30 November 2012

Zero Point : Why We Must All Reach It - Maureen Moss

This message, timely and important, comes from my email inbox.

Zero Point: Why We Must All Reach It
Dearest Hearts,

This transmission to you came about as a result of several questions posed to me during the Q&A session of both a Teleseminar I did, as well as from my class, “Living As God, The Experiential Journey.”

The question, posed by many was “What if I don’t make the ascension?” It may not be everyone’s question, however I feel this transmission may answer a few other important questions that may be lingering.

Everyone is making an ascension, to some degree, this year and in the years ahead. As the Planet herself ascends, her vibration changes, and so does yours. It’s inevitable. What is not known is what you will do with this gift.

As the highest frequencies of our Mother/Father God’s Divine Love pours onto this Planet, and into our hearts in a way it never has before on the 12-12-12, we will be affected and shifted in ways the mind cannot comprehend. Pay attention to your heart and you will know this for yourself.

For some, right now, there is the knowing of magic in the air, and a realization of a new life being born. They can feel it in their hearts and see it in their worlds.

For others there is a fear that there is not enough time to get it right, and the magic is shrouded in shadow. Some feel they are making no movement, feeling stuck or even moving in the wrong direction. It’s all mental perspective isn’t it? Have you had your perspective tested to see if it’s accurate? How accurate could the judge be that is judging itself?

What if you decided to detach from your perspective, that is narrow and insufficient, and your judgment, that is biased and kills what is real, and decided to open space inside of yourself for your Authentic Life to enter, minus perspective and judgment? What if you loved yourself enough and loved this planet enough and loved your fellow brothers and sisters enough to do so? What if?

Your life, conducted by you, is the architect of a new world, your new world. It requires complete detachment from it’s former one. There is no other way to reach your full potential or a palpable ascension that brings substantial happiness and peace to you. This is the road Beloveds, and you must decide if you are willing to detach and take out the garbage that has been disturbing your Divinity.

Beloveds, each one of us is at a critical choice point. The choice…. To live as an unlimited God in human form or a limited human in human form. It’s not easy to opt for choice number one and enter into such an expansive state, though please take this in; you were created to do just that. God gave you the power to choose, and the ability to follow through.

Don’t settle for the crumbs of life when you can have it all.

As a species we will always be evolving, always. As consciousness, we will always be evolving. This is not an ascension race it’s evolution until we are absorbed back into the Light and perhaps decide to come out and play once again.

Yes, it is true that the time we are in, right now, offers us the greatest pushes, and frequency upgrades ever, to help us release ourselves from our inappropriate perspectives, attachments, burdens and relationship to a life that is negative, compulsive, and rigid, each stemming from a mind, ego and personality that have a reverse truth relationship to life and its wonders. Utilize every day to its utmost. Be present. Pay attention to your soul. Listen to your heart. Be courageous and creative and stay away from your mind

Non-attachment to everything right now (first and foremost your mind) is a gift that will allow you to release the themes and burdens you have been programmed to shoulder for millennia. Non-attachment plus no comparisons to any other, will assist you in entering into zero point, a place we must all abide, before enlightenment, the ultimate ascension, becomes possible.

Zero point is a state void of problems, burdens, disturbances and never-ending concerns. It is here that you become neutral, no longer charged by anything.  At zero point you have no problems to overcome, you have no attachments or expectations, you don’t need anything, or crave anything, because intuitively you know you have it all. Trust.

When you reach zero point you become a magnet for infinite possibilities to flow gracefully into your life. Here you simply Be the witness to your life, that knows the direction to flow, take you to your destiny and move you upward into the ascension journey of your life. For that to occur Beloveds your life needs space from the themes, patterns, judgments, dramas and attachments. It needs to be emptied of its former life. It needs a calm space for new life to be born.

Go slow, and go steady. Remember this isn’t a race. This is the re-emergence of the authentic you, being restored back to your Original Blueprint. Honor the process.

Authors Andrew Cohen and Gregg Braden have long called zero point “the primordial emptiness.”

When we reach that emptiness it gives God all the room in the world to fill it up with what is authentically meant for your life. And it is then Beloveds you can walk this new world as a Living God—the Absolute Experience.
From Where You Are, To Zero Point, To Re-emergence.

Whether this happens for you before Dec. 21, 2012 or after Dec. 21, 2012, ultimately it will happen for you, and by your own making, as your soul’s desire now is to express in it’s full capacity. Its days of quiet servitude are over. Your Soul will no longer leave you alone, and sooner or later you will joyfully acquiesce. Fear nothing, let go and feel the magic. You are being supported and loved. Trust.

Copyright 2012 Maureen Moss. Feel comfortable to share this transmission intact and with websites maureenmoss.com and worldpuja.org along with it.

May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.
I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!
Maureen Moss
President of The World Puja Network, LLC

E-Mail: Maureen@worldpuja.org
Or: Maureen@maureenmoss.com

29 November 2012

About Those 11:11s Appearing All Over...


I've often been asked about the significance of seeing 11:11 or a string of 1s on digital displays, or printed on a receipt, or a reference number etc. Since I am no expert in numerology, I normally refer them to sites that do explain them in detail. However, just yesterday, I came upon a message from Patricia Cota-Robles that was titled "Hold On, Here We Go!". Dated 11 November (!) 2012, it was about the expected pace of developments approaching as we speed along the Ascension Highway via the 11:11 Activation point.

Now, since I don't follow Patricia's updates, I was about to move on but something made me read through the article. And there it was, amidst all the other information, an explanation about 11 and 11:11!

This is the complete article, but here are the excerpts about these numbers:

  • Eleven is the master number that reflects THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE PHYSICAL INTO THE DIVINE. Every man, woman, and child embodied on Earth has the sacred geometry of 11 and 11:11 and 11:11:11 encoded within the Divine Potential of our RNA and DNA structures. These codes are activated by our I AM Presence when we move through various phases of our Ascension process. During the next six weeks, our I AM Presence will activate these codes in new and profound ways. This will accelerate the Divine Alchemy of Humanity’s transformation from carbon-based planetary Beings into crystalline-based Solar Light Beings. This activation will be greatly intensified by the Solar and Lunar Eclipses that will take place this month.
  • The events of 12-12-2012 will be the final steps of preparation leading up to the December Solstice and the Birth of the New Earth on 12-21-2012. These two dates reverberate with the master number 11, 1+2+1+2+2+0+1+2=11 and 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2=11, the numerical frequency of the transformation of the physical into the Divine. Isn’t God fun?
So...here it is, another detailed explanation about these numbers :)

Apart from this, the article also contains a lot of information about the 12:12 and 21:12 (or 12:21 depending on how you write your dates), as well as a meditation for Divine Love and Light.

Left or Right Brain - Light Speed Learning

Time for some fun...Colleen from PAO sent this out via email. Click on the image to find out if you are predominantly left- or right-brained. And better still, make the image change rotation! Take 5...


This Is A Time To Cherish As The Clock Counts Down - Jesus Through John

We need all the encouragement and support we can get at this point in time, and this message from Jesus via John Smallman does just that.

We are assured that "it's going to happen" and instead of worrying about it, we should cherish this period as the Higher Energies flood the entire Planet with Ascension codes, and we are being assisted as much as Divinely possible to make this Shift. It has been a long, arduous journey in "unreality", but we will soon get "there". Home is waiting, even for those who are at present not yet willing to choose Awakening; they, too, will eventually return.

See the First Trickles of Wondrous Change and Know in Your Hearts the Vast Floods are Following - AA Michael via Ron Head

AA Michael via Ron Head assures us in this message that we are being prepared for the upcoming Great Shift, as we have intended. We are also beginning to receive some "hints" about what's ahead (as Bob Dean says, "The future looks glorious!"). There's also a beautiful meditation that's short and simple which is very do-able.

Saul via John Smallman -- Karma and Illusions of Life

 The days grow shorter and the Soul gets busier :)

Two messages here from Saul via John Smallman, one about getting off the Karmic Wheel (and moving out of third density) and the other about how this Life is really just an illusion, and the need to transition into a higher reality.

Both really great for reminding us about what's happening and why we we are going through this Great Shift.

27 November 2012

Without You, The Mass Awakening Could Not Happen - Saul via John Smallman

Update 29 Nov: Sorry, I've corrected the link now :)

If you ever needed a reminder for why you are here right now and going through the challenges of being/anchoring/remembering/spreading Light, here it is, from Saul via John Smallman. There is also an audio recording of this message on the same page, so that's useful if your eyes are blurry from too much reading (like me at the moment...). Just a very brief outline -- Saul also speaks about the ego, which is a main barrier for many to see beyond the illusions created and controlled by false beliefs.

High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan - 26 November 2012

This message via Karen Doonan underscores the changes that we are undergoing, wave after wave after wave of them! I believe that they are only going to become more fast and furious as the days go by. With so much to focus on and so few hours in the day, it's time for us to decide what's truly important in our Lives during the last weeks leading up to you-know-when :)

You can read the message here, or go to Karen's website, then scroll down a bit until you come to this message which can be downloaded in PDF.

Greetings dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to further support ALL at this time of major transition and shedding of what has been taught as TRUTH. Many of you may now be in the midst of chaos and the midst of shedding layers of “who you thought you were”. This is vital in the transition process into the new earth for all that exists is TRUTH and much of what the human race has been taught is NOT TRUTH. The ability to go within and to allow this process to unfold is vital at this time. For as you begin to dissolve the layers of who you think you are you unfold that which YOU ARE IN TRUTH.

As the lenses that you have placed upon your inner vision are dissolved then you are able to see the earth and the human race in new ways. The ability to see beyond the veils increases dramatically and we guide for all to be aware of this. There are many who have now moved way beyond where they started and we send much LOVE and many blessings for their continued TRUST in the process.

We wish to guide on the physical symptoms that many human vehicles may now display in response to this clearing and cleansing process. The layers of the veils of the teachings of distortion are energetic. Layers and layers of dense, heavy energy that have sat within your energy system over aeons. As you have incarnated into a human vehicle and have lived a human life experience then you will have anchored more heaviness in the form of these veils. Remember dear ones ALL IS NOW, therefore ALL timelines and dimensions are happening NOW. This is something to be aware of as you work through this clearing and cleansing process for you have access to ALL lifetimes in which you exist NOW.

These patterns of heavier denser energies are now leaving the human vehicle and we guide for you to be aware of how they present within your human vehicle. You may feel the human vehicle become very heavy and as you move through the cleansing and clearing process FEEL the lightness of BEing begin to work through you. The upper respiratory tract may become blocked as you begin to shift the energies and this may take the form of colds/flu, chest infections and breathing conditions. As the energies shift then the symptoms will shift. We draw your attention to foodstuffs and water. Use the water to cleanse the body from the inside out, HYDRATION is the key to this part of your journey dear ones. We cannot underline this enough. Eat foodstuffs that are light on the body as the body is using energy to release the lower denser vibrations. This speeds up the process. We guide for you to eat food that is easy to digest and to avoid over processed “heavy” food. The human vehicle is in effect re-setting itself.

The heavier dense energies can no longer continue to be in existence as the energetic pattern of planet earth has changed. The energy signature of mother earth is now different and it is increasing in frequency at all times. This helps the dissolving of these heavier dense veils but they may hold on due to the feeding of energy from self. Let us explain further for clarity.

Many of you are now in chaos, the new energies will have created scenarios to highlight that which no longer serves but we fully accept and acknowledge how powerful some of these scenarios “appear” to be. By falling into the drama you feed the lower energies and they are able to hold on for longer. They work to lower your vibration and as the vibration that you are lowers then the veils descend upon your inner vision. This is a cycle that can feed off itself indefinitely as you see-saw between one vibration and another. This is what we draw your attention to in order that you become the observer and DETACH from the drama.

By detaching from the drama you “starve” the lower energies of their power and you allow them to dissolve. We are fully aware how simple this sounds and how challenging you may find this in your waking everyday life and we are here to work with you as you now move through this process. Becoming aware of the triggers and working to release the triggers are the way forward dear ones. For as you interact with others they too are working to either “starve” or “feed” the teachings of distortion that exist within their energy systems. As the teachings of distortion begin to dissolve then clarity of vision is achieved and the process takes on a momentum of its own. This is what we draw your attention to as you look out on a world that at first looks like chaos but on FEELing feels that it is coming back into balance and harmony.

For balance and harmony is the key to the entire process. To dissolve the teachings within you and then rebalance SELF is the key to the new earth. From the new perspective that you are able to acknowledge from your inner vision you change your reality and you then begin to change the world. Do our words resonate dear ones? Do you understand the “smoke and mirrors” that are being used as a last attempt to contain and suppress your energies?

We ask for all to become more aware of the energies that they interact with on a daily basis. We guide for ALL to FEEL the interactions and take action when they come across the lower energetic patterns of the old. For the dissolving of the old is a process that ALL are partaking in whether they are what is termed “awake” or “asleep”. It becomes more vital as those who are what is termed “awake” work to space hold for those around them.

Know that as the energetic pattern of the planet earth increases then naturally ALL vibrations will begin to change and shift and heighten. Those around you who you may have decided are “asleep” may begin to show signs of stirring from this deep sleep. We guide against the volume of information that may overload them and we guide that you merely space hold. By LIVING TRUTH you are showing TRUTH, do you understand our guidance and our analogy?

The human race is now beginning to move beyond where human language is able to go and this will be reflected in the use of symbols and FEELings for you do not need language to show LOVE dear ones, LOVE just IS and transcends language barriers. Know that human language was created to divide and to contain and suppress. As you begin to raise your vibration and come into balance you will FEEL how those around you FEEL and the need for language will not be necessary. This works to bring together a race that has been deliberately kept separate and contained and guide for you to accept and anchor this.

As with all guidance dear ones we ask that you process through the heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. This is a time of vast change and vast shifting for all within the human race. This is the walk out of darkness and into a vast bright LIGHT. Recognise dear ones that YOU are that LIGHT and that the spark that exists within each and every one of YOU is now shining brighter than ever before. This will continue until you are literally blinding by your presence here on earth. KNOW THIS.

We are the High Council of Orion and we are your galactic brothers and sisters from the stars. We wrap you in the LOVE that IS and we pour this LOVE through YOU and around YOU for in TRUTH it IS YOU.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if it is kept in its original format and not altered or changed in any way and authorship and authors websites are clearly stated.

12:12:2012...A Message From Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day

Another beautiful Soul forwarded this message to me, and here it is. Christine Day speaks about activating pre-agreements and creating a sacred webbing all over the Planet. Some of us may feel moved to connect with this.

Hi Everyone,

It has been an intense month and I feel that we are all being prepared energetically to receive the 12/12/12 energies this month.

The Pleiadians have given me some very specific information to assist each one of you in being able to consciously receive the powerful Illumination Waves coming at that time.

My message is longer than usual and it feels very important to share with each one of you. I've also included some questions that have come from circles which I feel are relevant.

The Pleiadians are saying there will be a series of Illumination Waves coming onto the planet on 12/12/12. They are asking you to open up to new alliances with pre-agreements that you made before you came onto this earth plane. In order for you to be able to fully take in the energies of the Illumination Waves that will be coming onto the planet on 12/12/12, you need to open up and create new energetic alliances for yourself..

Be aware that the waves will be at their strongest at one minute past midnight until six a.m. on the 12th of December. They will begin to expand again from 12 noon until 3 p.m. on that day.

From 12/12/12 and onwards in your life, you have made a series of pre-agreements to have energetic support. Whether you remember it or not is irrelevant. Now it is up to you to activate these pre-agreements. The activation must come from you and not from the other side.

You need to give your permission and activate your pre-agreements by opening up to whatever energies are there for you. You don't need to know which ones. You just need to give your permission for the activation. Open up to these energetic alliances on the day before 12/12/12.

It is irrelevant that your ego mind may not understand or know which energetic alliances you are calling forward. You only need to understand that these pre-agreements are something that you have made for yourself to support you now.

So do not let your ego mind say: 'Well, I'm not sure who I'm calling forward so I am not going to activate any of my pre-agreements' You don't want to go there.

The energies must come from you. The same goes on 12/12/12. You need to open up consciously, through conscious choice to call in the Illumination Waves. The energies that will come through those Illumination Waves will align you and birth you into a new aspect of yourself.

The Illumination Waves are designed to activate another level of the crystalline structure in the cells of your body. This crystalline structure once activated will be able to then house another level of your own divine light in your physical body. It will transform your body electrically so you will be able to take in and hold a lot more of your own divine light in your cells.

This is a revolutionary time for us as human beings and at the moment a lot of our divine light is housed outside of our physical form. With the system we have in place right now, we are unable to carry that light.

With the activation of the crystalline structure, you are going to be able to take in and house much more of your own divine light on 12/12/12. The Illumination Waves are designed to bring you into yourself and redesign your system.

Another aspect of the crystalline structure is that activation will more accurately reopen your telepathic communion center. The energy of 12/12/12 holds a sacred energy of communion with the energies, with the Universe. It opens up that sacred communion possibility for each one of us. To come into new understandings, new knowledge - there is nothing new - but receiving the knowledge and ancient teachings that are a part of truth and integrity.

On that day, your cells align to a new level of truth and integrity, allowing you to continue your path forward from that time in a new way; understanding that the whole planet will go through an energetic transformation on that day.

You might say 'why all of a sudden?' It's not all of a sudden! Things have been put in place for some time now for this happening to occur.

The crop circles will be moving into a new birthing of themselves, coming into their fullness for the first time since being on this planet. They will be working in alignment with all the megaliths sites; the sacred sites on the planet. There will be sacred webbing between the megaliths sites and the crop circles, covering the planet and creating a series of ley lines.

We need to become part of that sacred webbing on that day. There is an opening of portals on that day and each one of you have the ability to become part of that sacred webbing. This sacred webbing that is going to birth around the earth plane is part of the really strong transformation of our planet, of consciousness.

Those who choose to align to that sacred webbing on that day will have an automatic connection of telepathic communion with each other. You don't need to understand so much as be willing to be a part of what you have said 'yes' to already.

It's really about showing up for your appointment and taking your place within what the Pleiadians are calling 'the grand plan.' By opening up your pre-agreement alliances the day before, those energies will support you and show you the way and assist you in that process the next day.

You move back to taking your place with the energetic alliances that you have said 'yes' to, enabling you to work with on that day and from that time onwards.

We have 12/21/12 as well. Nine days later, where another level of energy is going to come onto the planet for those who have worked with the Illumination Waves on 12/12/12. This day is another strong time to open and receive and allow another level of your crystalline structure to be activated.

You will go through another level of transformation of an electrical energy activating through the body, being able to receive another level of your divine light and have it housed in the cells of your body. On that day, the portals will open again and the sacred webbing around the earth will open up and you will rejoin the sacred webbing on another level.

On 12/12/12 understand that coming together in groups will be very supportive. There is a very important need for those of us who are awake, to come together to anchor and expand who we are at this time. It is important to come together in groups of like-minded people; those who are awake. All people from all paths - there is no separation.

People who are not on the path, after this date will there be a separation from them?
No, absolutely not. The fact is that we have all pre-agreed to awake early, to hold open a pathway for others to follow. If anything we will be more connected. We may not be connected to those who are abusive, controlling, connected to violence, for example. However, we will continue to be connecting with regular people who have good hearts but are not awake.

I live in an apartment? Can I set this all up to do alone for 12/12/12?

Yes, of course.

Will working with the 'letting go' energy be supportive on that day?

Yes, remember it is through the letting go energy that you move into your realignments. The letting go energy allows you to leave the 3rd dimensional energy that you are holding, allowing that to drop away in a moment and in that moment realignment can occur. In that one moment when you choose to let go of everything from this earth plane it becomes a very powerful and empowering moment of realignment. It only takes one moment of time for the all the cells to move into a new level of alignment and remembering.

The 'letting go' energy holds an alignment energy that will assist you with the Illumination Waves on 12/12/12. You also want to be opening to a receiving energy. It's very important to allow yourself to consciously open to receive the Illumination Waves.

It would support you to do a vortex of 3 candles with a crystal in the center, which will attract and support the Illumination Waves coming in so the Illumination Waves have an avenue to come through, an energetic structure. Or anything else you feel called to do in setting up a pattern of crystals would be supportive.

I would do all of this the day before. To sit and open to your energetic alliances and feel out what you need to do to create for yourself to receive those Illumination Waves and allow the energetic alliances to support you and show you what is best for you.

Build something for yourself either as a group or an individual but have it done the day before and feel out the energy and make the adjustments. The more committed you are the more those Illumination Waves will work with you. It's part of you consciously choosing to receive.

If you have a group of people, you might want to set a circle around that vortex as part of the format, part of the ritual or structure. You have some time to think about it and feel out what will work and what feels good.

You may want to have cushions spread out on the floor as an option to lie down because the energies will be strong and you may need to integrate and receive them and then maybe go out to the sky, to the galactic energy and lie on the earth and open to the energies of the stars during that time in the night. Be creative. Feel what is right for you inside. The natural forces are committed to working with you as well. They have a strong energy to support you in the integration of the Illumination Waves on the planet.

Would it be supportive to go to a sacred place?

The Pleiadians are saying that every place on the earth plane will be sacred on that day. The entire earth becomes a sacred place.

So be it.

Have an empowering and powerful 12/12/12.

With love and blessings,

26 November 2012

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey - 26 November 2012

Another nice one from SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey. I feel another "shift" in the general tone of messages we are being given, and not just from SaLuSa. I won't be summarising this one, I'm really swamped! But basically SaLuSa talks about what we can expect after the Great Shift. Imagine, no more dusting, yay! There are lots more in the message, of course -- it's just that I've always deeply believed that dirt and dust shouldn't exist!

Did You Volunteer? - Dreama Vance


This is from my email inbox, sent by Infinite Being. And since it's not in their website, I'll copy the whole thing here. It's about something that's important to many of us on this path -- remembering our mission!

Essentials Entered Into Gaia Consciousness Stream Are Sufficient For Next Steps To Proceed - Gaia Portal 25 November 2012

All I have to say is...Hold on to your hat!

Please read the full message here.

25 November 2012

The Lemurian Return and the Peridot Stargate - Metatron via James Tyberonn

In this beautiful messages, Metatron via James Tyberonn speaks of the Umbilical Cord of Planet Earth -- Rapa Nui of the Easter Islands. It is known as the Peridot Stargate for the massive amounts of that crystal within the volcano. Easter Island is the remains of a mountain-top of Lemuria, and functions as a multi-dimensional Stargate as well as a Time-Gate. 

Metatron also tells us about Ancient Lemuria, which was a Utopia existing in higher dimensions, and the place where most humans had their first life experience on Earth. Metatron also points out that Human's transition into the lower dimension isn't considered a "Fall" but rather a choice to experience free will in duality and polarity, which is a challenging but noble path. He goes on to give a glorious description of what that ancient land looked like.

Metatron also gives some information about the Standing Stones and the defining point of separation that the Lemurians faced at the time before the continent sank, resulting in divergent paths between the higher dimensional brethren in Inner/Hollow Earth and the declining consciousness of those who were on the surface. However, the time of Emergence, a Grand Reunion, is now upon us.

** James Tyberonn's website doesn't carry this message at the time of writing.

Sacred Geometry

 Here are two sets of videos that explain Sacred Geometry, the first of which is by Charles Gilchrist.

Introduction to Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry 101A: 7 Pennies
Sacred Geometry 101B: The Vesica Piscis
Sacred Geometry 101C: The Sacred Languages
Sacred Geometry 101D: Concentric Circles
Sacred Geometry 101E: Metatron's Cube
Sacred Geometry 101F Part 1: The Golden Mean
Sacred Geometry 101F Part 2: Pi - Phi - Fibonacci Sequence

** There are a number of other videos by Charles Gilchrist on his Youtube channel, other than those I have listed above.

This two-part video (about 19-minutes) about Sacred Geometry is easy to understand and interesting. It covers the basic building blocks of Sacred Geometry, the Golden Mean/Ratio, Platonic and Archimedean Solids. It is also mentioned in the video that there will be a another part, but I can't locate it! I also do not know the identity of the creator of these videos.

Part 1
Part 2.

Michael Ellegion in Dale After Dark - Hollow Earth Network

Michael Ellegion's interview with Dale Benadum is about 2 hours long, and I had to listen to it in batches (over a few days). He has such an effervescent essence, and I've always liked what he has to say (and he's always had LOTS to say!). In this interview, he covers a wide range of topics, some of which include:

  • “Cosmic telephone line”
  • Was told of Divine Intervention, possible World Evacuation/Disclosure and open contact when he was taken onboard ship when he was 6
  • RNA/DNA altered when he was onboard to enable him to receive messages
  • Relates what it's like being on the ship, which is in a higher dimensional state, including clothes that enhances the individual essence
  • We will return to this higher state when we approach the Galactic Plane on 21 December; there will be a quantum jump then and about 20-50 million are “ready” to be “picked up” to for rejuvenation in Light Chambers
  • Higher Beings are attuned to Divine Consciousness
  • Gaza Strip duality is last attempt by Cabal; Mother Earth will no longer tolerate polarity for much longer, including false flags
  • Focus on the world we want to see
  • Ascension symptoms are many, but differ for individuals – body is adjusting molecularly and shifting to crystalline-based
  • We can call upon Zoser and Voltra for relief or assistance
  • Awakening is like a crash course for people now in view of short time left
  • Intervention can now take place because we “qualify” – free will gone awry, use of nuclear power, threat to other worlds in Cosmos
  • Cities of Light will help in transition of physical bodies to higher states
  • “Mythical” creatures eg. Unicorns, mermaids are real
  • How Keshe technology foiled Cabal's attempts to instigate war
  • Negativity will cease to exist because vibrations are growing higher
  • Cosmic “Sting”/Espionage of Light involved Higher Beings who took on human bodies to infiltrate the Dark; they are programmed to de-program the Dark programs
  • Why Obama had to “play the role a little bit” to deflect suspicion; he is of the Light – the plan is very complicated
  • We need to move past duality-based words that keep us separate; it's time we operate from higher consciousness
  • Michael's vision of Nesara that he had in January
  • Dale plays an extract form Bill Hicks - Love vs Fear.

24 November 2012

Council of Angels and Pleiadian Council - Messages via The Golden Light Channel

There are three separate messages here from the Council of Angels and Pleiadian Council which don't really give any new ground-breaking information, but still make for great reminders and good weekend reading :)

Changes Within
Changes occurrring within us, DNA upgrading and how this affects us, connecting with our Higher Self and the higher realms.

Overview 11-23-12
Full activation of Crystalline Grid from 12:12 until 21st, our Ascension is unique grand Cosmic Event being witnessed by all of Cosmos, New Earth being birthed.

The New Earth
What this will look like, and the creation of Cities of Light.

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey 23 November 2012


This is an interesting update from SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey, covering quite a few topics that I felt were relevant and timely. An enjoyable read with useful information, some of which include:
  • Cessation of war is pre-requisite for world peace; war, which is of low vibration, has no place in the New World
  • Veterans and military waking up to futility of war
  • ET beings of low vibrations were "allowed" entry into Earth because we were still operating in lower dimensional existence
  • GF and Ashtar Command help protect our space
  • We will soon be ready to meet our Inner Earth brethren
  • In time, only Truth shall exist
  • Earth Allies working hard to make that final push into Ascension
  • Official Disclosure needed so that things can come out in the open
  • If necessary, Disclosure will be "forced".

23 November 2012

Four Weeks To Go...


My Mayan calendar clock tells me we have 4 more weeks to go until our arrival at the Ascension Gateway. Deep breath...exhale slowly.

I must admit to two things -- firstly, I actually had a fleeting moment of nervousness when I wrote that. Next, I honestly did not expect we would get to this point and still have to feel as if I'm walking around like an alien, trying to hide a big secret that's way-too-long-overdue for revelation. I was hoping that by the time we get to this point of 2012, most of Humanity would be busy preparing for the Ascension. I still know of people believing some documentary which explained that hordes of doomed slaves hauled mega-blocks of precisely cut granite to build the Pyramids and placed them so accurately to reflect all the astrological, astronomical and mathematical relationships. All accomplished without "modern technology". Sigh...

Moving on.

With barely a month left, our preparations for this Great Shift must now move into high gear. We are flooded with energies that are facilitating our intentions to make this transition, and it's getting easier to orientate ourselves to our New Reality. The 3D/lower 4D world looks more and more unreal and illusionary, while our visions and alignments for higher dimensional existence take on more clarity and resonate with stronger conviction. The trick is to remain focused on what we want.

Continue to hold the highest intentions for our beautiful Planet and for the collective consciousness of Humanity. Continue to expand Love and Light from our own being. And most of all, continue to remember that we are Divine Sparks of All That Is, returning Home after a very, very, very long journey of experiential adventures that have been, and will forever be, filling the Akashic Library with eternal wisdom.

22 November 2012

We've Come In Peace...

I took this from American Kabuki's blog...

Matthew's Messages via Suzy Ward - 20 November 2012

Some interesting topics covered in Matthew's latest message, delivered via his mother Suzy Ward. At this point in time, considering the fragile situation in the Mid-East, the most important point that Matthew categorically states that there will be no Israel-Palestine war (a truce has been called at the time of my writing).
  •  "The time for a full-blown new war is past"
  • High vibrations producing physical effects on our bodies as well as turbulence globally
  • Rest, solitary time and appropriate diet advised, as is abstinence from medications (or at least minimal dosage)
  • Being aware of "shortened time"
  • Why Obama's re-election is vital for Earth's planetary progress towards Ascension
  • High vibrations shaking up and affecting all Life on Earth
  • Earth's and Humanity's Ascension is Divine event
  • It is the responsibility of any civilisation to right its own wrongs, but Gaia's plea for assistance and Humanity's collective consciousness to move into the Light created the "loophole" for external assistance
  • Many non-Earth beings reincarnated here to help in bringing Light in
  • Suppressed and hidden technology controlled by Illuminati would be unable to "clean up" conditions on Earth; we would require more advanced and sentient Galactic technology
  • Many potentially devastating disasters have been averted, eg. Fukushima, Gulf oil spill, nuclear weapons etc
  • We have also played our part by meditation/prayers, environmental concerns, being more conscious etc
  • How some messages of Disclosure have actually come from Dark sources
  • Thanksgiving should be a daily occasion!

12:12:12 Grid Activation Experience - Kelly S Jones

Just 6 minutes long, this video by Kelly S Jones gives some  information on what to expect on this final "window" before the Ascension Gateway. She likens it to a radio frequency that can be received by our own DNA activation. The questions then become:

  • Are you tuning in?
  • Are you listening?

Kelly also gets the message that this activation impacts not just our Planet, but has far-reaching implications beyond the Galaxy and throughout the Multiverse. We are also reminded that Gratitude activates Divine Unconditional Love.

21 November 2012

Sheldan Nidle Updates - 20 November 2012

This update from Sheldan addresses the following, amongst others:
  • Earth Allies to commence black-out phase to prevent information leaks
  • Our Consciousness shift will reach key levels in order to prepare for our Ascension
  • Our traditional holidays that have been used by the Dark for their own agenda will now be produce the opposite effects and work against them
  • Our current model of "reality" that was "designed" for us over the ages will now give way to Greater Truths
  • The Divine Plan for Ascension will take place, undeterred.

It's Here - You Can Choose Your Paradigm by Inelia Benz

This is via my email, so I will reproduce it in its entirety here.

As the collective is gearing up to the "date" of December 2012, a window of opportunity opens up for all of us to shift vibrational gears. Why? Because it is our Human Collective that decides what happens to us as a Species. And it is up to us individually to decide what happens to us personally.
There are two main choices:
One = Stay in the old paradigm of Light/Dark, and continue on a journey of experience of POO (Power Over Others).  We make this decision by staying disconnected from each other, our bodies and our environment.  By giving away our power and authority to others, and identifying with victim or aggressor. By expecting someone, or something, to save us, or doing our best to save others.  The energy of the martyr is also here.
Two = We move into the New Paradigm of Light/Love. This sets off a journey of new experience where manifestation, synchronicity, authentic self, connection to body, self, others and environment is realized as being ONE with all.  We take back our power and authority of self, and identify with Divine Spirit Universal Consciousness. By taking full responsibility (ability to respond) for our own expansion of awareness, development and raising our vibration and that of our environment.

Two clear choices that have been with us since August 2011, when the split happened at an energetic and intentional level on the planet.
There is a self imposed race by our Shadow Self, manifested by us in what many call the Illuminati, or Cabal, to get as many people to consciously, or unconsciously, choose Option One. Stay in the Old Paradigm and continue the games there.  There are many ways they are carrying out their plan. Polluting the planet, our bodies, emotional bodies, and minds with noise, fear, and chemicals, distracting us from doing the necessary choices and work to raise our vibration. If you want to find out the mechanics behind it, read "Interview with an Alien", a novel specifically written to bring this information to the forefront of consciousness.
What can we do to not only make sure we are making the New Paradigm choice every single day, but also helping those around us do the same?
Well, there are various tools we can use. Check out the tools section of the ascension101.com site.  And, with regard others around us, these are some of the things you can do to assist the planet:
  • Acknowledge that the other person's higher self knows better than us on what paradigm to move to.
  • Allow the other person to exist without judgment from our part.
  • Allow our self to exist and energetically express without barriers or stops. Accept our present existence in the Now and release any resistance to it.
  • Detox our physical body and our mind. Drink distilled water, eat chemical free foods and switch off the TV.
  • Detox our emotional body using the Fear Processing Exercise (full text in the Tools Section).
  • Be fully aware of our intention and energy behind words, whether written or spoken, expressed to ourselves or others.
  • Spend time to join thousands of people around the planet every Friday 11pm or Saturday 11am (PST) for an hour of silence with the intention to amplify the new Operating System.
  • Join thousands of people around the planet every Wednesday at 8:30am PST for a silent hour with the intention to join Oneness.
  • And KNOW that we are unlimited, divine beings that have the power to create whatever reality we want.
  • KNOW that we are NOT ALONE. We are ONE.
  • Share this list with everyone we know.

This is Inelia Benz, and I am here to raise the vibrational level of the planet. Wanna do it together?
Forward this e-mail to a friend

20 November 2012

Planetary Alignment at Giza on December 3, 2012 - Carolyn Evers and Universal Consciousness


Mercury, Venus and Saturn line up over the Great Pyramids on 3 December 2012. This happens once every 2,737 years.

Venus, the planet of Love, will align over the largest pyramid -- this underscores the role Love plays in the Ascension process. Indeed, it is the energy that will shift the Planet and Humanity into higher dimensions.

Mercury represents the speed upon which this Shift will occur when the time comes

Saturn symbolises the hard work that has gone into making this Shift possible.

This video, where Carolyn Evers bring in the information from Universal Consciousness, explains more about what the alignment will mean for us and Mother Earth. If we remind ourselves that we are actually Stargates unto ourselves, this transition to higher dimensions is not only possible, but Divinely planned.

Additionally, here's something to read about this alignment.

Join Your Ship - Owen Waters

I was going to copy this article from my email, but absent-mindedly deleted it when I was clearing out my inbox. I found it on another site (it's not in Owen Water's own site) so here it is (with nice images!).

Owen talks about the split in timelines that are up ahead, just a short month away. He calls it Reality 1 and Reality 2, and uses the analogy of two ships ready to leave port -- which ship do we get on? Which reality energetics do we focus on more?

Powerful message.

19 November 2012

Zorra via Zaraya - Hollow Earth Network 18 November 2012


Update 20 November: Anne DeHart has edited this call because of the frequent interruptions; it's now 1:09hrs long :)

Join Zorra via Zaraya in their last teleconference call (via Zaraya), about 1 hr 30 mins. After 11 minutes of technical difficulty, the call commenced.

  • Quasar announced that this is their last teleconference call
  • Negativity coming up lately is the playing out and release of all the fears and doubts accumulated over the years and lifetimes
  • Those who have not been following the teleconferences since April 2011 are encouraged to do so, with an open mind
  • Some minions still around eg. in Federal Reserve, IRS; however, they will also be "quitting" in due course
  • Ramtha appeared in Austin but the recording could not be made public because of threat of legal action
  • Obama is not "saviour" of this planet; he is the President that will be bringing forth Disclosure
  • "Ascension is happening now...You are the gods and goddesses of this world"
  • Zorra gives instructions on "revised" Vibration & Frequency Raising technique -- "...not copyrighted!"
  • We are being helped to raise our vibrations and unity consciousness to help us ascend - "It is within you to ascend when you are ready"
  • (...Call interrupted...)
  • Zorra informs us that energies are beginning to affect communication lines and electronics
  • Stop listening to fear-based information; "The fear needs to go away"
(...Call interrupted...)

43:30-minute (...Call resumes...)
  • Nancy informs us that the negative energy can show us Who We Are Not
  • Many uncloaked ships in high orbit waiting for "The Word", after which they will bring them into low orbit; many will uncloak over many mountains with cities beneath them and all surface cities; these sightings will be simultaneous
  • Sananda brings news about his son, Hector, who will be appearing on the surface to convey knowledge that will awaken our own inner knowledge
  • Sananda's origins from Mushaba Force/Race, the original Black Race who came to Earth; descendants in Africa
  • They will make themselves known to us in time
  • Devices placed in Grand Canyon to enhance communication of messages
  • "Time" as a word is evolving in its meaning; to regard it as "occurrences" rather than "limitations"
  • Zaraya and Quasar will be escorted into Telos by Adama and his two brothers
  • Zorra will be coming through Nancy Tate or Annette Sassou 
  • Healing Pulse by Zorra. (Currently found in Part 2.)

17 November 2012

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey 16 November 2012

Sedona : City of Light from Genii Townsend's book cover

We are ready to ascend with Mother Earth when the timeline approaches, and some are ready to ascend even before that! With our rising vibrations, we may feel as if Life is but a dream, but this will soon pass as we acclimatise. We are encouraged to spread our growing Light by sharing a smile, warm greeting or even our truths about what's really going, without evengelising.

The Sedona City of Light and the other 12 Cities of Light will come online after Ascension to tend to the healing needs of the peoples. We are also asked to focus on the positive outcomes of the future that lie just ahead of us instead of the turmoil of this crumbling 3D framework.

Please read this update from SaLuSa in its entirety here.

Keshe Foundation - USA Joins Growing List of Nations


MT Keshe has announced that USA is the latest nation to accept the offer of space technology from Keshe Foundation, joining amongst others, Russia, Italy, Brazil, China, India, Japan and Australia.

This can only mean that things are moving in the right direction!

16 November 2012

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

This ancient text is something that I am unable to elaborate upon much for this post. It simply defies adequate summing up, because the essence and context of the contents are so potent with wisdom. The sacred information within the Emerald Tablets transcends time and space. Indeed, it is as timeless as Creation itself.

All I can say is that Thoth urges Humanity to remember, once again, that we are beyond the physical. We are Divine Sparks of the Creator, imprisoned by Darkness. It is our destiny to break free from this Dark bondage and re-discover the Spirit that we truly are.

I will post a couple of links where you can easily download the translated texts of the 15 Tablets (in English; apologies to those who require other languages), read it slowly, repeatedly. The "download" that each one of us gets from the ancient truths may differ from another.

I'm aware that there are several "versions" available from many sources on the Internet; here are some but please go ahead to explore others. Just ensure that you get the version with all 15 Tablets.

The Horus Centre
Crystal Links
Energy Grid.

New Earth Q&A Part 4 - Karen Doonan, Crystalline Sanctuary

A beautiful Soul passed me this timely piece of information from Karen Doonan that discusses the higher vibrational frequencies that are now permeating Earth, and how this affects all existence on this Planet. This is just one of a 4-part series, the rest of which you can find here.

Some of the information given in this 25-minute podcast include the following:

  • Everything is energy
  • How lower vibrational frequency structures are meant to "disintegrate" in the presence of higher energies which are now flooding our Earth; this includes the Dark who can no longer exist in the present high vibration as well as the "legacies" they left behind
  • Why we should transmute fear and see beyond the smoke and mirrors
  • Why our own upgrading of vibrations is also important
  • Our new creations and existence will now be based on higher vibrational frequencies 
  • Mother Earth trying to help us break down all that no longer serves a higher purpose; connecting with Mother Earth
  • Coming into our own cycle of living, balance and  harmony
  • "We are all One".

15 November 2012

"Obliterating Problems Is My Job" - Abraham via Esther Hicks

At this point in time, this video is such a good reminder to focus on what we want, and not what we don't want. This is especially significant because, with so few weeks left, we need to be clear about what we place in our field of reality. As we become more and more powerful in our manifestation due to our rising vibrations and the super-charged New Earth energies, we need to ensure that our thoughts and intentions reflect where we want to go.

Enjoy this 9-minute video :)

Questions From 15-Year Old Boy to Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild

Although this occurred in December 2008, the questions raised by this boy (Curtis) are still relevant today. I'll reproduce the first portion and provide the link to the rest of the article at the end. This is in the form of Q&A between Blossom and the Federation.

Dec 7th 2008


Morning! Are you game for answering these questions that a 15 year old boy sent through? Would be something different don’t you think? I know you know many ask me to ask you questions … for some reason I know you want me to do this.

It would be interesting … for some of our ‘takes’ on the questions may differ from what their original intent is.

No matter. Let’s give it a go shall we?

We first of all ask you Blossom to go a little deeper within your position of your head space with us?

Did as I was asked. OK here goes.
1.What is their location in the universe?

The particular ship that we are communicating from has been circling your orbit for thousands of years. Therefore we do not have one position for we move when aptly convenient and necessary.

2. Are they much more intelligent than us?

We would say by your behavior as a species sometimes … YES. But in Truth …. NO. We KNOW of more things, but we would say that if the fullness of the human brain were to be in use we would be asking you for tutorage.

3. What do they look like?

Follow the rest of the interview.

14 November 2012

Post-11:11...One More To Go...

The image I saw when I went into meditation on 11:11 took me by surprise. Instead of seeing Light energies coming through in the form of "clouds", columns or even streams, I saw what I can only describe as needle-like laser beams. They beamed down in precise locations all over our beloved Earth, as if they were pin-pointing specific targets. I haven't had healing through acupuncture before, but that's what it looked like to me -- Humanity's 5D meridian grid-points were being activated!

And although I don't completely understand what has transpired, I feel that the effects of this Cosmic Acupuncture will prepare our own physical bodies in some way. After the 11:11, my limbs felt like they were being pin-pricked...as if by acupuncture needles! As I said before, I don't really know what acupuncture feels like, but that's the impression I get. Being poked by little needles and "electrocuted" in a very minute way. It's not painful at all, but it's not pleasant either. Don't worry, we will happily survive this new tweaking to our physical bodies. After all, it's just the latest in a long line of physical "adjustments", yes?

So, that's the 11:11 window done. We've one more to go before the Ascension Gateway. I don't know what that will bring, but I do know that we will need to continue to do what we have to do to keep our vibrations "up there".

That's in four short weeks...

Isis 10 November 2012 - Richard Presser with Carolyn Evers

Isis via Richard Presser speaks about the times in Atlantis and the cycle between then and the end of 2012. This xx interview with Carolyn Evers brings us lots of information that sets the stage for the Ascension Gateway that's coming up in about 5 weeks (!). There is no doubt that Ascension will be occurring as Divinely planned.

The following are some topics covered during this interview:
  • The times of Isis in Atlantis, where she was involved with the Healing Arts
  • Beings who came to Atlantis (when they destroyed their own planet) were supposed to live in peace and leave behind their warrior ways, however they instead exploited those who were in Light and paved the way for Dark to come into Atlantis
  • This cycle from the time of Atlantis was a time of limited consciousness for Humanity which allowed for domination of the Dark
  • This current period of almost complete domination of Dark is parallel to the time just before the fall of Atlantis, "Life unfolds in cycles" (Kali Yuga); Dark has worked very hard to prevent Ascension as this would mean the end of their existence
  • "There is no way this unfolding has been left to chance; there is no way that this, on any level, will not succeed." 
  • War on Planet expected soon that will lead to the demise of Dark (personal note: it's my take that this is not "war" in the traditional sense, but more of a "cleansing" and removal of Dark), followed by Rejuvenation
  • Key issue of all is journey of the Soul, and all Souls will be taken care of
  • All is unfolding according to careful Divine Plan.
 Q&A follows thereafter.

One question in particular asked about the period between 21 December 2012 and March 2013 (which is believed to be the "physical end" of 3D); Isis explained that this transition period will see those who do not choose Ascension leave our reality and repeats that all Souls will be taken care of. This is like a segue into 5D, with memory "adjustment" taking place. Our DNA will also be reactivated as a prepatory step for full immersion into 5D.

Message From Mikos, Hollow Earth, via Dianne Robbins

I was unable to locate this message in Dianne Robbins own website, so I will have to copy the entire channeling which I received via email:

A New Golden Age  begins !
Message from Mikos in the Hollow Earth

December 22, 2012, ushers in the 7th Great Golden Crystal Age of 10,000 years of Peace, that is to be permanent upon this planet. Increased increments of Light begin pouring to our planet on this day.

This is also the Day known from the Mayan Prophesies as the 5th Sun.  On this day, our Sun, Helios and Vesta, shifts its vibration from a 3rd vibration Sun to a 5th vibration Sun.
 (The above information is taken from www.akashaonline.com)

Message from Mikos

My dearest residents on Earth, I am Mikos, speaking to you from the Inner Chambers of the Library of Porthologos located beneath the Aegean Sea deep inside the opening in the Center of the Earth.

The Light on the surface is expanding at hyper-speed and exponentially increasing faster than we can believe. You are all in for the “ride” of your lives, racing to catch up in consciousness with your unseen brothers and sisters living inside the Earth. We can hardly wait for your masses to reach our level of consciousness, for this is when our whole Earth explodes into a Star of Great Light, and with one leap you finally reach the 5th dimension where you can see into the Hollow Earth and see us with your new eyesight. You will be so surprised at all that you see around you and up in the heavens that you never saw before.

We are so grateful to all surface dwellers for their receptivity to the Light, and for allowing the Spiritual Hierarchy to keep increasing the increments of Light to the planet. It is only with your receptivity that the Light can so intensely fill your Earth and reach your bodies. Your eons of living lives of limited consciousness are over, and your bodies are gearing for return to full consciousness. You are at the threshold of a new Golden Age, one that is filled with only light and perfection and abundance and one that is destined to last forever.

You are the New Guardians of the Earth as the Cetaceans have passed the torch on to you – and you can finally take it and run with it in complete abandonment and joy. We are your neighbors down in the Earth, but our hearts are as close to you as if we were living next door. Soon our doors will be open to you, and you can come “down” for a visit. We, in turn, will be ringing your doorbell and coming for tea. What a glorious merging of civilizations this will be. There is only hope for a future of Love and Peace ¬- for nothing else can exist. The prophets have prophesized this time for Earth, and now it is here.
The darkness is receding and the power moguls and cabals are retreating. They have been given the order to retreat from their posts of power and control or face the consequences. They will be removed. There will be many changes in store for all the governments on Earth, as the time for the implementation of the Divine Plan for Peace is at hand.
© Copyright Dianne Robbins
November, 2012
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