30 September 2012

Meditation for DNA Activation - Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle gave this meditation for activating the DNA/RNA during his recent "Closing the Circle" Webinar. As we rapidly approach the Ascension Gateway, we really should do whatever we can to prepare ourselves to be in position for the Ascension Current to sweep us into higher dimensions.

This video is 10+ minutes which includes explanations, but as Sheldan says, once you know the procedure, you can do it in as short or as long a time as you need. This one is definitely very do-able yet so powerful.

29 September 2012

The Fireworks Are Now Beginning - Gaia Portal 28 September 2012

We are entering the final period (f-i-n-a-l-l-y...), more Truths surfacing, Awakening quickens and widens, Lady Gaia is in charge, all is proceeding well...Gaia Portal's latest update is music to fatigued Souls!

This is one global display of fireworks that nobody would want to miss...

28 September 2012

Chemtrail Neutralisations!

This is an amazing video by Nikiquik that shows what's been occurring in many places where the skies are "decorated" regularly by chemtrails -- they are neutralised as they are being sprayed. It's very disheartening to know that chemtrails still exist, but most uplifitng to know that we are getting all the help that "they" (Galactics, Inner and Hollow Earth, Elementals, Sky Spirits) can give.

And while I was at the Youtube page for the above video, I came across a few others with the same theme. Indian In The Machine's video presents a slide-show of Sylphs' gift of blue skies to us.

Wes Annac of Aquarius Channeling also has a video which shows a "cloud" energy that surrounds a chemtrail and dissipates it before it has a chance to expand.

I also like this one by Mymosaz, reminding us that we ourselves can take on the responsibility of doing something about it. Mymosaz recommends vinegar (that's new to me!) and of course, our faithful and hard-working Orgonites (good information in the description box).

27 September 2012

Godhead and Creator Gods - Mark Kimmel

Here is a very very very short summary of The Story of Creation by Mark Kimmel, perfect for those who do not wish to get into the complexities of a history that is beyond time, space and memory :)

Mark also talks about what's ahead for us in the higher dimensions, and explains a bit about the Abiquor Project (Centre of Light) that is ready to manifest once we shift into awakened consciousness. This will serve as a teaching centre for the Caretakers of the New Earth.

26 September 2012

Sheldan Nidle Update - 25 September 2012

The first part of Sheldan's latest update perfectly explains the "strangeness" that some of us have been going through since the huge shifts on 9-9, then 9-11. It was literally like the "pregnant pause", where we sort of existed between time and no-time, here yet not here, suspended in some sort of cosmic arrested development and yet knowing that it is as should be. And those headaches...!

We are now going through a collapsing of all the timelines that have been running parallel with each other, existing on various sub-planes on Earth. This is why it's so insane in the world right now, and I'm just referring to the Lightworker community!

The new grids for Lady Gaia are in place, awaiting the right moment to come online while those on other planets are also similarly aligned, in readiness for the Grand Shift.

Stargate Gaia Has Become "Star Gaia" - Gaia Portal 25 September 2012


If I could "like" this post more than once, I would :)

“Gaia” became “Stargate Gaia” as of the 9-9. As of this moment, 
“Stargate Gaia” has become “Star Gaia”.

24 September 2012

Decalcify Your Pineal Gland! Guided Meditation to Unblock Ajna Chakra/3rd Eye - Ma Nithya Sudevi

Ma Nithya Sudevi talks about fluoridation and how this can lead to a calcification of our pineal gland in this video. It's just 12-minutes long, and includes a short guided meditation for reversing the effects of this calcification. There's also some good information on the description segment.

Gaia Request : Be In Joy On The Ride - Gaia Portal 23 September 2012

Looks like the Equinox has brought in even more light...illuminating all the dark spaces that need clearing. On the downward leg of a roller-coaster ride, we get to enjoy it more if we do the let-go-of-the-rail-and-fling-your-arms-up-in-the-air-screaming-your-lungs-out routine. As suggested in this Gaia Portal update: non-resistance, release, enjoy the ride!

23 September 2012

Zorra and Zaraya - 22 September 2012


Here are some highlights for this 1:51 hour conference call with Zorra via Zaraya (the call was disrupted three times):

  • Zaraya reiterates the need to prepare ourselves for Ascension by raising our vibrations and moving into Unity Consciousness for those who have said "yes", while those who are still not ready will be re-located to Earth's sister planet on the other side of Helios
  • Mother Earth's terra-forming will reclaim all man-made structures, landscapes will change, attachments and possessions will no longer matter; we should remember that we are actually "guests" hosted by Mother Earth
  • Creation in 5D will be key after our transition/Ascension
  • Zorra explains about the copyright claims over the "Raising Vibrations" exercise that Zorra had demonstrated in the past (you can watch it here, but I don't know how long it will remain available while they work this out)
  • The illusion of ownership; Nancy Tate explains that "ownership" has been substituted for Oneness in this lower dimensional reality at the moment
  • We need to think for ourselves, we are gods and goddesses, we are all creators, we are all One
  • Our limited thinking will dissolve instantly once we are in 5D
  • No need for "ownership", religions or money in the higher dimensions
  • Zorra repeats that Humanity was never meant to live on the surface; all planets are hollow with beautiful centres
  • People of Helios are known as The Shining Ones
  • Mass media instructed to suppress truth in order to keep the war going in Afghanistan and Iraq to support war efforts; respective Generals of Afghanistan and US have agreed to ceasefire, expect soldiers to return home soon because "it must be" -- it's part of the plan, same as Iraq
  • Disclosure on the cards now because now "Non-Interference" clause no longer in effect; this is not contingent upon US election
  • JFK assassinated because he made the error of mentioning his intention to Disclose to his government
  • Zorra confirms 911 was orchestrated by US Govt
  • Drake's disbelieving in Hollow Earth's existence
  • "Time is an illusion"...Mother Earth is in charge of the exact timing of Ascension into 5D
  • Major terra-forming to occur after we are re-located, but minor upheavals have started; humans are also starting our own "upheavals" physically
  • Zorra's "cure" in getting Zaraya off meat! 
  • Lemurian Crystals Headbands will assist greatly in raising our consciousness (Zorra later instructs a caller on details for making the headband)
  • Revaluing the Dinar - "wait and see"
  • We will receive assistance from Hollow Earthians when the time comes for Ascension
  • Zorra delivers his Healing Pulse, supported by the GFL, GFP and Council of 12 from Hollow Earth.
Thanks to Anne DeHart and Quasar.
And so it is.

22 September 2012

Journey to the Mothership Part III (a) - Awakening With Suzanne Lie

I enjoyed this message from the Arcturians via Suzanne Lie. It is part of a series of messages about journeying to their Mothership.

This particular one mentions some interesting points, some of which are highlighted below:

  • Dream-time visitation to the Ships
  • How Scout Ships appear to us in the skies
  • Why more humans need to awaken, and the necessity of releasing all lower dimensional limitations, including all attachments to physical reality
  • Every voice from every one counts in assisting those who have lost their voice (Horton Hear A Who!)
  • Doing this through unconditional love
  • Being the ones to open the Ascension Portal for our family
  • Do not get distracted by 3D illusions.

Reconnecting With Gaia's New Paradigm - Inelia Benz

Tower of Babel wikipedia
What a great way to embrace this Equinox...reconnecting with Lady Gaia in her new "Home" :)

Inelia Benz shows us how we can open up to Lady Gaia's new vibrations (a beautiful soul-friend of mine calls her Lady Gaia and I just love it!) in this simple exercise, about 12 minutes long...or short, depending on how you look at it.

Lady Gaia has already left the stage of polarity, and is now waiting for us to catch up.

There is also a write-up about our true form of communication, which is different from what we have become used to. As a result of our DNA being inactivated by the Fallen creator beings, we lost not only our consciousness but also our sense of Oneness and the way we connect or communicate with one another.

You can also access the Fear Processing Exercise mentioned in the video. Inelia also suggests trying the Reconnection Exercise with others as a precursor to authentic telepathy.

Help! The 3rd Dimension Is Going Away - Mastering Alchemy by Jim Self

I don't wish to sit on this while I find time to go through it (it may take too long) so I'll just post it first. I've always liked Jim Self's wisdom, so I'm pretty sure the information he presents here will be valuable. His trademark is his ability to make complex concepts sound simple, and he's always interesting.

This seminar is about 1:50 hours long.

20 September 2012

Keshe Foundation - Public Event 21 September 2012

I thought I would put this up since this potentially Life-changing event is due to take place tomorrow, in the window of the Equinox on the 22nd.

Mehran Keshe, the nuclear engineer behind Keshe Foundation, plans to bring his work to the public on the 21st, following a prior meeting with representatives of global governments on 6 September 2012. Will this be the "introduction" to higher dimensional technology? Will it actually take place? I certainly hope so in both cases.

Based on Magrav Technology, Keshe looks at energy solutions using the perspective of Universal existence. Just as Earth survives in a self-sustaining manner without having a fuel ship to come by every now and then to "fill her tank", so too must energy be freely and abundantly available for our use. Keshe also uses the premise that life-forms have a "perfect blueprint", therefore a diseased organism (which includes humans) has the potential and ability to revert to this blueprint, thereby "curing" the disease.

For more information, please read this, which includes the following passage:

"On 21 September 2012 the Keshe Foundation will release the first phase of its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic (Magravs) systems it has developed, to all scientists around the world simultaneously, for production and duplication."

There is also a short introduction via video, as well as a more detailed interview where Keshe elaborates on the technology and its applications as well as implications.

The Missing Piece - Abraham-Hicks

This 25-minute video is about an attendee at Abraham's seminar who is asking a question. He has completely given up on Humanity and challenges the wisdom of Abraham's teachings, citing as examples genocides, and the excesses and greed that have overcome Humanity. (I believe many of us have felt that way in some degree or other...) He also feels that his innate abilities (clairvoyance for one) are a "curse" because practicing his art has afforded him a miserable existence.

Abraham via Esther Hicks addresses this man's predicament. It is good to remember that 3D logic will struggle greatly with higher dimensional perspectives, and that as long as we try to comprehend them with a limited human vantage point, we will only end up with a partial understanding of something multi-layered and multi-dimensional.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene - US Scholar Interprets Ancient Text That Reveals They Were Married

The revelation that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were life partners (I don't think they were actually "married")  is one of the Greater Truths that vehemently gets rejected by the mainstream media and Church. However, the surfacing and subsequent interpretation of this ancient text by Karen King, a Harvard University professor, should hopefully be the catalyst for more truths to finally be revealed about Yeshua in particular and religion in general.

I wonder how they will react if they are told that the "Star of Bethlehem" is a Star Ship and that Yeshua is in effect an extra-terrestrial...

19 September 2012

The Healing Temple - Adama and Island of Light

Colleen Marshall from PAO sent this to subscribers via email, and since I'm unable to locate the actual message on the website given (Island of Light), I will just copy the whole thing here. Wonderful information from Adama regarding the Healing Temples in Inner Earth, and how we can ask for healing assistance during sleep-time.

The other message tells of the massive changes that are occurring energetically, and how chaotic things can get in order to bring about the necessary transformations leading up to the Ascension Gateway. We are reminded to stay heart-centred and know that all is unfolding according to Divine Order.

The Healing Temple

Transmission received 9-12-12
Sue and Mary Carol
MARY CAROL: Aloha beloved ones, I am Adama and I greet you with love and light. We are here in the inner earth gathered to await your arrival. We would like to take you to visit our temple of healing and the valley of the crystalline vortex lake. It is an extensive landscape that accompanies many of our crystalline structures and so in the healing temple there is a pool in the middle of the temple that emanates all the colors of the rainbow. This is a healing pool with the frequencies of all the colors that assist with healing. There is a healing table upon which one may recline to receive healings of the utmost intensity for where needed or desired for the healing of the body, mind and soul. The body, mind and soul are all connected, and where there is a blockage or a dysfunction in one it most certainly will affect the other. This is most certainly very deep healing that we do here. We have appointed highly trained priests of healing who facilitate what is called for.
It may surprise you that there is a channel of sea water surrounding and leading up to the round healing temple. Through these waterways our beloved dolphin pod travels very slowly to assist and enhance the healing frequencies. The crystalline structure of the building is constructed to absorb the energies of that which is healed and to transmute them into a different format or cellular structure, so that they are carried away and they are disseminated amongst the other waters we have here and dissolved, becoming part of the water.
You may come here whenever you wish to ask for and receive healings of your choice and what will follow will be healings as well of other parts of your body, mind and soul that you have not perceived as needing healing. And so, it is a wondrous place to release past lives, past dysfunctional beliefs, past habitual thoughts that do not serve you. You will welcome the uplifting that you receive, you will welcome the clearings even those you did not know were needed. This is a sacred place of very high frequencies and the workers facilitating the healings are of the highest beings.
As you come to visit the crystalline lake and waterfall you may wish to go there before or after your healing. Although it is recommended that you do one or the other for after your session of opening to and receiving healings you will want to rest inside the temple for a while and when you return to your own environment you will want to allow yourselves to continue absorbing the healing frequencies so follow your guidance here with this procedure and we know that as you express your deep gratitude that we are all blessed with that.
We see that you are able to envision all of this and make it a permanent knowing of your inner selves and your higher selves. It is with great joy that we open this doorway for you and to share with you our invitation to visit the healing temple.
Adama : [Sue may want to dip her foot into our healing pool so she is relieved of any residual effect from the bee sting.]
(Sue reports: The next morning after visiting the Healing Temple during the night, the swelling on my foot had gone down completely, Thank you Adama!)
SUE: Allow yourself for a moment to absorb and bathe in this beauty. Allowing the energies of the healing temple to permeate and surround your being. Allow yourself time to dwell and rest in this place of healing. There is no rush, and what needs to be addressed primarily will be tackled first. Each time you come you may offer a certain request including all that you are unaware of that requires some adjustments. The more often you come to this beautiful place and ask for healing at deeper levels, the quicker you will find your life long patterns and shall we say habits or physical ailments are suddenly dissolved and all of a sudden one day you will awaken and notice it is gone. It may take a little time for you to integrate all we offer you, but bit by bit, you will notice amazing differences. You do not need to be aware of the beings that assist you, but you may begin to see and feel them as time goes on. Remember to express your gratitude to your helpers. They will greatly appreciate your love and gratitude.

Lucid sleeping woman
When you lie down at night to go to sleep go to the healing temple and lie upon the crystalline bed and ask for healing on all levels while your body is sleeping. This way the time you spend in your bed will be well utilized. You do not even need to be present in your physical bodies for this to take place. So it is time well spent while the body is at rest. This is our advice to you. When you awaken in the morning, go to the crystalline vortex lake and waterfall and begin your day rejuvenating on all levels.
We now wish to address something completely different. There have been many strange happenings taking place the last few weeks, many shifts and changes for everyone. A lot has been coming up to the surface to be released for the majority of humanity. These are the times we have talked about where people will need your advice, your helping hand through these difficult transitions. As you know through your own experience, when you are in the thick of it you cannot see the wood for the trees. All you need to do is be there for those in need of a friend to hold their hand and love them through their process. Just being present with your love is enough, helping them to stay with their process and offering them any assistance that might be beneficial.
You will see that this is just the beginning, beloved ones, and more and more you will be required to be the peaceful pole in the midst of chaos. The energies present at this time are of a chaotic nature. It is designed to bring up and to the surface all that no longer serves you in the higher frequencies. So just remember to be compassionate and kind towards yourself and others. You are in this releasing mode. You may be the trigger that causes a burst to come forth from another. Do not take it personally and know you are serving one another and helping each other to clear unwanted and unnecessary clutter.
From our perspective everything is running smoothly and according to plan. With this new gift that we have given you, it will assist all those who choose to accept it, to have an easier ride. As your heart beats more in unison with ours, our friendship will deepen and the spectrum of what we can share with you will be a lot broader and more varied.
Beloved ones, there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, but stay in your hearts. This is the key to your awakening into full consciousness. Sometimes no words are needed, just a loving presence. Cultivate the love and emanate your love consciously to all those around you. So set the intent on a daily basis to be the best that you can be. Shine your light and your love in a friendly manner with everyone you meet, strangers included. You will have a great effect on those around you. This is often enough and may be your purpose and why you are here.
You do not always need to be well known or glamorously performing in front of others to make a difference. Just be your loving self and relax and know that this is enough unless you are called to do more. It is often a simple act of kindness that makes the most difference in someone else's life. So remember this and go about your days with intent and conscious friendly communication. Take the time to greet others. You will see, even if it's only a smile it will make a difference and help them have a better day. You have no idea beloved ones how your sweet presence makes a difference in the lives of others. Just believe us that it does. We close now and bless you all with our love until we meet again very soon.
MARY CAROL: Beloved ones, so now you are well acquainted with how to access our healing temple and how to allow yourselves this facility of wondrous healing powers. Just follow our suggestions and instructions and you will experience great benefits to your beings and to your pathways during these times of transformation. Although what appears to many as troublesome changes, are because their perspective is still in the third dimension. Because Mother Earth, yourselves and all that is upon her - sentient or non-sentient beings are all effected beneficially by the rising of higher frequencies.
The shifts and extensive changes are blessings as they are part of the great transformation you are experiencing to arrive at the Golden Age. Some who are lagging behind will begin to get the drift and to absorb the frequencies that lift them higher. They will see in their hearts and feel in their beings that this is all part of the Divine Plan as it unfolds, and that it will all come to settle in a place of love, peace and harmony for all to be a part of with willingness and joy.
More than you, perhaps, we see down the line the resulting turnarounds that are to come, while there is much concern amongst much of the population of the Earth. Little by little their concerns will be dissolved as light and love envelop the Earth and all those who are now dwelling upon her. As you move into a new position within your own galaxy it will bring many colossal changes in the way that your society and civilizations are operating. As we have said before, there are many pockets of divinely realized people and of those who have never forgotten their sacred cultures and beginnings. These pockets, even though hidden or obscured or reclusive at this time, are assisting each one in their own ways, and contributing and enormous amount to the progress of the Divine Plan. Thank you for your assistance in your own ways, beloved ones, and be of good cheer as you each continue to travel your pathways of holding the Light and spreading the Love. Thank you my dears for being your true selves it is greatly recognized. For this time with you we are grateful and now we say aloha until we have the joy of meeting with you again and sharing our communications.
We love you.

18 September 2012

Release Points Are At Hand - Gaia Portal 17 September 2012

Releasing Butterflies - Jeanette Sthamann www.fineartamerica.com

This Gaia Portal update gave me goosebumps. And these alignments / cosmic events seem to be occurring non-stop this year! Stay grounded for the upcoming Equinox...

17 September 2012

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Session with Susan - 100 Years in Future 2112 by Suzanne Spooner

This is a portion (a third) of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy conducted by Suzanne Spooner with her subject, bringing them to a future timeline in 2112. QHHT is a technique pioneered by Dolores Cannon, which induces deep regression in order to reach the Subconscious State.

This interesting session has the subject, Susan Thomas, describing a little about what the conditions in 2112 are like. She is a woman named Mai at that time period. It is a 5D world, and very much like what we have been told it would be like (except for the shoes!). The session also addresses the confusion we are currently experiencing (today, present time) over what actually will occur at the point of the Ascension Gateway on 21 December 2012, as well as the seemingly "dragging" leading up to that point in time.

What I felt was very important is the "advice" to not be fixated on the date and instead to do the work required to prepare ourselves for Ascension.

The Law of Gratitude - Sapphire Stone

From time to time, we need reminders to help us stay on-course or else we may drift too far and then find that we need to work so hard to get back on track. Here is such a reminder, accompanied by a lovely image...

Gratitude is something that can quickly place us in a state of higher energy, allowing us to open up our heart centre. I used to tell my daughter, "If you are always grateful for nothing, the Universe will obey and give you "nothing" to be grateful for."

Please continue reading the full article at the source.

15 September 2012

Alien Transport Person - NYC812

I guess what the title of this 3-minute clip by NYC812 means is "Alien/unknown being teleported/transported someone out of harm's way". Then I also should say that I'm posting this out of good faith and under the assumption that it's not a fake. The rest I leave to your own discernment :)

Richard Gage, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth - The Light Agenda with Stephen Cook

Although there already is a lot of freely available resources out there in CyberLand regarding what REALLY happened on that tragic day of 9-11, this interview deserves special mention because Richard Gage is the Founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, dedicating his life towards bringing his organisation's findings out in the open. It's about 1:10 hours and is a perfect primer for us to recommend to others who are still defending the view that it is a terrorist attack by religious extremists. Well, it is a terrorist attack actually...by hidden terrorists against Global Consciousness.

Richard had his life changed forever six years ago when, as an architect, he was confronted with the realisation that what had been sold as the truth about 9-11 to the world was in fact nothing more than heinous lies to cover an even more dark agenda. The smoking gun was Building 7, which presented evidence that pointed to a controlled demolition rather than structural damage caused by a plane crash. Then there were the telling clues in the aftermath, such as copious amounts of molten iron, the limited amount of actual debris in relation to the amount of building materials, the free-fall demolition scenario (which meant that the building columns had to be taken down to allow for smooth collapse), the impression of a "vaporisation" destruction, and others.

He also states that the destruction had the fingerprints of Nano-Thermites, developed for, and used by the military. There is also a petition that we can sign on his website.

14 September 2012

The Meaning of Life


I came across this while searching for a suitable image for my previous post, so here it is :)

Crop Circle 2012 Decoded Part 1 - Is2012TheDate.com

This video, about 16 minutes, corroborates the messages that Crop Circles have been giving Humanity to prepare us for the Great Shift of the Ages. It starts off with the planetary alignments and CME activity that have unfolded as "foretold" by these Earth Writings.

The message within is primarily directed at the leaders and scientists of the world:
  • Warning against the use of nuclear energy (including the CERN  project) and its disastrous consequences
  • Use of abundant and free electro-magnetic energy as its substitute
  • The special characteristics of Silbury Hill (which itself has played host to several Crop Circles in the past), a phenomenon similar to the Chichen Itza Pyramid "beam"
  • The Silbury Hill/Avebury Crop Circle that appeared on 1 July 2012 (pictured above) and its inherent warning.
What is interesting in this clip is that the creator (www.Is2012TheDate.com) interprets these 2D Crop Circles into 3D with good graphics. Subtitles in English are available if, like me, your understanding of Spanish is virtually non-existent  :)

Laughing Buddha(s) 2 - Satsang With Mooji

This video came to me via Federation of the Light, and I don't know much about the background so I can't give any details about it. What I can say is this -- I actually learnt something here. Like the second person that came up to ask questions, "I think I understand."

Maybe that's why they call it "Laughing Buddhas"?

The Emergence - Children of the Sun

As we move ever closer to the time of the Great Shift, the need for us to be prepared grows more urgent. This beautiful 7-minute video reminds us that Love and Unity Consciousness, not fear and separation, will be the base factor for getting "there".Children of the Sun act as bridges to help others awaken to higher consciousness, and as waves of people continue to awaken, the dawn returns.

The following is from the Youtube page:

"The Emergence" has begun.

The prophecy says, 'Let the dawn come.
Let all the people and all the creatures have peace,
let all things live happily, for love must not only be
between humans, but between all living things.

They said, 'We are the Children of the Sun,'
and we are... Awakening As One.

Eire-Gizeh Connection and Stargate Creation Complete - Gaia Portal 13 September 2012

This update from Gaia Portal confirms that all the opening of portals/activation of sites that were carried out over the 9-9 window have been completed. Looks like we are now "connected and hooked in"...

Our Purpose in Life - Pepper Lewis


Pepper Lewis talks about our purpose in Life in this > 6-minute video. This is a question that plagues many Lightworkers as well as those who are awakening to a reality that is beyond what they just see.

She explains that if we understand that our purpose in Life is more than just the "one thing" that we often believe it should be, then we will be in a better position to answer that question for ourselves. We are multi-dimensional beings with multi-aspects of ourselves, and we have at least seven main "purposes" in Life - none of them have anything to do with a job or career, which are just activities or "doing's". As Pepper said, Gaia has reminded us many times that we are Human Beings, and not Human Doings. When we are "being", we are powerfully bringing forward the seeds of our creation. The "doing" is the going-through-the-motions results of the "being", and as Pepper says, hopefully we are being present in the "doing".

Pepper suggests that we abandon our external search for answers and instead find them all within (where all our answers lie...)

12 September 2012

Uffcott, Wiltshire Crop Circle 3 September 2012 - The Hopeless Hoax


The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw this crop circle a few days ago on Crop Circle Connector was, "Wow!" It looked so neat and well-made, I was tempted for a moment to credit this formation as of ET origin. Obviously, to me, it was a proposal to someone named Laura. I was really impressed with the precise edges and formations.

Today however, I stumbled across this article which actually gave a lot more details about this formation. Written by Janet Ossebaard (I think), it shows how much the final images have been digitally altered, as well as the author's personal experience with the owner of the field. Evidently, there has been a huge attempt to make the formation look good; according to the author, this is to further strengthen any attempts to debunk crop circles as anything more than man-made. The (human) makers of this particular crop circle are known as Circle Makes/Team Satan.

Since crop circles are one of my favourite things, I'm posting this to show that some people will resort to pure deception to disprove the ET element in authentic formations.

Fall of Man and Humanity's Origins - Noel Huntley

This article comes from Noel Huntley, but I will link to the actual website that I read from since I was unable to locate it from his own website. It's there somewhere, but I gave up looking after a while. There is also a Spanish version available; it's at the top of the page.

Although it's not a very long article, it took me some time to finish reading. The information is very interesting and covers a wide range of areas, so naturally it's not too detailed. However, it is a good "Fall of Man 101" version of the various topics that have been covered extensively in other sources such as Rudolf Steiner's Cosmic Memory.

The author starts his account from even before Humanity came into existence -- right from the time of the Founder Races, who brought forth what is known as the Turaneusiam Experiment, the creation of a master race to act as guardians of the Planetary System. As we know, this experiment went awry in more ways than one over the course of over 500 million years ago. There is simply too much to summarise here, but I will point out some highlights which to me are essential in better understanding our origins and how we got from "there" to "here". And yes, please just take what works for you, as always...

  • How Earth (previously Tara in higher dimensions) lost higher consciousness
  • The First Worlds of Creation and the on-going attempts to create the Human race
  • 5 Cloister Races giving rise to the Root Races/Seedings, from Polarean to the present Aryan (and the emerging Muvarian Sixth Root Race)
  • Disastrous consequences of war and the lost souls
  • The need for these lost souls to ascend back to higher dimensions -- the "Rescue Mission" and how it went horribly wrong, creating complex complications
  • Creation of Sphere of Amenti, Halls of Amenti, and Staff of Amenti
  • Seal of Amenti and Seal of Palaidor
  • Why we incarnate without memory of Source or Self
  • Why we need to heal the wounds of Lemuria and Atlantis
  • How dream assimilation came to be necessary
  • The purpose of Ascension of Earth and Humanity. 
**Update: 11 November 2014
There's a fourth part, which you can find here.

11 September 2012

Meditations by Suzanne Lie

There is a long list of various meditations by Suzanne Lie / Suzan Caroll on this page, which includes basic meditations, one-minute meditations, and all the way to chakra balancing and healing meditations.

Great for beginners as well as regulars!

08 September 2012

Preparations for Gaia Planetary Ascension Activation of World-Wide Portals is Complete - Gaia Portal 7 September 2012

We've had portals and Galactic Stargates aligning, then grids for New Earth being laid, followed by the upgrading and balancing of Gaia and Hue-manity's higher energies. The Ascension Platform has been established while old paradigm structures dissolve away, making way for infusion of Light energies.

And now, we move another step forward with the preparation of global Ascension portals being completed, ready for activation.

Gaia Portal's updates have always been independent and free of whatever else is transpiring in the 3D arena. Regardless of who-is-doing-what and what-is-being-done(or not)-to-whom, Gaia proceeds with Her Ascension preparations, without being side-tracked, and the updates always suggest that we as individuals should do the same.

This latest update is no different; the Ascension process moves inexorably forwards.

06 September 2012

Brotherhood of the Star - Portal 2012, 6 September 2012

Cobra has published an esoteric text in its entirety that was written by the Brotherhood of the Star, another Light group involved in the liberation of Earth and Humanity. Based in Shamballa, Hollow Earth, the group is guided by the Sanat Kumara (Planetary Logos) decree.

This text speaks about the positive influence of the Brotherhood of the Star in past civilisations such as the Graeco-Roman (before they disintegrated into the Dark), Druids, Jesus and Magdalene bloodline, Sufi and Gnostic cultures, and many others. In more recent times, their influence was visible through the knowledge of Madame Blavatsky and Nikola Tesla.

Theirs is the last remaining mystery school of Light from the times of Atlantis. All others have been infiltrated by the Dark and perverted for their own negative means. The current state of confusion among many Lightworkers is the result of this infiltration.

Cosmic Alignments Proceed in Harmony with Gaia Illumination - Gaia Portal 2012

Looks like things are in place for this 9-9 window. I know we can expect another surge of energies accompanied by yet another shift, but I wonder what else is in store...

Full message from Gaia Portal here.

05 September 2012

Micro Orgones and Shungite

I had earlier written about my experience with Orgonites, and since then have purchased a fair number of Tower Busters from the same site that I had bought my pyramid Orgonite i.e. S.E.A.Orgonite.I placed these around my home, in my car, and gave some away. Gifting is always strongly encouraged in the Orgone Community :)

Recently, I decided to get more, but this time in the form of Micro Orgones from The Blue Sun. They are really tiny (but not the tiniest, which are Micro Cosmics, also sold online at the same website) - the picture above shows Micro Orgones. These little hexagon beauties are not even 1cm across, while the Micro Cosmics are about half the size! They contain powdered metals and crystals, as well as Shungite, housed in resin mix. Although Shungite by itself needs to be cleansed regularly, this need is negated when paired with Orgone. This means that the Shungite in these Orgones is perpetually cleansed!

So what did I do with my Micro Orgones? Well, apart from giving away lots of them and placing them in little corners, I "orgonised" my glass coasters (which are square-shaped) by sticking one at each corner, and therefore creating an energised field for my drinks. I also stuck a few on my hairband. I guess you could also stick them on hair-clips, and whatever else your creativity can come up with. Or place them in pouches and carry them in your pocket/bag when you go out. Let your imagination take over!

UFO Disclosure Project - Crop Circles Analysis

Long-time crop circle researcher and expert, Colin Andrews, appears in this 10-minute clip that shows some bits of the supernatural nature of these Earth Writings (that's what I like to call them). Also appearing are fellow researcher, the late Pat Delgado, and Prof.Archie Roy (Glasgow University), providing the scientific element of the investigation.

I don't know when this was made, but I recognised the crop circle pictogram as the famous one from 1990 (shown on left). In addition, the circles that they featured were of the more simple and basic formations in that period; crop circles have become increasingly complex and intricate since then (see another pictogram pictured below). Also, that was a relatively young Colin Andrews appearing!

This clip highlighted three important components or characteristics of genuine crop circles, apart from the super-charged energy levels feature that is rather well-known:
  • Audio frequencies emitted that can be detected by sound equipment
  • Stalk nodes that have been bent through possible softening, then hardening of the tissues
  • Crystal structure of the crops.
Milk Hill, 2009 www.cropcircleconnector.com

Life in Fifth Dimension - Jim Self

What's it like in the fifth dimension?

This is something that I've been asked quite a few times and I've tried my best to explain it without sounding like someone who's recently escaped from a mental institution. It's challenging to talk about concepts that are beyond the full comprehension of our current lower density (third, and even fourth), and the tendency to compare "there" (higher dimension) with "here" is only natural.

One common "wall" that may be hard to break through is the notion that Life in the higher dimensions must be boring without "entertainment" or "drama" or "action". The problem is that we are still comparing something that is of a different paradigm with our current way of Life and thinking. The answer lies in the much-used phrase - "paradigm shift". When we are in the fifth (or higher) dimensions, we no longer have the "needs" of a lower dimensional existence.

Jim Self offers a very helpful write-up in comparing the main differences between these three dimensions. We will move from a dualistic approach to Life (3D) to beginning to find some sort of balance (4D) and into integration of full consciousness and unity as we make our transition from 3D to 5D. He also expands a bit about why we are here now on Earth, experiencing this Great Shift.

Please note that I'm linking to a different site from Jim Self's Mastering Alchemy.

04 September 2012

Arcturians Personal / Planetary Ascension - Suzanne Lie

Suzzane Lie's message from the Arcturians expands on the aspects of Ascension that are becoming crucial at this point in time. One such issue has to do with the choices each individual makes at Soul-level regarding Ascension, and how that will play out. Compassion for choices that are different from our own will help us understand what I call the Big Picture, and realise that the little cogs within bigger cogs within larger cogs within even larger cogs etc..all turn beautifully in accordance with Divine Order.

It also explains why it is pertinent for those who have committed to Gaia's own Ascension to fulfill their mission, which may even involve a karmic healing at Soul-level since Humanity is responsible for Gaia's own fall into third density.

02 September 2012

Zorra and Zaraya Update - 1 September 2012

Zorra's latest update (2:14 hours) via Zaraya includes the following highlights (a summary is also given in the website):
  • Zaraya's experience being free from silver cord tether, feeling more 5D, having telepathic communication with his twin sister in Hollow Earth, watching more ships arriving for the Ascension
  • Ascension energies amping-up even more; AAM says now 90% of population "ready"; Ascension is imminent (personal note: perhaps this refers to the percentage of people awakened required to trigger Mass Ascension)
  • We will be in for "one heck of a ride" when we are in the Shift because energies will  be quadrupled
  • Start looking up, many opportunities for us to take photos of starships
  • We must get into Higher Unity Consciousness, which is singular-minded, no more duality
  • We are evolving into 12th Level of 4D, symptoms of detox may occur, also lucid dreams, astral travel, more awareness of Earth's beauty and unity among people -- catapulting us into Oneness
  • Military withdrawing from Middle East and Afghanistan and going home because wars will become things of the past
  • Ascension process is subtle now, but will shift into high gear and Consciousness will change drastically
  • Distance does not matter in energy healing
  • Katrina was directed by Cabal using Atlantean ancient technology (HAARP); this has now been shut down by the Agarthans and Cabal's control diminishing
  • Disclosure must occur first, then Elenin moves away from Sun (to give appearance of 2 Suns), then Gathering before Mother Earth terraforms and Ascends
  • Starships will start appearing at eye-level (but not land) so that more can see them
  • Many coastal areas will be protected by one-inch thick seabed walls, constructed in less than one hour
  • Council of 12 of Hollow Earth meeting to prepare for Ascension such as temporary accommodation (as explained by Sheldan Nidle)
  • Andromedan mothership (giant triangle) here for the Gathering, also Elenin from Sirius
  • We are at the outskirts of Photon Belt at the moment
  • Steven Olesky gave update on his plans for Hollow Earth trips
  • Zorra stresses the difference between The Supreme Creator and the "lesser gods" such as Elohim/Jehovah/Allah
  • Garden of Eden in Hollow Earth; Great Flood of Noah occurred in one section of Earth only (Middle East area), not globally; cloud cover will birth oceans during terraforming
  • Zorra repeats that when Mother Earth terraforms we will be in the safety of Hollow Earth or off-planet
  • Doubt and fear prevent us from accepting our creator and healing abilities
  • Jesus/Sananda included "rituals" to build faith when performing healing; we can do the same
  • Holding vibration-raising teachings out in nature, around a tree if possible
  • Obama likely to be interim President, in contact with GFL
  • Australia (and other countries) part of Lemuria; New Zealand has openings to Hollow Earth
  • Caller testified about curing her own breast cancer
  • Those who are continuing unawakened state on Earth's sister planet will also be going through their own eventual Ascension
  • Zorra sends healing with support of GFL, Council of 12 from Hollow Earth and Telos.

01 September 2012

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