below).

The message contained the following information:
  • Base 10 numbers
  • Dominant elements
  • DNA components
  • Nucleotides
  • Double helix structure
  • Height of human
  • Population of Earth 
  • Solar System
  • Representation of the Arecibo telescope.

27 years later, "The Face" and "The Response" showed up. "The Response" seemed to address each component of the Arecibo message, incorporating 9 differences:
  • Silicon added to dominant elements
  • 3rd strand of DNA helix
  • Change in number of nucleotides
  • Humanoid representation
  • Height of humanoid representation
  • Population
  • Solar system
  • Crop circle formation that appeared in 2000
  • Technology details (which actually was a crop circle itself which appeared a year earlier).

"The Face" has been said to represent the "Face on Mars", Humanity and even the "Founders" (creator gods of the humanoid species arising from the Lyra Constellation). It is anybody's guess what it truly means, but I like the "Founders" version, which is why I referred to it in that particular post on Earth History.

For more information, watch this video (which also includes the decoded "Warning" crop circle that appeared a year later), or read this article.

Cymatics As a Spiritual Tool

Water Droplet Effected by Sound www.soundhealingcenter.com

In the beautifully-written Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien, Creation came from the songs sung by the Valar (Gods and Goddesses), following the theme set by Eru (The One). The Bible, although much distorted, also tells of God creating the World by speaking the word. And today, we are well aware that sound frequencies hold much power because ultimately, as Nikola Tesla said so long ago:

"If you want to find the secret of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

Cymatics, the study of sound waves, is both fascinating and absolutely relevant during this current times, especially when we need to raise and keep our vibrations high. What we choose to expose ourselves to in terms of sounds (music, noise, speech etc.) can help or hinder us because sound frequencies act upon our very cells and energetic vibrations directly, with almost immediate effect.

There are many videos available that show how sound waves produce shapes and patterns; the two that I feature here have been chosen for the simple reason of showing how sounds produced by the human voice alone can dramatically affect us on levels that otherwise cannot be seen easily.

This first video is by Steven Halpern (5+ minutes) who demonstrate the cymatic patterns observed when exposed to his chants recorded inside the Great Pyramid.

Then Christian Stuten demonstrates in his 1:11 minutes (!) video how to make a tonoscope to visually produce the cymatic effects of the human voice.

My favourite is this one by Dr Buchanan based on the work of Joseph Puleo and Solfeggio Tones. This 6-minute video is truly incredible.

If we also remember the work of Dr Emoto about the effect of thoughts on water crystals, we will realise how truly powerful we are as creators. We have the ability to affect our field of creation with every word, thought and intention.

17 August 2012

Portals of Higher Consciousness Opened Fully - Gaia Portal 17 August 2012

I really like this one from Gaia Portal...in synchronicity with this Harmonic Convergence anniversary, and closing the 25-year cycle. Yes, there certainly seems to be progress :)

This message makes me feel better about the symptoms, especially the gazing-into-space one. There are days when I'm so not-here...and the advice about naps? I'll definitely take it!

Close Encounters - Proof of Alien Contact

Update 5 March 2013: The video on the previous link was removed, but I've found another source. Hopefully this one stays!

Close Encounters - Proof of Alien Contact is a 50-minute documentary that was created in 1999. Despite being 13-years old, it still stands as a pretty good production, all things considered. What surprised me is that around that time (late 90s right up until about Ancient Aliens came out a couple of years ago), there were a lot of "documentaries" about UFOs that mainly served as disinformation, with the main purpose of debunking reported sightings. So I'm not surprised that this documentary isn't as widely-known as it should have been then.

There are several really good clips of sightings and many interesting interviews all throughout this documentary. They even have footage of an implant being removed from the vicinity of the abductee's jaw. Well, I closed my eyes for that bit but I did see the implant which the surgeon showed.

Expect to see the following:

  • Amazing clips of ET craft as well as recordings from space probes which include the Face and Pyramids on Mars
  • Fragments recovered from Roswell crash site with lab analysis of their compositions
  • Dr Roger Leir, who extracted the implant as mentioned earlier, plus its related lab analysis
  • Gordon Cooper, retired astronaut, who had several encounters with ET crafts
  • Linda M Howe (who is still actively involved in ET research todate)
  • Bob Lazare, an engineer who took part in the back-engineering experiments.

Worth watching and worthy of being a "persuasive" tool for people in your lives who are ET-resistant   :)

Rainbow Around the Sun

I was led to this beautiful photo on The Federation of Light, and wanted to share it here.

16 August 2012

Uffington White Horse Crop Circle 14 August 2012 - Analysis by NYC812


NYC812 has given her analysis on another interesting crop circle that appeared in Uffington White Horse, UK on 14 August 2012. Seemingly simple in appearance, the messages as interpreted by NY812 are just the opposite. There's a lot of information in her report, all tying in nicely with the processes that Ascension entails. These are some key points:

  • The serpent represents the Kundalini, as well as the DNA helix, to be activated in stages
  • Coiled position signifies being ready for activation, at the right time
  • 3rd eye is open
  • The eclipse is "acting" on the serpent; not sure if it is the solar or lunar eclipse (there's a total solar eclipse from 13-14 November, and a penumbral lunar eclipse on 28 November 2012)
  • How should we prepare? Clear all our blockages and activate our DNA ourselves
  • Focus on our thoughts, which should be based on compassion.
 "You are in for a nice surprise!"

15 August 2012

Update by Sheldan Nidle - 14 August 2012

I had a very busy dreamtime last night. Full of activity, all focused on preparing for "something" that's fairly imminent. Very, very busy, many beings involved, many areas of activites...but I'm unable to recall or remember any details. I just get the feeling that it was "BIG". Then I saw this update from Sheldan Nidle, and thought I should post it right away.

Here are some highlights:
  • We are going through a "final and short delay" before major changes in government and finance is expected to come online (I know...I'm tired of waiting, too...but if it makes you feel better, even Sheldan himself is frustrated with all these delays)
  • Inner Earth allies busily finalising plans that will take effect
  • Galactic personnel to ensure minimal disruption to essential services
  • Our conscious choice for freedom and Light has allowed intervention by "external" parties
  • Ascended Masters to return Earth and Humanity to full consciousness, by Divine Decree
  • New guiding principles for our new lives
  • "Great transformation lies ahead".

All Necessary Grids for the Manifestation of Gaia Nueva are in Place - Gaia Portal 14 August 2012

No matter how we interpret this, surely it must be good news! The time for Gaia Nueva (New Earth) is here -- and we are asked to hold our highest vision for the manifestation to come online. Yes, that we certainly can do!

14 August 2012

Star Ships in Thailand Sky - 13 August 2012

Personal encounters with Starships that are "called" are being reported in greater numbers recently. Here is an account of one such experience that was also healing in nature.

"Strongwings" describes his Starship episode which was shared by his wife, Yuuka. Several ships answered their call, and delivered their healing energies as well as information download. It is indeed a most uplifting tale.

13 August 2012

Synchronization of Gaia Portals and Galactic Stargates Commences - Gaia Portal 12 August 2012

"Synchronicity" has always been one of my favourite words, so this message from Gaia Portal sounds like everything is proceeding smoothly. This seems to be in tandem with the period of intensified download of Divine Love in the previous post (Nine Days of Awakening Light by Archangel Gabriel via Shanta). This synchronisation of portals and stargates is scheduled to end on 20 August, which is the same window of time described in the previous post.

Nine Days of Awakening Light - Shanta 9 August 2012

It's been 25 years since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, and we will be coming to the exact anniversary in a few days time -- 16 and 17 August. The Harmonic Convergence is known to be the event when Humanity as a collective whole chose to say "yes"at Soul-Level to the challenges of Ascension that lay ahead. A "no" would have resulted in a timeline of wiping the slate of Humanity clean, and starting all over again. Since then, those who committed at Soul-Level to this task have been drawing in and anchoring Light, setting the stage for Humanity to ascend together with Gaia.

As we move into this anniversary, this message from Archangel Gabriel (who is known to sound the Clarion Call for Awakening) speaks about the current 9 days from August 11 - 20 where the incoming Divine Light is once again intensified for another quantum spontaneous awakening among the masses.

I'm not very good at following a specific set of guidelines or rituals for meditation (I tend to do it my "own" way) but for those who are interested, Shanta Gabriel has shared a spiritual practice for these nine days that you can carry out quite easily.

12 August 2012

Best Evidence : Top 10 UFO Sightings

This documentary is about 47 minutes long, and is yet another good self-Disclosure tool to show the people in our lives who need to see "proof". The creator, Paul Kimball, asked UFO experts to vote for their top UFO cases from out of over 70 cases from various places around the world such as UK, US, Iran, Germany and Canada. Created in 2007, it's now available online. I can't help but wonder what's taking most of Humanity so long to get over this ET presence reality (and Inner Earth existence!) when "proof" has been around for so long.

The link takes you to the Vimeo site of Red Star Films, Paul Kimball's company.

The Founders on Earth History - Sal Rachel

Crop circle near Chilbolton August 2001

History was a subject I dreaded but endured in school. It was my least favourite class; I was extremely grateful when I no longer had to put up with it in the later years. However, what I find totally fascinating is Real History -- the version that has been hidden or suppressed. If I were learning that in school, I would be looking forward to History lessons every time.

I already have posted a couple of perspectives about Earth's History here, and here's another one. This is from the perspective of The Founders, the creators of the humanoid species in the Lyra sector. Presented in 10 parts, The Founders take us an a historical journey from the formation of the Universe many billions of years ago, through Earth's formation 4.5 billion years ago, the Galactic Wars, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, and even a section about Yeshua. Our Earth, the Blue Jewel of the Galaxy, has been the stage for numerous experiences of polarity for millions and millions of years.

This is quite a long read (10 parts) but I found it very interesting. The link I've given will take you to the page of Sal Rachele's channelings; scroll down a bit to locate the specific links for "The Founders on Earth History".

**Note:  The picture of the Chilbolton "Face" at top has been speculated to be the image of The Founders ("God created man in his own image"). It appeared next to what has been widely accepted as the "response" to a message that SETI sent in 1974 from Arecibo.

11 August 2012

Reminders to Myself

I won't be featuring anyone, or anything, on this post. Just me :)

It's been a week since the (in)famous date of 4 August. I hope no one was holding his/her breath for "something" to happen. More on that later.

The past two weeks have been a rather strange time for me. Somehow I feel I won't be too far wrong if I say that some of you may have felt that, too. I felt like I went through yet another shift, and this one wasn't particularly painful or anything. It felt like I was in a void, yet not a "void". Maybe I had to "avoid" certain things? Yes, I believe so...and yes, I did avoid lots of things :)

During this time, I couldn't read any message in its entirety. It was like I wasn't interested in any channeling, I definitely couldn't read anyone's opinion, and I most assuredly couldn't follow any intel. So I avoided all of these for quite a few days -- at most I would just skim through a couple of lines and that's it, except for the few that I did post on this blog, and some things on crop circles, one of my favourite things!

So today, I feel that I've emerged from this with more clarity. No, I'm not able to predict what's going to happen at the Olympics Closing, sorry. I meant clarity with myself, my path, my purpose. Instead of looking outside for direction, I was "reminded" to look within.

Before I continue, I will mention some things to set the stage, so to speak. This is so that you know where I stand regarding certain things, and why. Ever since I was a child, I felt like "they" had plonked me down on Earth, and then sped off at warp speed, leaving me alone and literally feeling like an alien on a planet that would be my new "Home". I grew up gazing at the sky, and would entertain myself by watching the clouds form faces, figures and cute animals. It was as if someone was shaping the clouds for my amusement. I really had abandonment issues although I wasn't remotely abandoned in any way by my parents. I felt a great gnawing homesickness that only went away two years ago when the Galactic presence around Earth started increasing exponentially. I've always felt that "they" would come back for me, when the time is right.

So, with that background laid out, here are the reminders I had to once again recall. I share this but please remember that it applies to me, and you have every right to discern.

It's Not How Much We Know
Truly, it isn't. This is a spiritual ascension, not an academic exam. Even if we learn all there is to know about Ascension, it would matter zilch if we didn't do anything about it. Knowledge is one thing, knowledge applied (wisdom) is another. So someone marooned on a desert island, totally ignorant of Ascension but having beautiful light within and living a heart-centred life would still be on the path. It's really about how we live our daily lives in these last remaining months before the Great Shift.

Simple Spiritual Physics
If we forget about everything else and just look at the spiritual dynamics of Ascension, it boils down to what our vibrational frequency is. To become a higher-dimensional being, we need to vibrate at the energetic frequency that is compatible with that higher dimension. So, in simple terms, we need to increase our vibrations. Thankfully, we can do this in so many ways -- I have given some examples previously so I won't repeat and besides, you already know anyway :)  We all know what we need to do to raise our vibrations, we just need to convert that into action. Raise our vibrations and stay as much in the higher energies as possible.

It's Spiritual!
This is not about who gets arrested, how many banks will fail, who becomes President, where the gold is hidden, etc. It's not even about which channelled message is right and which is wrong, who is a genuine Earth Ally and who is fake, or which ET race is positive and which is negative. And it's not even about whether Disclosure happens or not. This is a Spiritual Ascension. We still need to remember that we have work to do in preparation for our own Ascension. Even if nothing changes in the physical world right up until the Great Shift, we still need to get ourselves ready, and at the same time, help others who are also ready for It. Ascension will occur, with or without us. It's not so much about what happens on the outside, it's more about what's happening within.

It About Us, Not Them
This is our own Spiritual Ascension. We are the ones who need to ascend. The Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactics, Agarthans and whoever else are already ascended. We cannot blame them or make them responsible for our ascension. They can only assist, they can't do it for us.

Stay On The Path
Don't get distracted. No need to explain further :)

Divine Intervention
This one is something I've always believed in all my life. I feel that there will be Divine Intervention (already happening in many ways, but I'm talking about a "big" public one) before the Great Shift occurs. And I feel that it will be preceded by some sort of Divine "Sign", out in the open, visible and obvious to everyone everywhere.

So those are the key points I had to make sure I keep reminding myself constantly.

Now back to 4 August. Was I hoping to see something resembling Disclosure? Absolutely. But I was also aware that if nothing happened, it may mean "something" was transpiring backstage. And I remembered that ultimately, I had "work" to do and shouldn't get derailed by any "if", "what" and "when".
And oh yes, in case someone asked "How many shifts do we need to go through?" the answer is "As many as it takes..."

Harmonizations Complete, Machines Constructs Dissolving - Gaia Portal 10 August 2012

Short but encouraging message.

Thank you, please keep going...

04 August 2012

Dialogue With "Hidden Hand"

 "The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator."   Ra

Although I have come across a fair bit of material on Spirituality and Creation over the years, I am in no way an expert in any specific area. All I have is a tremendous desire to learn (or more precisely, "remember", as do all of us on this path). While quite a lot of this material has left an overwhelmingly profound effect on me, there is also much that I don't consider "relevant". This Dialogue with "Hidden Hand" definitely falls into the first category. It was most engaging, and although rather lengthy, presented in a most interesting and insightful manner that allows for a very engrossing read. And as always, please exercise your individual prerogative on how to treat the information :)

What I like about this discourse is that it appears to tie together the multitudes of concepts of Creation and Human History. The information presented pulls in all the relevant portions (i.e.the truthful bits) of the various pieces of the Creation puzzle and ties them in together to form something coherent, albeit multi-layered in its complexity.

Given in the form of a Q&A, the informant answers with wisdom, conviction and an unwavering awareness of his/her connection with All That Is. It is revealed that s(he) originates from Venus, also known as Lucifer, or the Morning Star. It would be good to remember that this is the original meaning of "Lucifer" before the Church turned it into the equivalent of "Satan".

The reason I have inserted The Law of One at the beginning of this post is to remind us that ultimately, all is One. Polarity/duality is the experience of limited consciousness. Reading this discourse with The Law of One constantly in mind will help us gain the deepest insight and the greatest understanding of the information given. The pseudonym Hidden Hand pertains to the hidden hand behind the Illuminati; it is its ultimate "ruler". If we consider the Annunaki, Enki/Enlil, ancient texts of Creation, Mayan prophecies, Gnostic Teachings, Cosmic Alignments, and even the information from sources such as Matias de Stefano, all bound together by The Law of One, then we can truly benefit from this.

This is long enough without me adding more words for you to read, so just plunge right in! Keep in mind that polarity (good/evil) exists to provide the catalyst for us to make the highest choices for our own spiritual evolution.

"Remember, we are all just acting out a grand old game here, where we agree to forget who we really are, that in the remembering, that we may find each other again, and know that we are One. That All of Life, is One."

Dolores Cannon on Crop Circles

A short video (less than 9 minutes) from Dolores Cannon with her views on crop circles. For me, the most important point in the video is that these creations are embedded with messages for us. That's why I like to call them Earth Writings. We may not understand the "language" they are using, but the message is there nevertheless. Dolores presented another crucial point, which is that even though we don't know what the message is, it doesn't matter because the understanding will occur at a deeper level and come through at the "right" time.

We need to understand that these beautiful creations were not made by bored ETs who are waiting for Humanity to wake up en masse. (Well, if they are tired of waiting, who can blame them, right?) They hold codes, keys, triggers, all waiting to be deciphered or activated at some point. Since they were made by higher dimensional/multi-dimensional beings, then of course we would not be able to easily decode the messages with a lower dimensional 3D mind. It would be like asking me to read a Sanskrit text - I don't even know if I should read it from right to left, or top to bottom! What's important is that they are "loaded"...and we will get the download when it's time for it to be activated.

Meanwhile, we continue to CC-gaze...

03 August 2012

Crop Circle at Andechs Abbey, Germany - 29 July 2012

A beautiful crop circle in Andechs Abbey, Bavaria was reported on 29 July 2012. It has intricate patterns on its outer rim that look like basket weaves, similar to the crop circle that appeared in Etchilhampton in England two days prior to this one. I couldn't find any meaningful interpretation of this at the time of posting, but I can't help but feel that there is some profound meaning behind it.

02 August 2012

Raising Our Vibrations - Our Spiritual Toolkit

This is a compilation of "tools" that can be used to assist us in raising our vibrations, something that is key to our own Ascension process. And I know you already know all of this anyway :)  I will update this as and when necessary.
**Please also click on the Meditation and Spiritual Tools tag below this post, or on the right-sidebar for more resources.

Light Language Activations
Judy Satori provides a whole range of activations based on Light Language and Christed energies. See this post.

Setting Intentions
Please read Intentions, Invocations and Images.

Meditation & Connecting With Our Divinity
5 minutes a day is better than none at all. There is no "best" way or "the" way to do this, we all have our own method which works best for us. This can be a very personal and sacred activity, or it can be a group effort. Ultimately it is allowing for our connection with our own Divinity and going into our Higher Heart-Mind. By now each of us would have found our own "method" so all I need to suggest is to keep this practice going and making it an essential part of our daily lives. Also search this blog for posts labelled "Meditation and Spiritual Tools".

With our body composition being almost 70% water and applying Dr Emoto's work with water, energising our drinking water is highly beneficial. There are various ways to do this, and the most effective ways are the ones that only require our hands, or spoken word/intention. Here are some videos to demonstrate the methods:

How to Energise Water
Why and How to Energise Water to Fully Benefit From It

**Post : Water ~ Liquid Crystals That Raise Our Vibrations

As we continue to raise our vibrational frequencies and our physical body transforms from a lower density into a higher density, our dietary needs would reflect those changes as well. We will find that we require foods with live essences and high energy vibrations -- fruits, vegetables, grains become more essential to our daily diet. Keep it simple. Again, if we trust our Inner Wisdom, we will instinctively know what foods our body needs. We just need to tune in and listen.

Solfeggio Frequencies 
I've updated my post on Solfeggio Frequencies to include some videos with specific frequencies that attune to particular activations or healing processes. Or you can search for others that you prefer - there are several available on the Internet.

Music and Sounds
Harmonious music and sounds go a long way in assisting us get into the right frame of mind. You can work with bells, chimes, Tibetan bowls, or any other sounds that appeal to you. Similarly, appropriate music can do wonders in a very short time to help us move from an unwanted or negative frame of mind into a more peaceful state.

Spending time in Nature...what could be simpler and yet very effective in helping us reach a place of peace and unity. When we commune with Nature, our heart chakras open up and we ground all that wonderful energy that Gaia lovingly imbues in us. I find that even appreciating a tree from my window and listening to the birds sing allows me to feel that connectedness. Sounds of Nature such as the sea, gentle rain, running stream, whale and dolphin songs...they all "speak" to us at a deeper level.

Visual Codes and Activation
We may feel drawn to certain visual imagery and feel a strong connection with it for no apparent reason. Pay attention to this because it could mean that the particular images hold a special meaning for you or they may even be triggers for certain activations to occur at your cellular/DNA level. Crop circles, mandalas, sacred geometry, ancient symbols all have the potential to act as catalysts in raising our vibrations.

Crystals & Orgonites 
Crystals are wonderful companions to have around for a myriad purposes - clearing negativity, imbibing tranquility, healing assistance, raising vibrational frequencies, facilitating change, releasing and letting go. Orgonites are great in neutralising EMF in our space, as well as clearing the energetic fields. If you resonate with these, then they are definitely valuable tools for your spiritual toolkit.

Toning / Chanting
It is my belief that we all have our own individual "tone" that is the "hum" of our physical body. This is the tone that we intuitively come out with when we open our mouth to let the sound out, and we can do this with the "OM" or whatever manner that best suits the individual; it is the frequency that optimises the vibration of our cells. Alternatively, listening to certain tones or chants can also greatly affect us in beneficial or healing ways. Trusting our inner navigation will lead us to the tones or chants that we "need" at that point in time.

Love Is The Answer
This is no fancy claim, nor is it some airy-fairy slogan coined by people with their heads in the clouds (although I personally think it's a rather good place to be...) Love truly is the key to our Ascension. Stay in the frequency of love as much and as constantly as possible. When love is absent, fear (and all its emotional derivatives such as fear, greed, control etc) can threaten to creep into our consciousness and lower our vibrations. With love, there comes gratitude, peace, unity, compassion...all of which are pre-requisites for Higher Consciousness living.

Keeping Our Space Clear & Positive
This one is real sensible, but it's something we usually forget. In order to increase our vibrations, we should make sure that our space is conducive to that purpose. If we remain in an environment that is counter-productive to our intention, then of course we would run into challenges. We should avoid prolonged exposure to negative environments or situations. This includes people.

Giving Thanks
Gratitude is a powerful tool that is often overlooked or underestimated. When we give thanks to our guides, higher energies, Gaia, our body, our circumstances, the assistance we are receiving from the Galactics/Hollow Earth/Ascended Masters/Angelic and Devic Realms etc.we are unleashing a vibrational force that will further increase the frequencies of Light that will in turn find its way back to us in some form or another.

More Resources
Sacred Geometry here, also here
DNA Activation Meditation by Sheldan Nidle
Decalcify Pineal Gland
Raising Vibrations Exercise by Zorra via Zaraya
Meditations by Suzanne Lie
Cameron Day - Ascension Help
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Chakras - 7 minute Tune-up
Cymatics as a Spiritual Tool
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Hatonn via Nancy Tate 1 August 2012

Avebury Stone ~ Lucy Pringle

There is an urgency in this latest message from Hatonn via Nancy Tate, who speaks about an impending "event" that will change Life on Earth as we know it forever. Hatonn describes it as a Wake-Up call that will open people's eyes to the matrix of illusions that they have been living within.

I will not speculate what this "event" is...I leave that privilege to you :)  I will just continue to hold my highest vision and vibrations for a positive outcome...

01 August 2012

Cleaning Up Our Negative Energies - Inelia Benz

I had a very strong need to post something on meditation or raising our vibrations, and discovered that I had overlooked this in my inbox (lots of stuff gets missed inadvertently due to information overload!). So I went through it and found that it was just perfect for what I wanted.

This is an exercise by Inelia Benz to clear out negative energies, applicable for our own personal issues as well as for planetary ones. It's very practical and do-able. Like all things that actually work, it is so simple yet powerful. Please watch this 21-minute video.

We can use this exercise for personal health issues, relationships, jobs, environment (such as chemtrails, pollution), debt (enslaving energy), conflict or war situations...just about anything! Inelia shows how we can process these energies using Light from Source.