13 January 2013

The "New-ness" of the New Age and Terra Nova

It's been three weeks into the New Age, and for me, it sometimes feels like Terra Nova in its literal sense. There is an almost imperceptible "new-ness" to this time, space and physicality, and it's so subtle that it's almost undetectable if we don't pause long enough. I cannot deny that much is still the same if we scan the landscape of our existence, but the whole point is that we need to look beyond this existence for clues or signs of new-ness.

I've been noticing that the birds that congregate outside my home have been very chatty since the past couple of weeks. They are singing new songs, and to my untrained ears, it sounds like the different species of birds are actually communicating with each other. There are times when I feel that they are trying to tell me something, but unfortunately I don't speak Bird!

I've also been hearing voices now and then. Like the birds, these voices are chatting, but it's so soft I can't make out anything. I don't even know if it's in a language I can understand. There's also been faint humming sounds, as if some vibrational frequencies are making themselves heard.

And what about the skies? I've been a cloud/sky-gazer ever since I was a small child because it gave me a sense of belonging and some degree of comfort. Since the last weeks of 2012, it seems to me that we are having such amazing cloud formations -- it's as if we are on a different planet altogether!

Although we are not quite "there" yet because Lady Gaia/Mother Earth has suspended her own Ascension for the sake of Humanity, we are still in a higher level of dimension because she's made it through the Galactic Alignment. Meanwhile, there is much activity while Cosmic and Divine Plans are being re-calibrated and adjusted to accommodate this pause as well as the Cosmic Glitch in the form of New Energy (go here for more details, and also this for possible scientific evidence), and therefore, this "new-ness".

I can't speak for anyone else, but I dare say that there are some of us who are finding themselves in a very strange situation as a result of the last-minute delay and the appearance of this New Energy. It's as if our contract has expired, but the job is still not completed. So while we wait for our new contracts to be drawn up, we find ourselves in this neither-here-nor-there state. It's new, strange and slightly unsettling, but not uncomfortable. As I mentioned earlier. we will be issued with our new missions once "they" sort out their own Cosmic Plans.

For whatever it's worth, I will admit to something that I've been mulling over since the Solstice. Again, this is my own personal experience, and not necessarily a Cosmic Truth. On the 22nd, I had such a strong feeling of what can only be described as Groundhog Day. I felt, deep within, that we've been in a time loop leading up to the 21st, and we/Earth actually failed to get through this alignment in previous "passes". A time loop was created for us to try again, and this time, we made it through the Galactic Alignment. I felt a very deep sense of deja vu on the 22nd, because to a certain degree, we didn't "make it" since Earth's full Ascension was delayed, but it was a success because she got through the alignment. I have a feeling that this New Energy coming in has helped us tremendously in being successful this time around.

There's still plenty to do while we await our new missions, and I'm sure many are already embarking on their own endeavours. As mentioned previously, I feel that we no longer need to anchor Light for our beloved Planet, she's very well-protected and nurtured now. However, we can continue to send her our love and gratitude for all that's she's done, and is doing, for us. She truly has made tremendous sacrifices in her role as our Mother all these eons, and she's doing it again by waiting for more to follow her into full Ascension.

We also need to focus on ourselves, bearing in mind that the delay is because Humanity's vibration is still collectively not high enough. So we will need to expand our own Light and allow it to intensify as much as it possibly can. We need to be able to "infect" others with Light, so they too can start to shine their own Light and therefore raise the collective vibrational frequencies.

Our own dreams are now becoming an integral part of our own progress. It's in our dreams that we may find our next steps, or receive information crucial to our own path. So now, more than ever before, pay attention to dreams. One technique to help recall dreams is to intent before we sleep, "I will recall and remember my dreams easily and effortlessly upon waking" or words to that effect. Choose what works for you.
There's a section in Anne DeHart's Hollow Earth Network that's called "It's All About Love". If you scroll down a bit, there's some articles about Love, based on the principle of Dr Emoto's famous work on water. Just like how we can "Orgonite" our home, we can also also turn it into a place of Love, just by using the deceptively simple yet powerful suggestions listed on that page. Doing this will further help us in our path.

I believe that it's now crucial to live like higher dimensional beings. We need to "Be", so that we can help manifest full consciousness and bring it online. Staying centred, aligning and integrating with our Divinity will greatly assist us in our days ahead. The Christ Consciousness has now taken root, and it's up to us as individuals to allow it to blossom within.

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