02 August 2012

Raising Our Vibrations - Our Spiritual Toolkit

This is a compilation of "tools" that can be used to assist us in raising our vibrations, something that is key to our own Ascension process. And I know you already know all of this anyway :)  I will update this as and when necessary.
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Light Language Activations
Judy Satori provides a whole range of activations based on Light Language and Christed energies. See this post.

Setting Intentions
Please read Intentions, Invocations and Images.

Meditation & Connecting With Our Divinity
5 minutes a day is better than none at all. There is no "best" way or "the" way to do this, we all have our own method which works best for us. This can be a very personal and sacred activity, or it can be a group effort. Ultimately it is allowing for our connection with our own Divinity and going into our Higher Heart-Mind. By now each of us would have found our own "method" so all I need to suggest is to keep this practice going and making it an essential part of our daily lives. Also search this blog for posts labelled "Meditation and Spiritual Tools".

With our body composition being almost 70% water and applying Dr Emoto's work with water, energising our drinking water is highly beneficial. There are various ways to do this, and the most effective ways are the ones that only require our hands, or spoken word/intention. Here are some videos to demonstrate the methods:

How to Energise Water
Why and How to Energise Water to Fully Benefit From It

**Post : Water ~ Liquid Crystals That Raise Our Vibrations

As we continue to raise our vibrational frequencies and our physical body transforms from a lower density into a higher density, our dietary needs would reflect those changes as well. We will find that we require foods with live essences and high energy vibrations -- fruits, vegetables, grains become more essential to our daily diet. Keep it simple. Again, if we trust our Inner Wisdom, we will instinctively know what foods our body needs. We just need to tune in and listen.

Solfeggio Frequencies 
I've updated my post on Solfeggio Frequencies to include some videos with specific frequencies that attune to particular activations or healing processes. Or you can search for others that you prefer - there are several available on the Internet.

Music and Sounds
Harmonious music and sounds go a long way in assisting us get into the right frame of mind. You can work with bells, chimes, Tibetan bowls, or any other sounds that appeal to you. Similarly, appropriate music can do wonders in a very short time to help us move from an unwanted or negative frame of mind into a more peaceful state.

Spending time in Nature...what could be simpler and yet very effective in helping us reach a place of peace and unity. When we commune with Nature, our heart chakras open up and we ground all that wonderful energy that Gaia lovingly imbues in us. I find that even appreciating a tree from my window and listening to the birds sing allows me to feel that connectedness. Sounds of Nature such as the sea, gentle rain, running stream, whale and dolphin songs...they all "speak" to us at a deeper level.

Visual Codes and Activation
We may feel drawn to certain visual imagery and feel a strong connection with it for no apparent reason. Pay attention to this because it could mean that the particular images hold a special meaning for you or they may even be triggers for certain activations to occur at your cellular/DNA level. Crop circles, mandalas, sacred geometry, ancient symbols all have the potential to act as catalysts in raising our vibrations.

Crystals & Orgonites 
Crystals are wonderful companions to have around for a myriad purposes - clearing negativity, imbibing tranquility, healing assistance, raising vibrational frequencies, facilitating change, releasing and letting go. Orgonites are great in neutralising EMF in our space, as well as clearing the energetic fields. If you resonate with these, then they are definitely valuable tools for your spiritual toolkit.

Toning / Chanting
It is my belief that we all have our own individual "tone" that is the "hum" of our physical body. This is the tone that we intuitively come out with when we open our mouth to let the sound out, and we can do this with the "OM" or whatever manner that best suits the individual; it is the frequency that optimises the vibration of our cells. Alternatively, listening to certain tones or chants can also greatly affect us in beneficial or healing ways. Trusting our inner navigation will lead us to the tones or chants that we "need" at that point in time.

Love Is The Answer
This is no fancy claim, nor is it some airy-fairy slogan coined by people with their heads in the clouds (although I personally think it's a rather good place to be...) Love truly is the key to our Ascension. Stay in the frequency of love as much and as constantly as possible. When love is absent, fear (and all its emotional derivatives such as fear, greed, control etc) can threaten to creep into our consciousness and lower our vibrations. With love, there comes gratitude, peace, unity, compassion...all of which are pre-requisites for Higher Consciousness living.

Keeping Our Space Clear & Positive
This one is real sensible, but it's something we usually forget. In order to increase our vibrations, we should make sure that our space is conducive to that purpose. If we remain in an environment that is counter-productive to our intention, then of course we would run into challenges. We should avoid prolonged exposure to negative environments or situations. This includes people.

Giving Thanks
Gratitude is a powerful tool that is often overlooked or underestimated. When we give thanks to our guides, higher energies, Gaia, our body, our circumstances, the assistance we are receiving from the Galactics/Hollow Earth/Ascended Masters/Angelic and Devic Realms etc.we are unleashing a vibrational force that will further increase the frequencies of Light that will in turn find its way back to us in some form or another.

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  1. As I stumbled on your blog and found this post, I thought of letting you know of www.janoshgrandcross.com and his main website www.janosh.com. He creates digital artwork based on sacred geometry and since couple of months he has started doing free webcasts which are, personally for me, quite powerful. There's one tonight at 9pm BST, if you're interested, on the first link above. God bless!

  2. And also Tom Kenyon's sound healing music - if you haven't already heard, that is.

    1. Many thanks for your recommendation, TWDYogi :) Yes I'm familiar with both Janosh and Tom Kenyon's creations, they are astounding! I've featured both on my blog previously.

      Actually, my intention was to rotate my sacred geometry picture (on the right panel) every now and then, and Janosh's art have been featured before. However, with compressing time and accelerated cycles, that intention...well, remained an intention :) I try, though....

      Namaste :)