31 October 2012

Plant a Seed - Skull Babylon

I saw this at Galactic Free Press but this link takes you to the Youtube page.

6 people, 3 signs. So simple, so inspiring.

Sheldan Nidle Update - 30 October 2012

Presence of Gaia by Josephine Wall
Soon. Shortly. Imminent. (In)Famous words in the Lightworker communty :)

Anyway, I send only my highest intentions for the upcoming (that's another of those words!) new fiscal system as outlined in Sheldan's update. He also tells us about how the influences of the Dark have been drastically reduced and impacted throughout the last two decades by a series of events which include Anchara's return to Light and the Galactic Federation's concerted efforts. We are now at the watershed moment.

Meanwhile, our beloved Planet must proceed with her own schedule, which of course involves surface changes. This she has so far carried out "well below the optimal level of intensity required". On a personal note, I actually sense the urgency in this -- surface changes need to occur that involve massive "restructuring", and what's happened so far have been "contained" to minimise destruction; she's barely just scratching the surface.

"This time is to be the moment when the great sword of Heaven rises up and sets to right all that has become disordered and wayward on this most long-suffering Being called Gaia and in this battle-scarred solar system!"

30 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We can, each one of us, do something in our own capacity to help with the overall outcome. Here are two meditations to provide our energies to Hurricane Sandy to ease the situation as much as possible. Leave aside all the drama and conspiracies for now...what matters is how we respond/react to the situation as individuals or collectively.

This one is from Suzanne Lie - Gaia Needs Us.

The second one I will copy here in its entirety since it was sent to me via email. I'm sure Anne Dehart of Hollow Earth Network will not mind one single bit.

The key to both is Unconditional Love.


An Internet Group Meditation

Dear Visionaries,
We are powerful beings and even more powerful when we work together. The storm(s) brewing in the eastern part of the US are being talked up as the worst in 100 years.


What if we put our collective attention on dissipating them with LOVE?  What if we turn our attention to encouraging what remains of Hurricane Sandy to "move out into the Atlantic -- away from land?" 

Don't laugh or think it's impossible. Two years ago, I participated in shifting another much talked about "deadly" hurricane to dissipate from a category 4 storm to a category 1 before it hit land.

Here's how WE do it.

First of all -- quit looking at the forecasts and listening to what the "experts" say.

Sit quietly for a few moments and find peace within your heart.

Then imagine Hurricane Sandy moving up the Atlantic Coast. Envision cool air in front of her. Imagine RAIN falling right in her path -- not the rain She is carrying but cold rain falling in a sheet right in front of her. Cool the air in front of her. This will slow down her speed. See the hurricane slowing down.

Then -- direct her out into the Atlantic -- away from the land. Speak to the Cloud Beings. Do not plead -- no begging. Speak respectfully, kindly. Let them know that you honor their great force and ask them to take that force and dissipate it offshore in the open ocean, where the energy of negativity can be released without harming humans, animals, plants and structures.

KNOW that YOU are an incredibly powerful Being of Love.  

Hold the energy of Love around this storm and send your Love into the heart of the storm and to the East coast of the US.  
Visualize Light and Love reaching deep into the center of the spinning storm. Feel the Love beaming from your heart.  Love heals and balances all.

Miracles happen when Love flows in abundance.
Hold this vision in your heart for the next 48 hours.

Your focus WILL make a difference!

Express your gratitude to Great Nature for harmonizing with Humanity and all other kingdoms.

Ask for the outcome to be in alignment with the Divine Plan for Earth.

So Be It.  Indeed!

29 October 2012

Relaxation Period Follows Energetic Upgrades - Gaia Portal 28 October 2012

I don't post every Gaia Portal update that's released, although it may seem that way :)  It's just that almost all of them has a sense of purpose and direction, like this one. Is this the calm before the storm? Hmm...

Gaia Portal also shares the wisdom behind Spiritual Physics...while we should accept and align with the mysteries that surround the workings of Life, we don't need to understand them (because that would be impossible with our 3D minds).

And I just wish to explain again that it's my preference (whether misguided or otherwise) to provide the link back to the source, rather than copy the entire message in my own post (no matter how short it is). Every site has their own energy signature for readers to enjoy :)

28 October 2012

Ancient Awakenings Group Channeling - Sananda and November 4th Announcement

Another "Date Announcement"...who hasn't had enough of all these come-and-gone-and-nothing-happened dates, yes? With less than 2 months to go, we should be focused on getting ourselves as prepared as we can to make the Shift into Higher Consciousness, a MAJOR pre-requisite being the release of all that no longer is part of our new reality. That includes all the hype and drama (and utter disappointment) that surrounds every date announcement that has come along in the past years. But I do note with interest that 4 November is the Sunday prior to the US Presidential Election.

This message via Ancient Awakenings contains some beneficial information that could help us along the way, notwithstanding the "date" bit. Here are some points raised:
  • We are asked to remain, and be, Love as often as possible; this will greatly facilitate our path and allow us to readily access the Higher Dimensional realities
  • Three Days of Darkness, which is no longer a part of the "Plan"
  • Allow others their own experiences of fear
  • Our own Ascension allows the rest of the Universe to Ascend further as well
  • Our impending reunion with our Star Families
  • Ascension through death no longer necessary
  • Ascension is not universal, everyone has their own pace or path
  • Trust in our Higher Self - we've done this Ascension thing before so it should be "easy".

Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies - 26 October 2012

"Time draws closer to the inevitable."

That really says it all at this point in time. Wanderer of the Skies brings us some information about what is transpiring, and it just stresses how much unseen activity is occurring right now, and more importantly (to me, at least) the level of Cosmic involvement in this Ascension. That alone should underscore how pivotal this pre-Ascension phase is.

Another point of interest in this update is pertaining to the plasma layer around the Planet that is keeping the Higher Energies in and allowing the Dark to leave, never to return. This is meant to pave the way for other events to occur, leading up to the year-end. This message also reveals some of the backstage heavy-lifting that has been going on, without which our super-marathon crawl towards the Ascension Gateway would have been more challenging.

Humanity's New Operating System

Over the last weekend of October 20 - 21, I felt as if my symptoms had intensified ten-fold. I was practically non-existent as fever, a severe headache and extreme nausea took over. At one point I groggily wondered if my brains were being fried but thankfully was too ill to actually worry.

The past few weeks have been rather interesting. It started with a vivid dream which left me without a doubt that a new Operating System was coming online for Humanity. Not just an upgrade, but an entirely new OS. In the dream, a large group of people were breathing through what looked like oxygen masks connected to a grid. Then a new grid with new masks came into the picture, and some of the people reached out for these new masks and continued "living". Those who didn't started struggling as their old grid rapidly dissolved. They were being encouraged to grab the new masks so they could continue "living" -- some did while some did not. Those who didn't were left struggling as they tried to find a way to survive.

Not a very pleasant dream, I must say. But the message was loud and clear -- the new OS is here and we need to plug into it because the old reality is fading away...rapidly.

Then shortly after, for some inexplicable reason, I asked the Divine Forces to use me as a conduit to freely bring in the New Energies to anchor. I already do this to some degree when I meditate, bringing in Light, spreading it out and anchoring it. I don't even know why I made that offer that day, but I did. And oh-my-goddess did those Energies come flooding in like a mini-tsunami. Ergo my being knocked-out for two days. I must remember not to do that again...

After I regained functionality, I had another vivid dream that was almost lucid. I was "taken" somewhere over the ocean in order to test a device that would place one in stasis while certain transformative procedures are carried out during our shift into Higher Consciousness. It seemed that the device needed some tweaking before it could be properly used. When I recalled this dream the next morning, I felt pretty sure that the "final touches" were being carried out before we are all carried off in the giant wave of Ascension that is practically just around the corner, given the accelerated pace we are whooshing through the Time Corridor.

We've got the 11:11 window in less than two weeks, followed shortly by the Total Solar Eclipse on 13-14 Novemeber, then the 12:12 window before the Ascension Gateway is upon us on the 21st. Our passage through the next few weeks will require us to be fully plugged into this new OS, which is providing a new framework to support our transitional phase.

New grids for Gaia, and a new OS for Humanity. There's certainly no stopping us now!

25 October 2012

Galactic Sources Empower Newly Fired Grid - Gaia Portal 25 October 2012

StarBlue - Dreamstime.com

I think this means we are finally disconnected from the lower vibrational false-grids that were imposed upon Earth for eons, and are now hooked up to Higher Consciousness grids...!!

Latest update from Gaia Portal...

24 October 2012

Three Days of Darkness

Okay...Three Days of Darkness or 3DD in its convenient form. This one is tough, I will admit. Because I truly don't know what to think of it, or even have a feel of it. I "get" the Photon Belt, and I even "get" Nibiru, and have no fear at all around those (because they are Divinely orchestrated events essential to the Great Shift)...but this 3DD?...

Actually, I've written a bit about this earlier, in a post where Magenta Pixie gave her opinion about this phenomenon. Her interpretation of it was that it was meant to be more metaphoric than literal, and probably referred to the zero-point where we do the "flip" into Light and Higher Consciousness. In the same post, I had also voiced my opinion that I would have preferred that this not occur, and that the energies could have changed so much that the 3DD was no longer warranted or necessary.

Needless to say, there's so much that's already been written about this, ranging from strong assurances that such a thing will not occur, to outright insistence that it will. While I won't be featuring any additional articles or information here, I will put out some statements that sort of gathers up the why's behind this event. This is a sort of talking-aloud on my part, so please do bear that in mind. Turn your inner compass on :)

So, what could lead to our planet being engulfed in darkness? Based on the information that I'm aware of, there could be a variety of reasons:
  • Earth stands still (for whatever reason, most likely Divine); it stops rotating (as it's happened before) during a transitional shift from one dimension into another; but that would mean half the world still gets daylight, unless thick cloud cover blankets the entire globe
  • Pole shift, followed by a change in rotational direction
  • Nibiru blocks the Sun
  • A giant mothership blocks the Sun
  • As a Divine Sign for Humanity to make the shift
  • A phase of stasis where we make the transition into Higher Consciousness.

A beautiful Soul-friend has also offered an opinion that perhaps Humanity needs supernatural evidence that "something" is happening, and this 3DD could be a possibility. What I like about this is that she uses the term "supernatural evidence", and I feel that this is the most important factor that we need to remember. If, indeed, this 3DD needs to occur, it will be a supernatural event where "things" need to take place as well. I don't really know what these "things" are, but I do understand that this is mystical in nature, given the higher dimensions at play. And I'll repeat what I've written in my Amethyst Road newsletter for July 2012:

Arthur C Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic.” My corollary to that is, “Any sufficiently higher dimensional existence is indistinguishable from Mysticism.” The higher the dimension, the more mystical it appears to our currently limited consciousness. This is one of the reasons why comparatively little of this Great Shift is being properly and adequately understood. Even then, a lot of it defies logic. And when we bring in stuff like Divine Plan, Divine Will and Divine Intervention then oh-my-goodness the ego will revolt. This is even more reason why we need to do our inner work, raise our consciousness and integrate our own Divinity.

At the end of it all, whatever needs to happen will happen. We just need to remember that this 3DD, if it does happen, is part of the Divine Plan, just like the Photon Belt, just like Nibiru's orbit. Look at it this way -- we are going through this Great Shift at maximum warp-speed, in one life-time as opposed to many, many, many tedious and tiresome reincarnations. We are leaving the Wheel of Karma behind, we are finally liberating ourselves from limited consciousness, we are breaking free from our own prisons. And we are not doing this gargantuan task alone -- we are getting all the help we need from the Heavens and all of Cosmos.

Finally, a little reminder that it could also be a metaphor, as per Magenta Pixie. And who knows, it could also be such powerful energies of Higher Consciousness that we are temporarily "blinded" by the immense Light?

We're in good hands :)

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Sheldan Nidle Update 23 October 2012


This update via Sheldan Nidle speaks of the main reason behind the countless delays for the implementation of our pre-Ascension programmes, namely the resistance of the Dark to surrender dominion over Humanity and our Planet Earth. This despite the cross-over of the Anchara Alliance into the Light 17 years ago.

Throughout this time, the space around our Planet has been turned into a "parking lot" for the space-ships that have arrived to carry out the numerous tasks to prepare Earth and Humanity for this Great Shift, as well as to protect us and prevent cataclysmic consequences from the actions of the Dark.

The second part of this message explains that this Great Shift into Higher Consciousness is indeed unprecedented in Cosmic History, as it is one that dispenses with many "Steps to Ascension". We will be adequately and appropriately guided and assisted along in this process.

22 October 2012

Hollow Earth Network Ascension Tour 2012 - Zorra, Sananda and St Germain, Rainier WA Event 6 October 2012

Hollow Earth Network's Ascension Tour has already given a number of channelings. Nancy Tate has made these recordings available on her website, which you can look through and listen at your own time.

I have only had time to listen to this one, because I felt drawn to it first.

This segment (Part 2, Rainer 6 October) includes information about Amelia Earhart, the astronauts on Challenger, JF Kennedy, George W Bush, Greg Giles (and what we can learn from this), Ramtha and Sananda (including the lifetime known as Yeshua) and Princess Diana.

Also information about Mermaids, Felines.

St Germain then explains more about the financial situation, Abundance Program and its role in this interim period before we Ascend; Harmonic Convergence of all Life on Earth and manifestation from the Heart-Mind.

21 October 2012

Zorra and Zaraya - Hollow Earth Network 20 October 2012

This conference call by Zorra via Zaraya also includes Sananda, St Germain and Adama via Nancy Tate. This is a summary of the call but I feel that the highlight is the announcement that the Dark influences have been removed, and that the pre-Ascension events will come online shortly.
  • Peter Olsen shares his experiences with sky-watching and activating the Heart-Mind, where we connect with the Heart/Love through the emotional body and integrate the Spiritual; then the Heart-Mind can take over the limited Mind-Ego
  • Larry relates his own encounter with an uncloaked craft (Pleiadian mother-ship) of massive size (about a mile square), which was corroborated by other witnesses; his experience turned his life around
  • Zaraya reveals that Hatonn informed them that the Cabal presence has been removed from the planet; they have been re-located elsewhere to continue their Life experiences; Obama and Michelle are aware of their duty for Disclosure, pre-Ascension events that have been planned are imminent
  • Adama also informed that 28 Beings from Telos will be making contact with representatives globally, these events will be documented, and that he himself will also be appearing in person
  • Sananda gave a short description of the birth of Jesus; more details in the channeling that will be posted on Nancy's website in a few days
  • How headbands help in raising our consciousness and healing
  • Sananda: Our powers of creation/manifestation will be instant after Ascension; "Keep your thoughts genuine and happy...harmonious"; right now the buffer time between thought and creation is getting shorter and shorter
38-minute mark
  • Zorra: Permission has not been given by JZ for the use of the Raising Vibrations video, meeting with JZ did not materilise because she was too busy
  • "We destroy Mother Nature, we destroy ourselves"
  • Awakening/Ascension symptoms have to do with detoxification of our minds, emotions and bodies; they need to be released with gratitude and blessings
  • Not necessary for messages to be translated because they can be "understood" in the respective native language
  • St Germaine: "Prosperity is in the works!" So are Disclosure, financial reconstruction, assimilation of energies of change within and without, Ascension itself, and all their derivatives, therefore we ourselves must be in the appropriate energy-field/heart-mind to allow them to unfold without further delay
  • Zorra: Manifest what we wish (in regard to being relocated off-planet or to Hollow Earth), stop thinking negatively (because some do not believe this will occur); Elenin (now in front of Helios) is here for this purpose
  • Nancy: Have compassion for our loved ones who are still operating from 3D but continue to live in our Heart-Mind and follow our passion and instinct
  • Zorra: There are no guns (or any need for them) in 5D! "Who are you going to shoot?"
  • Our bodies are beautiful, nothing to be shameful about
  • Earth 2 (on other side of Sun) has its own Moon
  • Mass media will be free to broadcast revelations that are coming out, military now under jurisdiction of Galactic Federation of Planets, plan already in place to transition military to peace-based operations
1:15-hour mark
  • GMO products will be non-issue
  • Implementation of Sharia Laws will  not take place, all processes will come from a place of Love and all these will happen very soon, this includes those in jail
  • No such thing as Anti-Christ
  • Obama and loved ones under protection of GF, he will be able to bring forth Disclosure
  • The Natives and Aborigines are fore-runners of Ascension Movement; they are now coming out of seclusion in 5D reality and helping to awaken the people
  • Sasquatch also revealing their true Selves as 5D Beings which is different from what they have portrayed until now
  • Animals and pets also transitioning their physical bodies into 5D
  • We will come to a point where we understand that money is unnecessary in Higher Consciousness
1:32-hour mark
  • ISCE (International Society for a Complete Earth) sojourn into Hollow Earth will be allowed but all participants must be in harmony and have peaceful intentions (no weapons of any sort allowed)
  • Children in foster care and victims of human trafficking will have the same access to Ascension; the decision lies with the Oversoul and is regardless of whether we are in captivity
  • We will be on the ships or Hollow Earth for as long as it takes until New Earth is ready; time is of no consequence at that dimension and there's much to do. Also we will see that the re-patterning of Mother Earth is not a thing of destruction, but a beautiful creation
  • For those who are talking about 2013 and later, they will be experiencing those timelines on Earth 2.
1:48-hour mark
Healing Pulse delivered by Zorra.

18 October 2012

Nibiru - The Bigger Picture

Nibiru, Planet X, The Tenth Planet, The Winged Disk...it's known by different names, dismissed by most as a figment of someone's over-active imagination, and for those who believe in its existence – it definitely evokes strong feelings. This is a highly controversial topic and the best way for me to deal with it is to just say upfront (as always), take what resonates and leave the rest, or simply move on if it doesn't feel “right” for you.

Depicted as a winged disk in ancient records, Nibiru comes into the proximity of Earth every 3600 years. Yes, 2012 is when it shows up again in our skies. Known to be a destructive force, we will understand its role better as a harbinger of total transformation if we look objectively at it from a wider scope. The fact that the Human Race is still around given that Nibiru must have crossed our path quite a number of times before means that it doesn't bring total and permanent annihilation.

While Nibiru is generally associated with the Annunaki, I will leave that component out in this post and just focus instead on what's ahead, and not what has happened. In order to do this, I find that this discourse from Cosmic Awareness is the most appropriate in giving us sufficient information for us to better understand the Big Picture, where Nibiru plays but one role in a major production called Ascension that has been Divinely scripted and orchestrated for many, many years. Many forces are involved and these are all now being woven together in the final months leading up to D-Day.

This audio recording from Cosmic Awareness is about an hour long (there is also the text version available). I know many are hard-pressed for time to take in the deluge of information (sometimes dis- or mis-information) especially when time is ironically diminishing with each passing day, but I hope you will try to listen to this in its entirety (or read through it all) because it will help us view this whole thing from a different (higher) perspective. Does that mean that the information being given is the absolute truth? I truly am not in a position to answer that; all I can say is that it feels right to me at this point in time, given my present state of awareness (whatever that is, whether sufficiently aware of insufficiently so). You must decide for yourself if it's to be your truth. As you will hear in the message, we will all choose our own individual manner in which to experience the next few months.

I also feel very compelled and “duty-bound” to reiterate that the approach of Nibiru should be viewed in a manner that more accurately reflects the Divine Purpose behind the events that are linked with it.

Here are some key points – I personally am very glad that the subject of the GFL is also covered; it's time for all the derisive judgements and divided opinions pertaining to this to come to a permanent end.
  • Nibiru's approach is near enough to already affect Earth's magnetosphere
  • Physical and emotional effects such as aches, anxiety, tiredness, feeling tense/apprehensive – noticeable since mid-September
  • “Chill out”, sleep more to mitigate stressful effects
  • Increase in seismic activities on planet
  • Chaos and upheavals, unrest
  • Bringing things to crisis point for total shift in consciousness to occur
  • What do we choose? Spiritual consciousness or fear/ignorance
  • Many souls have chosen to experience continued limited consciousness/separation, or being abandoned by Higher Consciousness
  • Nibiru is part of Divine Plan...a catalyst for total shift
  • Seen from Divine perspective, Dark Forces also played their role by controlling Earth and keeping Humanity in limited consciousness for 13,000 years
  • Now, experiment if ending, and new one beginning
  • Nibiru therefore signals end of Dark phase and “push” for Humanity to choose
  • Planet A – live in spiritual awareness and Unity Consciousness
  • Planet B – Duality continues, separation from Spirit
  • There is no judgement, no matter what we choose
  • We can help ourselves through this difficult phase by controlling negativity and avoiding fear; also not getting lost in the darkness
  • Stay in the Light and recognise this event for its potential positive outcomes
  • Operate from a place of higher vibrations in order to change our own experiences
  • “Do not be afraid of Nibiru...part of Divine Plan...” to end negative experience of 13,000 years
  • It's not just a planet of destruction but also a promise for Divine future
  • Nibiru using Sun to disguise its approach so we my not see with naked eye
  • “Timeline of utter destruction” no longer need to occur because GFL vessels creating space “corridor” to deflect path of Nibiru so that it does not get too close to Earth
  • 21 December is when effects of Nibiru's energies start to wane and other Higher Energies take over
  • Rule of Dark will be over thereafter!
  • GFL have prevented many major catastrophes and greatly limited scope of Dark, acting as agents of Divine Order who work unseen
  • Also holding together Earth's mantle/plates to minimise calamity, also “dealing” with Dark ETs
  • Refutes negative remarks and views of some regarding GFL
  • **Grateful thanks to the GFL
  • Nibiru may well wipe off memories of those who choose to remain in physicality, and this is a blessing not a curse.
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16 October 2012

Consummate Your Relationship With Gaia - Gaia Portal 15 October 2012


Simple, direct and powerful advice from Gaia Portal...unplug from all external distractions and plug into these new energies. Time to just fall into Lady Gaia's embrace.

15 October 2012

The Photon Belt

The days are beginning to blur as time accelerates even more and our beautiful planet progresses inexorably towards the Ascension Gateway. At this point in time, I find myself thinking about three “events” that have been written about for decades (that I know of), and some of these events have even been mentioned in ancient and sacred texts eons ago. These events are:
**Please note that these are listed in no particular order, chronological or otherwise.

Since we have (the entire Solar System, actually) already started our entry into this band of Light, this post will be about the Photon Belt, and I will post about the other two later.

I am aware that, as usual, there are stories that have created an atmosphere of fear or disaster around this. However, I personally believe that it can be nothing but good, because the Photon Belt is nothing but Light. It is the flip-over from Dark to Light, on a 26,000-year cycle; the Zero-Point Field into Unity Consciousness. I look at it as a phase where we will be bombarded with intense Light that will shift our reality into a higher dimensional existence. It is like going through a cleansing shower of Light, removing all etheric constructs and traces of lower dimensional existence.

This 7-minute video describes the effect the Photon Belt will have on us; Guruji Krishnananda makes an interesting point that world leaders are being "injected" with a little light at a time. Also that "...people can change suddenly..." Very good news in this video!

Watch this 2-minute animation of our Solar System entering the Photon Belt; She will be immersed in it completely in 2013.

This article is also very informative -- Ashtar via Adriana answers questions about this Divine Event and addresses the concerns of the audience about the effects (all good!).

If we remember that Ascension is a spiritual event, Divinely decreed and directed, we can expect this to be a literally Life-transforming process, and look forward to the Zero-Point! I can't tell you when or what exactly will occur, but I can repeat that it's all good!

Gaia Portal Updates 14 October 2012

The energies must be swirling at a dizzying rate, here is another set of dual updates from Gaia Portal. En-lighten-ment of portals and shadows as well as the Human Race continue to accelerate. I believe there is also some advice for us to keep up with our own inner work and preparations on a spiritual level.

14 October 2012

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening and Kundalini Rising

Ah yes...the ever-present symptoms that have been plaguing us for over a decade...don't they ever go away? Sigh...

I normally don't like dwelling on or writing about these symptoms because they could be due to serious medical problems that require immediate attention (and therefore not to be confused with awakening/ascension symptoms), and also because I personally feel that I should just get on with Life and living, and try to manage these symptoms in the best way possible. However, I came across these two articles recently, and since I spent the past couple of days (after the 10:10 window) walking around like a zombie with a head that's been compressed in a pressure chamber, I thought I'd just go ahead and moan a bit.

The first one covers 50 (!) symptoms and is called Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening from Ashtar Command. Pretty comprehensive.

Next is Denise Lefay's "Kundalini Rising and the Rewiring Process". She also covers the probable symptoms that arise when our two brain hemispheres become unified.

A suggestion? Read these articles for our better understanding of what we are going through, but remember to not dwell on them. Makes living easier :) And also, we don't need to do this on our own...remember our Higher/Divine Self!

Symptoms of Awakening (an earlier post)
Warts of Ascension 1 (Soul Agenda)
Warts of Ascension 2 (Soul Agenda)

How To Get Through "The Doorway" 21 December 2012 - Indian In The Machine

Actually, the title is "Top News Story of All Times is December 21 2012 (And How to Get Through the Doorway)" so I hope the author doesn't mind me truncating it.

As we make our weary way through this final phase of 3D existence, this article by Indian In The Machine is a sort of nice summary of what we've been experiencing, and what's potentially in store for us just around the corner. It's also a great reminder of why we are here, and why all eyes in the Cosmos are upon us as a Human Race. It's never been done before, and we were not expected to even "make it" yet here we are, at the precipice of something that will be celebrated throughout the Cosmos for eternity. We just need to remember to "show up" everyday until this is all over  :)

The usual reminders (because they are truly important!) about being in the present and staying heart-centred apply, and although some of the information in the article may seem harsh, please remember that it is what it is, and that this is a spiritual event with a Grand Purpose.

13 October 2012

(Love Is) Louder - Dominic Balli

A feel-good song with feel-good lyrics is always appreciated, "...all around the world you can feel it moving, shaking foundations waking up nations" ...Dominic Balli sings "Louder", with lyrics below:

 They say sticks and stones can break your bones
But words they never hurt
Can turn a spark into a flame and then the fire burns
But I've heard words that shatter souls
They knock you down down
They break you down down
Them words but loudest can be heard

Chorus: (x2)
All around the world you can feel it moving
Shaking foundations waking up nations
Listen to the sound you can hear it calling
Don't matter 'bout them sticks and stones, oh!

Love is louder
Love is louder
You know a bitter tongue is a bullet slung
It'll shoot some people down
And a gentle word though it’s seldom heard
Can wipe away a frown
They can lift your soul to the highest heights
Find More lyrics at www.sweetslyrics.com
Or knock you down down
They break you down down
Them words but loudest can be heard

Chorus: (x2)
All around the world you can feel it moving
Shaking foundations waking up nations
Listen to the sound you can hear it calling
Don't matter 'bout them sticks and stones, oh!

La la la love
La la la love
La la la love is louder
La la la love
La la la love
La la la love is loud

Chorus: (x2)
All around the world you can feel it moving
Shaking foundations waking up nations
Listen to the sound you can hear it calling
Don't matter 'bout them sticks and stones, oh!
Thanks to www.sweetlyrics.com

12 October 2012

Masculine Body Reconstruction - Shifting Timelines by Lisa Renee October 2012

Lisa Renee's updates usually contain a lot of very practical information, although you would need to put aside sufficient time to fully appreciate the contents. This one is no different, lots of really good updates about all the seemingly chaotic developments we are going through. We will need to remember that the "chaos" are actually states of re-arranging reality prior to manifestation.

In this update, Lisa explains that the recent downloads of massive energetic frequencies (and Divine Goddess Energy) that are now infusing our planet are bringing about the changes that are necessary for our approaching Great Shift. They are largely affecting our Global Brain, and these processes are expected to intensify in the remaining months of 2012, practically re-wiring our neural electro-magnetics and totally re-setting our reality. She asks:

"When the Global Brain changes our thoughts radically; we have a choice, do we adapt, or do we fall apart?"

This period of mental deconstruction is "brutal" for the male bodies (ego, logic, intellect). I see this as an unplugging of air supply for these lower-dimensional constructs, and in order to continue existing, we would need to re-plug into a new source of higher-dimensional frequencies by releasing the ego/logic/intellect. Lisa explains this in more detail really well, including using Alzheimer's and an analogy of the defragmentation function for computers.

Spiritual progression is the key.

Lisa also reports that the Masculine Body Reconstruction template is now ready at the planetary level for ongoing re-patterning. Moving past the Atlantean memories of destruction and psychotronic programming will also greatly help in ensuring that we do not succumb to repeated replays that prevent us from realising Ascension. "When we are informed and awake, we can progress with living and returning personal sovereignty to our selves, and live as that example for others."

There is also a set of instructions to remove any Mind Control programming infections.

11 October 2012

October 2012 Surf Report (Excerpt) - Solara

This month's update by Solara brings news wrapping-up, setting things straight, and moving ahead. We will be seeing the "...Final Days of a collapsing reality system" around us, and in our personal lives, too. Time to replace our old stories with new ones.

Note: Solara's monthly update (free version) will only stay on the page for that particular month.

Institution of Gaia Tranform Protocols Begin - Gaia Portal 10 October 2012

Okay, I need to post the entire message here because if it means what I think it means, then to me, this is probably one of the most significant updates from Gaia Portal because it pertains to a massive awakening of Humanity on a global level, followed by "final removal of dark political entities". This potent 10:10 window is definitely doing the job!

"Protocols for the final advancement stages of humanity are now beginning, in fullness. These involve completion of unveiling and de-hypnosis steps of the mass humanity, removal of all archonic programmings, and synchronizing of these steps with the final removal of dark political entities. All of these protocols occur within the 3D-4D energetic realms.
Visions of Gaia Higher Hue-manity are most helpful at this time to align removal protocols, discussed above, with replacement protocols.
Light Entities from Higher Realms are in full harmonic alignment with these transform protocols."

10 October 2012

Crop Circles - The Greater Picture

Silbury Hill, UK July 2009
Update: Crop circle "season" ends around August, so I've removed my remark about the absence of formations in September. I only remembered this after I posted! 
Update 2 (15 October 2012) Guess what?...New Crop Circle appeared in Windmill Hill 14 October 2012!

Here's another "101-type" article from The Greater Picture, this time about Crop Circles. This article  contains many images of stunningly beautiful formations in the slide-show. Enjoy their sheer beauty!

Steven Greer with New Paradigm Films

Steven Greer of CSEThas dedicated two decades of his life towards Disclosure, and works tirelessly to bring this out to the masses despite all the obstacles and challenges that have stood in his path. I realised I didn't have anything from him on this blog, so here's something that I feel encapsulates him as a person and represents what he believes in.

This is just 48-minutes long (his lectures can go into quite a few hours, but they contain amazing photos/videos of his sightings) and is presented as a sort of interview covering the following:
  • How did you get people to come forward with their stories publicly
  • How did you reach government officials?
  • Why the secrecy?
  • Psychological warfare value of UFO objects
  • Why don't the ETs make themselves more visible/obvious?
  • Information and disinformation
  • Status of Disclosure Project
  • Spiritual implications
  • We are One People in the Cosmos!
There are also some interview archives from Disclosure witnesses on the CSETI Youtube page; then there are updates about Sirius (plus a donation fee to get access to the movie online) which explains what the movie is about.

Ascension - The Greater Picture

Happy 10:10!

Hope you are giving yourself an opportunity to stop for a bit today to soak up these thick golden sparkly energies pouring in today. Of course, there could also be "stuff" being ejected to the surface for transformation and release, so umm...hope we are all coping with that, too :)

I felt moved to post this today -- it's a sort of re-cap and summary of why we are here on earth going through what we are going through (suffering  raising our vibrations). Think of it as Ascension 101. And it's from a website called The Greater Picture...since I've always liked to refer to all of this as The Bigger Picture, I thought it was sort of synchronous. Sort of...

I love their term for stargates - "service hatches". That certainly conjures up an entirely different picture to what I previously had in mind!

On a serious note, this article also explains that many of the Illuminati souls were supposed to turn to the Light after playing the role of the very Dark, but have resisted. This is the prime reason why all the planned outcomes have not materialise, not even now when we have less than 3 months to go. There's also a bit about Project Looking Glass (and merging timelines) and the Montauk Chair.

08 October 2012

Refinements of 5-7D Gaia Grids Continue at Higher Rate - Gaia Portal 7 October 2012

This is the second update from Gaia Portal for 7 October...things must be picking up speed because there have been quite a few dual updates recently!

Those God-Codes are streaming in unabated. This may result in being Light-headedness (pun intended by Gaia Portal) as we head towards 10-10, then 11-11.

Dome of Containment - Gaia Portal 7 October 2012

Dark influences are being contained around our Earth as Lady Gaia (and Humanity) continues this Ascension process, as revealed via this update by Gaia Portal.

07 October 2012

Zorra via Zaraya Update - Hollow Earth Network 6 October 2012

Here are some points discussed in Zorra's latest update (2:14 hours); Anne Dehart has also summarised the call on the website:

  • RVs and why it didn't take place, and how we as creators can make it happen (Zorra also gives an example of how to create)
  • Information being suppressed by media; the positive functions of the Internet
  • Disclosure information by Sananda via Nancy Tate..."We are Disclosure, and the time is Now!" (As Zorra has said since last year)
  • Hollow Earth natives are the only ones truly from Earth, the rest of the Human race have been seeded
  • 21 December 2012 Ascension must happen, and will happen
  • Religions are a form of control and source of fear, we have no need for them
  • Hell, Satan etc. are thought-forms that we have created ("As you think, you can create")
  • There are no Democrats or Republicans, there is only one Human Race
  • Disclosure to take place before US elections if Romney is to be elected, after if Obama is elected
  • Sananda reiterated that Obama, together with Michelle, will announce their own Disclosure publicly and officially in due time (around 54-minute mark)
  • How to help new-borns and children with the Ascension process, avoid vaccinations (which limits their full potential), also healing technique can be used on sick children, and to teach them this as well
  • Zorra reminds us that we are healers, and that Elementals do exist
  • Do what gives us joy and passion, follow our inspiration to set the energies for what is to come in 5D
  • Physical changes in those who are spiritually awake compared to those who are not; ascension energies affect all, including those who are not awake ("The change in you will change them")
  • We are visualise via our heart-mind, so head traumas will not prevent visualisation; feelings of joy and love will allow us connection to I-Feel level rather than I-See; also gravitate to the methods that resonate with us best
  • Many people may not even be conscious of their own potential awakening
  • GFL exists in 5D although they surround Lady Gaia with love, Greg Giles' prior agreement to allow "interference" in his messages for the lesson of discernment, he is now with Sananda but will return before year-end
  • Peter suggests that we shouldn't try to understand the Crystal Skulls because Ascension is all about love
  • Sananda 144,000 = original number of existence of Creation
  • Sister planet for those who choose not to ascend will be in 4D, a bit more enlightened than 3D, will still have the opportunity to ascend when it's time
  • Healing Pulse by Zorra and  Sananda.

05 October 2012

Gaia Portal Updates - 5 October 2012

There are two for today, just like there were two on 2 October which I didn't post. I try not to post every update unless I feel I simply must, but you know where to find them all :)

The first is titled Gaia Light Quotient Raised while the second is Externals Adjust to Higher Light Input. Looks like we can expect yet another round of those Shifts in just a few days time for the 10-10 window.

We are on stand-by...

A Celestial Mystery Solved: The Secret to an Unknown Human Power - ObiWan Kabuki

**Update 16 July 2014. Link updated; I believe ObiWan Kabuki has been discontinued.

I'm linking this article to ObiWan Kabuki's (aka American Kabuki) new blog, which is the "Jedi" stream to the more political/financial path of his original site.

Just a quick history in case it's needed - American Kabuki posted a picture of a mysterious formation and invited his readers to provide information about it. This article is a result of that venture. The formation is a 2D rendition of a 4D Hecatonicosachoron (phew!). What piqued my interest about this article is that the author, GW Hardin, basically outlined in a fairly scientific manner the Stargate structure of our very own existence as Divine Human Angels. This is something that sources such as Crystalai wrote about; it's also referred to in Barbara Marciniak's classic Bringers of the Dawn, as well as a few others which I cannot recall at the moment. (Sorry, I sometimes have trouble completing a sentence these days...)

Yes, we are our own Stargates, with the ability to connect to higher dimensions and consciousness. But as we know, our DNA was tampered with and we lost our connection to the Angelic Realms. That is why reactivating our DNA so that we begin to re-connect and re-plug our bound strands is so important...in other words, my broken-record mantra of Raising Our Vibrations :)

04 October 2012

It's Like Giving Birth! Energy Update by Emmanuel Dagher

Much of September, for me, felt like one long deja vu moment -- it left me thinking "Oh no-o-o-o-o...again?" I felt like I was going through a time-loop within a time-loop, within another time-loop, ad nauseum. And yes, the nausea came back too. And the constant zoning-out. And the further deepening of the chasm between the old and new reality, even if the latter is yet manifested fully.

Emmanuel Dagher's update encapsulates the unfolding energies and their resulting consequences, the effects of which I certainly felt last month. He describes October's energies as akin to labour pains prior to birthing the new, which is now integrating the Divine Feminine which came in thick and fast over the Solstice. Being focused on heart-energy will be the way forward in these final months before the New Dawn.

Mermaids - Animal Planet

This 1:30 hour-long documentary was intriguing and heart-breaking at the same time. It follows the investigative attempts of three dedicated scientists who stumbled upon the evidence of scalar technology being used by the Navy and its disastrous consequences on marine life and to co-keepers of the Oceans, Cetaceans and Merpeople.

Although the makers of this documentary points to evolution of land-humans to sea-humans over the course of time, I personally believe that Merpeople, like Centaurs, Minotaurs, Satyrs and other half-man/half-beast hybrid species were likely the result of genetic tampering by creator gods who raided Planet Earth and messed up the creational efforts of our original Founders. Or perhaps they may even be a unique race from another star planet, as some have said.

Dogbert the CEO

Before I gave up reading the newspapers, I used to look forward to Scott Adam's ridiculously-funny but so-true comic strip renditions. I found this one at Obi Wan Kabuki.

03 October 2012

Vrillon 1977 Live Broadcast

** Links updated

Today, I find myself thinking about this famous incident which interrupted ITN's broadcast in England, 1977. It is the alleged message brought by a representative of Ashtar Command, named Vrillon. So here it is for us to view again, or here for a longer video but with subtitles.

Your Best Channel...

Galactic Confederation - Portal 2012

I generally do not post much on intel, and in the past months have not posted much either on channeled messages unless there is information that I feel needs to be shared. Since late June of this year, it feels like a destructive tornado has hit the information network in the alternative stream, resulting in chaos and much confusion. Someone or some force is clearly desperate to keep Humanity disinformed, bewildered, fearful and divided...and in continued control. The collective Ascension of Humanity is something that they cannot afford to allow. And which is why we must ensure that we do everything that we can to make Ascension happen. The recent situation with Greg Giles (and I suspect, a few others too) is indicative of the sinister workings of a hidden power that will go all out to stop Humanity's Ascension. and it's really up to each one of us to focus on our own "work" to get to the Ascension Gateway, no matter what obstacles are thrown onto our path. 

In light of everything that has transpired, this latest message by Cobra is something that I've known to be my truth for a long time now. Mind you, it's my truth and therefore not necessarily everyone else's, so the usual D-word is suggested...(D for Discernment, not Disclosure...!) I'm aware that there are many who steadfastly believe in the Light/Dark nature of the Galactic Federation and all the various names with which they are associated. Just go with your inner knowing.

01 October 2012

Divine Timing...

I don't know why but this makes me think of our current situation with Disclosure and Divine Timing :)  I found the image at Galactic Free Press.

10.1.12...Corner is Turned...Enjoy This Ride - Gaia Portal 30 September 2012

I'm a huge fan of roller-coasters, but oh-my-goddess something tells me this ride will be the best...ever!