31 March 2013

The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJasKa via Wes Annac

This is a series brought through by Wes Annac based on information given to him via SanJasKa from the GF. There have been three so far, with the fourth coming out soon.

Part 1:
Introduction to the GF; Military state conditions and a potentially-overwhelmed population prevent them from being here.

Part 2:
The GF's crafts; Reverse-engineered technology and the lowered vibrations of these products; How these negative energy affects us; The GF's continuing efforts to communicate; Getting past lower dimensional barriers.

Part 3:

Technology that has been hidden from Humanity by the Dark as well as their attempts to prevent Disclosure from being a reality. In light of all that has occurred in the past, we are being encouraged to forgive them when more truths surface. Forgiveness allows us to stay out of despair when the illusions dissolve.

Part 4
Part 5 (Conclusion) 

Judy Satori Spring Equinox Interview - ET First Contact Radio, Maarten Horst

I've just listened to this (rather late!). In this interview with Maarten Horst, Judy Satori brings a message and activations from the Galactic Federation for the March Equinox. She transmits these codes using Light Language; here are some highlights:
  • Attunement of our pineal gland (this is our crystal "antenna") to allow telepathic downloads from our own Star Families, Judy transmits this through Light Language
  • When these Star Beings appear, they will appear in ships in such great numbers that no one will be able to deny their existence; they will bring assistance to help us become higher consciousness Beings
  • Recommends book - Egypt Child of Atlantis, which talks about the ending and beginning of each new age/cycle 
  • New Energy will take 21 years to fully anchor on Earth, which is like time taked for one to become an "adult"
  • Stargate of Aldebaran - points the way; Light from 72 dimensions/vibrations flowing into our Galaxy, enhancing our vibrations and changes to create our New Earth, allowing more capacity for positive change
  • Energy to allow us to bring more of our Monad/Soul Group essence through
  • Judy's novel "Sunshine Before The Dawn" is transmitted by the Star Beings, based on the story of why we came here in the first place, and of Creation
  • It's the destiny of Humanity to take our 12-strand DNA back to the Stars
  • The "Now" is a continuum, not fixed; we are moving  into Cosmic Time, and the Star Beings are here "now" although they have a specific "time" for their mass arrival, maybe in one or two years
  • Our faith, knowing and consciousness play a part in these changes
  • Most of us come from Lyra, and we've spent lifetimes on other Star systems
Listen to this 57-minute radio interview here.

27 March 2013

Man - Animation by Steve Cutts

Ouch...so sad but true. A 3:36-minute animation by Steve Cutts (with painful-to-watch depictions) that tells the story of Man's destruction, domination and overwhelming desire to consume, leading to his eventual demise.

Watch this video (published on 21 December 2012!).

Channeled Interview with the Pleiadians by Wes Annac - Galactic Bases, Interpreting Higher Dimensional Impressions and Humanity's Creative Responsibility


Wes Annac brings us some information on what the Galactics get up to in their bases, some of which are underseas. These bases are used to observe and monitor (and whenever the need arises, to intervene, as in the case of "space junk") the physical changes upon the surface to ensure that we remain on-track for the direction that Mother Earth is heading for. Another "duty" the Galactics perform is to negotiate with Cabal heads, and sometimes these take place in these bases.

Each Star Race has their own base beneath the surface, which are also used as communication stations apart from the Motherships. Although they travel in their ships, they can also relocate themselves physically without the use of any vessel (since we are all stargates in our own right). They assure us that once we reach full consiousness, this ability will also be ours, once again.

They also speak about the effects of communicating with higher-dimensional beings, and how being multi-dimensional can assist in the formation of questions and reception of answers.

Disclosure is being achieved in small doses through several fronts and with continuing expansion, a quantum-leap in technology will follow very rapidly. These technologies will assist in the full restoration of our Planet, based on full consciousness.

The full message appears here.

Do You Have Crystal Energy? Jennifer Hoffman

This is a lovely write-up (like a sort of "how-to") for those embodying the Crystal energy and thus, had a tough time trying to integrate into society. This was especially so for the early Crystals who were practically the sore-thumbs amidst their own circles. Jenifer Hoffman advises that staying detached, grounded and empowered are key to not only making life during this transitional period easier for these Souls, but actually allow them to assist others positively in their own awakening.

Here for the full article.

Elohim Message to Humanity via Karen Doonan 24 March 2013

We will need to reintegrate the shattered pieces of Self back into our Soul for this new timeline of New Earth. After many failures and lifetimes over eons, we finally are able to do this, if we choose Ascension.

The promise made to Humanity was that this option to walk out of forced slavery will be available, as the Human Race was a Divine Creation that was never meant to exist in the lower vibrations.

All are One, and all will be eventually united in the New Earth, where only Truth exists. Our Heart, which is our connection to the Divine, knows this. Logic and the human mind will never allow this connection to take place, as we have been reduced to just the five senses so as to distort Higher Truths in the Outer Realms. We have also been taught to operate from this domain and dismiss the heart-centre.

We are now asked to take our Power back, as being a creator is our original true nature.

Listen (correction, not read) to the complete message, or watch the video here.

Image: http://kootation.com/thomas-m-jones-s-page-earth-angels-angelic-lightworkers.html

25 March 2013

Duality Removal Dateline - Krystalai, Cosmic Dolphin Magic

Some days ago, I was surprised to re-discover Krystalai (formerly Crystalai) in Lightworkers.org. I had followed her writings quite a bit until she “disappeared” in late 2012, with her website unavailable due “maintenance”.

She is back with a new website, and has resumed writing about our on-going Ascension and transformation into our higher dimensional Selves, which I'm featuring here. Some background information - prior to the fall in consciousness, there was Gaia in Harmonic Universe 3 (Dimensions 7,8,9). Then she was Tara in HU 2 (Dimensions 6,7,8) as consciousness fell further, until the present Earth in HU 1 (Dimensions 1,2,3).

The information that Krystalai brings forth shares some commonality with those from Noel Huntley in his Fall of Man discourse.

For your discernment, please.

**Update 16 December 2014
I have just been made aware that these links all lead nowhere. Crystalai (now Krystalai) seems to be housed in Ashtar Command Crew now, but I don't see the above articles anywhere. So I'll just leave a link to her blog page in general, and you can see what other articles she has over there:
Crystalai's Blog

Rodon From Agharta Speaks About His People March 22, 2013

The March Equinox has passed and you have felt the energies – for everybody in the way that is best for them and in accordance with their state of development. Firstly, you feel the changes in yourself, so go into your Heart to discover these changes.

People are now learning more and more about us, your brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth. We are a nation who eons ago visited the interior of the Earth. Here we "settled in" and waited, until you on the surface became sufficiently advanced that we could reconnect with you. This time has come now.

We know how much you too are looking forward to this reunion, though as yet you know little about us. But the time has come when you will learn more, because it will no longer be possible to conceal our existence under a cloak of cover-ups and secrets. It is now time for this truth to be revealed to humanity.

You are not alone, neither in the Universe nor on Gaia. Here on Gaia you belong to a bigger human family who is longing to reunite with you, though you have not previously been aware of our existence.

However, this veil is to be lifted. We will be making the first contacts with selected ambassadors that will bring our worlds closer. They will then tell you about us, so that you can prepare for our reunification – which is imminent. As we have already told you, Disclosure also includes the reunion with your Family from Inner Earth.

Dr Steven Greer and David Wilcock on World Puja Network - 22 March 2013

Dr Steven Greer teams up with David Wilcock in this informative 67-minute discourse. I've always found discussions from Dr Greer to be interesting, but this is definitely one of my favourites. Both he and David speak at length about Sirius, the upcoming movie on Disclosure, due to premiere on 22 April. Proceeds from this movie will fund a laboratory for experts working on zero-point energy. Dr Greer expects the first-version devices to be available in less than a year.

They also reveal death threats against Presidents Obama and Carter, as well as the various "techniques" employed to keep Disclosure and zero-point energy under wraps. Dr Greer himself has been subject to threats as well as bribery attempts to get him to drop his more than two-decades old project.

Here for the video, which includes some great images of UFOs.

24 March 2013

Zorra via Zaraya - Hollow Earth Network 23 March 2013

Anne DeHart has a summary of Zorra's latest call, and I'll just add mine here (scroll down until you get to it). It's a fantastic call!

  • Peter revealed that there are original Atlanteans still on the surface in Southern Brazil, using their technology. Their entrance/exit is closely guarded
  • Heart-Mind (first creative aspect of ourselves, having rods/cones/memory cells) very different from the Mind-Mind (which is operative for Duality)
  • Heart-Mind allows us to “see” instantly while Mind-Mind allows us to remember, and they don't interface
  • As we raise our vibrations, we are going back to Heart-Mind (Love), where we first started
  • We will also be able to see the Nature Spirits (whom many of us have been in previous times) and connect with the Elementals
  • Ascension is happening every moment, and we can choose to be aware of this, going within and connecting with Who We Really Are
  • We are being assisted by intense energies since Solstice 2012, and will diminish a bit from 1 April
  • Dale updates on orders, website www.lemurian-crystal-headbands.com
  • Healing rods very powerful, Quasar using daily to ease Ascension aches
  • Quasar have an account of her experience when Zorra removed the veil for a while; she felt pulses and saw more vividly; Peter shares Quasar's expression of feeling like an orange being peeled, it was so liberating
  • Zaraya confirms that Nature Spirits are real, some children see them. It's commonplace in Europe unlike in America; our brain dismisses much of what our eyes take in so we need to re-train our brain to process information differently
  • How to see them? (We may sense them first before seeing them.) Be in a garden (or in Nature), get quiet, breathe/meditate and relax our vision, keep our mind open, put out intention that you are being there in Love, ask them for permission to be seen, invite them in (a book that teaches this in www.mistoftheoracle.com)
  • “Fireball” that NASA picked up over East USA was actually an uncloaked ship landing
  • Zaraya informed us again how his Soul exchanges “bodies” with Zorra during the trans-channel
  • Zorra delivers Healing Pulse (42:20) (and lifted the veil! Which I felt! Felt dizzy, things swirling, heart chakra expanding!)
  • Zorra and Quasar explain illusion of Time, moving into Timelessness and out of fear (animal kingdom also moving out of fear)
  • Many people will start feeling the positive effects of these strong energies of Love
  • Zorra assures us that the asteroid that is supposed to impact the Earth on 26 March will be "dealt with" as in the Russian asteroid!
  • Energies will become even more intense than what we feel when Zorra lifted the veil
  • Testimonies for Zorra's healing
  • Natural seismic occurrence resulted in Lemuria sinking so deep; Atlantis however virtually annihilated themselves
  • Zorra explains creation/conception of child, born in the ocean after 3 months without pain
  • Plans for the Gathering may be changed due to higher frequencies now, but Light Chambers still needed to transmute physical lower frequencies and cleanse prior to stay in Inner Earth
  • Pleiadian Council gifted Zorra the ship (eons ago) that he used to disintegrate the Russian asteroid, it's over 1000 ft in diameter
  • The asteroid due to arrive on 25 March is about half-mile wide; impact point somewhere in northern Canada - Ashtar in charge of this one!
  • It's "Aghartan" :)
  • New Pope is walk-in, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, much speculation that it's St Germaine
  • Disclosure...? Surprise guest (who will do something "very special") at Citizen Hearing on Disclosure which will be televised on national TV
  • Fund to sponsor Zaraya and Quasar for this conference
  • Zorra had to put back the filter/veil due to disruptions caused as the energies are so intense
  • Inner Sun not "inhabited" while our own Helios is
  • First City of Light in Sedona, Arizona
  • Zaraya reveals that they slowed down the asteroid, so may not arrive on 26th.
More details in the call! Please go here for the link to the call and Anne's summary.

Movements Within and Without Called For with Light Station Stewards - Gaia Portal 23 March 2013

In my meditation this morning, I had a strong sense of "preparation" as well as "closure". The "closure" bit evoked intense emotions within, and I had to breathe deep for a while. Then I saw this posting from Gaia Portal. I feel it's speaking to many of us at this point in time of simultaneous disintegration and creation.

Movements both within and without are called for within Light Station stewards. Such Stations are manifested in harmony with energy signatures of each steward and the location and intention for each Light Station. 
Releasing of engraved patterns in such stewards and all Hue-manity is essential for next steps in the energetic upgrade of Gaia. These pathways have yet to be traversed, and request the full flexibility of those involved. 

We recommend savoring the energies of these moments.

23 March 2013

Accelerating Changes in Response to Your Pleas - Mother/Father God via Kathryn May

The latest message via Kathryn May is encouraging, coming at a time when the Lightworker community is practically battle-fatigued.

In response to our pleas for Divine assistance, the Councils will quicken the pace for changes to occur more openly, even as progress is already being made behind the scenes. We are also being encouraged to prepare ourselves to receive our Twin Flame energies, which is part of the process in our Ascension.

This update explains the above in greater detail, and you can read it here.

Tree of the Golden Light Teleconference - 21 March 2013

I'm posting this with just a partial summary because of a crucial development that's about to take place, and how it will  be dealt with. In the first minutes of this call, hosted by Nancy Tate's Tree of the Golden Light, Peter Olsen from Hollow Earth Network reports on pertinent information given by Zorra, which include the approach of the asteroid that's due to come (too) close to Earth on 26 March, and that it will be take care of, much in the same way as the recent meteors/asteroids that have fallen across the globe.

Peter also informed us that Zorra is now "more pre-occupied" which makes Peter believe that the time for union between the surface and Hollow/Inner Earth is drawing near.

(31:52 mark) Hatonn also came on to tell us that much clearing is occurring on the Planet and Humanity. He admitted that the Galactics did not expect the process to take so long (and neither did we!!); they have realised that this was because the Dark had placed walls of negativity and fear around some humans and camouflaged this to hide its existence from the Galactics. This has, however, been released through Love transmutation and allows us to continually move forward. The headaches that we've been experiencing were the repercussions of this disintegration.

Once we are sufficiently cleared, we will be visited by and be able to recognise Higher Beings who are already on the surface in preparation for "the celebrations". Hatonn also explained more about the creation of centres that are imbued by New Energies.

(53:04 mark) Horus informs us that Inner Earth is also undergoing molecular transformation, just as we are. Our Inner Central Sun's increasing brightness also alleviating the density being held for surface Humanity, and emanating a glow on the Planet. He also speaks of Earth's eventual reunion with Twin Flame Maldek, allowing the wholeness of Tiamat once again. This will also be reflected by our own reunion with our own Twin Flame. Zorra's reunion with Zaraya and Quasar will also take place before the complete transformation of the Planet. Meanwhile, Zorra is busy keeping us safe from harm (from asteroids/meteors).

Horus also talks about Zorra's Christed nature.
Mike Quinsey will write up a report about the Santa Fe Galactic Command Centre, which will be buildings of Light.
Peter also repeats that the transformation of Earth will involve expansion of the surface and elimination of concrete, so removal of surface population will need to occur to accommodate these.
Anakhanda explains about the Mushaba Force and creation.

I haven't yet listened to the entire recording, so I don't know what else is in there. Here is the link to it.

20 March 2013

Equinox Gateway Light Is Here - Sandra Walter

Sandra Walters explains that the level of 5D Light frequencies streaming to Earth now is unprecedented, due to the numerous interdimensional portals that have been activated, transforming Gaia and Humanity..."forever". We've approached the end of the Ascension Gateway and are now firmly in the New Energies. She also alludes to the metaphor of Chirst (Christ Consciousness) being born in the Solstice, resurrecting on the Equinox and ascending 40 days later.

There is no more waiting...Ascension is here; the Christ Consciousness that was seeded so long ago is blossoming. Let the duality go, completely. It.Doesn't.Matter. That dimension is gone -- time to bring in the 5th.

Watch this wonderful 25-minute video message here.

Updated: I'm transcribing part of the "request" in the video here:

Open up the Heart Centre, command all your micro-wormholes in the highest quality DNA within to open and align with the inter-dimensional portals opening at this time, delivering photonic-magnetic 5D frequencies to this Planet. I full accept these activations. I fully accept these energies. Breathe this fully into the Heart Centre and spread it outwards. Keep breathing in and expanding out. Decide and command that we want this to be birthed. I welcome forth my Solar Cosmic Christ. I connect with my I AM Presence, to Source Itself. I am a pure conduit of Source Consciousness.

I AM ALL THAT I AM. And so it is.

Shut Down of 3D Habits and Energies - St Germain via Meline Lafont

The Equinox is here! There are many messages that speak of the beginning of another new phase in this long and winding Ascension road that we've been on...forever, it would seem. This is one of them, from Meline Lafont bringing in St Germain's message. 

"A rather intense pressure will be felt there where humanity still exists in the lower frequency of the 3rd Dimension as the timelines converge whereafter time in itself will disappear and the upcoming spring equinox will play an important part in this. Prepare yourself for souls and locations still dwelling in the 3rd Dimension. If you find yourself in a location with this lower frequency but you are aware of all that is unfolding and you have duly reached a higher level of consciousness, than nothing can go wrong. So you don’t have to worry one bit.Those who dwell in the heart will always find themselves in a harmonious way and will escape the chaos, it will not affect you at all. That’s why I advise you to always remain grounded and to center yourself in your heart. You will be in dire need of this help and assistance these days and weeks and we count on all of you....

Sheldan Nidle Update 19 March 2013

There's a "notice" issued to the Cabal on the impending total demise of their rule, as per the Divine agreement which carried a time-frame, the time of which has come. It is interesting to note here and remember that from a Divine perspective, there are truly no "accidents" and that even our dark cycle is for some specific purpose. In this case, our eons of being "lost" in lower consciousness will add to the experience and greatly enhance the collective spiritual wisdom. And all Souls will eventually return to Light, including the Dark ones.

Much lies ahead of us in the form of helping to manifest Divine Plan, which has undergone numerous adjustments along the path to full Ascension.

Please read the entire message from Sheldan Nidle here.

(**The image is from Sheldan's up-coming webinar on the Agarthans)

The Many Worlds and Other Dimensions of Oscar Magocsi, UFO Contactee Extraordinaire Part II - UFO Digest

Let's continue with Oscar Magocsi's intriguing adventure - here is Part II, and we pick up the story with him meeting the monks at the Himalayas.

He goes on a 23-hour trip around the world, then to a planet called Argona, where he met several people who were "training" to be familiar with Earth mannerisms so that they could carry out missions on Earth without being too awkward or obvious. He was informed about the Dark Agenda on Earth and how these Higher Beings are preparing themselves to help overcome the psychic overlays that was imprisoning Earth's inhabitants.

18 March 2013

Poofness - Finito 17 March 2013

I never know where to source directly for Poof's messages, so I'll just link you to where I saw it, which is at Oracles and Healers.

Interestingly, Poof talks about "house arrests" and hints that they are the ones who were at Camp David in 2008. Already there are rumours (and nothing has been confirmed) in Cyberspace about an individual being "house arrested". There is also mention that the new Pope has "signed off" so it looks like major changes are unfolding much quicker now. As Poofness says, "...the end has come with new beginnings in the same moment."

Here for the complete message.

Gaia Portal Updates 17 March 2013

There are two updates for today, with links provided to the source. Sounds like there's going to be another round of massive clearing, with the expected chaos. But it's all good :)

Restrictions on Movements of Galactic-Aligned Gaia Hue-manity Have Been Removed

Entrance to Galactic and Stellar portals has been aligned with increasing consciousness of the Master Gaia population. At this current moment, energetics are supportive of travel via interdimensional gateways.

Restrictions on movements of Galactic-aligned Gaia Hue-manity have been removed. Await the signal, while honoring the potential for change.

Higher vision is valued at this time.

Rapidly Transforming Potentials for Change at this Moment

Rapidly transforming potentials for change affect every organic being upon the planet at this moment. These transform potentials alter strength and frequency moment to moment. Flexibility in decisions is essential for movement into higher Dimensional realms.

Gaia proper transmutes the last remaining dark corners of her body to Light, and clears dross connections. Planetary consciousness now supports such transmutations.

Waves of Chaos are to be expected as transmutations proceed. Yet High Planetary consciousness enables smooth riding of these waves.

Sudden clearings of Inner individual and group Light worker issues occur as waves of Chaos bring issues to surface.

Nodes of Calm will be available as multiple Waves of Chaos intersect.

We say, “Be in Joy on the ride.”

17 March 2013

The Many Worlds And Other Dimensions of Oscar Magocsi, UFO Contactee Extraordinaire - UFO Digest

This is a remarkable account by Oscar Magocsi about his experience with a space ship. It's just Part 1 and it involves his encounters with the ship, which took him to several places around the world, finally landing in the Himalayas, where he was met by a group of beings who looked like monks.

He also sensed the sentient nature of the ship as he was in it, and was given a demonstration of how it could protect itself against attacks.

Please read the article here -- I found it very interesting, told from a refreshing angle. I'm looking forward to Part 2! You can also find it on Galactic Connection, where I first saw it.

15 March 2013

The Pleiadians : Message to Ground Crew - Space Muffin

This message from the Pleiadians / Space Muffin (which I first saw on Galactic Free Press) has some useful advice/reminders to help us through our own transition during this intense phase leading to the Equinox. Here are some highlights:
  • Detaching from current illusion and connecting more with the higher dimensions
  • We are conduits of Light, not necessarily in the verbal manner
  • We have been affected by Lunar influence, but Solar information is required to decipher Light Codes
  • Direct daily solar exposure and asking the Sun for messages
  • New Earth energies making our bodies require lighter foods
  • Holding more Light allows us to spread more Light
  • Staying away from negativity to maintain higher frequencies of vibration
  • Next phase of project - Galactic reunion.
You can find this message here.

14 March 2013

Psychedelic Fizz, The Pope-Avar and Justice Celebrations Ahead - Mother/Father God via Kathryn May 14 March 2013

Dr Kathryn May is the channeler for this message, brought through from "Mother/Father God". I am new to this, and have only read a few other messages on Dr Kathryn's site. I'm posting this one because of the contents, which has to do with the impending influx of energies and the election of the new Pope, who is apparently a walk-in, poised to bring about positive changes in the Catholic world and eventually the rest of the Christian faith. This is especially interesting to me since Pope Francis is a Jesuit; but if he is now a walk-in with a specific mission to put things right, it means that Light has finally penetrated the Christian world.

Let's watch what follows.

Please read this with my usual disclaimer on discernment, and with the inner compass turned on :)

Gaia Currently Experiences Energetic Separation From All Previous Time Agendas - Gaia Portal 2013

This message, as with almost all Gaia Portal messages, is brief. However, I'm still trying to fully understand what it really means. There are many possible interpretations...

Gaia and all of her inhabitants currently experiences energetic separation from all previous time agendas. Light influx from Higher Source brings eventual illumination to underlying reasons for such. Yet not always visible until post-separation.

Gaia herself reminds all that these separations are accompanied by grand (and clean, energetically speaking) new beginnings. Gaia herself undergoes such separation and is poised to receive maximum resonant Illumination.

Such resonant Illumination has been requested by, and indeed is essential to, Gaia and humanity general.

13 March 2013

Ascension Gateway - Spring Equinox by Sandra Walter


What I've always appreciated about Sandra Walter's way-showing is its bare-bones, stripped-down and no-nonsense approach. She doesn't mince words when she has to, and gets her message across. No sugar-coating here, because we know that sugar is addictive and really bad for our health, spiritual or otherwise :)

With the March Equinox just a week away, Sandra lays down the deal and asks us to just get on with it in this 24-minute video. What is our intention for our own spiritual path? Do we choose to bring in our Christed Self, which is what Ascension is all about? This Equinox gives us the opportunity to do just that or not, depending on what our decision is.

She reminds us that as creators, we can say "yes" to this now instead of waiting for someone to decide for us when it should happen. She also alludes to the "splintering of realities" as we see individuals choosing their own realities, and this will become more apparent moving through the Equinox.

Sandra also stresses that "the frequencies will do its work" where the Dark is concerned, and it's up to us to choose what we wish to experience. Now is not the time to base our reality on what's external -- it's all internal. The Photonic Light will leave no Dark Stone unturned.

We are urged to let go of all that keeps us from going onwards to 5D. Sandra also says:
"Mastery is not something that someone bestows upon you. It's something that you accomplish with your own choice, your own free will."

Here's how we can prepare for the upcoming Equinox energies:
*Clear (release all that no longer works for you
*Cleanse (body)
*Self-care / relax
*Creativity (it's all about being a creator).

Please listen to all the details here.

"Stray" Meteors and Asteroids...Are They?


Circumstances and events in the past couple of weeks seem to have kept my focus on the spate of meteors, asteroids and so-called "fireballs" in various locations throughout the world. So I will follow these "nudgings" and just write a bit about this celestial phenomenon, and no...this is not the signal that Doomsday looms near. Far from it, based on the information that I've received from a dear Soul and my inner promptings.

There are some points we need to bear in mind about these events, including Asteroid DA-14.

Firstly, we know that the Galactics are keeping watch over Earth and her people. They are able to deflect the course of celestial bodies that fly into the vicinity of Earth's atmosphere, with the potential to cause catastrophe.

Next, we know that Earth cannot be allowed to be destroyed in any way, either through the callous hands of Humanity or by a wayward celestial body acting as a de facto missile.

The question then arises -- why are these meteors/asteroids allowed to come into close proximity of Earth, then blown up, with the pieces and fragments falling onto Earth's surface? Why weren't they deflected while in space, which would have required less effort (according to my basic understanding of simple physics)? It seemed to me that these celestial bodies (including DA-14) were "allowed" to enter into Earth's atmosphere, or goo near it.

A few days ago, I received some information from a dear Soul, who was told that these celestial bodies carried within them critical information for Earth, and had to be embedded onto the surface for the "downloads" to take place. They were meant to communicate with the crystals, but exactly what sort of communication that is, she wasn't told.

That would explain everything. These meteors/asteroids carried within them Light information required by Earth. They are not "strays" that wandered erroneously into the path of Earth's orbit.

And again, borrowing from Karen Bishop - All is in Perfect Divine Order :)

Simultaneous Mixing of Higher Energies and Expansion of Individual Consciousness - Gaia Portal 12 March 2013

Looks like now is a good time to leave the mind and go into the heart. Perhaps the time has also come for all differing opinions among even the Lightworkers to end as our blinders are removed, as Gaia Portal advises. Here is the full message:

There occurs at this stage of Gaia transformation, a rather rapid and seeming “unbridled” simultaneous mixing of Higher Energies and expansion of individual consciousness. 
Many will feel a sense of “falling apart”, or “blowing up” of individual world views, and, particularly in those who have self-termed “Light Workers”, the “Grand Removal of Light-worker Blinders” occurs in these next days. 

We of the GaiaPortal ÉirePort school would request a continuous open mind to all possibilities of awakening to Higher Expansion.

We also remind you that “humanity to Hue-manity” evolution involves embracing the process of moving from “analyzing” to “knowing”.

12 March 2013

Matthew's Messages via Suzy Ward - 11 March 2013

Matthew's latest update include the following topics:

Pace of societal progress; law of attraction; ego, consciousness; Barack Obama; Hugo Chavez; "sides" in controversial issues; lightworkers; densities; legal, economic matters; NESARA

Here's the link to the full message.

We are being asked to place our focus more on the positive world we wish to live in instead of the harbouring negative or low-vibrational thoughts and intentions, which then manifests as such. We need to be heart-centered and operate from the energy of Love, which will raise the vibrational frequency of the Collective Consciousness and bring about the global changes of the Golden Age.

11 March 2013

Galactic Federation on Meteor/Asteroid Patrol in Japan?


Stephen Hannard of ADG UK has this incredible video of a meteor/asteroid that looks as if it was exploded by a UFO. This was in Japan, but there is no indication when it actually happened.

If this is yet another case of a stray celestial body that was prevented from causing damage to Earth and her inhabitants (as in the Russian asteroid that was disintegrated by Zorra's craft), then all I can say is THANK YOU. I'm so grateful that our skies are being patrolled!

Thanks to UFO Sightings HotSpot where I first saw the video.

Most Benevolent Outcome - The Gentle Way by Tom Moore

We've done this at one time or another, but sometimes we forget to keep doing it :)  Here's a great article by Tom Moore about asking for the Most Benevolent Outcome for our highest good. I look at it as co-creating our experiences with our Divinity, which is part of the "magic" of being a multi-dimensional being.

In the article, Tom is told that this gentle way of living was practiced by Atlanteans who chose to live peaceful lives without the drama. I  believe it also teaches us in a sub-conscious manner to release our attachments to outcomes or expectations.

Here for the full article.

Image from http://fineartamerica.com/featured/guardian-angel-for-girls-sonja-mengkowski.html

Commander Ashtar Speaks to the New Earth in Truth - via Karen Doonan

It looks like Ashtar and team are gearing up for something - messages from them seem to be coming forth from several sources now, and here's another one, this time from Karen Doonan.

Ashtar confirms that the old is indeed fading away, and that, in spite of the seemingly insurmountable and non-stop challenges (my words, no drama intended...) the New Earth is taking shape. This has been possible due to the plan to help 3D Humanity by higher beings incarnating here on Earth, and eventually bringing about this transformation from within this race itself. Truths that have been denied us over the ages will emerge and allow us to take our own rightful place in the Universe as Galactic Beings.

We, as the collective race of Earth Humans, will go through a process of upgrading that will see us restored to full consciousness. Meanwhile, we are asked to step up and play our role as Lightworkers, especially when the intense energies now flooding the Planet invoke more awakenings among the masses.

Please go here for the full message.

10 March 2013

Zorra from Hollow Earth Network - 9 March 2013


Anne DeHart explains a bit about this call on her site (scroll down until you get to it), with guest Rodney Cluff of Our Hollow Earth during the first part of the call. She also has a very good summary there, and I'll add some here:

  • 1:01-hour mark:  Light chambers will assist in bringing vibrations to a high-enough level to help individuals reach higher consciousness, Zorra came in then to further clarify this process which is also explained by Sheldan Nidle, which is an Ascension Tool
  • Beams of Light transmitting from Pyramids as a sort of "homing" signal, such events occurring all over in world in anticipation of our DNA activation
  • Underwater Pyramids remnants of Atlantis, bigger than those in Egypt
  • Zorra updates us on status of Elenin, which appears as another "Sun"
  • Nibiru in contact with NASA; its orbit will not cause destruction because it has been shifted
  • Continue to raise our vibrations (my favourite mantra!) to minimise potential of catastrophes
  • Disclosure Event in DC is opportunity for disclosing
  • March Equinox vibrations will be strongest yet, opening up many people's third eye
  • Passive subtle reformation of governments globally
  • March 28 Venus Line-up will create high-love energy to assist in even more shifting
  • Dr Steven Greer being "assisted" in his quest to bring Disclosure out
  • GF "grounding" or disabling Military chemtrail planes
  • Origins of Human History can be found in Ramtha's "Love Yourself Into Life"
  • Zorra's Healing Pulse at 1:58-hour mark.

Rodon The Agarthan and the Reunification of Gaia's Outer and Inner Realms - Ashtar Through Philipp


This is another great "introduction" to our Inner/Hollow Earth Family, and the ultimate goal of reuniting both Outer and Inner Worlds on this same Planet. The message from Rodon, who speaks of this impending union that is joyfully anticipated by the Agathans. Both the surface and sub-terranean worlds are inextricably linked together, although we have chosen the path of Separation while they have opted for continued spiritual growth in the Light.

Rodoon also speaks of their involvement in helping to steer Humanity away from total annihilation throughout the years. Indeed, Ashtar reminds us in the beginning of this message that Disclosure involves the Inner Realms as much as the Star Family.

Here for the full message.

The Truth About Your Transformation - Maureen Moss

Maureen Moss addresses an issue that many have been experiencing since the 2012 Solstice. She calls it the "sacred space where transformation occurs", and I have personally referred to it as the "neither-here-nor-there state".

She describes this void as the phase where the Divine can flow in, but only if we don't attempt to fill it with emotional misinformation, as is our "human tendency" in the mistaken belief that we need to fill up all the spaces in our lives. Maureen also advises cultivating the feeling of being grateful for this sacred opportunity to transform into our Authentic Self, and breathe through this phase to help ease this process.

Here for this very helpful message.

Since this will be archived when her new message is available, I will also reproduce it here for future reference. Please know that you can subscribe to Maureen's newsletters, which will also offer you access to her archive.

Dearest Hearts,
As always I pray you are well.

I wish to express my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude for the abundance of letters filled with love and blessings that so many of you sent after receiving my letter that I was passing on the torch of The World Puja Network.

Many of the Emails expressed sadness that I wouldn’t be in contact through my articles any longer, or even my classes or sessions. None of these could be further from the truth.

I’m taking a bit of a reprieve and the allowance for myself and Life to join together in new adventures, as well. I am not tossing the baby out with the bathwater.

Two of my favorite things I do in this world is to bring forth the articles I have written for years to you, and also to teach. As long as I am guided by the Divine I will continue to do both with great joy, (with a time off after teaching my present class.) I have also set forth an intention to meet many of you, rather than simply being behind a computer and only writing to you.

If you would like to be notified as to where I will be or when I will be teaching I invite you to continue your free sign up on my personal site for my E-mails at www.maureenmoss.com I will keep you apprised of those things and other juicy adventures upcoming that we may share together, as well as to insure you continue to get my Newsletters. As for Private Sessions those will resume in April, though only two days every other week.

“The Truth About Your Transformation,” which in Truth is “Our Transformation.”
In recent weeks I have been made well aware, through Emails, sessions and more than a few close to me, that many are in despair now while being in a space of not knowing, or what I call “sacred space where transformation occurs.” For many, this space is unfamiliar, dark and deeply uncomfortable, immediately signaling to the mind and ego: Danger Ahead! Fight For Your Life!

Please don’t listen to ‘them.’ It’s the exact opposite. We are in a magnificent consciousness shift, and it’s quiet. The ego and mind don’t particularly like this, as they were comfortable in the old noisy, dramatic, grasping and clawing paradigm.

Each of us are being prepared to merge with the new 5th Dimensional paradigm filled with new choices, new perspectives, a new life, and a raised consciousness, unable to be recognized by you if you didn’t enter this still space.

Beloveds, in this space of not knowing, this void as some call it, human movement is brought to a halt, so Divine movement can move us forward into our authentic Life. The challenge is that humankind has long been addicted to constant movement. It is how we have come to believe we are validated and worthy in both an internal and external manner.

When that movement isn’t happening, emotional misinformation begins to flood the void, the ego begins to fight for its perception of ‘Life,’ which is never correct, and then the 3D mental projector projects into the future that which it is incapable of projecting, and, before you know it you are out of the void and into quicksand.

This sacred space, this space of not knowing, is where you are gifted the opportunity to know who you truly are, without distraction. It’s where you get the blessings of meeting yourself where you are at now, not before, but now.

It’s a place for discovering what your true passions are, to rearrange your choices, (this is KEY) start a new chapter for yourself, and chart your own course. It’s where you can really get creative and collaborative with the Divine in a thoughtful, focused manner.

It’s a space to discover love for yourself, and where you are made more available to retrieve powerful and significant codes of information about yourself, from other aspects of your multi-dimensional Self, which will greatly and positively alter your future.

Here, is the new energetic birthing ground for dreams to made manifest, magical destinies to be found, and transformation to be had. This space is grace, providing a sacred place for your final preparations to move into your new 5D life. The challenge is that many ‘thought’ this part would be over after 2012.

Beloveds this whole year is about endings and beginnings merging as One, and this is where the merging takes place. It’s deliberate in each of its sacred movements, whisperings, signs and symbols.

We are floating, in the now, in the cosmos of non-linear time and space. We have to in order to integrate the very real reconstruction of who you were in the Human Template and to have you and the Divine prepare you for who you are becoming in the Divine One. Nothing is wrong in this space, nothing is lost in this space, and most definitely the future cannot be predicted in or out of this space.

The space of not knowing forces one to stay in the now, for of our own accord we are always somewhere ahead or behind it, and that’s where we leak power, energy, vitality and perspective. Here we are being lovingly forced to “Be Here Now,” because anywhere else is nowhere else.

Though some appear to have moved through this void, or state of not knowing more quickly, it is only our tendency toward comparison that has any one of us feeling lost or left behind or that we must have done something wrong. Wrong!

The Divine knows who is ready to come out of this sacred space in right and appropriate order. And, our hearts know as well. Trust. Listen deeply to the information you are being given and begin the process of reprogramming your energy into where you prefer it, not where you don’t prefer it.

Become familiar with the new energies so you can, by your command; be lifted out of old stale used up energy and really feel what’s in the air, in our Mother Earth, the skies and all around you. It’s not the same compressed energy. There is freedom in the energy, if you will tap into it and try it out.

Did you know that your future is already in place waiting for you to fit into it just beautifully? It’s true.
Beloveds please take this to heart. No one can be lost or left behind in this sacred space, because it is where you go through the portal into other worlds of your untapped potential, and where we are held and moved forward in the hands of the Divine who would never lose us or leave us.

This is a grooming station, for your Ultimate Transformation and glorious adventure into a world you have never had the adventure, as humans, of ever stepping into before. It’s worth hanging out here for awhile.
If this is where you are, you are in the perfect space for you and your authentic life to meet. Don’t attempt to stop this most vital of processes for your complete transformation. Remember a butterfly cannot fly with the cocoon still hanging onto its wings.

When you feel edgy, this simple breath will help. Place your right hand over your heart, and breathe in gratitude for all that you are grateful for. Hold it for a moment as it circulates throughout your entire body. Feel it, and then breathe out the parts of yourself that are trespassing on your Divinity. Keep repeating this breath as many times as you need to. As you do so with deep intention and attention, you are setting into motion authentic alchemy.

Stay with it Beloveds. You will see and feel a transformation in yourself that will blow your mind! It’s like transforming base metal into gold, and you Beloveds are pure Gold!

Know you are loved.
Please feel comfortable to forward or copy this article,
keeping author and website www.maureenmoss.com intact.

The First Trimester - Denise Le Fay

This  is the follow-up of Denise's "Nine Months", in which she describes the spiritual gestation period after the 2012 Solstice where we learn to grow into a higher-dimensional consciousness (or not, according to Soul choice).

Here, Denise recaps what the first trimester has been like and gives an account of what the latest Ascension Plan (and there have been so many re-writes, as we are all so wearily aware of) looks like. She also lists a set of possible first trimester symptoms that we may be going through. Personally, I'm so exhausted by these never-ending symptoms that have persisted for so long! Please, no more re-write -- let's just get this done with!

Please go here for the full article. Also, I've fixed the link for Denise's "Nine Months"...I don't know what I did the first time! Can I blame it on the symptoms?

** On a personal note, I will admit that it's very reassuring to see that several sources now speak of the fact that we didn't quite make it on 21 December, and that there is now an extension period so that more can go with Gaia. This is in contract to the initial phase when many were going "Yay!" while I actually went "Huh?" (which I felt moved to write about). At least now I know I wasn't left behind with a holographic world while everyone else moved on  :)

07 March 2013

Disclosure, Abundance and the Galactic Federation's Organisational Structure - Pleiadian High Council via Wes Annac

Wes Annac asks the PHC to update us on the status of the Disclosure "plan" which has seen quite a few re-drafts over the past years. It would seem that the issue of Disclosure is of such utmost importance to move us along at an accelerated pace that they are viewing it from several angles, including bringing about Disclosure themselves, if necessary, because there is still much bickering within governemts in announcing this.

The PHC also gives an account about the continuing efforts and readiness of eventual roll-out of abundance programs, and how it gets easier as time passes because of the continued diminishing of the cabal's control.

They also explain that there had been many potentials in the past where this was a possible occurrence, but due to our collective energy and circumstances these never manifested (as we well know...!). There is also some information about how the GF organisational structure works, and how it  serves the individual's spiritual evolution.

Here for the entire article.

06 March 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update - 5 March 2013

The way in which announcements are to be made is explained a bit more in this update. The potential issues over the integrity and delivery of the announcements have been identified and counter-measures taken to prevent any disruption. Since transparency and truth will be the modus operandi in the near future, we are also assured that although this concept may prove challenging for us at first (since distrust is part of our culture) we will soon welcome the openness.

There is also some additional information about the Ascension Chambers, and how this will assist in returning us to full consciousness, the way we were always meant to be.

And there's that mention again about the last celestial event that will set things into motion...!

Here for the full message via Sheldan Nidle.

Alone, Or Strategically Placed? - Zen Gardner 3 March 2013

This message by Zen Gardner will bring a meaningful level of comfort to those of us who are wondering why we are so alone, doing what we are doing with nobody else in our circle of family and friends who share our path/mission. I know that this information is not exactly new as it's been spoken about before by various sources (Kryon calls it "being the Lighthouse"), but it's still reassuring to be reminded again.

We are where we need to be, doing what we need to do.

04 March 2013

Time To Shift or Get Off The Pot - Swami Beyondananda

The last time I featured something from Swami Beyondananda aka Steve Bhaerman was in my Amethyst Road webiste, and it's really nice to have him here now. His crazy messages are always interesting to read, and incredibly wise without even tying to be so. I spotted this in Golden Age of Gaia, and you can also read it from the source (Wake Up Laughing).

As the title suggests, Swami B (I try to avoid typing it out in full) talks about why we need to get our own Shift going...or else. There is no way I will try summarising this, because...well, you just have to read Swami B's wise gems without any intermediary diluting the message :)

So, please go here to read the complete message...please :)

As the Swami says... Start the World, I want to get ON!!

Arcturians Explain Ascension Symptoms - Suzanne Lie

Ascension symptoms are not really fun to deal with, and there are times when it seems as if they never go away, or some symptoms ease up only to be replaced by others. However, knowing about them and understanding why they occur will help greatly in dealing with them. Although I already have some posts on this topic, here is another. This one is from the Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, and also deals with other Ascension-related questions, 27 minutes in length.
  • Pain between the shoulders at the back, and the association of the karmic scar of being “stabbed in the back” in another lifetime/reality, for we are the Point of Ascension for all our past lives/alternate realities. Also the integration and grounding of Kundalini Feminine/Masculine energies which necessitates the release of other energies. In addition, the interpretation of Light Language energies that are coming in and creating discomfort, which all accumulate around that region
  • Left-side sinus cavity and its relation to third eye opening? Its association with the Feminine (left) and Masculine (right) as well as the Divine Child (eye of Horus)
  • Skin conditions – skin is the “firewall” of protection
  • “Whiplash” from struggling between 3D and multi-D, leading to nausea, disorientation, tiredness
  • Alternate and parallel timelines within increasingly bizarre dreams (although the answer seems to be dealing with waking times)
  • Guidance on what to do when dealing with loved ones who are “possessed” or having addictions
  • Waking up several times and remembering multiple experiences - are they all on same timeline?
  • Are they all 4D or higher?
  • Why do I get “attacks” of overwhelming energy before sleep?
  • Is Ascension just a process of leaving/dropping the body?

Goddess Vortex - Cobra Update 3 March 2013

If I understand this update correctly, it would seem like the stage is being set for more direct Divine Intervention into transforming the morphogenetic fields into Light. Cobra explains this process further by detailing the impact of the Goddess Vortex on these fields, and how we can help this along.

There are instructions on how we can activate and anchor this Light. Full message here.

** I will share a personal experience that relates to the above, and why I feel this update is important. In a very recent meditation, I saw a "new" type of Light energy. I have mentioned in the past that since visualisation is not my strong point, I just allow whatever images to come in. This time, I saw a ribbon-like band going through me, connecting me to the Galactic Centre and our Inner Sun. This band of energy felt very strong and protective -- it made me feel safe. It was rainbow-coloured with specks of diamond.

02 March 2013

Ashtar Talks Through Phillip - 27 February 2013

I first saw this on Galactic Free Press, but I will also provide the link to the source itself. This is the first time I've come across this channeller but I like the two-part message from Ashtar. The information deals mainly with Disclosure and the on-going Ascension process. There is also reference to Denise Le Fay's recent information about the nine-month period from the 2012 Solstice, ending on the September 2013 Equinox. For your discernment, please.

To read, please go here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

Please note that these links take you to the English translation - I think the original is in German; there are also Chinese and Portuguese versions available.

01 March 2013

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey 1 March 2013

SaLuSa tells us that although they have assisted us in many ways in the past, they still had to honour Karmic Laws which had to be played out. However, they are now able to move in closer as time draws nearer for us to embrace our full consciousness.

We are reminded to not dwell on things of the Dark or negativity as doing so will only affect our own energies adversely. Their influences have also been drastically reduced, although we don't yet get to see news of this positive unfolding in the mass media. SaLuSa is also saying that the Light Forces are looking to us to help set the wheels into motion, and then they can step in and do their part, utilising the Law of Attraction (It like the case of "God helps those who help themselves").

At the time of writing this post, SaLuSa's message isn't yet available at Tree of the Golden Light. For this reason, I will reproduce the full message below:

In many parts of the world the old energies are collapsing, and with it will come the opportunity for them to be replaced by the new paradigm. It is as you might say, waiting in the wings as much work has been carried out to ensure it is ready to take over. It brings with it a degree of uncertainty as for a time all you will see are the signs of disintegration. The Euro is very unstable and some other currencies are not holding up very well. It all points to a great change that will also force the banks to revise their methods of trading. They have seen it coming but try to ward off the inevitable, but it will be to no avail. There is already agreement amongst many countries to the proposed changes, and it is simply a matter of waiting for the right moment to go ahead.

Before long Disclosure will take place, but do not expect it to be far reaching in the initial stages. It will take time to peel away the secrecy that abounds where anything concerns Extraterrestrials and UFO's. However, once the truth starts to come out, the floodgates will open where we are concerned and our past contacts that have been made with you. It will take time to release the truth about your Governments involvement with the Greys, and their use of advanced technology given to them. Our main desire is that our presence is officially admitted, with the assurance that at all times our contact has been peaceful with a view to helping Humanity. We live by the Light and have observed the protocol and Laws of God in our dealings with you.

In time you will learn much about our involvement with you over thousands of years, and you will find that we have acted as your Guardians. We have monitored your growth, and have helped you overcome obstacles that may have seriously held back your evolution. There is of course a limit as to how far we can go, as we must not interfere in situations where you are reaping your own karma. We have to stand back, but it does not prevent us from trying to ease your experience by continually sending you Love and Light. Now we closely accompany you through what will prove to be a very active time, when we are allowed to draw closer to you. You frequently see or craft and often in great numbers as we continue our cleansing of your atmosphere, and keep our eyes upon those who are still determined to cause trouble.

In the past there have been many references to arresting those who are the ringleaders of the dark Ones, and steadily they have been rounded up. You have also heard of "Containment" and in this way we have been able to severely restrict their activities. Mass arrests were considered likely to evoke panic amongst you, as few would have had any knowledge of why it was happening. So we have opted for gradual changes and placed our representatives who are our allies, in positions that give more control to those of the Light. However, once we can come out openly, you will then see rapid changes taking place for which we have long been prepared. We assure you that you will eventually enjoy all of the benefits that have been promised to you, and we will be doing all we can to assist you.

It is important that you give of your energy to all that is pure and positive, without expending it on matters relating to the Illuminati and their actions. Their time is now very limited as their actions are being curtailed until they can be completely stopped. They no longer represent the threat that they used to, and Beings of Light are limiting their power so that they can be kept under control. We cannot yet cause the media to start reporting fairly and accurately, but that will come and no longer will you have any doubts regarding the news you are given. In most of these matters we do look to you to get things started, thus allowing us by the Law of Attraction to join you. You came to Earth to experience duality and you are still experiencing some of the "fall out" even so it has completed its cycle. There are uncompleted actions that bring the dark energy to light for cleansing, and this is where you come in.

With 12.21 you had as very pointed focus, but now that has passed it is more open as you have many events to experience and not sure when they will take place. We would say focus on your collective understanding on all that is to come of the higher vibrations. You will then be doing as much as can be asked of you, and speeding up the changes. With so much debt in the world it is clear that there is only one answer to your problems, and that is complete debt forgiveness. It is part of the plan you know as NESARA, and along with abundance will quickly establish a flourishing community. The real answers to your problems are relatively simple, but finding the right people to introduce them is not so easy. You will have to look to massive changes that will accompany the governmental changes, and then all things will be possible.

You will have noticed already that time continues to speed up, and before you know where you are events will suddenly indicate that the era of big changes has commenced. By then we expect to have been acknowledged and will be active with you, so that we can join forces and make quick progress. The celebrations will come when appropriate, but world peace is essential as all dangers of warlike actions must cease. We have the means and the authority to enforce it if it is deemed necessary. There is no way that any interference will be tolerated, and when the cleansing is complete we do not in fact anticipate any trouble at all. You see Dear Ones, that there has been no letting up of our involvement in your Ascension, that proceeds ever onwards to take you into the Golden Age.

Time for you has dominated your lives, but as you immerse yourselves more into the higher vibrations so it will have less importance. You will begin to understand the concept of all being in the Now, and you will simply go with the flow. We know you are used to working to plans of how to use your time, but when you can allow things to happen naturally without having any rigid thoughts on the matter, life will flow much more easily for you. It is difficult for you to contemplate life without time as you understand it now, but you will feel absolutely free and enjoy a life that is peaceful and fulfilling. As your perception of time changes, so will your experiences.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel blessed to have this communication with you. I send it with Love and Light on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.