31 December 2013

Last Channelling of 2013 ~ Kryon via Lee Carroll, Laguna Hills 15 December 2013

This is a wonderful wrap-up from Kryon via Lee Carroll to what has largely been a very challenging year on the personal front for a lot of Lightworkers. This is actually "intentional", a recalibration.
2014 promises to be a turning point.

I'm summarising some salient points below:

  • 2013 ~ time of recalibration for the Human who gave permission to proceed
  • "The Dark dies hard" so it's been a gradual process as we heave ourselves out of this darkness that wants to pull us  back in
  • We didn't do anything wrong, and yes, we don't deserve the difficulty, but this is what recalibration means
  • Get over the doubt and fear
  • Synchronicity and deeper understanding will follow this recalibration in 2014
  • 2014 = 7, year of Divinity
  • We've planted seeds now and we get to sow them in 2014
  • How Innate knows what to do to heal the body
  • Relevance of esoteric healing modalities like Homeopathy ~ Innate recognises intent behind it and begins healing process
  • Same principle for DNA, which is Quantum ~ giving instructions to just a few DNA molecules will affect the rest ~ benevolent nature of DNA
  • 2014 turning point for Peace on Earth
  • The worst is over...ALL IS WELL.
Please listen to the channelling, in two parts, here.

For more information on the Innate, please read this.

Lisa Renee also has relevant details about the Recalibration process, here.

Find the Divine ~ Kryon via Lee Carroll

Find the Divine 

Live Kryon Channelling
Monterey, CA  |  February 26, 2012
Do you want happiness, Human? You'd better find the multidimensional God inside. The paradigm is shifting. It's multidimensional, not single dimensional. You've got to start moving from that paradigm, which restricts everything you do to a reality of sameness and singularity, to one that opens the potentials of change for everything. The potentials can change your life, how you react to things, who you think you are, and who you were born to be. All of this information is rewriteable in your soul energy into a paradigm that is multidimensional and that includes the love of God and the joy of the moment.

What am I saying to you? I am saying that you're going to remain unhappy, dear one, whoever you are reading this and hearing this, unless you decide to turn inward and find that which is divine. This requires new thinking out of the intellectual 3D box. It requires thinking multidimensionally and starting the process we've talked about over and over. Otherwise, you'll simply wallow in the drama of the turmoil around you.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll
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30 December 2013

Celebrate Me Home ~ The Customs of Home ~ The group via Steve Rother

With so much happening in our Inner and Outer Worlds, we tend to forget that we were not originally expected to make it past the Great Cycle that has been drawing to a close since the last December Solstice. (My belief is that we were in a time loop that re-started each time we failed to make it past the cycle, but I do not know how many loops we went through.) In this message from the Group, they do remind us that we made it, and that it's a grand event that would be celebrated when we return Home.

They also encourage us to be patient as the New Year brings much promise and a greater acceleration to this seemingly endless process of Ascension. We've played the Game and we've won! Time now to celebrate in the coming year...the New Earth is here.

Please read the entire message here.

2014 ~ The Year of Balanced Relationships ~ Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Greetings, Dear Ones!

How pleased and honoured we are to be with you today. What a magnificent showing of souls, willing to come and anchor the energies for all to benefit from. You are blessed and honoured in your role today, and, of course, when we talk about those who have come to participate in the group, we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

May we wish you a blessed and joyous solstice. You have done magnificently. Because you have shifted and purged and so diligently transmuted energies, you are now containing light codes that would not have been possible at any other time on your planet. That is how profound what you have accomplished over this past year has been.

You are almost energetically unrecognizable from this time last year. In just one short year of your linear time, you have evolved so much! It is absolutely remarkable what you have accomplished and we are so thrilled and excited for each and every one of you. So take a moment to congratulate yourselves on a job very well done.

Please continue here.

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff ~ 29 December 2013 - 4 January 2014

Source appears here. Important and practical I AM affirmation highlighted. 

Beloved Ones,

There are many people upon the planet at this time that have been and will continue to, look deeply within themselves so that they may face every hidden aspect of their beings; to squarely and truthfully, without denial, accept and love all aspects of themselves. It is their willingness to confront that which has abided within them in order to balance, harmonize and come to resolution which now assists each person to become whole and this will facilitate a deep feeling of peace and contentment in all that they do and will bring joy and happiness in their outer lives. The adage ‘as above, so below’ will begin to be understood within their hearts, for the outer world always reflects that which lives within.

Many souls have been undergoing rigorous attempts to balance the mental and emotional aspects of their selves, knowing that there is no fullness of entry into a higher dimension until they are clear and clean of the lower dimensional thought patterns and beliefs. This has been challenging, to say the least, for many of you. I bring good news to those of you who have been experiencing this dilemma. As the planet is purging and cleansing ages old density, and earth and weather changes take place, it is becoming much easier to maintain equilibrium and so the energies are now helping each of you to release and let go of the stubborn old thought patterns and old emotional patterns that have been holding you hostage for a long length of time. Each person will welcome this assistance and will find it much easier to stay balanced within and without.

It is important to continue to practice grounding your energetic roots into the crystalline diamond core of the Earth each day, for this is necessary so that you can be fully incarnate here on Earth with all the higher aspects of your multidimensional Being.  

Set the intention to align with your Higher Self and Divine Monad each morning and practice giving love to self for several moments with affirmations such as “I AM now merged into the highest octave of my Self that is possible at this moment” and “I AM a pure vessel of the Divine Spirit”. Remind yourselves often that you are a being of Light and of Love who chose to come to this planet during these times to help anchor the cosmic Light into the crystalline core of the Earth. This is immensely important to Mother Earth for it helps balance her energies and helps to expand the Light within her.By doing this work each day, you are helping the Earth to birth into the shining Star that is her destiny and assisting the whole of humanity to be raised to a higher frequency. 

This is not to say that chaos and disorder will immediately cease to exist but by doing this work and maintaining your higher vision for the Earth and all of her inhabitants, you are the calm in the storm as it rages in the world around you. Your peacefulness will have its effect in the world surrounding you. Through these preceding years you have all been doing work upon yourselves and now you are beginning to realize that by doing so, you have been placing yourselves into positions of leadership as an adept who can wield energy in powerful and mighty ways.

This of course, brings with it, mighty responsibility and we are confident and you should be too, that you have passed through this initiation with flying colors. If you are reading this message, you are one who is proven worthy and capable of taking on greater responsibility. Now it becomes easier to stay in clarity of the higher purpose for your presence here on Earth. We, your brothers, sisters and colleagues, walk with you as you take up the reins of your new identity. Well done, Beloved Ones. Be in peace.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2013-2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website links are included.  


Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council via GoldenLight ~ Higher Dimensional Technologies Part 1 ~ Pleiadian Healing Technologies


Greetings we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council.

We wish to speak to you of the Pleiadian Technologies, and high technologies of the other star nations in your universe, that we will be bringing to your societies after our Grand Reunion. These technologies are an incredibly advanced alternative to many of the ways that your society functions; which in many ways are archaic compared to the advanced higher dimensional technologies we use in our dimensions.

The first and most important technology which we will present to you is a healing chamber which the channel has experienced before in a meditation with us. We invite you to connect in with us of the Pleiadian Council at any time to experience this for yourselves. We are able to assist you to heal in one of these light chambers in your own home as we will bring the technology to you. Keep in mind this will take place initially with your light body and in meditation. The method to connect in with us is to first connect in with your higher self. This is done by closing your eyes, breathing deeply, and being in a quiet space, then saying in your mind “I connect with my Higher Self, please connect with me.” Your higher self is the part of your being that lives in the higher dimensions which is very close to the Creator Source of All.

Your new multidimensional self is a new facet of yourself that is being created from the “merging” of your higher self with your lower self on earth. This, then, forms into your multidimensional being. This is the being that is a part of this ascension process that many of you are going through on earth at this time. So after connecting in with your higher self, it is always a good idea to also connect in with your Multidimensional self which you are in the process of creating in the NOW moment. To connect with your Multidimensional self is a similar process to connecting in with your higher self. You may get a vision of your Multidimensional self which lives outside of time, living in a new environment.

The channel has a vision of this every time she connects in with her higher self she can see things from the viewpoint of her multidimensional self and she is then able to establish a connection between her current “lower self”, her “higher self” and this new Multidimensional Being that she is creating. You can visit with your multidimensional self at any time and you will find that this is quite beneficial to learning to live outside of time as this is the realm in which your multidimensional self lives, in the higher dimensions outside of time. It is a very freeing feeling to be living outside of time.

We, The Pleiadians and all of the other higher dimensional star nations live outside of time as well. This is how we are able to see things that may not yet have occurred in your present “timeline”. We have access to all that is happening simultaneously. You, too, will be able to access this as you continue to grow into your multidimensional self.

Please continue reading here.

Walking Into 2014 Centered in Love and Grace ~ Sandra Walter 29 December 2013

Blessings Beloveds ~ I have been asked to be on the mountain tonight, I expect this week to be very strong energetically. For clarity: this light, albeit omnipresent in nature, affects each individual in a unique way according to their process and progress. It depends upon your intention (what you desire) and your attention (focus). 
Monitor your progress by how your heart and energy fields feel – it is undeniably strong today (that’s pure, divine, blissy, expansive, NOW light). Adjust your intention/process/attention accordingly.
Walk through this passage with grace. We cannot rely on anything habitual or belief-based. This includes spirituality itself.

Please read the rest here.

27 December 2013

Return to Innocence Activation Report ~ Cobra 26 December 2013

Our Return to Innocence activation was a partial success. Although the critical mass on the surface of the planet has not been reached, we have still managed to anchor a lot of energy of innocence into the planetary energy grid. This will help dissolving the Matrix in the near future.

Our core group in Glastonbury was extremely successful, fully anchoring the energy into the Glastonbury vortex and transmitting it into the etheric planetary energy grid through the leylines. Instead of heavy stormy weather which was forecast, we created this (see picture above).

Please continue reading here.

How You Choose in a Changing World ~ Part 2 ~ Jim Self 12 December 2013

This is the second part of the 2-part webinar that Jim Self held a couple of weeks ago. I only was able to listen to them recently, and felt guided to post this as Jim give us some details of the changes that are about to take place in the next two years of 2014 and 2015. Although there is no really "new" information, I felt that for Jim to be specifically making confident statements about these changes coming online, is in itself surprising. It's like he's urgently preparing his listeners for something that he knows but is unable to reveal more than he already has.

Jim also steps back on the timeline to illustrate how we have been "activated" in stages for this Ascension process, beginning from the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

Some highlights:
  • Return on Christ Consciousness on the surface of Planet and Humanity and 3D-doorway now closed on 12.12.12; from thereon no child born with 3D limited consciousness and 3D started falling away
  • Higher Consciousness and doorway to higher dimensions now open
  • Holding on to lower consciousness existence will increasingly get more impossible
  • Don't "wait and see" before you believe
  • Increase our awareness and consciousness, start living in the present moment and in higher consciousness daily
  • "The world is about to change" (February/March/April 2014)
  • An exercise/meditation to choose to be more grounded in the Presence
  • Q&A follows. Emphasis is on why it's imperative for us to choose to be in our Presence and centered in our core when the changes occur during the Transition when things will become chaotic."Where you choose to hold your focus is what the Universe who adores you will provide you."
Here is where you can access this recording. Scroll down until you get to this one, "Part 2 Full Lecture". All the other components of this 2-part webinar are also available.

Here for the interview with Sandie Sedgbeer, mentioned in the Q&A.

26 December 2013

A Christmas Blessing for Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Peace

Jean-Luc Bozzoli
 Laura Pieratt is joined by the energies of the beautiful Dolphin Beings as she takes us through this meditation of Light and Sound transmission to release what no longer works for us, thereby allowing forward movement into the New Year to embrace Love and Peace.

This video is about 18-minutes long, including a brief and heartfelt message from Laura, with a promise to the "tired ones" (count me in!) to provide daily doses of Light Magic in the New Year.

Please join this meditation here.

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 24 December 2013

5 Lamat, 11 Mol, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We return again bringing more news as you settle in for the holiday season and the start of your Gregorian New Year. This time is noted on your world for many beginnings and endings, and those who have run your world for millennia are preparing to exit and accept their fate. This of course is being done very grudgingly. The dark is used to having its way, but their time is now passing. The secret sacred societies and their associates are preparing destinations for those who are close to being arrested. They are also setting up the procedures that will bring new governance to all of you. In addition, the new monetary and financial systems are readying to manifest and by so doing will deliver a grand prosperity to this realm. Our liaisons are finishing agreements that will become a number of announcements that transform national and personal debt into prosperity and put aside the debt that has troubled nations and individuals for far too long. This will be replaced by a forgiveness that is the harbinger of a new epoch for humanity. 

   This new epoch will transform your view of physicality. You are to finally reunite with us and recognize who you really are. The announcement of our existence by your new governance will create an end to your feeling that somehow you are both alone and unique. The Creator has spread life of all types and varieties throughout this galaxy and indeed throughout the whole of physicality. As your isolation ends, you will recognize that this sector of reality has many who have come to celebrate this, and to allow you to complete your journey back to full consciousness. This odd path that you were given put you at the mercy of the dark for over 15 millennia. Your trek began with the deceptions of the Atlantean priests and priestesses; saw you nearly perish when Atlantis went down, and finally cast you in the role of confused amnesiac. Yet in spite of all this, you survived and now you are to be returned to a state where you can at last remember what happened to you. This is indeed a time for your rejoicing. 

   This operation for a first contact with you has been unique and its parameters quite odd. Gaia is a very special and extremely honored Being. She now graces this solar system and by so doing enables this system to receive an exceptional makeover. Gaia wishes for her stepsisters to be returned to their former pristine state. She asks the Elohim and their various brethren to assist in this sacred task. This they are to do. First, this divine world needs to be restored and become the united home for humanity. Then, the restoration operation can formally begin. The remaining three water worlds are to again have oceans both above and below the surface, and life is once more to teem in a multitude of forms. The incredible beauty of this planetary system is to be manifested. The grand energies of this mighty star that you call your Sun will shine in all its magnificence as you joyfully call this collection of wonders your home. This new star nation will possess a most unique destiny.

   Your first task is to secure the galactic peace...continue reading here.

24 December 2013

The Endless Cleanse ~ Karen Bishop 23 December 2013

To so many of us, this Ascension journey feels like an overly long trek which is taking forever to get somewhere meaningful, or at least, to a place which looks more like Shangrila than Gotham City. It seems like with each step we take, we get knocked back one step. Once in a while, we take one step forward and actually get to enjoy the progress for a while before we take a deep breath and go forward again. And so meaningful progress has been slow.

I've always consoled myself by saying that we've come from Higher Dimensional realms where we've already "ascended", so to speak, in the sense that we originated from a higher density existence before being called for duty here on Earth. That's why we feel that we are wading in thick goo, fighting with all our might to move a millimetre at a time. Everything seems to be in slow motion in terms of progress. We are trying to get back to that state of Higher Consciousness where we were before, and it's been programmed in us that we need to do it in this lifetime. So we know where "there" is but it feels like we need to cross a wide divide that's filled with this sticky goo, thereby making actual progress painfully slow.

However, if we look at it in Human terms, what we are doing is nothing short of miraculous. And remember, it's never been done before i.e. Planetary AND Humanitary Ascension, all without the death process. What could have taken numerous lifetimes to accomplish, we are now doing it in just ONE. So if we keep that perspective in mind, we are making enormous progress, with lots and lots of help from the Cosmos and the Divine.

Think of it as climbing up a very long and convoluted spiral staircase...lots of steps making a very gradual ascent.

Phew...what a long introduction to this post from Karen Bishop. But then again, her message is pretty long, too :)  I just wanted to summarise the theme of what she has been saying over the past years ~ that it's a stop-start-reverse-restart sort of process, but we are actually gaining ground...we really are!

Here for Karen's post...in three parts.

A Look Ahead : The Year of 2014 ~ Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the year of 2014.  As many of you know we do not particularly like to give “future predictions” simply because your future is not set; rather it is constantly changing based on the decisions you make in the now moment.  However the “future” energy of the human collective is far more stable than any one individual is.  The reason being is that it is based on the decisions of the masses, rather than simply one individual’s choices.  We will not focus upon events or occurrences, but rather the energy and experiences that will likely manifest continually in each of your lives over the course of this next year;  your calendar year of 2014.

The year of 2013 was heavily focused on transformation and truth, which brought with it many opportunities for you to shed light on beliefs that had long been withheld from your conscious awareness.  For some of you it was a very trying year; one filled with constant blows as you were made aware of limiting beliefs that had been held in your subconscious though they were equally capable of manifesting your reality as the very beliefs you have consciously chosen for your selves.  For others this year was rather “eye opening”; one which brought many interesting experiences that you had long since feared but realized your fear of them were far greater than when they actually manifested.  This year offered  you the opportunity to grow and transform into the person you are striving to become.  The person you once were only one short year ago seems to be a more of a distant memory than a depiction of who you are today.  Many of you have learned quite a bit this year.  It was a year of “AH HA” moments, a year of building a foundation for you to now begin to embark on your journey in creating your dreams and desires here in the physical.

Please continue reading here.

Align in Peace and Oneness ~ Winter Solstice Message and Meditation ~ Laura Pieratt


Laura Pieratt guides us through an uplifting and peaceful meditation that assists us in merging more fully with our I Am Presence. This 40-minute transmission includes a Light Activation, and is available in two parts. Please access them here.

The following is a summary from Laura:

This audio recording is a channeled Winter Solstice Message and Meditation to assist your greater alignment in Peace and Oneness.

The main portion is a channeled message/meditation in English, followed by a Language of Light transmission. There is healing energy throughout both portions of this nearly 40-minute meditation, so please listen when you have time to remain in a deeply relaxed state to the end so you can receive the healing energy imbedded in the sounds.

Note: This continuous meditation was split into two parts due to a file size upload limit in WordPress. You will need to click the arrow to being the second part after you hear me say “I will be silent now”

As always, I ask you to set your mind aside and enter your heart if you wish to receive the greatest benefit. You may find it helpful to download and listen again when you want to reconnect with the feeling-state of Peace and Oneness.

22 December 2013

For Santa...

This was in a recent PAO newsletter from Colleen...things truly are a matter of perception!

20 December 2013

I Am Presence Descending, Being More in Physicality ~ Meline Lafont 19 December 2013


Meline Lafont explains that our I Am Presence is descending and merging with us as much as possible now, and this will create challenges and physical discomfort. This period of integrating also means that we need to be more "in our body" and therefore more "imprisoned". This is something I've been battling with lately, and it has caused me quite a lot of angst. I'm so glad Meline is addressing this process ~ it's very reassuring and comforting to know that we are still on track.

She also reminds us that although everything has already occurred in the etheric realms, there needs to be a period of transition where this is all manifested on the physicality. This is the reason why we hear of sources saying "this-and-this-is-complete" but we don't see the evidence here ground level.

Add to this our own transmuting into our Crystalline state, Ison, Solstice, our extreme fatigue...intense indeed! Lots of self-love will be in order. Be in the Now and be in Joy.

Please listen to this 22-minute video here.

December Update from Lee Carroll

This message from Lee Carroll is so apt, timely, practical and spiritually-responsible for many of us as we approach the end of the year and with it, the festivities. This is via my email...Thanks, Lee :)

December Update
Dear Grace,
It's the holiday season. This is supposed to be the happiest time of year, and if you read the newsletters of most of my colleagues, channelling friends, and other authors, they are packed with messages of joy, love, and good cheer. But let's just call this season what it is… for many Light Workers, it's often painful and frustrating!

This is where you get to do the once-a-year visit to certain relatives who know you are weird, or worse… you worship the devil! (in certain circles). You know I'm right. You can't be yourself, and you often get indigestion at the main meal. You sit around the dinner table trying your best not to talk about "the metaphysical elephant under the table," but with a little bit of wine, eventually some of the others start the inquisition.
Kryon has channelled about this very thing, and the advice is "See God in everyone. Be peaceful and not defensive." Can I say that this is hard? It's difficult!! But then this puts the "worker" in Light Worker, huh? Kryon goes on to say that this is the training ground for "compassionate action." If you can do it with the relatives, you can do it with anyone!
So… go do it! Me, too. Smile at the chance to show them who you are instead of telling them. Be slow to anger, never defensive, and in love with a beautiful God who does not require anything but your awareness of your magnificence. They may never get it… but the kids are watching. They will. :-)

Blessings to you


19 December 2013

Unity Consciousness ~ Walking the Talk

Many years ago, when Lee Carroll started bringing out Kryon's messages, I was introduced to an unpleasant situation. I hadn't even considered for a mere second that the situation was going to be something that would re-surface time and again in the following years. Unfortunately, this has been the case...I've gone through various versions of the situation since then. It was unpleasant then, and it's unpleasant now.

A friend and I were following Kryon's messages (via Lee Carroll) with great enthusiasm. We were working our way through the first few books, thorougly enjoying the wealth of information. Prior to this, I had spent quite some time going through Ruth Montgomery's material as well as exploring Seth and Ramtha. Kryon's information seemed like such a natural segue in my seeking.

Shortly after my introduction to Kryon's work, my friend brought to my attention several articles written by fellow Lightworkers who were attacking the information being brought forth. One of the attackers was a channeller (just like Lee); this person is still channeling and is very popular today. Many claims were made against Kryon, which I found upsetting. I had attended one of Kryon's session and had a very profound experience then, so I was very confused about all the negative things being said.

I wrote to Lee and asked him to comment on the situation. This was around 1997-1998, and Lee was still able to personally reply. He told me that Kryon had asked him to do...nothing. To allow the attacks without retaliation and to exercise patience and tolerance. Kryon prevailed; the latest production todate is Book 13 Recalibration of Humanity.

Some years later, another channeler that I had been following for some time started to marginalise a particular group of Lightworkers. It had gotten to the point where the channeler was publicly making fun of this group. Again, I felt moved to write to this channeler to object to the disturbing behaviour. Although I received an apology, I do not know if the attack has ceased because I had by then decided to move away.

Fast forward to the present time. Over the past couple of years, I have found myself in the same sorry situation of LW fragmentation quite a few times. I had written to a popular website asking if they would at least acknowledge the existence of Inner/Hollow Earth (the owners pointedly avoid this in their site). This time, I received no response; instead, they published some information that seemed to suggest no such existence.

More recently, I had written to 14 meditation sites, asking if they would like to join the Global meditation suggested by Cobra for the September Equinox this year. Only two responded.

The latest episode was the Liberation Petition, also organised by Cobra. This time, I had written to only two sites which I knew had large bases. Long story short, they did not believe in Cobra's information.

This latest development is my reason for writing this post. I feel that the Liberation Petition is neutral and not source-specific. There is no direct alignment with any particular Higher Being, Ascended Master, Archangel, Star Being, Cosmic Being etc. I see it as a general petition for triggering the Disclosure process. Isn't that what most LWs want ~ Disclosure? To me, this is the chance for us to exercise our Sovereign Will, to stand up and be counted, to voice our intent. It doesn't matter who organised it.This is not about whose information is correct and whose is incorrect. It's not about whose sources are "higher" in the hierarchy. What matters is that we make a collective show of our intention for Disclosure, as soon as possible!

We are supposed to be learning to live in Unity Consciousness, from the Heart. That is what most of the sources tell us is imperative in order for us to move forward as one race...the Earth Human. I find it very sad when we can't even unite together as one collective voice to petition for Disclosure.

I can't help but feel that perhaps this is the litmus test to see how we would react as a collective force. If we are unable to even respond as one for something so crucial as Disclosure, how can we ever expect to come together, living in Unity Consciousness?

Come on, LW Community...it's time to Walk the Talk. Let's show them we are able to come together as one. Let's start be-ing the Higher Consciousness Being that we're working so diligently to become. Let's speak as One Voice and bring on Disclosure!

18 December 2013

A Series of Truth Part 3 ~ The Event, Archons, Ascension, Liberation, Merkaba, Earth ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan 17 December 2013

There are lots of bold predictions here. We have all been "there" before where predictions are made and nothing happened for some reason ~ the information is inaccurate, the information is untrue, some pre-requisite event did not occur, or whatever else the case may be. I'm posting this for information, but please, as always, use your your discernment and decide for yourself if this resonates with you.

In the past few days { 12th,13th of Dec.2013 } there have been some developments and changes that support the process of transformation , ascension and liberation for Mother Gaia “ Our earth” and her sons, I will list these developments in the quick points, some of which will be clear , while others require a depth of awareness to be recognized..

The New Crystalline Gridlines of mother Gaia have been launched in
12th of Dec. 2013 , and that the old gridlines will be cancelled on 21st of Dec. 2013 ..

On 21st of Dec.2013 and after the completion of the activation of [ Portal 21st of Dec.2013 ] ; the Merkaba of Gaia” Mother earth” will be activated , and the portals all over the earth will be activated, and these will be energetic [ Alignment with the central of earth] “ the crystal city in Agartha”..There will be closing and switching off to most of the Black Holes “that manufactured by the Archons” as a veil around earth, which will lead to the destruction of 70% of the Veil around earth, and the remaining of 30% will be removed slowly with the changes that will occur in the ground, and the reason for this is to protect the minds of non-awakening people from the shock of sudden awakening, especially as they don’t have enough awareness to endure what will happen spiritually..

In 13th of Dec.2013 [the day of 13th], a pulse of blue flare {manifestation energy} was launched from the Central Sun to Alcyone Sun, and this pulse has been gathered there waiting for the event to launch it to our sun..
The event is two events as we always say, an event on the spiritual level in the higher realm, and an event in the physical level on the ground “which is The event” originally both should be simultaneous...

The spiritual event will happen in 21st of Dec.2013 and will be completed perfectly by the end of this year 2013, and the physical event on the ground that we called “The Event” signifies with the Free will of the workers on it and the people of the earth, this Free will when determined with the decision to launch the event, will launch the blue flare {the manifestation energy} from the Alcyone Sun to our Sun and then to earth..

Each delay from the Free will of the resistance movement and the humans on this earth after the end of this year 2013, will lead to a loss of points, and it will spacing the synchronization between the two events, and the Exit Door does not wait too long..

Please continue reading here.

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 17 December 2013

11 Imix, 4 Mol, 10 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We come now to talk about a few important things so you can prepare for what lies ahead of you. A movement has begun that will lead you to prosperity and to new governance. Be aware that the world you knew since you were born is fading away by leaps and bounds. The dark cabal that has run your world for millennia is losing its grip. The first part of a global currency reset is upon you. This will alter how the world's currencies are to be used. The next part of this monetary process will bring in the first broad stroke of the prosperity funds. These funds will be the harbinger for new governance, and this new governance will declare a grand "jubilee" to rescind all debt. Moreover, there will be a vast transformation in the banking and financial services industry that will forever change how these various financial institutions operate. These new rules will enforce policies to end the tyranny that these financial institutions spread across this globe. In its stead, freedom and personal sovereignty will blossom once again.

   The main reason behind all of this is consciousness and disclosure. Every major follower of science on your world intuitively knows that consciousness is on the rise. Heaven has decreed so and the Angel guardians that watch over your spiritual and physical selves have implemented a regimen meant to achieve these goals. The rise in your body's base frequency and the emergence of new chakras in your physical selves are just a part of this sacred procedure. Another is the deeper integration between your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with your physical self. This operation is likewise altering your RNA/DNA. Even your pineal gland is mutating. All of this is making you more aware of the consciousness shift going on. You watch the skies and see us. You learn in your rising curiosity that many ancient mysteries point to a different history and different explanations of what is occurring in your land, sea and air. This is part of a greater plan to make disclosure both probable and palpable to you!

   These various sacred and procedural operations are leading you away from the dire grip of the dark to the wonders of the Light, where you are more comfortable and understand what is needed of you. You realize that what is being done on your behalf is quite remarkable. We are here to lend a hand, and at the right time to intercede directly in your affairs. We, of course, have the aid of both the Agarthans and your Ascended Masters. The first vital things are now happening. We are proud of what our associates have accomplished so far. The rest is to follow quickly and signal that its time to appear is near. We are closely monitoring the attempts by the dark to somehow delay the inevitable. Their schemes are not working as they did in the past. Enjoy what is beginning to occur. Be ready to see that what is to manifest next is part of a greater scenario leading to our grand triumph! Soon, disclosure broadcasts can be made public and the movement toward your magnificent epoch can quicken.

   Long ago, your ancestors were "seeded" upon this very special orb. Much has happened, both bad and good, since then. We arrive to renew your ancient roots and return you to the full consciousness of these same original ancestors. We came here to steward Gaia and to prepare her for reintroduction into the praise of this galaxy. Gaia is a living Being who daily enhances this solar system. She intends to take your special family to the position that it was to have attained near the end of the time for Lemuria. Now this sacred pledge is to be fulfilled, and with it the ascendency of this entire Milky Way Galaxy. We in the Galactic Federation realize that we are all approaching a truly special time. We have sent you a very unique Science and Engineering fleet, and this fleet is greatly augmented by what each of our member star nations has sent. You will soon move into full consciousness and then get to meet the wide variety of life that presently calls this remarkable galaxy home.

We are in the Midst of a Monumental Convergence of Energy ~ Patricia Cota-Robles


I felt that this is important to share, so here it is. I haven't yet been able to listen to it, so I have no idea what the details are. I saw this on Galactic Connection, and here is Patricia's message:

Hi Precious Hearts,

This is an unprecedented moment for all of us, and we are in the midst of a monumental convergence of energy that will build in momentum until the December 21st Solstice.

This energy has the ability to transform our lives if we choose to utilize it. The events leading up to this Cosmic Moment are very complex, but I have discussed them in detail in the interview I did with Jacklyn Johnson, the Host and Founder of You Awakening, a program for personal and planetary transformation. Her website link is http://www.YouAwakening.com.

Jacklyn has very generously allowed me to send you the link for the FREE replay, so that all of you will be able to clearly grasp the magnitude of the opportunities that are being presented to each and every one of us at this time. I believe it is much easier to comprehend the verbal explanation of this complex information than to sift through the written word.

Please take some time to listen to this replay this weekend, and do not let this opportunity pass you by.


Patricia Cota-Robles
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15 December 2013

Event Developments and Liberation Petition ~ Cobra 14 December 2013

This message is super-duper-uber urgent, so I will post it in its entirety. Link to source here.

We are all Sovereign Beings with Divine Will. We have the power to initiate massive changes and accelerate the Ascension process, bringing in the Golden Age. 

We can now make a stand and choose to manifest Heaven here on Earth. LET'S DO THIS!!

Cobra's message:

Until now, more than 12,000 people have voted in our poll and over 88% of them are in favor of triggering the Event as soon as possible. We have conducted this poll for the Chinese people in a little bit different way since the Portal 2012 website is blocked in China and most of the Chinese population could not vote on the site directly. In China, additional 388 people have voted, of which 339 (87%) would like to experience the Event now.   
There were some crazy people out there trying to hijack the voting process (the Resistance knows who they are) but the vast majority of votes are valid and real and represent the will of an important part of the awakened population on the surface of this planet.
The Resistance Movement was waiting for the poll numbers to reach 12,000 people and then evaluated the situation. 12,000 people represents a certain critical mass of the awakened population and clearly the vast majority have expressed their free will and are supporting the action to be taken soon. This creates a very powerful exopolitical statement which needs to be taken seriously.
Free will is extremely important. The spark of free will in all of us is the divine spark which is actually our direct connection with the One/Source/Creator. The Source is not an energy or entity outside of us, it is rather the deepest aspect of all of us and it is actually the divine spark in us that took the vote. The Event will happen when all aspects of divinity, us here on the surface, the Resistance below the surface and the positive ET races above the surface, will align in a synchronized manner to trigger the pulse from the Galactic Central Sun. And we as a collective DO have a say in this process, although we are not the only factor involved.
In light of the current developments, the Resistance Movement and positive ET Light races, in full alignment with the will of the One/Source,  have decided not to wait for the non-physical planes to be completely clear to trigger the Event. This will allow for much easier disintegration of the etheric implants as those implants will be faced with physical evidence of changes and this will effectively dissolve all implanted mind programs and the remaining etheric matrix.   Certain risks will be taken by the Light forces to speed up the Event, but this also means that the transition will not be a smooth as it was originally hoped. When the Event actually happens is not known yet, as the new plan has not yet been completely finalized.
The Resistance Movement has expressed its concern about the lack of cooperation between the leading members of the awakened human population, as that can make the whole transition process much harder for humanity. On the other hand, they understand that cooperation is not easy when true spiritual guidance on the surface of the planet is clearly absent. Therefore they have decided to initiate contact after the Event with those members of the awakened population that will be open to it, and offer them spiritual guidance. In the first phase after the Event, the Resistance will not address the human masses directly but will instruct the awakened part of the human population how to deal with the planetary situation and the human masses. Thus a partnership will be established that will build on mutual trust and understanding.
In order to promote a deeper understanding of what the Event is and to explain the background of the current planetary situation, I have been interviewed by Alfred Labremont Webre on Exopolitics TV:
You can also watch the improved audio version of this interview on Youtube:
Although we have reached a certain critical mass of 12,000 people, it is very important that you keep voting until December 21st, when the poll closes. There is strength in numbers and more people do vote, more our collective free will will be able to contribute to the situation.
The RM2m special task force has asked us for additional support. A significant part of the awakened population has expressed their will, but to further evaluate the plans for the Event, the general population on the surface of the planet needs to be involved.
Therefore they are asking for a few volunteers to be willing to conduct street surveys in their own country regarding this issue. We need at least three independent surveys (preferably on three different continents) with at least 200 (preferably 1000) people voting, in a little bit different way, to understand more the perspective of the general surface population. We would ask the volunteers to contact cobraresistance@gmail.com and they will be given further instructions how to conduct the surveys. The results and their evaluation by the Resistance will be published on this blog.

Furthermore, the RM2m special task force has asked me to create a petition which promotes the action for the Event to be taken as soon as possible. The Light forces need 144,000 signatures as a collective expression of our free will that will give them green light for the implementation of the next phase of their plan. You can sign the petition here:
The Light forces have asked to make the link to this petition viral,  to get as many signatures as possible, as soon as possible.
The RM2m special task force will give further situation updates when appropriate.
Victory NOW! Liberation NOW!

13 December 2013

Ison Approaching Earth ~ Cosmic Awareness 4 December 2013

Let me get some stuff out of the way first. As you know, I call Ison a Comet-Ship to avoid any form of debate as to its nature. Also, I have not posted anything from Cosmic Awareness for some time because I have not been following it as some messages did not resonate with me. You may have noticed that sometimes I post information from one source for a time, then I stop. If I don't resonate anymore, that's what I do. Sometimes I go back to the source when I feel guided to do so, and if the information resonates once more, then I resume posting. I don't have any "staple" source that I feel I "must" post every time ~ each post is treated individually, although obviously there are a few constant and regular ones.

Let me also add that this does not mean that whatever I post is "correct". I just post what resonates with me, which may or may not contain incorrect information.

So with that done, let's continue with this post from Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof. There is other information in the message, but I found what CA has to say about Ison very interesting. If the information is correct, Ison is a Comet-Ship after all :)  So sources who insist it's a comet are right, and so are the ones who claim it's a ship (or several ships, as in this case). Maybe now is  a good time to stop quibbling over this. As I said before, doesn't matter what it is ~ it's here on a mission.

Please read this message here. Look for the one with the title above. Let's wish for a well-stardusted Christmas!

Cobra Interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre 10 December 2013

This interview could have been meant for a new audience that's not familiar with Cobra's work and the Resistance Movement, so that means there is quite a bit of foundation or background information that some may find repetitive. However, that doesn't diminish the quality of news that Cobra covers in the rest of the interview.

I didn't really take notes, so I will just mention some points that were raised, a few of which Cobra has already addressed on other interviews or on his blogsite, but still relevant nevertheless, just to remind ourselves how massive and complex this whole process is.

  • In 1996, when we were getting close to being liberated, negative ETs invaded and fortified their numbers on the Planet, mainly in DUMBs around the world but chiefly in Congo. This is when some channelers lost contact with their Light sources and got hijacked. This massive incursion has now been contained
  • We are now at tipping point!!
  • The Event was also known as Cosmic Changeover in previous decades; also called Shift of the Ages by Mystery Schools centuries ago; they knew it as a time of drastic breakthrough of Light on Earth, symbolically occurring in 2000
  • 1975 - 2025 ~ time frame when purification process starts and transformation completes
  • After WW2, Galactic Confederation initiated contact with several humans to facilitate the transformation
  • 60s Hippies movement derailed by Illuminati through introducing drugs
  • United Nations "created" by Galactic Confederation ~ likely place for Disclosure announcement
  • When The Event occurs, massive waves of energy will come through from Galactic Centre ~ nothing and no one can stop the process.

Please listen / watch this hour-long interview here.

As Cobra mentioned, we are now at the tipping point. Please let's keep our vibrations up "there" as much as possible, and do all we can in our own way to help manifest the Great Changeover!

Solara's December 2013 Surf Report ~ An Excerpt



At the beginning of December, it felt as if our Express Trains into the New Landscape came to a sudden, but gentle halt. We can feel the old carriages that are being removed from our Express Train. Elements that we have carried with us for a long time are now gone. We are letting go of completed projects and old ways of being.

As these old carriages are unhooked from our Express Trains, we feel a new sense of freedom and lightness. Unhooking so many of our old carriages, not only takes away things that we no longer need to carry with us, but it also removes us from our previous phase. This helps everything move into their true positions so that we will be ready for 2014.

As our old carriages are disconnected from our Express Trains, new carriages are also being added. This profoundly changes the entire configuration of the possibilities of what we may experience. It profoundly shifts our perceptions of what is REAL and TRUE. It resets our internal compass to lead us into the Truest Direction and it enables us to go deeper into the New Landscape.

A monumental reconfiguration of our inner and outer worlds is taking place throughout December. This is happening in a surprisingly smooth and easy manner that feels natural and organic. We are gaining a heightened perception and a deepened honesty which enable us to have a vastly expanded perspective of our New Landscape.

The month of December is the quintessence of the energies and experiences of 2013. It reveals the tapestry which we created from all the threads that we wove into it this year, as well as the results of all the threads which were removed. This includes the threads of our beings which got snagged on duality and had to be cut away. All that we have let go of. All of the New which we have embraced. Then, the remaining threads are being burnished in the smoldering fires of our deepening Love and Trueness until they shine like never before.

Now we can finally see the exquisite new design that we created in our Year 2013 tapestry. Some elements might be comfortably familiar; others surprising in their exquisite, otherworldly beauty. Our tapestries might reveal parts of ourselves that we never saw before. We can see visions of our True Homes, True Lives, True People and New Purpose. Our entire tapestry is far more beautiful than we ever dared to dream.

December is another powerful transitional month when we continue to release the old and gather together important elements of the New and True. Although it's a powerful month of transition from our old HERE to a completely transfigured HERE on the new level of the New Paradigm, it's not like walking through a barren desert to get from one phase to the next. It's more like walking through a fertile, green valley with magnificent vistas of snow capped mountains. It's an inspiring landscape created by the tapestry of all our experiences this year.

December brings us more waves of massive changes. There is much that we must get done in a very short time and we aren't given free chunks of time in which to do them. Instead we have to carve out small segments of time in which to accomplish these important tasks, while in the midst of doing numerous, other urgent projects. We will be on the super Fast Track all month long and the Unexpected will be strong, requiring us to develop a greater flexibility so we can adapt to the new situations that are entering our lives.

There may be moments where everything feels completely unpinned and frighteningly out of control in the outer world, but even then, we will not lose our Heart's Knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

Right now, we are living in the midst of two, extremely different, parallel realities. There is the collapsing world of duality which is becoming increasingly chaotic, unpleasant and unfulfilling every day. Then, there is the Ultra Greater Reality of the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen which is contains a totally New Paradigm, that of the wondrous New World that is being born.

At this time, much depends on what we consider to be our predominant reality. Which reality we choose to inhabit determines our daily experiences and our future path in life. If we are wearing the glasses of duality, we will perceive life very differently, than if we take them off. The same is true with what we are experiencing. What level we are living our live upon determines whether we react to change with fear or with excitement. And it determines what we do in life and how we do it.

Throughout December, there is a strong sense of finality. We are completing a major phase in our life's journey that is setting the stage for the most wondrous New Beginning. It's time to fully be, do and live, not to plan or dream or to regret anything that hasn't yet manifested. It's time to live a True Life with no more excuses. It's time to bring our Wildest Dreams to life by choosing to live them now. In December we are getting ready, both inwardly and outwardly, for the monumental changes and great forward movement into our New Landscape coming in 2014. A whole new cycle begins next year with vastly new levels of understanding, perceptions and experiences.

**This is a small fragment of Solara's complete DECEMBER 2013 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NV

Radiance of 1000 Suns 12-21 December 2013 ~ Lauren C Gorgo

The LOVE Strand

2013 forced us to let go of so much…but only so we could gain so much more. The entire year, right up to the September equinox (longer for some), was unmerciful…relentless in its unifying force, especially for those navigating the demanding mastery levels of consciousness required to activate the 13th strand of DNA …what the Seven Sisters of Pleiades call our “LOVE-strand”.

This LOVE strand activation is/was everything for the planet and for those awakening people who are pioneering the workings of a new, integrated reality of “spiritualized-humans”. These fearless-folk, capable of harnessing the neutral, unified (13th strand/chakra) LOVE principal are/were wholly responsible for anchoring the uni-versal LOVE harmonic on the planet, upgrading humanity and all physical matter to the 13th frequential required for our transcendence as a species.  (A serious shout out to all you badass warriors of LOVE.)

Where 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 initiated the completion of the unity-crystalline grid structure for the planet…the intricate geometric pattern of light that pulses the (13 harmonic) energy of universal LOVE thru our physical and the earth body’s circulatory system…the 12/12/13 & 12/21/13 is slated to complete the activation process for the spiritually-embodied.

As a reminder, our 13th strand has been described to me as an over-lighting energy that, once activated, enables universal LOVE to weave throughout our existing 12-strand DNA system, impressing our original divine template upon the physical, mental and emotional bodies while imbuing every cell with the resurrected Christ (intelligence).  In other words, the 13th strand of DNA is the governing intelligence that houses all information required to (physically) live in ascended mastery.  The light-codes specific to this 13 (ascension) frequential were activated on the 12/12/12 -12/21/12 gateway and we spent the entire year of 2013 navigating and integrating these frequencies in order to embody and master the codes in physical form. 


11 December 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 10 December 2013

4 Ix, 17 Yaxk'in, 10 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! We return with much to explain! During the last few weeks much progress was made legally to force a number of important things to happen. The major monetary organizations that monitor the world's currencies were told to prepare for a monumental reset that was to conclude with new banking regulations and eventually a series of precious metal currencies. This vast change is to be the prelude to the delivery of the prosperity funds and the rise of new governance. This process continues. The several groups that form our Earth allies have forced a number of ground shattering agreements to be signed and several critical memos to be issued. These items are now causing the desired change to occur in a timely and divine manner. We fully expect these things to manifest shortly. The most important forward movement began on American Thanksgiving when Europe fundamentally committed itself to a worldwide currency reset. This sets up the dates for a release of newly revalued currencies. The next steps are underway!

   Agreements are being signed to assure that the prime principle behind global prosperity happens as soon as possible. A number of governments have met with our allies and reviewed in detail what is to come next. A vast amount of protected gold bullion and sterling are now in position to force a more stable currency upon the world. The proposed revaluations will set up a currency system that ends the dominance of North America and Western Europe. A new reality that is based upon a diplomacy that is not conflict-oriented has been agreed to. Included in these agreements is a path to disclosure and the release of a plethora of new technologies currently suppressed. These technologies are a means to aid the entire disclosure scenario. It is critical to remove any present obstacles to disclosure and full consciousness. The dark and its various groups of minions are under the gun. Nonetheless, we understand that you need time to fully absorb what all of this now implies.

   Our liaisons are working jointly with those from Agartha. Our divine purpose is to move this all along as swiftly as possible. The Ascended Masters are informing their dearest followers of what is now required. We need to use the various exigencies of international law to keep this in line and moving ever forward. Various monetary institutions have ruled in our favor and set up some key timetables. These are presently being advanced by our earthly associates and are aided by the work of our mutual liaisons. Our commitment remains to unravel the current dark-dominated muddle that runs your globe. This operation continues to proceed at its own divine rate. Several major governments that sit at the head of this chaos know our diligence and know just how fragile their positions have become. This leads to some panic, and what they are cooking up in Asia and in Europe will not fly. Hence, numerous other governments are now either openly or secretly opposing these various schemes.

Please read the rest of this message here.

10 December 2013

Financial Reset and Event Update ~ Cobra 9 December 2013

As some of you know, I describe my meditation visions here on the blog every now and then. Since I'm not able to recall visions at will I usually pay attention to what shows up, and if there is synchronicity with something significant then I will try to write about it.

This morning, I was presented with an image of a dazzling star with many points. The points then elongated towards Earth and exploded into an amazingly spectacular display of Light, engulfing the Planet. It was awe-inspiring! I was so profoundly moved by the scene unfolding in my mind. Somehow I vaguely thought that I was witnessing the symbolic representation of The Event, and then the vision dissipated. I thought no more of it and carried on with the rest of my meditation.

Later on, I saw Cobra's update and had the A-Ha moment. It's about triggering The Event.

This update is so loaded, I won't even attempt to summarise. Please head to the site and read the update there. And vote!