28 February 2013

A Grand Re-Mixing Is Underway...Hold On! It Will Get Better - Reshel and the Galactic Council of Light via Pat Crosby

Q: Why is everything so unsettled right now? Why can't we seem to make any plans that stick? It seems everything is constantly moving around. What's up?

In answer to this question, Reshel and the Galactic Council of Light enlightened us with news of what's taking place energetically with not just us on an individual and collective basis, but also our beloved Planet, all in the name of the Ascension Process.

These energies come not only from the Cosmos, but the Earth herself, including our Inner/Hollow Family. This process is being felt by ALL, and is affecting ALL. Activations are also taking place, resulting in a great mix of frequencies and vibrations..."waves-upon-waves impinging upon other waves-upon-waves".

We are also reminded that (Divine) Timing is everything, and to send our healing Love to our beloved Planet as she takes us along with her on the Ascension Train.

Please go here for the full message.

Developing Your Clairvoyance - Jim Self

As we step more and more into our higher/multi-dimensional shoes, we increasing learn to use our latent abilities which lay dormant while we were immersed in 3D existence. One of the many, many forms of these abilities (which I call High-D Magic!) is clairvoyance, and here is Jim Self telling us more about it:

Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly with your inner eye. Many people regard clairvoyance with some ambivalence: either they dismiss it as a clever “parlor trick,” developed from an ability to read subtle body language and facial expressions, or they view it with a measure of awe, as some “magical gift” that’s only attainable if you happen to be the seventh son of a seventh son, for example.
The fact is we are all clairvoyant. Recognizing and developing your intuitive abilities has many practical, down-to-earth uses in one’s life. In today’s culture, we have access to more information than ever before. Much of it is true for someone, but it may not be accurate for you. Understanding and utilizing your intuitive abilities to discern your truth from that which is not true for you lead to a greater awareness of your own internal skills and abilities.

Please continue to read.

Three Weeks Until The Equinox - Sandra Walter

Here is Sandra Walter's perspective on where we are along the Ascension path, and where we are likely heading. She highlights the next three weeks as being crucial as we choose our own direction for spiritual growth (or not, as the case may be); in fact, she has already observed these different timelines splintering. She also states that an alternate reality/platform has already been created, as per the Planet A/B scenario.

As the lower dimensional structures continue to collapse, we will see these effects within our own reality as they reflect our own imbalances within. When these structures crumble, so too must we release our own imbalances. Sandra equates this as:

Religious = Belief systems
Government = Control
Financial = Materialism

Sandra closes with a beautiful and moving sharing of her experience with Yeshua, who reveals to her his vision of an Ascended Gaia and Humanity. Please read the whole article here.

27 February 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update 26 February 2013

Sheldan continues to assure us that we are indeed heading in the right direction and that positive progress is being made, although taking longer than we would like. There are also a couple of other updates, but the one that made me sit up is what Sheldan writes about "Heaven is waiting for the last celestial sign to appear...". When Sheldan mentioned "celestial events" in earlier updates, I was very curious about what he was referring to. I can't help but feel that the Russian Asteroid, the "fireballs" across the globe (Japan, Brazil, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, US), even DA-14...could they be part of the "celestial events"?

I have also heard from a dear Soul who was informed that the pieces of asteroid (which was blasted by Zorra's ship) which fell to the surface carried with them vital frequencies and energies to infuse the very earth itself. These mega-energies are all part of the Divine Plan to assist our beloved Planet and Humanity to return to full consciousness once again.

Okay, back to Sheldan's update: we are reminded that our "liberated world" will only be for a short transition period before we would have to prepare for full consciousness, which is the real goal and reason for the Ascension process. There is much to prepare and learn when the time comes.

Here for the full update.

Metamorphosis...All is in a State of Flux - Message from the Angels via Tazjima


I can't help but take note that the theme of this post and the previous one (Nine Months Period by Denise Le Fay) has to do with a gestation process!

In this message, we are reminded to allow the release of all that no longer serves us. This is now more easily accomplished than before because of the frequencies and energies that are now infusing our beloved Planet. This process is aided (and guided) by our Higher Self, ensuring that the Ascension energies are being assimilated by our physical bodies.

Also addressed in this message is the dismay for some who find themselves dealing with Ascension symptoms which never seem to cease, as well as the "work" we are required to do, leading up to full Ascension. Yet, at the same time, to be aware of taking care of ourselves.

There's much more covered in the complete message.

The "Nine Months" Period - Denise Le Fay

This graph by Denise encapsulates the "gestation period" between the 2012 Solstice and the 2013 Equinox in September, where Humanity goes through a phase of development that ultimately decides the timeline for each individual, depending on how we "grow" during this 9-month period.

Full article here.

(Updated: Link added...!)

26 February 2013

Mary Rodwell and the Star Kids - Exopolitics UK 2010


This took place in 2010, but the information that Mary Rodwell gives in this video about the Star Kids is relevant to the changes that are taking place right now. The New Generation for New Earth is here! Some highlights from this 1:53 hour video:
  • Tracey Taylor relates her childhood which constituted regular trips onboard ships, how she felt alienated (!) from the human race, and how she was forced to cope with it; her eventual embracing of her true identity
  • Mary gives examples of these kids from the Himalayas, Mexico, China (Super Psychics), although they are born all over the world
  • Edgar Cayce's 5th Root Race, and the quantum leap in Human evolution
  • "Knowledge Bombs" (downloads) received by Star Kids
  • Accounts by these children about their encounters with ETs and time spent on ships
  • Description of the Cosmic Human "Homo Noeticus" (including ability to write universal language/symbols)
  • Mentions Boriska in Russia, who remembers past life in Mars
  • Children recalling the building of Pyramids (via levitation) and a "communication crystal" at the tip (which transmits and receives Cosmic data/frequencies/energies), as well as space ship under the Pyramid (mentioned in various sources, one of which is the Emerald Tablets by Thoth)
  • Whitney Streiber's account of being in "Secret School" which syllabus incldues quantum physics, time, spatial geometry, consciousness
  • Nature of Psychic Surgery, Toning and Sound Frequencies
  • Junk DNA (97%) of ET origin, upgradeable, possibly activated through Cosmic influences (we are at present going through our "upgrades" via DNA activation through Comic Light influences!)
  • Are these "downloads" the new software for the new operating system? (Yes!)
  • Suzanne Hansen reveals her ET encounters, including meeting her future son (you can watch Alfre Webre's interview with her here).

25 February 2013

A New Beginning - Lucy Pringle

Rock Lane near Corley UK www.cropcircleconnector.com

Here is Lucy Pringle's thoughts and experiences of the Crop Circle season of 2012. Join her as she shares this portion of her Life with some interesting insights into these beautiful Earth Writings, as I like to call them. As with any "serious" Crop Circle researcher, many of Lucy's encounters with these coded higher-dimensional creations attest to the healing energies and vibrations withing the circles.

Included in the article is an interesting "test" for Parkinson's sufferers and the effects of being in the Circles. There is also an account of someone who felt the strong energies of an Arthurian battle in the vicinity of a Circle.

Please read the article here.

24 February 2013

Ten Ways to Become More Conscious - Steve Pavlina

This is taken from in5d.

What does it mean to become more conscious? It is the progressive realization of conscious mastery over your mind.

The challenge is that it takes consciousness to grow consciousness. But you needn’t worry about this because you already have the seed. Think of it like fire. You have a flame, and you want to turn that flame into a huge blaze. How do you do it? You add fuel. The following list includes examples of how you can add fuel to your flame of consciousness to become a raging inferno of consciousness. Well, OK, the analogy sort of falls apart there, but you get the idea.

So here are 10 ways to raise your consciousness:  Please go here for the rest.

Zorra Update from Hollow Earth Network - 23 February 2013

Zorra had previously reported that it was an asteroid that hit Russia, and that his craft was reponsible for "dispensing" it, as instructed by the Creator (please go to Hollow Earth Network for the transcript - scroll down a little). Here are some highlights of the call, which had many calling in to express grateful thanks to Zorra for exploding the asteroid; Anne also has a summary on her website:
  • Peter points out to us how enormous the asteroid really is, as compared to the size of Zorra's craft - Zorra has revealed that it was twice the size of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs (Zorra's craft is about the length of the Titanic which was 270m/900 feet)
  • Zaraya explains how Zorra applied a force-field to break the asteroid up
  • "Pretty good indication" that GF is watching out for us! We are under their direct protection
  • This is an outward demonstration of Disclosure -- Zorra also informed us that the asteroid was allowed to come so close to Earth because we "had to see it"
  • Zorra recounts how he was alerted by the Creator to disperse the asteroid by using a force-field
  • Asteroid was 150 miles in diameter and therefore had to be destroyed! Planet would have been knocked off her axis, totally annihilating many part of the world
  • Other near-Earth objects will also be dispensed with by many other crafts (is this part of the "Celestial Events" that are  being spoken of by some channels?)
  • Zorra advises us to ask our own awakening questions by going within to connect with our Higher Self
  • Consciousness Cubicles (called Ascension/Light Chambers by Sheldan Nidle) will help us move into full consciousness, but we can also do it on our own
  • We don't need breathing devices to breathe underwater in 5D; we can do this gradually now in stages without fear by activating our aquatic ability
  • New Pope will be more enlightened, and also be candidate for Disclosure
  • When we get close to full consciousness, we will have no fear, know and see all, immune to dis-ease, radiating 100% harmony and Love, immortal
  • Leaks at Denver nuclear storage tanks - to petition Argathans for assistance
  • Concentrate on our Ascension, rather than doing "research and analysis" that may expose us to lower vibrations or dis/misinformation
  • Earth was an experiment of living on the surface, this has now ended and it's now time to move on
  • Peter clarifies some confusion about poles (monopolar/bipolar) (Sheldan Nidle has spoken about our Earth moving into unipolar/monopolar existence, where the poles "unite" and become toroid in nature)
  • Zorra delivers Healing Pulse at 1:24:30 hour mark, followed by testimonials
  • Zorra reads excerpt about a healer using a healer rod, and explains more about its use
  • How Moses used a power rod, also experiments currently that are being successfully carried out to "part" water.

"Survival Paradigm" Has Dissolved - Gaia Portal 23 February 2013

Look how far we've come! Say bye to the 3D world, send it thanks, blessings and Love. We learnt a lot, but it's now time to grow up and move on to better things :)  Latest from Gaia Portal, also reproduced here:

The paradigm of “survival” has dissolved. Cosmic Light energies sufficiently permeating all levels of Gaia realms, including the 3D visible, have removed any remaining support structures for this paradigm. 

3D human individual attempts to continue what was previously supported by “survival paradigm” will fall short. 

Current Gaia Higher D grid structures support 5D “Thrive Paradigm” only.

23 February 2013

X-Files of Soviet Defense Ministry Exposed


I first read this in UFO Sightings Hotspot, but I will also direct you to the actual source at Pravda.ru (in Russian) as well as the English translation.

This is a very encouraging report as far as Disclosure goes, because some senior officials are speaking openly about ET encounters. Also the topic of extraterrestrial presence is still a "closed" topic in Russia, these officials are committed to bringing this out to the public because they believe that Russia has a pivotal role to play in the global field in the not-too-distant future.

The article also highlights the point that our Star Family (I used this term to also include our Inner/Hollow Earth Family) has been keeping a watchful eye out for us, preventing us from totally annihilating ourselves (and in particular, Mother Earth) or even protecting us from potential calamity (as in the recent case of the meteor/asteroid in Russia, to quote just one out of many other incidents throughout the decades).

Although my mantra for our Ascension has always been "Raise our vibrations" (we need help, but also must do our part to help ourselves first), I believe with equal fervour that Disclosure must take place in order to provide the undeniable jolt to awaken the masses and put an end to all the insanity and suffering going on, once and for all. This very moment, if possible :) 

22 February 2013

"Body of Hue-manity" Formation Nears Completion

Wow...sounds like our own internal stargates are being assembled and activated! Please go here for Gaia Portal's update, which is also reproduced below:

“Body of Hue-manity” formation nears completion. “Awakened to Higher Purpose” Hue-Beings have listened to the Higher instructions and acted in concert as a Rainbow Collective. 
Smaller Hue-Groups have come together, and these are also assembled into wider collectives, a Rainbow Craft. These are what some call “Ships”.

These Ships follow Inner Guides, and are Intra- and Inter-Galactic. As Hue-manity awakens to Intra- and Inter-Galactic Higher identity, Intra- and Inter-Galactic travel occurs readily. 

Those desiring multi-dimensional (including 3D-visible) craft will also find those desires fulfilled.

21 February 2013

Disclosure...The Game-Changer


With the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure not too far away, the documentary "Sirius" slated to premiere fairly soon, and my own sighting of a cluster of ships recently, I find myself wanting to write about this thorny issue yet again. All this against the infamous backdrop of expectations that did not materialise in the way we would have liked, that is, full and proper official Disclosure as opposed to just sightings in the sky (which have increased exponentially in the past year) and the odd contactee here and there.

I say "we" because I know I share this wish with many, many others.

And I say "thorny issue" because I also know that there are also many, many others who do not share this wish.

So why do I have an underlying drive to see official Disclosure taking place right this very moment, if possible?

I will use an analogy. Imagine a scenario where a child is brought up by adoptive parents who aren't exactly the nicest people on the block. The child's background is relatively unknown, and the adoptive parents never discuss it with the child. In fact, they don't even talk about it and instead convinces the child that it's not important. The child grows up, fully immersed in his adoptive circumstances and totally unaware of his biological family.

Until one day, someone tracks him down, eventually leading to the revelation (to cut a potentially long-winded story short) that the child was actually kidnapped when he was just a baby and sold to the adopted parents. And what's more, his biological family is virtually royalty! He was returned to his real family, and lived happily ever after...

Okay, I'm not Tolkien but you know what I mean :)

And this, for me, is the raison d'etre for Disclosure. Yes, all the issues related to Disclosure are very important – free energy, health devices, eradication of poverty and suffering, clearing and cleaning up pollution, healing our Planet and her resources, etc...each and every one is essentially crucial for us to move ahead fairly quickly within a reasonably short period of time.

However, my reason is simply this -- the Galactic races seeded the Earth Humans. We share the same DNA, they are family -- not just adopted but biological family. Our original Divine Blueprint makes these benevolent Higher Beings our Star Family, although we have been tampered with by the malevolent ones (sigh...). Unfortunately, we have been growing up with "adopted parents" who have favoured the Dark more than Light, and have methodically denied us our true heritage by keeping us limited and ignorant. The time for us to know our true history as Earth Humans is long overdue. The Galactic races are the missing link in human history and we need to be told the whole truth about our ancient ancestry.

We can handle it, all of it, the good, bad and ugly. 

Another equally important reason, as far as I'm concerned, is the other pink elephant in the room: our sub-terranean brethren, who are also Higher Beings. I find it ludicrously ridiculous that we on the surface have been kept in the dark about our Family in Inner/Hollow Earth! One planet, two separated civilisations! Just like our Star Family, they too have been waiting forever for us to get to a place of higher consciousness so that they can emerge and be with us. Imagine...we share the same planet and yet the knowledge about their existence has been withheld from us for so long. Isn't it time for this charade to end, too?

We are not alone, and indeed, we never have been. We have been programmed to believe that we are the only ones who exist in this great, vast Universe...when all the while, our true families have been biding time, waiting for us to grow up spiritually.

Well, we've been doing a lot of growing up spiritually over the past decade or two. Our development has been amazing, despite the blockages and programming that were built into our personal and collective systems. 

We are ready. We cannot continue to live in isolation from the rest of our family in the Galaxy, or be separated from our sub-terranean brethren. The time for a great Family Reunion is now.

Arcturian Lightship and the True End of 2012 - Almine

Arcturian Lightship http://diary.spiritualjourneys.com/arcturian-lightship/

Almine explains why time seems to have come to a sort of stand-still since the 2012 Solstice, and addresses the potential of February 2013 as well as the meteor in Russia (actually, it could even have been an asteroid, and there have been many other "meteor" incidents elsewhere globally). She also alludes to the fact that Galactic intervention was involved in the trajectory of Asteroid DA14.

Almine also gives additional information about further involvement of the Arcturians that directly impact Humanity and Earth.

Please go here for the article; it is accompanied by a 7:30 minute audio detailing the above. The image on this post is from this article -- it is an Arcturian Lightship.

20 February 2013

Solara's Surf Report - February 2013

Solara's Surf report for February (free version) is now available at her website. However, since it "disappears" each time a new one is posted, I will also reproduce it here for archive purposes.


February has a strong sense of emergence. This is the emergence of our greatly altered inner core being into a greatly expanded, new outer landscape. Our focus now moves from the inner to the outer. We are bringing WHO WE ARE NOW out into the outer world. THE SACRED PAUSE IS NOW OFFICIALLY OVER and we are taking our first steps out into our wondrous New Landscape. And we are doing this as True Ones!

Some of us are still living in the old fairy tale. This is not our True Story and it is not our New Story. It's not that our Old Stories or old fairy tales are bad stories; it's just that they are stories that have expired.

When we live in the expired fairy tale of our old mythology, we are continually influenced by the unconscious emotional residue which is embedded within our old mythology. When this old emotional residue comes up, it triggers very expired emotional responses that need to be immediately discarded, for they are not WHO WE ARE NOW.

We also need to be constantly aware if we are in our old fairy tale or living our True Story. Our old mythology binds us to the past. It keeps us from fully inhabiting the HERE and NOW. 

Our collective mythology reinforces these illusions. Sisyphus always has to continually roll an immense boulder up the mountain, only to helplessly watch it roll back down. Romeo and Juliet had a great love that ended in their mutual deaths. Isis and Osiris were separated when he chose to go to the Underground. For much of our passage through duality, these, and many other stories illustrated the archetypes that influenced our beliefs in what was possible. 

Our old mythology constantly trips us up when we try to step into the New Landscape. We fall over our swords or get tangled up in our capes or our crown slips down over our eyes and covers up our vision. And although others around us might continue to reinforce our old fairy tales, we are the ones who keep it alive. And we are the only ones who can decide to step out of them.

We have an unprecedented opportunity this year to completely recreate ourselves and to reinvent our lives by moving them onto a truer track. This is why it is essential that we release our old mythology as soon as possible. We don't need to create a new mythology; we simply write our True Eternal Story with the pure essence of WHO WE ARE. This New Story comes directly from our heart. And that is how we manifest our Wildest Dreams and much, much more!

In the New Landscape, a constant flipping over is taking place. Because of this, nothing is able to stay in a fixed position for very long. We perceive that everything is going well and then the next moment, nothing works out. We make plans for our future and then they fall apart. We assume that people like us and then it seems like nobody likes us. As soon as we think that we know how things are now, we discover that this is not how things are. This makes it impossible to anchor our beings in any kind of stationary position, simply because there is no stationary or permanent position at this point in time for us to cling onto.

Our first steps in the New Landscape may feel as if we are on a wild roller coaster ride with lots of unexpected changes, going steeply upwards and then zooming downwards and then flipped upside-down. Suddenly, our roller coasters come to a stop and then starts going what seems like backwards! Only it's not backwards, but a reverse forward. This wild roller coaster is a bit too thrilling at times, but also sort of fun. 

February is short, but extremely potent and fast paced. This month brings us a series of Green Lights and "Off the Map" wondrous opportunities so we can move forward in new unique ways. All month, there will be much forward movement at a comfortable high speed.

Unravelling the Updates - Sheldan Nidle Webinar 14 February 2013

This free webinar which Sheldan held recently is now available on Youtube. Here are some  highlights:
  •  Sheldan explains the meaning of the Ummac Dan and gives a short account of how he moved into this path of bringing messages and information to the masses
  • He describes his visits to the Sirian ship and his interactions with his mentor, Washta
  • How he receives the weekly message -- dictation from a committee of 20 from First Contact team and three Ascended Masters, and how these words contain codings and activations
  • His ethereal and physical implants allow him access to the Ship all the time
  • Announcements involve financial, health and technological corrections
  • "Disclosure" is official statement by new governance about Galactic presence, followed by mass landings (First Contact)
  • Ascended Masters are "sacred Avatars"
  • Governments will become civilian authorities as opposed to military
  • Nesara is remedy for 90 years of financial fraud; new systems are ready to go online
  • First Contact is turning point in Human History, we are becoming  fully conscious beings, Mother Earth returning to her pristine monopolar Self
  • Annunaki has been "overseers" of Earth for past 13,000 years, it's now time to unite with our Galactic and our Inner/Hollow Earth families
  • Updates create positive attitudes to manifest these changes expeditiously
  • We go to Agartha or back to Ships (depending on our Soul Contract or as Zorra of Hollow Earth says, as identified via our DNA) for our transition to full consciousness; EVERYONE goes, NO ONE gets left behind when Earth goes through her changes
  • Sheldan advises the "gentle" approach when informing our family and friends about what's going on, and what's about to happen to prevent overwhelming them; Colleen says "just stretch the envelope" little by little.
Here for the video.

19 February 2013

The Space Ship Link to Meteor Explosion in Russia

**Update 13 April 2013: I posted this under "Sky Watching" but didn't think to include it here until now. See UFO Destroys Meteor Over Japan?

**Update 24 February 2013: Zorra has confirmed that he was instructed by the Creator to deal with this! See this post.

Although more than 1000 people were injured when the 15-metre 10,000-ton meteor travelling at 60,000km/h exploded over Russia, there were no deaths reported, as far as I know at the time of writing. If we look at those figures again, it is truly a miracle that the meteor did not wreak more havoc.

When I first saw the video of the meteor exploding, I found that rather odd because meteors don't just "explode", as far as I'm aware (please correct me if I'm wrong). I remember telling myself to watch the developing news as I felt strongly that there was Galactic intervention involved. A couple of days later, some videos surfaced which showed a UFO streaking past next to the meteor (Amazing UFO Attacked the Meteorite...) -- the footage is both amazing and humbling.
(**I have corrected the title of the video)

Today, I saw this post on Golden Age of Gaia, where Stephen Cook reports that Ashira confirmed that, indeed, our Galactic Family had minimised the potentially catastrophic threat of a meteor that size and weight, travelling at high speed. And this is not the first time that such an intervention has occurred, as Stephen points out in this other post.

Disclosure?...Should have happened years ago...

Indigo Revolution - Matias de Stefano

Council of Elohims - goddesslight.wordpress.com

I found my notes relating to this video which I viewed some time ago, and since I didn't post it then, I'll do it now :)

Matias de Stefano gives a 2:36 hours seminar titled "Future Expectations and Needs". Yes, it's really long, but he is a very interesting speaker with a lot of important information (from what I can remember!). He was born "intact", that is to say, he was allowed to retain his memory and has total recall and ability to tap into Cosmic Knowledge. As a multi-dimensional Indigo, his mission here is to help Humanity through this Ascension process.

Some of the information pertains to 2012, and although that window is now behind us, the information is still valid (again, from what I can remember!).

Some of the highlights in this seminar include:
  • Purpose of reincarnation and role of spiritual evolution
  • The different dimensional levels and the types of Beings within each one
  • How the current human species received a jump-start in evolution
  • Fall and rise of consciousness
  • 2012 and how it affects the whole Cosmos
  • Indigo Ray on Earth, Indigo Souls and the transformation that follows
  • Types of Soular vibrations
  • Education and its applications to daily living
  • New Age of Aquarius.
 Here for the video.

Golden Gifts Sent to Tsunami-Hit Japan Port

The people of Ishinomaki, a fishing port that was devastated by the 2011 tsunami, have seen a turnaround in their fortune.

This is for real -- BBC covered this story, which you can read here. 

Are we seeing the initial roll-out of the Abundance programs?
Is this an obvious "sign" to signal the start of more to come?

Matthew's Message via Suzy Ward - February 2013

“Prana” by Luminaya • www.luminaya.com

This is the list of topics covered in Matthew's latest message:

Power, responsibility for world changes; Pope Benedict’s resignation; Vatican history; North Korea’s nuclear test; cost of war, random violence; employment, productivity transition to peace; status of women and gays; seven decades of progress.

17 February 2013

Incoming Cosmics Encourage Love of Higher Self - Gaia Portal 16 February 2013

Our connection, then integration, with our Higher Self/Divinity is ultimately the key process of our Ascension. It is the return to our Divine Human Angel blueprint, back to Who We Really Are. Here is the update from Gaia Portal:

Incoming Cosmics encourage and support love of Self, meaning, Higher Self. Those aligned with with path to Higher Self find peace with these Cosmics, as they release all “need” concepts. 

Higher Self aligns with “Peace in Solitude”, and not with the now-dissolved “I need companionship” paradigm of common society.

“Cosmics” are held in distinction to “Solars”, “Gaias”, and refer to Cosmic influences, not specified the type or form.

Hue-manity needs not further explanation of these concepts, although humanity (small “h”) is always welcome to ask questions. All will be answered.

16 February 2013

Angel Cloud

This picture, although beautiful, does not fully do justice to the actual Angel Cloud.

Just a few days ago, while being driven somewhere (I'm usually the driver, so I don't get the opportunity to look up much when I'm on the road) I sky-gazed, as is my tendency whenever the sky is in view. I saw this magnificent and glorious Angel Cloud against the wispy-blue sky -- it was huge!

Hope you like it :)

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey - 15 February 2013

It's been a while since I last posted anything from SaLuSa; I felt moved to post this one.

SaLuSa assures us that much progress is being made, even if it doesn't appear to be so externally. He also speaks about what the near-future means of transportation would be like, with no sea vessels so that the seas are allowed to renew and rejuvenate.

Disclosure is now being approached form many other angles, which include the possibility of the Galactics taking over this role (this is the third consecutive message I've posted about Disclosure!).

Truth is the way of the higher dimensions, and we are being encouraged to practice it at all times. Be kind and compassionate to those who fall into darkness, for we have walked that path before.

Please read the whole message here.

15 February 2013

Restlessness...Due to Significant Alterations in DNA Coding - Gaia Portal 15 February 2013

I just posted the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, and then came across this...synchronicity!

The latest from Gaia Portal says:

Restlessness may be a characteristic of current sensations in the 3D body. Specific changes and upgrades to DNA familial patterns requires significant alterations in DNA coding.
These DNA upgrades allow ease of transition out of 3D dysfunctional familial patterns and into Galactic family connections. Such upgrades are necessary for full disclosure process to proceed.

CItizen Hearing on Disclosure April 29 - May 3, 2013

Okay, let's mark our calendars (or file it in our over-crowded heads). Go here for the video, or here for their website.

"If Congress won't do its job, the people will." Just 10 weeks away...

Recalibration - Lisa Renee February 2013

Continuing from last month's update about our embodiment of the Krystal energies (we are stepping into Christ Consciousness existence), Lisa Renee explains further about our planetary as well as our own transitions, and how all this falls into the bigger flow of Universal "upgrades". The information covers the following:
  • Collapse of the time-space constructs and how their effects will require the Planet (via the Krystal Star Spires network) and us (through deep cellular changes) to recalibrate 
  • Further collapse of old paradigm continues while more truths surface, paving the way for the New -- death/birth cycles occurring simultaneously
  • Our feeling of "nothingness" represent these deep cellular changes, and should not be feared (we have completed the "emptying of garbage" process!)
  • This recalibration also brings us back into alignment within, allowing the inner alchemy of the Trinity of Energies that leads to our "resurrection" and return to the Unity of God Source .This is possible for the first time ever, brought about by the Solstice 2012 events
  • Trinity: Vital Essence (Jing), Breath-Life Force (Qi), God Spirit (Shen)
  • Focusing on Unity is essential to balance and unify these energies, which also requires removing blockages and repairing energy leaks
  • Giving Spirit full control over all aspects of our multi-dimensional bodies will allow full internal alchemy and spiritual liberalisation
  • Being self-aware leads to being conscious of our Original God Spirit/Monad (as opposed to "parasites" or "hijackers")
  • Body part matrices becoming connected to the God Spirit
  • The Elements (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Ether) are also transmuting in relation to our Body Organ Souls - Lisa details these relationships, how imbalance occurs and the steps being taken to return them to balance **I personally feel that this portion is very important to our understanding
  • The gender schism that led to the 4 distorted grids.

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14 February 2013

Sacred Contract : How Can You Identify What Your Sacred Contract Is With Someone - Caroline Myss

Since this came via my Inbox, I'll reproduce it here in its entirety:

Facebook entry # 4: 
How Can You Identity What Your Sacred Contract Is With Someone?


As I am sure you can appreciate, this is a question I have been asked countless times and with good reason. One of the central reasons why you pursue the study of Sacred Contracts is to develop your own intuitive instincts to such a degree of inner precision that you are able to sense a certain impersonal quality radiating from a person alerting you that this relationship is meant to be significant. Note that the operative words in that sentence are impersonal and significant.

A guiding principle of wisdom that operates in this Universe is that life and all dynamics connecting to life: Birth, death, sexual attraction, mating, pregnancy, aggression, and so on - are not personal. These experiences and human energies are a part of the design of the human species. We were all born - the obvious - and we will all die - the inevitable. Again, there is nothing personal about the fact (and it is a fact) that we are a part of the cycle of birth and death. Our own experience of our individual birth and death, however, is and will be (meaning our inevitable death), extremely personal. The impersonal and the personal interact constantly in the dynamic of life: The symbolic with the literal, our myths with our actual life, and the macro with the micro. There is nothing personal about the realm of symbols, myths and the cosmos; however, the myths and symbols that we personally lock into feel like ours alone. The entire cosmos is populated by myths of various gods, all representing the human need to believe in a power much greater than the limited power and very mortal existence of human life. This need is universal, but people select their personal myth of god to hang on to while they go through life. This truth is the essence of the great teaching of Buddha: All is an illusion. In one lifetime, a person is a Christian. In another lifetime, that same soul is a Buddhist, and in yet another lifetime, that soul is an Inuit. What a folly to be loyal to myths as if they were truths. What is a truth is that we all need a personal myth in order to make us feel as if the universal Divine force is personal to only people just like us.

And this same truth of the impersonal applies to our Sacred Contracts. All of our Sacred Contracts are impersonal, though we experience each one as deeply personal. You may have a Contract in this lifetime to be in the healing arts in some way. There is nothing whatsoever about being drawn to the healing arts. Millions of souls incarnate with a Contract to serve humanity through the healing arts. Such a Contract becomes personal as you awaken to it. The choices you make animate or bring magnetism to your Contracts. Sacred Contracts are pure potential pulsating in your soul. You can sense them stirring in you during those conversations when ideas get tossed around, but one of them sends vibrations rushing through your entire body, as if it connected to wires already in place just waiting for you to initiate action. You can sense a Contract rising from your gut the instant you connect with a person who offers you the potential of creating something new that requires you - specifically. That something new can be anything from a new project to a new personal relationship. The ingredients to note are that something new is being presented that is specific to you and that something new represents a cycle of change. Entering into a new cycle of change is, again, something entirely impersonal. This happens all the time. When it happens to you, however, it is deeply personal. And when you are the person initiating such a cycle in another person's life and visa versa, a Sacred Contract is involved.

It is tempting to think that our Sacred Contracts are like planned encounters with destiny that assure us of romance, love, and endless wonderful life experiences. Not only is that incorrect but since when has life ever been like that? So don't even bother imagining that such a Sacred Contract exists, as it doesn't. Fantasizing is not allowed when it comes to learning something spiritually significant. Sacred Contracts are the opportunities dotted across your life path that are held in potential (like an escrow account) just for you. You animate or activate them by initiating action in response to the signals that a Contract's energy field sets off. I described some of these is the previous paragraph. I also mentioned the more you understand the impersonal nature of Sacred Contracts, the better positioned you are to recognize that a relationship or an opportunity is, in fact, a Contract and not just an emotional whimsy or a momentary enchantment. I discussed the nature of impersonal a bit so now let me turn to what I mean by understanding that a relationship or a situation holds significance for your soul, as soul depth is the target of a Sacred Contract.

A Sacred Contract with someone or with an opportunity in your life holds significance for your soul and therefore for your life. By that I mean that a bond you share with an individual or a potential experience that is either offered to you or that is inevitable in your life will result in significantly providing a path of transformation for you. That relationship may be with a family member who had a particular influence upon you in either a positive or negative way, more so than other family members. Or perhaps a teacher who said one thing that stuck with you as the core motivational voice in you and again that one phrase could have been the most inspiring words ever spoken to you or the most humiliating. Contracts are not measured in the length of time you know someone but in the "depth of time". But in some cases, in fact in many, you do have Contracts that involve years of your life. You may be bound to a person through deep love for a lifetime. Sometimes the type of love two people experience almost seems to evaporate and yet they cannot seem to part with each other. Sacred Contracts are not logical - they are mystical and they are mysterious.

By significance, I am referring to the fact that they bring out in us strengths and weaknesses that no other relationships or situations could draw from us. They make us develop the best of ourselves and they make us witness the worst of ourselves. This is the meaning of true significance and transformation. Conflicts that arise in relationships in which we have a Contract are ultimately not resolved until we examine how negative we became in that relationship. Sacred Contracts are significant because they position us to encounter ourselves through the people we have agreed to meet in some mysterious way prior to incarnating. And they have agreed to meet us for the same reasons. We often say that we are in this life to learn, but what is it we are here to learn? We are here to learn that every choice we make has consequences and that we are as capable of making loving choices as we are of making dark and hurtful ones. That's why we have Contracts with difficult relationships. We are as significant to them as they are to us. Just as we have visceral reactions to the certain people we meet - alerting us to the possibility that we may be encountering a person of significance - they, too, are sensing a similar response to us. Do we always act on these Contracts? No, we don't. But that's a subject for the next Facebook entry. I think this is enough to think about.

I will leave you with this thought again: Your Sacred Contracts are mystical and mysterious agreements that exist as potential power in your soul. You know the feeling of an opportunity offered to you and you also know the feeling of passing an opportunity by. Your soul is an active agent in your life, not a passive one. It is your central creative force. What could possibly be more valuable to you than to know how to recognize the Contracts pulsating in your soul?

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Vibrational Alignment - Abraham via Esther Hicks

When you find vibrational alignment with You, you personally thrive. You feel good; you look good; you have stamina; you have energy; you have balance; you have clarity; you have wit; you have abundance of all things that you consider to be good. You thrive in all ways when you come into Energy Balance with You. Vibrational Relativity - that's what it's all about.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Sunday, May 1st, 2005 # 716

13 February 2013

February Light, Love and Clarity - Sandra Walter

Cover of Ascension - Accessing the Fifth Dimension by Elizabeth Joyce

Sandra Walter delivers this update that explains where we are in relation to our Ascension process, and what we may be experiencing as we trade our old reality (illusion) for the new (authentic). She also covers what's going on with our physical bodies, including some symptoms that accompany our own heightened frequencies (I definitely can relate to the "sharp poking sensations or pressure to the skull" part...not fun...). At the same time, she also stresses that we are integrating the higher dimensional qualities that may find us becoming more aware of our multi-dimensional existence as well as our expressions of higher consciousness.

Please go here for the full article.

Impeccable Intention and Our Capacity to Manifest - Inelia Benz

With the vibrational frequencies rising, and third-dimensional constructs and solidity dissolving, the buffer/gap between thought/intention and manifestation continues to reduce. All throughout our Awakening, we have been guided to get clear with our thoughts and intentions because the manifestation would be quicker with the accelerating vibrations.

Now, in the midst of our Ascension process, our role is to become conscious creators with impeccability. And how do we do that? Inelia gives us a checklist to help us manifest our reality from a place of love, as opposed to fear.

Sheldan Nidle Update - 12 February 2013

One of the things mentioned in Sheldan's latest message from the Galactics and Ascended Masters that made me read it again is the "personnel replacement project"; this was also present in last week's update. I would have appreciated more details than just a hint!

Also mentioned in this update is our personal Medical Team, which Sheldan sometimes brings up in his webinars. There is much activity in preparation for our transition to full consciousness. Also busy are our Inner/Hollow Earth brethren, who are anxious to reveal our true ancestry to us as well as uniting the two worlds (surface and sub-terranean). Here, I will make the observation that the subject of the advanced civilisations below Earth's surface is something that is "missed" by other sources. It would seem that Sheldan's information and those from Zorra of Hollow Earth are the two that actually share many common themes.

This message also stresses once again that the role of the Higher Beings is one of mentoring and guidance, not governance. They are stepping in only to liberate us from a prison-consciousness, and making this possible in a short period of time as opposed to taking a couple of generations. This is a Divinely-decreed intervention that makes a quantum shift in consciousness possible.

We are also informed that the blessed celestial events that would officially signal the expiry of the Dark agreement is almost upon us. This is a very positive update, so please read the complete update here.

12 February 2013

You Are Free - Paradise - Gisele Frederich


This short 1:38 minute video reminds us that paradise and true freedom are birthed from within, and knowing Who We Truly Are. Gisele distills some Greater Truths here in small, digestible bits, some of which are:
  • Paradise...(is) something that we find within us
  • You are Source Energy in a physical body
  • Your Heart is waking up to the infinite bliss and Love that is YOU.

11 February 2013

Power of Creation - Cobra, Portal 2012

If we remember that we are gods and goddesses (little 'g') who have forgotten Who We Really Are, and are in the midst of claiming that knowledge in this Ascension process, then we can understand perfectly this update from Cobra.

It's time we call for our full Ascension, it's time we state categorically that we are ready to step into our own Mastery, it's time for us to be Who We Really Are, once again.

Let's do this, together!

10 February 2013

Zorra's Update via Zaraya - Hollow Earth Network 9 February 2013

Anne DeHart has an extensive summary of this latest update from Zorra, please scroll down the page until you get to the required section. I'm also adding some highlights of my own below. However, before that, just a note of interest -- in the call, Peter mentioned an armada of ships which he observed. I also had the great delight to see a sighting just last night. My daughter spotted a group of orange lights in the night sky, they were hovering, some disappearing and appearing again, sometimes moving around. A jet (presumably military) appeared some time later, went near one which then disappeared. The jet turned around and went back from where it came, after which the object re-appeared. Such a great sighting! Thank you, my Star Family :)

  • The major plans that Zorra have told us pre-Solstice 2012 are still in place!
  • We need to stay on our own path and focus on our own Ascension process
  • "puzzle will have a few missing pieces" if we are trying to put them together by going from one source to another for information
  • (Zorra talked about more birds being present, and this is one thing I did write about in a previous post. also I would like to mention the sky-scape that looks like we've moved into another dimension/space!)
  • Meditation will help us be in a higher state of consciousness, and we will become more aware of the changes
  • Quasar recommends watching The Living Matrix
  • Feeling, rather than visualisation, is key when we are doing healing in our meditation
  • All heads of nations have been told what Obama has been told, so may not be contingent on Obama to disclose because it looks like he's still fearing for his family's safety
  • Openings are being created in the ice regions in North Pole to allow greater access to Hollow Earth
  • Zorra's advice on how to heal bipolar by just using our hands and our own healing power (each hand on each temple, and one hand behind chest with the other hand at the front, in order to align the cells).

09 February 2013

Upsurges Are Noted - Gaia Portal 8 February 2013


During my meditation yesterday, I saw a spiral of energy. That in itself wasn't very unusual but this time I was drawn to the counter-clockwise movement of the spiral. I remember being a little surprised because I have always assumed it was clockwise. This update from Gaia Portal mentions this counter-clockwise spiral, so at least I know I wasn't just making it up :)  The update comfirms that we are  making good progress towards full Ascension!

We have observed an upsurge in 4D-5D activity over the past 3 hours, beginning at 1900 UTC. At this moment, the upsurge appears to continue. 

Energetics of Gaia are re-forming around this upsurge, and will plateau at a much Higher and more refined energy level. 

Those who have adapted to multi-dimensional understandings will align rapidly with this Higher level. While retaining integrity (unity) with all so-called “lower” levels.
Upsurge appears visually to the ÉirePort team as a spiral projecting upward, counter
clockwise rotation when viewed from “above” (although this is strictly energetic, without 3D counterpart). 

This report is offered as information only, and does not include predictives.

08 February 2013

A Call To All Beings Of Light - The Academy of Remembrance


A beautiful invocation that covers everything (as far as I know) we need for our own as well as Planetary Ascension, and just 4-minutes!

Nothing more for me to say, this says it all. Watch the video here.

Sheldan Nidle - First Contact Needs to be Human

Star Trek First Contact

This is an excerpt from Webinar 33 "Galactic Federation Members". In view of the upcoming events (!) this 5-minute clip has been made public to help disseminate urgent and critical information. Titled "First Contact Needs to be Human", Sheldan tells us that the GF will ensure that only beings who look like us will be involved in the initial stages of Contact, due to our overwhelming xenophobia and ingrained prejudices (sigh...).

Sheldan recounts an incident where hysteria erupted when a highly-advanced 8-foot Praying Mantis appeared, and this has demonstrated that we are not ready for those who are not like us.

Watch the video here -- the webinar itself was really good, too! It's available for download at the PAO site.

**Can I wish for a Vulcan First Contact?...Live long and proper :)

06 February 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update - 5 February 2013

"We return and bring with us Good News! The time for the grand moment is arriving!"

With that sort of announcement at the start of the update, it definitely sets the tone for what follows. Plenty of good news for sure, although it made me feel that Sheldan virtually stopped short of revealing crucial information that may not yet be time for public consumption.

Some relevant points:
  • We are at the tail-end of this "waiting game" prior to positive events unfolding
  • Global debt forgiveness is the way out of the financial quagmire
  • Legal means to oust the remaining Cabal
  • (Is Sheldan referring to clones when he talks about "life-and-light surrogates"?)
  • Transparent new governance that guarantees our sovereignty and welfare
  • Changes have been delayed by Heaven, but they will unfold rapidly once they commence
  • Upcoming natural celestial events will signal the end of the Dark control, as sacredly agreed with the Anunnaki 13,000 years ago
  • Agarthans to play active role when changes occur
  • We will learn the truth about religions
Here for the full update.

Cobra Interview on ET First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst


Cobra offers his updates on the positive progress being made by the Light forces, and shares his opinions on what we as Lightworkers can do to help bring about the massive changes that waiting at the wings, ready to come online once everything is in place. It's an interesting and informative 55 minutes.

Here are the highlights:
  • The Event will only happen after all etheric Archon influences have been removed
  • Ships poised to decloak when the time comes (this echoes what Zorra from Hollow Earth Network has informed us)
  • No dates to be given as to "when" things unfold, this is to prevent Lightworkers being distracted from doing their work
  • Meditate, spread Light/information, form groups to offer support for each other as well as to provide ground infrastructure during the transition from the Old to New
  • Avoid being judgmental (discord is rife amongst Lightworkers due to Archon influence)
  • Harmony is pre-requisite so that a "space" can be created for Galactics to come in energetically
  • Forgiveness comes from inner power
  • Second half of February intense.