26 December 2014

Awakening From The Dream Matrix Called "Life" ~ Republished

**This was originally posted on 6 March 2013. I'm republishing it today because I was reminded of it, and I will be using it to help explain things to some friends; please feel free to use it for the same purpose :)

Over the past year or so, I've had discussions with some friends (separately) about bits and pieces of what I call "Awakening Stuff". Much of it is repeated for a different individual, and sometimes due to the nature of the discussion, the information can be patchy. I believe we all go through this same experience when we try to share or reveal the truth to our family and friends, especially in recent weeks when interest in such things appears to be steadily rising.

I have therefore written a summary that paints a very basic picture, and I'm posting it here for easy reference and archiving. If you find any portion of it useful for your own circle, please feel free to use it :)


I would like to preface what I plan to write with a sort of disclaimer. No, not my usual “Take what resonates and leave the rest” (although it still applies...it ALWAYS applies!) but this – what follows from here is something that is very challenging for me to write about, not just because of the subject matter, but because it is so complex, goes back about 2-3 million years, involves practically the entire Universe (seriously), and most importantly, I'm no expert in this field.

All I am is someone who feels guided to spread some vital information (as best as I can) in the face of what's happening in the world currently. So this will be the tip of the iceberg of a concise version of a summary of an abridged version of a handbook guide of a in-a-nutshell-account of the History of Earth and Humanity.

There are a couple of conditions (or suggestions) that I will need to state to allow for better understanding of what follows. Firstly, it would be helpful to put aside all notions and beliefs that you have about Life. Secondly, consider that perhaps the world you are living in is “unnatural”. And finally but most importantly, be open to concepts that are “Out-of-This-World”...literally. Seriously.

And oh...what you knew about History of the Human Race? Push all that as far back in some corner of your mind for now. You won't be needing that stuff at all.

Earth and Her Beginnings
Earth...the gorgeous gem of the Universe, a blue jewel suspended in space. She was created with the Divine Intention of being the Conscious Living Library and Garden of Eden for this sector in space. By that statement alone, I allude to three things, all of which are important and critical:
  1. Earth is a sentient, living being. She's not a piece of rock in space – she has a Spirit, just like us.
  2. Earth was created by Divine Intelligence with a Divine Plan
  3. We are not the only race in the Universe.
At some point along the timeline of Earth's ancient history, Dark ET beings took control of the planet. Many battles ensued between Light ET beings and these Dark ones over eons in efforts to regain Earth for the Light; think “Star Wars”. This point is relevant, because it is the basis of what has shaped Humanity and the reason for where we are today, as a species, living Life on Earth. These are the Galactic Wars between Light and Dark, and they started millions of years ago.

The Human Race, Lemuria & Atlantis
Hundreds of thousands years ago, advanced civilisations existed on Earth. This, despite on-going attempts by the Dark to completely control Earth and Humanity. The ancient peoples of Lemuria and Atlantis were higher-dimensional beings who had great wisdom and superior technology – they were far more advanced than us today, of great stature (more than 3 metres) and longevity (sometimes more than a thousand years). Over time, as more and more succumbed to the Dark, Humanity fell from consciousness, decreasing in height and life-span and reverting to more primitive ways of living.

The continent of Lemuria was eventually destroyed, with many going underground to seek refuge and establish a new life. Much later, the continent of Atlantis was also destroyed, and this marked the end of the consciousness, or Light, on Earth.

Lemuria covered the span of the existing Pacific Ocean, while Atlantis was where the Atlantic Ocean is today.

The Dark Cycle / Fall of Consciousness
For the past 13,000 years, Humanity has been living in lower consciousness, being controlled pre-dominantly by the Dark. The battles between Light and Dark continued, in the age-long war to free this prison planet from the control of the Dark. Meanwhile, the Dark Agenda had taken root and Humanity was manipulated and “engineered” to serve the Dark. The result of this programming is a Human Race that has forgotten the Light, and has been conditioned to live under a complex web of lies and deceit (and taught to believe it is “normal”) while at the same time rejecting or ridiculing what is True. This time, think “The Matrix”.

Today, we live in a world that is rife with poverty, suffering, corruption, immorality, irresponsibility, hostility, brutality and evil intentions while we rape, plunder, abuse and torture the very living sentient being that sustains us...our beloved planet. These adjectives were never meant to describe Life on Earth, according to the original design. This is the result of being “raised” over thousands of years by “step-parents” who have turned against the Light.

The Hidden Controllers
Our world continues to be controlled by the Dark and their agents. Don't expect to see some evil-looking creature with horns and a pointy tail, brandishing a whip. They are more likely to be wearing suits and well-polished shoes. Their invisible control is all over the world – in fact, they “own” the world, and that includes us. They have made us wage war against each other, created the two fiercely-opposing religions to keep us separated, kept us hungry and wanting, perpetuated suffering, murdered millions, made us ill, polluted our air and water, enslaved us, poisoned our minds, boxed us in fear and hijacked our sovereignty. And all the while, we are being hypnotised into thinking we are “evolving”.

Just two examples of what they will do and then throw a net of deceit over it to keep the truth hidden -- the assassination of JFK and the 9/11 tragedy. (Updated: The Day The Dream Died video re.JFK)

The Dawning of Light on Earth
The time is finally and at-long-last here where the Light is victorious! Bit by bit, over the long years, Light is reclaiming Earth and liberating her from darkness. Much has been done to bring Light in, and we are now in the final stages of removing the stranglehold of the Dark from Earth's surface. We are not completely free yet, but we have turned an all-important corner and are now facing the Light. I have made this sound like something simple, but please understand that it is far too complicated for me to go into any detail – it has been a 13,000-year effort to wrestle Earth from the Dark; it is way beyond the human mind to truly comprehend all that has transpired over that period of time.

The Tide Turns
Today, we are beginning to see the effect of Light all around us. People are awakening to a higher consciousness and starting to see beyond a reality that was created around a framework of manipulation and control. Individual by individual, we are rubbing the sleep from our eyes, stirring awake and coming out of a slumber that had overtaken us for far too many years. We are breaking through the illusions of a world that was never real, because it was built upon a bedrock of lies. We see this in the crumbling structures around us – the Light that is now penetrating through and around the planet weakens these paradigms of limitation, loosening the vise-like grip of the Dark and creating cracks around the Matrix. More and more truths are finding their way into the Light, after being hidden and suppressed over eons.

And now, more of the good bits follow...

Inner Earth and Hollow Earth

Our beloved planet is hollow. In the middle is not a molten iron core but an Inner Sun (crystalline) that provides Light to advanced civilisations that live very different lives compared to us up here on the surface. Some of these were the Lemurians/Atlanteans who escaped catastrophe when their continents sank by going underground, while most of them were originally from other Star systems. These beings, having retained their higher consciousness of Light (while the surface Humans fell in consciousness) are very tall and virtually immortal. Their lands are of great beauty and are considered Paradise. These civilisations have played a pivotal role in the great battles to defeat the Dark.

For a clearer image of the above map and more information, please visit this website.
(Updated: Also here - Our Hollow Earth and Olaf Jansen's Story.)

Galactic Beings
Together with the subterranean civilisations of Earth, Galactic Beings from other Star systems in the Cosmos have fought long and hard to free Earth and her people from the control of the Dark. Their continuous efforts to liberate us also include protecting us from potential calamity, natural or otherwise. Two examples I will cite is the latest asteroid (not meteor) that fell in Russia as well as deactivating nuclear warheads that could have been used to spark off World War III. (Please note that the two World Wars were “plannned” by the Dark forces.)

For more information about the Russian asteroid, please go here.

Why Are These Beings Involved?
The answer is really simple. We are part of them, and they are part of us. We are family. We are all part of the bigger Cosmic Humanoid species, and they have seeded the Earth Human in some way. It can be said that we were the “Earth Experiment” that went awry when the Dark invaded. The Beings of Light have since been attempting to put things right.

Perhaps more poignant is the stark realisation that our own Planet sent out a plea for help to prevent her total annihilation. Cosmic efforts to assist intensified after we detonated two nuclear bombs in the name of peace (if that's not an oxymoron, tell me what is) over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That certainly sent out giant ripples of alarm all across the Cosmos.

What We Could Have Been
Again, for the sake of brevity, I will mention only two life-changing examples of how we have been denied true progress. Nikola Tesla had already discovered means of harnessing free energy that could power the entire globe...for free, as the term implies. His efforts were thwarted and he had to back off. (Because the Dark forces control the energy grid – fossil fuels, electricity, all of which can be “metered” and therefore charged to to consumers.) You can view this for more details.

Technology to cure diseases had already been invented. There are several, but none made it into the mainstream to benefit the masses. For more information, please read this and also this. The reasons are obvious -- such technologies would have threatened the existence of the so-called Health Industries.

What We Can Do

I will repeat that what I have written is but a very teensy weensy portion of a gigantic “story” that is impossible to relate in a few pages. There is so much more that has been hidden and suppressed, but the time has come where things are (and have been) surfacing. We just don't get to read it in the mass media (guess who is controlling it?). It's like a massive puzzle that's being gradually put together as more and more Light anchors and takes up residence on Earth. This article only serves to provide a little bit of information in preparation for the revelations that are expected to come out.

We can help ourselves by simply waking up to actual truths, and letting go of false programming and belief systems. There is so much of the “unseen” that is now becoming “seen”, and as the veils of illusion are being pulled away, we need to remain open to the notion that our perceived reality will shatter as it makes way for what is truly real.

If we look around us today, we will see a world breaking down in structure and breaking out in chaos. However, if we understand what's truly happening, we will become aware that it is the Light of Truth that is disintegrating the falsities that have been holding up the arena of finance, politics, religion, health and society. This will eventually pave the way for a new reality borne out of Light. This is the Awakening of Humanity on Earth.

The road ahead will return us to the path of full consciousness not just for Humanity but for Earth as well. Indeed, this restoration of consciousness is as much for her (if not more) as it is for us. Together, we will evolve into a civilisation of advanced beings and reclaim our Divine Sovereignty, becoming Galactic citizens of the Cosmos.

A wondrous future awaits...and it begins with each one of us waking up to the Greater Truths and embracing the Light.


  1. Very good piece of writing, well done. I've often thought of trying to write a summary, but it felt too daunting. But you have done it!


  2. Thank you, Barbara :) I put it off until I could no longer bear the "nagging"! Probably made a few more friends roll their eyes and give up on me... ;) Blessings.

  3. Nice summary, Grace!

    I'm still figuring out this whole life experience thing, but I'm pretty convinced that nothing has really gone "awry". As souls and Creators ourselves, I think this physical life on Earth is simply how we experience "separation" from Source and learn how to create in our own right.. The "Dark" is a necessary condition for this experience--and I think those of us who are tired of all the separation and darkness are now working to bring ourselves and those who want to return to the Light back to it. Some, of the more Dark persuasion, aren't finished with their game yet, so they're making their own Free Will choices to keep experiencing separation. That's not MY choice, but I respect their choice and bless them on their journey.

    As I mentioned in my last blog post, MY elevator (at least the one I'm on) is going UP, UP, UP!!!



    1. Namaste, Stargazer ~ so nice to have you here :) I love what you wrote, and I'm with you in that UP-UP-UP is THE way to go! That was how I ended my newsletter series in 2012..."Fly high, Human Angels!" The view from there is Divinely awesome!