30 January 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update - 29 January 2013

There are many sub-messages within this latest update from Sheldan Nidle, nothing more for me to say except please read it :)  Here is the first section:

Dratzo! We return! Your world is being held in a sacred limbo, awaiting the magic touch that only Heaven can provide. Heaven decreed a short delay in order to afford humanity an integration period into these very new energies. Long ago, when the Anunnaki wished to rule over you, a special agreement was put forth which stipulated that the period of dark rule would only be allowed for around 13 millennia. This time has come and is well and truly gone. The collapse of the many timelines into one was the final verification for the dark's earthly minions that the moment for transformation has arrived. Now there is a brief transition during which the dark's soldiers are to surrender and let the new epoch commence.

Continue to read here.

Major Energetic Shifts Through 2-13-2013 Gaia Portal 29 January 2013

I had to read this one several times...especially so when it is the third update in as many days...

Major energetic shifts are to be expected through the date of 2-13-2013. Although actual calendar dates are not significant to us, the numerological aspect of the 2-13-2013 are significant. Acceleration on a grand scale (increased volume and intensity) of the “rectification” [prior post] are to be expected. 

Alignment with this acceleration up-shifts those intending for up-step to Higher Dimensional Gaia. “Sleepers” are to be left temporarily on 3D Earth, yet with upgraded OS [Eireport note: presumably, meaning "Operating System(s)"]. Ascension of those remaining on 3D Earth will occur more rapidly in current cosmic cycle than the prior one. 

“Up-shift to Higher Dimensional Gaia” intenders will up-shift as individual fields are cleared of expectations.
“Intend for the Light, and your Path is Bright…”

Rectification of Front-Line Light Beings Ongoing - Gaia Portal 29 January 2013

If you've been feeling that you've been issued with  new "mission statements" lately, then perhaps this post from Gaia Portal would explain why. Reproduced here as well:

"Rectification of all front line Light Beings is currently ongoing. Such beings will note a heightened sense of purpose; others will note a heightened desire for change in local circumstances.
Inner Recognition of the “Higher Calling” is paramount. Continuous release of paradigms as recent as the prior moment is required.
Rapid upgrades occur for those who recognize their Higher Self as an evolving Light Being. “Evolving” is the key word at this point.
Many of humanity are refusing assistance to higher levels. Such beings will remain in the standard 3D environment throughout this next cosmic cycle. Assistance will be granted at the appropriate time, with the appropriate method.
Follow Inner Guidance. This is the way to Galactic citizenship."

29 January 2013

So What Happened? - Sal Rachele


Sal Rachele offers his views on the post-Solstice period, with one clear message that I totally agree with:

We've got to continue our inner work and raise our vibrations!

Here is his message:
 Greetings, Lightworkers, and welcome to the new Golden Age on Earth!

“That sounds great, but where is it?” you might be asking. In fact, what really happened on December 21st? Here is the report, as given to me by my own higher self and spirit guides.
The Earth did indeed move up in vibration to an overall consciousness of level four. The portal opened, not just for three days, but it is still open and will remain so indefinitely. We did not move through the portal, but rather, the portal is flooding the Earth with higher frequencies that are not only part of the shift of the precessional alignment, but the Galactic Shift as well. This larger shift began in 1950 and will conclude around 2100 AD. That’s the good news. Now, the not so good news.

Please read the rest of the article here.

New Swirled Order Extra : Michael Glickman, Crop Circle Interpreter

This video (about 38-minutes) is not new, but I found Michael Glickman's perspective on Crop Circles most refreshing. He views them from a higher perspective (which is the only way to interpret them!) and is clearly very familiar with their messages, although he also stresses at the same time that nobody knows for sure what they truly mean.

Michael tells of his life being completely transformed when he literally stepped into the mystical world of Crop Circles. As an architect, he was able to lend his skills to the investigative activities that surrounded this phenomenon. Having learnt so much from these formations, he clearly believes that they herald the transformation of the human species through the melding of the physical and the spiritual.

Watch the video here.

28 January 2013

The Spiritualize Technique - Owen Walters and Dreama Vance (Spiritual Dynamic Academy)

We are gods and goddesses (little "g") that have forgotten that we are gods and goddesses. Our Ascension process brings back that remembrance and brings us back to our Divine Blueprint. We are Divine Sparks of Source Creator, what I like to call Divine Human Angels.

Owen Waters and Dreama Vance introduce this simple yet profound principle and the accompanying technique to help us become Who We Truly Are: 

Introducing... The Spiritualize Technique
This is a simple yet incredibly powerful technique which will spiritualize your life and dissolve any challenge you face.
The difference between a problem and an elegant solution is the level of your consciousness. When you step into higher consciousness, you invoke transformative power.

Zorra via Zaraya - Hollow Earth Network 26 January 2013

At the present moment, there is no summary posted for this call on the Hollow Earth Network site (but it will be forthcoming). And since I didn't take notes myself while I was listening to the recording, I won't be able to provide a description as well.

All I can do, however, is to briefly talk about the impression I received. In this call, Zaraya requested listeners to stop believing everything that is posted on the Internet. He was specifically speaking about the Sandy Hook tragedy and the fact that a lot of people are believing in the story that's going around that says that it's a hoax, it's set up, there were no killings etc. I myself have seen those articles (accompanied by videos which I did not watch, and I could not bring myself to finish reading those articles either). Zaraya repeated that there were innocent victims in the shooting, which did take place.

When Zorra came on, I could tell that he was not his usual self. I felt that he was disappointed in two things: that some people had called him a liar (because he had informed us in a previous call that the Souls of the victims had left the bodies before they were actually shot) and these listeners had insisted that there was no shooting. I also felt that he was clearly disappointed that Disclosure did not take place during the Inauguration; many of the Higher Beings were waiting in earnest, but the call from the Creator did not come.

(We need to go "higher"...that is, we need more to awaken, and more to raise their own vibrations, so that Mother Gaia and we as a collective race can proceed to full Ascension.)

You can listen to this call here, just scroll down a little until you see it. It's 1 hour 46 minutes in length.

27 January 2013

The Ascension Process and Eating / Digesting Difficulties - Denise Le Fay

While I personally feel that we don't necessarily have to look like that after full Ascension, I will admit to eating and digesting difficulties that have very much been a norm throughout the past decade or so. After the 2012 Solstice, I was expecting to experience less and less of these difficulties, but was truly appalled (and fed-up, literally!) that a whole set of "food issues" surfaced. I'm already known as a fussy eater (and vegetarian to boot) and the latest issue...giving up curry!? Hmm...

Denise Le Fay talks about some of the issues that have been plaguing us over these years, and mentions our "new diet" coming up...soon :)  I've copied a small section of the article below, and the link for the complete article follows.

Jump forward to age 47 when my physical, biological Ascension Process began and the ultra super-duper insanity of it all started. The day that the Ascension Process started for me was the day the entire food/eating/not digesting and even drinking water nightmare began… and much more but this article is about Ascension-related problems with foods/eating/not digesting. Literally overnight I went from being one way my whole life to, to, to something else that was very sick constantly, ultra-sensitive to everything overnight, in pain constantly and so much more. I went from always being able to drink ice water to having to drink only room temperature water because anything cold would cause my upper gut diaphragm area to bloat so severely that I couldn’t take a deep breath, and often vomit in the end. It was exactly like being nine months pregnant and trying to eat Thanksgiving dinner; there simply isn’t any room for food or water due to the full-grown baby inside ones body. This is how it’s been for me almost constantly since February 1999.

Please read the complete article here.

9 Powerful Affirmations for Greater Happiness, Abundance and Awareness - The Healer's Journal

"Affirmations are like prescriptions for certain aspects of yourself that you want to change." 
Terry Frankhauser

Now, more than ever before (and increasingly so as we proceed in our Ascension process), our co-creator abilities are becoming more apparent and available to us in these high-vibrational energies. Here is a suggestion for 9 simple yet powerful affirmations to get us into spiritual shape, accompanied with simple methods on how to maximise the potential for manifestation, taken from The Healer's Journal:


Affirmations are simple, yet powerful phrases you can repeat to yourself throughout the day in order to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind.  They can greatly facilitate the replacement of limiting beliefs with ones that more accurately reflect your true divine nature and support a life of greater health, happiness, abundance and awareness.
I find the most powerful times to repeat affirmations are as follows:
  • Immediately upon waking in the morning.  The second you open your eyes, begin to repeat your affirmations to yourself.  This will set the tone for your day.  Furthermore, immediately upon waking, you still have greater access to the subconscious mind, which will help facilitate the transformation of your beliefs.  You may want to create some sort of reminder and keep it next to your bed as it can be difficult to remember the affirmations after intense dreams.
 Please read the rest of the article here.

Communicating With Your Higher Self - Anita Bist, Chakra of Life


One of the main things I've always felt to be a pre-requisite to our Ascension process is our integration with our Higher/Divine Self (or simply, God-Self). This is also something that has met with some resistance because we are very much into the notion of Free Will. The way I look at it is this -- Free Will was something of a temporary nature in the form of an experiment, and ultimately, if we are to be fully conscious beings, then we will need to align with Divine Will, which will involve our merging with our Divine Self. We are so much more than our physical self, we are multidimensional spiritual beings.

With that said, here is a very helpful article by Anita Bist that gives guidance of how to communicate with our Higher Self. It is very do-able, practical and can easily be incorporated into our daily lives.

26 January 2013

Sheldan Nidle with Tazz and Paula 25 January 2013

Sheldan Nidle is the guest on this segment of Tazz and Paula's show. As is the case with Sheldan, this interview is full of information and updates of what's transpiring "on the other side". Think of it as a free webinar, or the prelude to Sheldan's upcoming webinar :)  There's very good news here indeed!

Some of the things that Sheldan mentions in this show are:
  • We are at the tail-end of preparations prior to bringing things online on the ground and allow the consciousness to change
  • Disclosure will take place after new governance is in place, and then mass landings to facilitate transition into full consciousness
  • This transition also impacts our physical body, this includes returning to our 12-strand DNA, 13-chakra systems and 5D
  • Moving from brain- to heart-oriented reality
  • Around 2000, Congress passed Nesara to allow for true transparency and representation of the people (currently sequestered by Supreme Court)
  • Admits to there being a lot of secrecy around what's to happen "shortly" because it's so critical, but confirms that "all is going along swimmingly"
  • We won't be affected by the meteor that appears to be coming closer, "they" are making sure that nothing serious happens
  • Earth catastrophes kept to a minimum; evidenced by people who monitor these developments and are surprised that nothing disastrous occurred
  • They are making sure nothing detracts from all the changes that are to occur, according to Divine Plan
  • We are mutating/changing. there's quickening pattern that's happening
  • We are not being told the real truth in the media, i's still very much manipulated
  • Even the cloud patterns and colours are different, including auroroas which are moving closer to equator
  • Old paradigm of science no longer applicable, the new must include spiritual aspects i.e. Science of Consciousness (think Star Trek!)
  • Over 300 major cities and hundreds of minor cities in Inner/Hollow Earth, mirroring Earth's grids (from what I personally understand, Telos is in Inner Earth while Agartha is in Hollow Earth)
  • Planetary changes also occurring elsewhere in Solar System, including the Sun
  • Humanoid higher beings will appear first during Contact; these will be the ones who seeded the Human Race
  • Thousands now echo Sheldan's messages, which first came out 20 years ago
  • "Giant leap BACKWARDS into Who We Really Are" (bearing in mind that our Divine Blueprint called for us to be Human Angels)
  • Kuan Yin in the East and St Germaine in the West spearheading the financial reforms that bridge our needs prior to full consciousness
  • Agarthans waiting for the moment to be reunited with us.

23 January 2013

The Mayan Calendar is Right - Dineke Jongepier

Here is a most interesting article that shows evidence of people who have shifted into 5D, as some sources such as Zorra from Hollow Earth Network has informed us (first level of 5D). Through her pendulum work and Bovis-value measurement, Dineke inadvertently discovered that some of her clients exhibited readings that denote their bodies are already in a higher-dimensional state. More specifically, they were resonating to those higher frequencies.

She also talks about the transmutation of our cell-structure from carbon to crystalline, and the appearance of 12-strands DNA.

There's a lot of information in this article, and although it's really long, it is worthwhile reading so that we can be reminded again what's taking place, and what we will expect to experience in the days ahead.

Translated into English and available on Meline Lafont's Pleiade Dolphins.

Disturbance and Displacement of Outdated Paradigms Occurs with Increased Frequency - Gaia Portal 22 January 2013

This is one of those messages that I would "like" twice (or more), if I could :)  Read the original on Gaia Portal's website, also copied here in its entirety.

Disturbance and displacement of outdated paradigms occurs with increased frequency, and leads to rapid dissolution of 3D security grids. Those unwilling to accept such displacements experience intensified individually configured vortices of recognition. These vortices bring outdated paradigms into awareness, often during meditation and/or sleep times. 

Gaia Planetary consciousness undergoes similar process, visible at local, national, racial, continental levels. 

Outdated paradigms, once released, will not return. Those exhibiting persistent resistance will be transferred to alternate learning environments.

Sirius - Full Trailer

The full trailer (3:07 min) of this Steven Greer / Amardeep Kaleka project is now available for viewing here. It's looking good, even if there's quite a bit of familiar footage. The documentary film is expected to be released in Spring 2013.

For more information, visit the Never Ending Light site.

22 January 2013

Whole New Ballgame - BrenTon via Mark Kimmel

Bren-Ton salutes our shift out of the third dimensional existence and confirms that the structures of that dimension no longer exist. What we've done as a collective of the Human Race is something that has indeed amazed and astounded those who have been monitoring and guiding this process. All the more for the fact that Earth was the darkest of all the 3D planets and was therefore the focal point of the dismantling of this 3D Matrix.

Mark also asks the following questions:
  • What do you think it means to those of us on Earth that the 3rd Dimension is coming to an end?
    What affect does the demise of the 3rd Dimension have upon Andromeda and Andromedans?
  • How did the 3rd Dimension come about?

No Illusion-Shattering Event...But Maybe Just Eyebrow-Raising?

Sigh...no illusion-shattering event took place during President Obama's inauguration. But then again, maybe a lone galactic representative showed itself "for the record"?

Watch the video.

21 January 2013

Matthew's Message via Suzy Ward - 19 January 2013

I waited for a bit for this message to appear on Suzy's site, but as of now it's still not updated. I will just copy the whole thing here instead:

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Pondering and puzzlement are in some lightworkers’ thoughts. Here you are almost three weeks into your year 2013; not only has nothing occurred in the way of substantial reforms, but there is talk of another war zone and a deadly hostage situation in Algeria, random violence continues and the plight of refugees grows. Don’t those show that Earth still is in darkness?

 We thought that our last message covered why your world cannot change as swiftly as some lightworkers had hoped or anticipated. However, the questioning thoughts let us see that in connecting the dots of information in many previous messages, we omitted this dot—the difference between the dark forces, darkness and dark ones.

 The dark forces, by far the most powerful, is a gigantic force field of negative thought forms that meanders throughout the universe looking for lesser evolved civilizations to enshroud in darkness. Although this vast field has the ability to manifest into whatever individual forms it envisions, it rarely does because its goal is to capture an entire civilization by enshrouding it in darkness.

 Thus darkness is the dark forces’ offspring, you could say, and it can be likened to a cloud cover that is so dense that the people feel lost in the miasma. And indeed they are lost insofar as conscious awareness of their beginnings, of their god and goddess selves and of their inseparable connection with the Supreme Ruler of this universe and all other life forms herein.

 The dark ones are the individuals in an enshrouded civilization who have a proclivity toward greed, cruelty and lust for power. The low vibrations of those tendencies form “cracks” in the psyche, and by the universal law of attraction, the cracks permit the entry of the matching negative thought forms that are the makeup of darkness.

 Henceforth darkness influences and ultimately controls those individuals’ thoughts, intentions and actions. They become puppets of the darkness and carry out the dark forces’ goal to enslave that civilization through tyranny, fear, deception, corruption and ignorance of truths about their beginnings in Creator, multiple lifetimes, the universal laws or the realty of other civilizations.

 So where are those three dark sources now in relation to Earth?

 The dark forces started moving away from your solar system after the infusion of light from far distant civilizations saved the life of your homeland planet seventy-some years ago. That force field left because light is anathema to its very existence—just as lighting a candle in a dark room pierces the darkness, so does the energy of love-light pierce the energy of whatever darkness is nearby.

 Even though the dark forces left, its dense cloud of darkness remained on Earth, which the forces futilely had sought to capture for once and for all. Darkness continued to preclude spiritual and conscious awareness in the collective consciousness, and via the law of attraction, Earth’s residents kept producing the negativity that almost killed the planet.

 That changed when the intensive in-beaming of light started diffusing the density of the cloud and gave Earth the energy she needed to jar loose from the depths of third density and begin her ascension journey. Only in recent weeks were the last weak remnants of the cloud transmuted into light and the planet triumphantly passed through the doorway of fourth density.

 So, now that Earth is in that density, how can it be that violence and unjustness still goes on? It is because the location of a planet is one kind of density and soul evolvement status of each of its residents is quite another. Mother, please insert the date of the message that explains the two densities. [September 11, 2011]
 Thank you. For all that it may appear that the long-awaited December 21, 2012 was a fizzle because you saw no profound changes, the profusion of love-light that permeated your world during that time was a sight to behold!

 That energy surge kept brightening the collective consciousness until it looked like the noonday sun, fulfilling Earth’s heartfelt desire that at least most of her residents may accompany her along her ascension pathway. Many, many persons who formerly lacked the light that would enable them to go along with the planet are absorbing enough to do so at least for a while longer.

 Now we speak again about the dark ones. On Earth they are the individuals who about ten years ago refused to honor their soul level agreements to join the light forces after providing the masses the opportunity to complete third density karma. They continued to wreak havoc throughout your world by such means as controlling governments and the global economy, releasing laboratory-designed viruses, manipulating weather and initiating earthquakes, starting wars or reigning over tyrannical regimes.

 During the in-pouring of love-light energy, those few individuals who still are among you absorbed little more light than they had, which is only the spark that is their life force. But it was enough extra for their bodies to physically survive in the first wisps of fourth density where Earth is at this moment. If they do not absorb more of the light’s brilliance that will keep intensifying along the planet’s ascension course, their bodies will not be viable much longer.

 The majority who benefitted from the energy surge are “good people” who are greatly concerned about world affairs as depicted in your mainstream media and scary disinformation on the Internet. They have not yet “seen the light,” to borrow your expression—they are living in godly ways but still are viewing your world at 3D level mentally and spiritually.

 Others who still are “in the dark” in those respects are following authorities’ orders; they haven’t absorbed enough light to rise above their indoctrination to obey without question. Some have been inculcated with the belief that it is their responsibility to seek revenge for assaults on their ancestors, communities, countries.

 Then there are those who are conflicted—they realize that what they are doing is against the common welfare, but they depend upon those sources of income to provide for their families.

 Those various states of mind along with massive environmental damage are the natural “aftermath of millennia of darkness,” as stated in our last message.

 It remains to be seen how much light the aforementioned persons will be receptive to, what their free will choices will be, and the amount of light will determine how far each will be able to travel with the planet into successively higher vibrations. But please keep in mind what we have stated before: For a variety of reasons known only at soul level in most cases, many light-filled persons will choose to leave Earth rather than continue ascending physically.
 Now we shall explain why we have often stated that in speed and scope, Earth’s ascension out of deep third density is unprecedented in this universe.

 With the exception of her experience, traversing that density where darkness is so deeply entrenched is an extraordinarily long, arduous trek.We cite another world’s experience. Like Earth’s ancient peoples, that civilization also descended from a higher density in spiritual and conscious awareness to the brink of planetary destruction due to the onset and continuation of warring. They did nothave the aid of our universal family, and successive generations spent almost 50,000 years rising out of deep third density before they reached fourth. It took that long before there was sufficient light in the collective consciousness to lift the civilization and their planet into that higher density.

 Mother, for readers who would like to know more about that civilization’s history, physical appearance, culture, government and so forth, please mention the book with the lengthy message from a representative of its current population. [“Aeschyles” chapter in Illuminations for a New Era].

 Thank you. Earth and her life forms have had an unparalleled amount of help ever since ascension started in the late 1930s. It began with the lifesaving infusion of light from many powerful civilizations and has continued through the various means of help we have enumerated in previous messages.

 Only a comparative handful of your populace knows about that assistance, but other accomplishments of the light are indeed evident. As it kept increasing on Earth, more and more of you generated your own light with greater forcefulness, and you lightworkers have made enormous strides in subduing the effects of darkness by exposing the dark ones’ activities.

 To your great accomplishments that we have heralded previously we add the global spotlight you are shining on the need to uplift the status of women and to end the proliferation of weapons. These heavily negative aspects of your society that long have been dominant in the collective consciousness now are in the forefront of the public eye.

 Generation after generation after generation tolerated unjust cultural laws and practices that demean women and accepted perpetual warring and violence as “that’s just life.” Now the voice of your society worldwide is saying Stop!

 Light beings throughout this universe honor the myriad souls who agreed to participate in the multitude of tragic situations that have stirred the peoples to take bold steps forward in those two areas and all others where change so sorely has been needed. The souls who accepted those exceedingly harsh missions did so with unconditional love and they leapt forward in soul growth.

 Just as you, we wish that all necessary changes could happen overnight. It will take many negotiators, many discussions and some logjams before all hearts and minds are in accord. The Golden Age master planners knew that you couldn’t transform your world any way other than step by step, and at soul level you and everyone else on Earth knows this too.

 Even with extraterrestrial aid, a third density civilization evolving into a peaceful peoples living in harmony with Nature is a transitional process. All along our messages and answers to readers who questioned this have been the same—changes will come incrementally.

 The following excerpt from the June 2, 2007 message recently was emailed to my mother by a new reader who “just happened to see this.” He also wrote that this information should be in more messages, we shouldn’t expect people to remember what is in the old ones.

 “Is 2012 the end of Earth’s ascension and completion of all transitional phases into the Golden Age?”
 All darkness will have been transmuted and Earth’s and individuals’ balance attained, but it is not correct that after the year 2012 everything achieved up to that time will remain unchanged henceforth. Remember, the only constant in the universe IS change. Spiritual and intellectual growth and technological progress will continue—you wouldn’t want it any other way!

 Our beloved Earth family, never have we expected you to remember all of the information we have offered! Not only are your days filled with a wide range of responsibilities to think about, but linear time is passing faster and faster. That is why so often we have repeated what is essential for you to know, and it has included that the glories of the Golden Age are not all sitting on its doorstep and that one day will not differ dramatically from the day before and the day following.

 To avoid any possibility of misinterpretation, we say that we could have been more exacting about “balance attained” in that June 2007 message. Although the preceding material was in the context of third density conditions, we could have specified that balance will be attained so that Earth and her residents can ascend out of third density. As microcosms of the universe, which always is in a balancing mode, you too will continue balancing as your spiritual and conscious awareness keeps expanding.

 What was awaiting you on the doorstep of the Golden Age is the effect of the energy surge during the December solstice that transmuted the last of the darkness into light. This new abundance of light is increasing the momentum in Earth’s energy field of potential toward manifestation of marvels you and your universal family will be co-creating along Earth’s journey through fourth density and on to her destination in fifth.
 We don’t know how long it will be before Earth is joyfully back home where the planet and its soul, Gaia, originated. It is logical to ask, since we knew when the planet would exit third density, why don’t we know when it will reach its destination?
 Earth’s ascension to this point was predestined so she would reach the narrow celestial window when the planetary alignment would enable her to enter fourth density. Now that she is in this density, where darkness cannot assault her with its negativity, her journey henceforth is within a safe harbor, so to say, where are no “time” constrictions.

 Just as before—always!—her residents’ journeys depends upon the choices each makes, and the cumulative choices make up the collective consciousness. So, it is your thoughts, passionate feelings and actions that will set Earth’s pace from now on.Whether that is happily humming through fourth density or soaring like an eagle, Gaia is jubilant—the exceptionally difficult leg of the ascension is over!

 You, too, can feel jubilant—your steadfastness in the light added immeasurably to this stunning achievement. Although in linear time you will continue to progress toward your goal of a loving, harmonious and healthy world with abundance for all, in the continuum you already are victorious. When you have full understanding of how unique this achievement is, you will know that if ever souls could declare “job well done,” it is you lightworkers!

 We hold you in honor and unconditional love as we continue accompanying you, albeit unseen, every step of the way.
Suzanne Ward Website: The Matthew Books Email: suzy@matthewbooks.com

19 January 2013

Ashtar From the Bridge - Susan Leland 18 January 2013

I haven't posted any messages from this source - Susan Leland - but was drawn to this message, and here it is.

This is the fourth in a series of successive messages that I feel strongly to post. They all have an undercurrent of urgency to them, and whether or not "something" actually takes place during Obama's inauguration, we can only wait and see. What I will ask is that we send our loving Light for the highest purpose if this is set to happen. We will only need to remind ourselves that with this New Age, the New Energy pouring in and our own dimensional shift, our manifestation and creator abilities will be stronger than ever before. Let's be the gods and goddesses we were always meant to be according to the Divine Blueprint.

What I also like about this message is that it addresses something that has had me concerned over the past couple of weeks, and that has to do with the negativity that seems to be stubbornly sticking around. I feel it's time to fully release that aspect of lower dimension; we cannot go higher if we insist on remaining in the lower echelons of existence.

I hope you enjoy this positive and uplifting message. As always, the decision if it's for you is yours alone :)

18 January 2013

All Gaia "Intention" Lines Converge to Unity - Gaia Portal 16 January 2013

And also FEELING MOVED to post this, albeit a bit late (these past days have been...surreal!). Original from Gaia Portal.

All Gaia “intention” lines converge to Unity horizon point. As convergence occurs, undulations from these lines are removed, and the paths are made straight. 

As Higher Vision is held, convergence to the Unity point is assured. Gaia assists in this process by aligning Cosmic Solar Energies with Gaia Light Body frequencies.

Galactic Citizenship is the intent of Gaia. This process has begun, and will continue until completion. Dates cannot be given, as these events are above the existing timeline.

Be at Peace. Be with Peace. All is well.

Return of the Vortex - Portal 2012

I feel SO VERY MOVED to post this, please see the entire post here.

17 January 2013

Wake Up Call - Hatonn via Nancy Tate 16 January 2013

**Update 23 January 2013
Nancy Tate has written a follow-up of this message which you can read here.

I just finished reading this, and am posting it here for your information, with that all-important inner compass turned on. I say this because I find this post to be amazingly good news (about Disclosure) but as we all know, sometimes what is told to us does not come to pass. Either the message is distorted, untrue, or simply that other events prevented it from occurring.

Here in this message, Hatonn even mentions that his own channeller (Nancy Tate) is not "in complete harmony" with the information. If this F.I.N.A.L.L.Y happens, then...well, all Heaven will break loose.

I'm rushing out the door, so no summary, just go here to read in its entirety :)

Sacred Geometry - Love2Ascend

Love2Ascend has a collection of 27 beautiful Sacred Geometry images accompanied by messages by Arcturians and meditations. Each image is coded with specific frequencies which can be activated by the individual with intention. The image at the top is from this collection, and is titled "Soul Purpose", with the following description and meditation:

Soul Purpose
Each person comes to incarnation with a purpose they wish to fulfill. This formation activates the inner knowing of that purpose and allows one to see the signs that will lead them to their highest intended destiny in each day.

Intention Meditation
My soul purpose is being revealed to me every day and I am acting upon this

See the complete set here.

Sheldan Nidle's Update - 15 January 2013

A quick summary for the latest update from Sheldan Nidle:

  • The Agarthans and secret sacred allies are "ready" and in position, aided by Galactic technology; waiting for the green light from the Heavenly hosts
  • Series of announcements will set things into motion, followed by new financial framework
  • Greater changes will follow, including Disclosure
  • We will then take our next steps towards full consciousness and learning to build a star-nation
  • Eventually learning to operate and live as a fully conscious being without the need for money or being dependent on energy resources.

15 January 2013

Externalization of the Krystal Star - Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis January 2013

Lisa Renee updates us with on-going developments since the Solstice; as is with her monthly newsletters, this one is full of information. Some of the topics she covers include:

  • Krystal Star / Christ Consciousness energies that allow us to finally step forward in safety and comfort
  • The need now for Humanity to embody the Krystal Star energy
  • Grid-workers succeeded in preventing the implanting of "Minarets" which broadcast reversal frequencies to the "net"
  • This Krystal Star energies and its Ascension platform have never existed in this density before
  • Retrieval and recoding of fallen networks into Aurora Host / Avatar Ascension blueprint (ascending host consciousness for new races on Earth)
  • Millions of large Light Beings from other Universes rushed in when portals opened on 21st December; this was the Ascension Fail-safe Effort, the magnitude and size of these energies are beyond our comprehension 
  • Anchoring and building of the Four Square House of God
  • Negative alien technology hijack of the vortices in Middle-East, and the current replacing and recoding of these into Krystal Star frequencies (Spires aka Guardian Krystal "kisses") 
  • Eternal Eye of God schematics being run through planteray networks for activation of Divine Will
  • Transitioning from Vesica Pisces (binary) to Trinity (unity) forms which allows for merging of duality and the embodiment of the Risen Christos
  • Details about the Heiros Gamos System.
**Note: These powerful energies in the form of the Light Beings from other Universes - could they be the "Star Power" as seen by CSIRO / New Energies mentioned by Ashtar?

14 January 2013

Zorra's Update - Hollow Earth Network 12 January 2013

Zorra brings us some important updates for on-going developments, in particular the delayed full Ascension of our beloved Planet, and effectively, of Humanity. Please download the mp3 to listen to the entire call (scroll down a bit to get to the entry dated 12 January); Anne DeHart has also provided an extensive summary for what transpired, so I will just elaborate on a couple of points.

Zorra has informed us that Gaia will fully ascend at the time of an energetic alignment, and although he declined to specify a date, he has assured us that it will occur within Year 1 (2013), unless the Creator decides otherwise. While Gaia had full "rights" to make the choice to delay her own Ascension to allow more Souls to join her, the unfolding of the rest of this process is now back under the purview of the Creator.

There will be NO World Government; no one person will be in charge. Instead, a unified Global Association of Councils (one Council for each country) will be formed to work towards peace and prosperity, aided by a Galactic representative in each Council.

The Souls who have chosen to relocate to the Sister Planet will go through their own Ascension in probably 10 years (or so), but NOT SO for Gaia. She will ascend fully within this year.

I could not help but think of Star Trek's "The Voyage Home" when Zorra talked about some ships that are already positioned on the surface!

13 January 2013

The "New-ness" of the New Age and Terra Nova

It's been three weeks into the New Age, and for me, it sometimes feels like Terra Nova in its literal sense. There is an almost imperceptible "new-ness" to this time, space and physicality, and it's so subtle that it's almost undetectable if we don't pause long enough. I cannot deny that much is still the same if we scan the landscape of our existence, but the whole point is that we need to look beyond this existence for clues or signs of new-ness.

I've been noticing that the birds that congregate outside my home have been very chatty since the past couple of weeks. They are singing new songs, and to my untrained ears, it sounds like the different species of birds are actually communicating with each other. There are times when I feel that they are trying to tell me something, but unfortunately I don't speak Bird!

I've also been hearing voices now and then. Like the birds, these voices are chatting, but it's so soft I can't make out anything. I don't even know if it's in a language I can understand. There's also been faint humming sounds, as if some vibrational frequencies are making themselves heard.

And what about the skies? I've been a cloud/sky-gazer ever since I was a small child because it gave me a sense of belonging and some degree of comfort. Since the last weeks of 2012, it seems to me that we are having such amazing cloud formations -- it's as if we are on a different planet altogether!

Although we are not quite "there" yet because Lady Gaia/Mother Earth has suspended her own Ascension for the sake of Humanity, we are still in a higher level of dimension because she's made it through the Galactic Alignment. Meanwhile, there is much activity while Cosmic and Divine Plans are being re-calibrated and adjusted to accommodate this pause as well as the Cosmic Glitch in the form of New Energy (go here for more details, and also this for possible scientific evidence), and therefore, this "new-ness".

I can't speak for anyone else, but I dare say that there are some of us who are finding themselves in a very strange situation as a result of the last-minute delay and the appearance of this New Energy. It's as if our contract has expired, but the job is still not completed. So while we wait for our new contracts to be drawn up, we find ourselves in this neither-here-nor-there state. It's new, strange and slightly unsettling, but not uncomfortable. As I mentioned earlier. we will be issued with our new missions once "they" sort out their own Cosmic Plans.

For whatever it's worth, I will admit to something that I've been mulling over since the Solstice. Again, this is my own personal experience, and not necessarily a Cosmic Truth. On the 22nd, I had such a strong feeling of what can only be described as Groundhog Day. I felt, deep within, that we've been in a time loop leading up to the 21st, and we/Earth actually failed to get through this alignment in previous "passes". A time loop was created for us to try again, and this time, we made it through the Galactic Alignment. I felt a very deep sense of deja vu on the 22nd, because to a certain degree, we didn't "make it" since Earth's full Ascension was delayed, but it was a success because she got through the alignment. I have a feeling that this New Energy coming in has helped us tremendously in being successful this time around.

There's still plenty to do while we await our new missions, and I'm sure many are already embarking on their own endeavours. As mentioned previously, I feel that we no longer need to anchor Light for our beloved Planet, she's very well-protected and nurtured now. However, we can continue to send her our love and gratitude for all that's she's done, and is doing, for us. She truly has made tremendous sacrifices in her role as our Mother all these eons, and she's doing it again by waiting for more to follow her into full Ascension.

We also need to focus on ourselves, bearing in mind that the delay is because Humanity's vibration is still collectively not high enough. So we will need to expand our own Light and allow it to intensify as much as it possibly can. We need to be able to "infect" others with Light, so they too can start to shine their own Light and therefore raise the collective vibrational frequencies.

Our own dreams are now becoming an integral part of our own progress. It's in our dreams that we may find our next steps, or receive information crucial to our own path. So now, more than ever before, pay attention to dreams. One technique to help recall dreams is to intent before we sleep, "I will recall and remember my dreams easily and effortlessly upon waking" or words to that effect. Choose what works for you.
There's a section in Anne DeHart's Hollow Earth Network that's called "It's All About Love". If you scroll down a bit, there's some articles about Love, based on the principle of Dr Emoto's famous work on water. Just like how we can "Orgonite" our home, we can also also turn it into a place of Love, just by using the deceptively simple yet powerful suggestions listed on that page. Doing this will further help us in our path.

I believe that it's now crucial to live like higher dimensional beings. We need to "Be", so that we can help manifest full consciousness and bring it online. Staying centred, aligning and integrating with our Divinity will greatly assist us in our days ahead. The Christ Consciousness has now taken root, and it's up to us as individuals to allow it to blossom within.

11 January 2013

Solara's Surf Report for January 2013 - Excerpt

Over the past few days, I've been seriously thinking about re-locating, and  I actually even mentioned this to a couple of people. This update from Solara for January sheds more light on it. You can also access the report from Solara's site, which will be available until the next one is released.

In December, even though we were in a state of Nothingness and had little energy, we felt a huge inner smile in our True Core Being. In January, our inner smile becomes even larger. It's like our inner core being knows something that we don't yet know. Something that makes it very, very happy.

Many of us feel super charged with lots of energy and enthusiasm in our vaster True Core Being, while our physical, mental and emotional bodies are still adjusting to our massive expansion into the vast realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. The same is true of our outer lives.
It will take several months for them to catch up to the massive shift we have made to a New Landscape. At this moment, parts of us might feel like the racehorse at the starting gate, pawing the ground in anxious anticipation to gallop off at full speed into our True Lives. Yet our emotional body is still clearing out old emotional patterns and adjusting to the recent, powerful infusion of concentrated PURE TRUE LOVE that has irrevocably changed us. Our mental body is still discarding old beliefs and limited perspectives while embracing an expanded state of No-Mind. And our physical body just wants to go lie on a beach somewhere and rest.
For the past few years, quite a few of us have been living in temporary homes. Whether we live with our parents or have our own place, it still hasn't been our True Home. Many of us carry a deep yearning to be in our True Home with our True People.
Lacking a true foundation, we haven't felt anchored. We have felt like trees, uprooted from the ground with their roots bound tightly in a burlap sack. This does make us rather portable, but it's not that conducive to growing. What we yearn for is to align with our True Place so we can finally plant our roots deep into the earth. This is how we can expand, how we can have flowers and fruit. That's why finding our True Home is so important this year. And many of us will move to our True Home before the year is over.
This is the progression: First we must find our True Place. Once there, we come together with our True People. Then we manifest our True Homes. And finally we are ready to join with our True People in order to fulfill our True Purpose.
January is the month of preparation. We know that we have a lot to manifest this year and need to get ready in every way possible. This is why we are looking at everything with fresh new eyes. That's the only way we can see our wondrous New Landscape.
And until all parts of our beings catch up with WHERE WE ARE NOW and WHO WE HAVE NOW BECOME, we can't manifest our New True Lives. But once we do, everything will move forward cleanly, quickly and brilliantly!
We have entered a time of integrity -- not moral integrity, but integrity of being. There is the realization that what we believe at the deepest level is what will materialise in our lives. And that to change our future we need to change our deep-held beliefs -- the beliefs embedded behind our thoughts and behavorial patterns, to release all negativity that we hold onto, to overcome all fear that holds us back and to cease thinking and believing in a limited way.
We can recreate our beings and we can create the lives that we have always wanted. And we can do this with an abundance of LOVE. The new energy is unstoppable. We have moved into the uncharted waters of a supra normal reality with a supra conductivity, which means that there is no resistance to the energy flow.
Solara's complete JANUARY 2013 Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

09 January 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update - 8 January 2013

I can't summarise this because the entire message is so potent! So please read it, line by line, word by word, in its entirety here.

It ties up so many components of this Ascension altogether, giving us an absolutely amazing glimpse of the Bigger Picture. It is, in itself, a wonderful summary of all that we have been told over the long, long, long years  :)  In my opinion, this may be Sheldan's most powerful update!

B.R.I.N.G  I.T.  O.N!!

Solar Light has Seeded Fully the Light Body of Gaia - Gaia Portal 8 January 2013

I did not expect another update so soon from Gaia Portal, but here it is. Looks like more and more are coming on-board the Ascension Train with Mother Earth, which is really wonderful! Since Mother Earth has paused her own Ascension so that more Souls would make the decision to join her, let's intent that we will not have long to wait before she resumes her path. Here is the message in full:

Solar (Soul-ar) Light has seeded fully the Light Body of Gaia. 
All beings upon Gaia are now fully potential-ized for completion of Soul (Soul-ar; Solar) contracts. Time frame for completion is individually configured, yet Hue-manity arises from established Higher Group Consciousness. 
“Many are called… and (now) many listen. And hear the Higher Solar (Soul-ar) message.”

Establishment of New Protocols Has Been Completed - Gaia Portal 8 January 2013

"Homeward bound", "waiting is over", "time to begin anew"...comforting words indeed. Here is the complete message, from Gaia Portal.

Establishment of new protocols for transmission of Higher D Energies into the New Gaia has been completed. Further adjustments will be made as Gaia projects forward via the finalized timeline.
Some will call this period that of “homeward bound”. That is correct. The home has been prepared appropriately by the New Gaia, and each of her Hue-man inhabitants. Short period of adjustment will be necessary for those unaware of their presence on this timeline. All has been accounted for during transition.
Fellow travelers meet energetically first, follow by “in the body” illusion. As Inner Beings connect, planetary uplift occurs in an instant.
Waiting is over.
Time to begin… Anew…

08 January 2013

Star Power From The Galactic Centre

Science has finally seen a component of the Ascension process!

"Monster" outflows of charged particles from the centre of our Galaxy, stretching more than halfway across the sky, have been detected and mapped with CSIRO's 64-m Parkes radio telescope.

This observation was made by astronomers in Italy, Australia, Netherlands and US. Their instruments have detected an unexpected and unusual gigantic surge of energy coming from the Galactic Centre. One even commented:
"Our observations tell us it's star-power."

Wow...imagine Science confirming what we have been told for so long! Call this energy whatever you like - New Energy (previous post), Christ Energy, Creator Consciousness or simply Star Power...this is the energy that is turning Planet Earth into Star Earth, and helping us make that transition into Human Angels, which is our original divine blueprint. This mego-ultra-boost of sparkling Light is working at all levels of our consciousness and biology, undoing eons of blockages and damage, re-setting all that we were into All That We Can Be.

Isn't that a grand Divine Plan?

Read the rest of the article, which includes a short video of CSIRO's Parkes telescope.

06 January 2013

Ashtar and Gaia Update via Michael Ellegion - 2 January 2013 - "No Child Left Behind and The Cosmic Glitch"

 No child left behind. Well, that's the gist of this message, but of course always allowing for Soul choice. Scroll down the page until you get to "The True Story of our Delayed Ascension". Or get it here; scroll down until you see "January 5, 2013 Mother Earth, Gaia, Tells Her Own Story".

This, to me, is such a phenomenal message, thanks to Anne DeHart of Hollow Earth Network. Very powerful and pertinent messages for us, and very comforting for me personally because it answered many questions since my vision of Lady Gaia/Earth "sleeping" on 22 December, and a couple of other personal developments following that.

My very heartfelt and grateful thanks to Anne, who stepped in to obtain vital information for us via this personal reading, at her own cost, I'm sure. These messages filled a vacuum that left many of us wondering what had happened.

This will be long, because I can't do justice to it with just a couple of highlights. So be warned :) To set the stage, I will pull out this piece of information - we must remember that this Ascension process coincides with the ending of many cycles, involving so many levels of operations and a huge number of parameters, and ultimately Divinely orchestrated. In short, it is so mystically complex (yet simple) that it becomes immensely mysterious to us of a lower level of dimensional understanding (this is my one-sentence summary). It is something that has never been done before in all of Creation, that is, planetary Ascension with its collective inhabitants in tow, without going through physical death.

Also, there is mention of "new energies" that are now becoming an integral part of this already-massive and intensive process. This new energies have never before been encountered, and have caught the Higher Beings off-guard; however, they are learning to understand it as the process continues. Here, I would like to add that in the early teachings of Tobias from Crimson Circle (who has since departed in 2009 to join Humanity in reincarnated form), he spoke of New Energy which would be appearing in the Cosmos, and that this energy has never before existed.

And with that, here are the highlights. Please note that Ashtar's message is rather back-and-forth because there's so much information, and I tried to group them together so these highlights are not in chronological order (hey, we're moving out of linear time anyway, yes?).
  • New energies/frequencies that came in that no being has ever experienced before (which was the "cosmic glitch" that Zorra referred to in an earlier post) that resulted in some unexpected delays over the Ascension process and has re-calibrated certain time-space operations
  • "99.9%" of Draconians removed but there were "cracks" in the energy/etheric field that contained them; however, they will ultimately be dealt with as well (I think Ashtar made a refernce to Cobra's update about the etheric Archons)
  • Disclosure is still "on" via Obama, but "there is a time and a place" for safety reasons and to ensure the process is as smooth as possible
  • Nesara still "on"; there had been "trial runs" to ensure successful implementations in near future
  • Earth has largely been in darkness for very long and her growth has been stunted by the Dark
  • Ashtar uses the analogy of being stuck in a Cosmic airport, watching the flight schedules change as the plane continues to circle in the air, waiting for the fog to clear. We are the lights/beacons on the runway and as our lights grow stronger, the plane will eventually be able to land even through the fog. The final approach and landing of the plane is "coming up"
  • The small still voice within is now turned up and yelling, and things are becoming clearer for us
  • Earth "very very recently" decided to slow her momentum so that more Souls could come onboard. Now, most Souls will ascend with Earth; you will have to intentionally try very hard not to ascend!
  • Lady Gaia/Earth is delaying her Ascension to full 5D out of her immense love and compassion for her children, although she very much needs to be free of her pain that she has suffered for too long; she has just barely made it into 1st level of 5D but isn't "there" yet
  • Evacuation and terra-forming can be done in a matter of hours, but will now be more gradual, so evacuation will no longer need to be classified as an Emergency, compared with situation in the 80s as per information given to Tuella
  • Earth no longer needs to be the Karmic Training School of the Cosmos
  • Last minute calibrations still on-going, giant planetoid ships around Earth to help her through this
  • This delay cannot be indefinite and she will accelerate her own Ascension again when it is "time"
  • Unification between inner and surface worlds will also now be delayed; this can only occur when the vibrational frequency on the surface is high enough
  • Ashtar extends gratitude and thanks to "ground crew" on behalf of all in the Cosmos
  • "Even the gods get impatient" so it's understandable how many were very disappointed over the silence after the 21st, also we were acting as surrogates for the rest of Humanity in the expression and release of these emotions
  • Only the original 144,000 could meet the strict requirements for survival on Earth millions of years ago when Sanat Kumara sent out clarion call via AA Gabriel the Heralder
  • We should pat ourselves on the back because we went on a "suicide mission" but we made it!
  • Cosmic rock-star parking for the massive number of ships around Earth, waiting for the Divine green light to go into "action" (it was 500,000 in the 80s but increasing quantumly in the last few years, it's now around 100 million and still accelerating rapidly)
  • Many Soul Contracts now being changed to join in this Ascension process, this is possible with the New Energies coming in
  • St Germaine pushed for changes to karmic requirement for volunteers 25,000 years ago, or we would have become stuck over the various lifetimes because the Draconians messed things up
  • 2012 was a sacred promise, but still, the exact date of Ascension isn't set in stone
  • We will need some time in the Rejuvenation chambers during the time of terra-forming
  • All of our missions are important; they add to the collective
  • Our Ascension together with Gaia is a "done deal" and cannot be stopped.

Gaia's message (some may find this emotional)
Gaia has so much love for her children that she has made the difficult decision to delay her own Ascension so that there's time for more Souls to join her. She likens it to a starving person behind a glass wall where she can see and smell the food on the banquet table at the other side, but is prevented from feasting by the glass. She has endured much, much pain over the eons at the hands of the Dark forces, but still forgives them for all the torture and abuse they heaped on her.

While it is Gaia's nature to love and care for all her beings, it is sometimes necessary for her to release through upheavals. Her various channels also allow such releases on a more subtle level. Her experience will help other planetary bodies going through similar events. She is also challenging more Souls to come aboard with her, but she cannot delay her own Ascension indefinitely as this pause is for a short while only.

She has been promised a cosmic face-lift and makeover, and she thanks those who volunteered to come to Earth to help her through this transition and make it to the Galactic Alignment.

Once the time arrives, Gaia will rapidly accelerate her Shift, pulling along those onboard with her into Paradise. She looks forward to the linking of both her surface and inner worlds. In response to Anne's question, Gaia commented that just as everything has been delayed, so too have Zaraya and Quasar's return to Hollow Earth. All things have been re-calibrated. Even though the New Energies have caused such delays, they have also been a sort of anaesthesia for Gaia and relieved much pain. This has also resulted in these inner realms having to re-evaluate their own measurements which in turn made it necessary to postpone the couple's return.

Landfill Harmonic - Turning Trash Into Sweet Music

This is such an incredibly inspiring video (about 3 minutes) that needs to publicised as much as possible. It's a teaser to an eponymous movie about how an orchestra was born in Paraguay, using instruments made from trash, giving rise to amazing opportunities for the youth to follow their musical passion. In this video, there's a remark that a violin costs more than the house, but the creative ingenuity of using materials from the landfill has ensured that the musically-inclined youth are not deprived from expressing their abilities.