29 April 2013

Hilarion's Weekly Message 28 April ~ 5 May via Marlene Swetlishoff

So much going on for many of us at this point in time ~ this message from Hilarion will provide a better understanding of what's been happening energy-wise, and assist us in moving forwards with better clarity.

Do not falter in your efforts to live authentically and honestly at all times. The words ‘standing in your Light’ have taken on a whole new meaning now as it has become a crucial element of support to the Earth and all her inhabitants. Try to remember to connect into the newly activated crystalline grids that now hold a great capacity to serve the common good by uniting and magnifying your combined efforts in intending the highest good and outcome for all.

Please read the complete message here.

28 April 2013

The Storm Of Disclosure Is About To Hit ~ David Wilcock

I have barely read a couple of paragraphs at the time of posting this, but there is a strong sense of urgency to this update from David Wilcock, so here it is first. David had a prophetic dream that strongly indicated Disclosure being a reality, very soon. I would like to add my usual request that we energise this potential to manifest by sending it our Light and Love, and actually ASK that it be brought into reality, for the Highest Purpose.

Here for this incredible update from David.

Update: I just read a bit more and felt that I needed to insert this reminder that the Galactics have assured us that NO wars will be allowed, ALL nuclear and destructive weaponry have been neautralised.

Update: David's interpretation of the recent spate of meteorites (including the Russian one) differs from what we have been told by other sources, including Zorra. I personally believe the "other" version i.e. celestial bodies disintegrated by the Galactics.

27 April 2013

Arcturian Balancing Meditation ~ Judy Satori and Mary Wells

This is a wonderful way to start the day :)  Arcturians are known for their advanced healing techniques, and as we've been told so many times, we can call upon them any time for assistance in healing or clearing. You can download this beautiful meditation from this page in Judy Satori's website as well as the script in PDF format here. This is the transcript:

Please clear my energy fields of all imbalanced energies, thoughtforms and beliefs
that are not of God and not of love
Please clear all lower vibrational projected thought forms or sabotaging lower
vibrational energies
Please clear all harmful extraterrestrial implants
Please clear all interfering or sabotaging astral entities or elementals
Please clear my cellular memory of all trauma energy, sadness and fear
Please heal, repair and balance my chakras so that they spin in the perfect rhythm...
focus on chakras 1-12 in turn.
Please assist me to open my heart into total unconditional love and oneness with all
that is.
Please assist me to align with my path of service and with Divine Will.
Add in any personal requests.
Thank You.

A Shamanic/Hathor Heart Chakra Sound Meditation by Tom Kenyon

Using sound energies for healing, activation and growth in these times of accelerated vibrational amplification is becoming very integral in our daily intentions for our own spiritual progress and ascension. There are so many different sound modalities available, and it's up to us individually to gravitate to those that suit us best.

This is one from Tom Kenyon for the Heart Chakra, designed for self-healing and self-renewal. He has graciously made it available for free on his website, where you can download it and listen at your leisure. About 14 minutes long of wonderful sound energy magic!

Finding Our Own Paths ~ Madisyn Taylor, Daily Om

A dear Soul sent me this link a few days ago, and I'm finally posting it here :)  It's such timely information from Madisyn Taylor during this transitionary period ~ we all have our own unique path to journey upon, and most of the times the deeper significance (or rather, higher Divine perspective) of what's actually transpiring is not really apparent on the surface. It's a theme I've often talked about in my previous newsletters and definitely one that I believe in. Thanks to Ellie :)

"Entering into our own spirituality is a private journey. Each of us will be drawn to a different gateway to begin on our personal path to awakening to a greater experience of ourselves. Even though we may be taught certain philosophies or beliefs as children, we still need to find our own way of understanding and applying them in our lives. For those who are raised without a spiritual framework, they may not even know their process as a form of spirituality. But at some stage in their lives, whether in youth or adulthood, they are likely to recognize the resonance of their beliefs, the ring of truth in their philosophy, and their dedication to their chosen purpose."

Continue reading here...

25 April 2013

The Coming Days, and More Specifically, the Energies of the Eclipses, Will Reveal Much Concerning Disclosure ~ Melchizedek via Meline Lafont

Greetings dear ones. An extremely uplifing and beautiful time is just around the corner for all of you due to the upcoming eclipses arriving in the course of 1 month (april 25th, partial lunar eclipse, May 10th annular solar eclipse and May 25th penumbral lunar eclipse). They will surely bring about much in your reality, even more than has been the case up until now, and everything builds slowly but surely up to your genuinely real reality which unfolds itself from your heart and from your inner Self.

What is currently unfolding on your world can be compared to a coin that shows both sides occasionally. As is commonly known, everything happens for a reason and can be viewed from both sides and they both are playing out in such a way that everything can be brought back to order. The enjoyable as well as the less enjoyable experiences must be allowed in order to get breakthroughs causing some hardship for many hearts in incarnation in these times of Ascension.

23 April 2013

Journey of Light : Sedona Update ~ Sandra Walter 22 April 2013

Sandra Walter speaks about the Multi-Dimensional Self that we are graduating into, and the changes we go through as we integrate and embody more of our Christed Self. She stresses that the Dark is no more, in the sense that the Dark ETs who were controlling Humanity are now gone, and what's left are the humans who are playing out/reprising their role during the times of Atlantis. She also reminds us that what's happening now (Boston etc.) is the Atlantix/Mars redux of attempts to control the planet.

With the new energies of Unity Consciousness, we are asked to tune in and connect with these energies to guide us in our intentions to serve the Light and accelerate the Ascension process. We need to turn away from attempts to distract us from our work ~ Sandra points out the significance of the numbers '3' and '144' (as in 3 dead, 144 injured) which emphasise the Trinity and Activation of the Divine Process.

Sandra repeats that 2013 is "New"...time to let go of all our "Old". Time to leave the Duality programming behind. Do what we need for our own journey. We can't watch the Shift ~ we ARE the Shift!

As always, very empowering stuff, which includes photos of the area before and after Sandra's portal opening. Watch here, please :)

21 April 2013

Disclosure ~ The Early Years

With the premiere of Sirius just a couple of days away, followed by the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure a week after, I felt that a re-visit to classic Disclosure attempts in the early years is in order. It is unthinkable when we realise that dedicated people have been trying to bring about Disclosure over the past five or six decades (basically after the horrific tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and we are still talking about it today. However, if we also are aware that this one event alone ~ Disclosure ~ would spell the end of ALL that is not of Light, we can imagine what dastardly efforts go into making sure the masses remain duped.

I believe it's clear from my blog and website that I'm a strong proponent of Disclosure :)  This, I believe, more than anything else that is transpiring (or trying to transpire) is the ultimate death-knell to whatever is left of the Dark. It is the golden key that unlocks us from our own mental imprisonment and programming, and it is the door that opens us to our Galactic roots, once and for all.

So, in honour of what's up ahead, here are the links to some classic Contactee/Disclosure experiences. Time to appreciate them once again :)

Zorra Update via Zaraya ~ Hollow Earth Network 20 April 2013

  • Peter Olsen/Tartus explains that Heart-Mind is responsible for 99% of conscious evolution/Love while 1% decodes the "experience" part, so being Heart-centered is essential for us to go "higher"; website manyofone.com Magic Words for 44 words to raise vibrations, Section 31 gives examples of distractions which lower our vibrations
  • Texas event due to faulty valve/inferior materials, not conspiracy; however Boston is inside-job by minions/FBI
  • Colonel Potter video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWUB4MCLsHg      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw5yBn2EuBI
  • The innocent suspects will be exonerated soon
  • Attempts to impose Internet controls will not be allowed
  • Zorra assures that ALL nuclear weapons/ICBMs have been rendered inert, GLOBALLY ~ isotopes within have been neutralised (Thank You, GF!)
  • The "Lucifer" energies/thought-forms also eliminated from Earth
  • "Fallen Angels" were ETs whose time is also ending
  • Seaweed substitute for Laminine can also be found along all areas of Lemuria, eg. Easter Islands, Baja (Mexico), West coast of Australia, Aleutian Islands, Japan etc
  • 28-min special report for Laminine available on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUGbQLeSHY8
  • GF already delivered additive to existing Laminine capsules, making them more potent, accelerates 3rd eye opening
  • Nuclear stockpiles/waste as well as in manufacturing process have also been neutralised
  • Terra-forming will still take place eg. deserts need to be habitable; Mother Earth has requested that we be removed temporarily while she expands and reclaims her purity
  • Maldek/Pax will be made whole again 
  • Fear of Humanity has to be less than 2% in order for landings to occur; we are currently at 4%
  • We have graduated to 3rd level of 5D since April
  • Zorra removes filter and delivers Healing Pulse, assisted by GF of Light and Planets, Councils of 12 in Hollow Earth and Telos, Sananda (47:30-minute mark)
  • Zorra explains (yet again, very likely to the same caller) about Obama having to "follow orders" for the time being
  • The plan about ships decloaking during CHD still on, but it remains to be seen if it can be allowed to take place
  • Solar flares are holographic to protect the people of Helios from others of lower vibrations
  • Share our dreams to help the enlightenment process of others, we can also "meet" others in our sleep if we intent that before sleep
  • "I am an unlimited immortal Being"
  • World will change after Disclosure because we awake from slumber
  • Biological and chemical weaponry also rendered harmless, neutralised
  • Zorra will choose another channel after Zaraya and Quazar depart for Telos, Annette Sassou has free activations and raising vibrations on teloschannel.com
  • The Being (form) that we are now is what we will be taking to higher dimensions
  • Financial reforms are in place, get ready for it
  • Caller's flat-foot condition now normalised after Healing Pulse
  • UN Agenda 21 will not be executed once Disclosure takes place; UN will be disbanded
  • Anne reminds us to focus on reducing fear and raising vibrations (my personal note: please understand that lower vibrational things will not be able to exist in the higher dimensions!)
  • Zorra will be speaking to media (maybe at the podium too) at CHD.

Attunements to Higher Visions in Alignment with Gaia Higher Purposing Vision Occurs Rapidly - Gaia Portal 20 April 2013

Here is Gaia Portal's latest update. From what I understand, "666" is the number of the Earth Humans.

Attunements to Higher Vision in alignment with Gaia Higher Purposing Vision occurs rapidly at this now moment. Those harmonized with Gaia Higher Purpose receive and are inspired to Be and act upon this Higher Vision. 

All such Gaia Harmonics collectively respond to Hue-Being involvement and Higher Intention, as given by Gaia, as received by individual Hue-Being. The collective Gaia Harmonics response via collective Hue-Being participation brings in an amplified effect for healing and upliftment energetically of Gaia, in particular during the 5-5-13 through 7-7-13 period. 

We point out that “maximum” amplification appears at the 6-6-2013 (a 6-6-6), and many will feel drawn to this date number. Higher Discernment requested and required for molding (shaping) of Higher D energies to Higher Gaia Intention for this time period. 

“Higher You knows what to DO.”

20 April 2013

Sound of Light Activations by Judy Satori

** Update 21 May 2018: There have been changes to the website. Please note that this is now Judy Satori's website: https://judysatori.com **

There was a time when it took many, many years for someone on the Spiritual path to make meaningful progress. This usually involved much learning, many techniques and lots of patience (such as meditating for long periods of time!). In the past two decades, however, we were able to proceed with our growth at a much faster rate due to all the energies that are being directed at us from the Galactic Centre. Then in the past couple of years, things accelerated even more, and we moved much faster in tandem.

From my own personal experience and viewpoint, I will say that many techniques have now become unnecessary in the sense that they were based on the Old Energies, and therefore worked on a different level of consciousness. Of late, one of the most effective spiritual tools that I've come across is one that utilises Light Language. An example would be the activations provided by Judy Satori.

Judy has generously and graciously provided an entire inventory of activations based on Light Language and Star/Christed energy guidance ~ they range from clearing and protection to Soul Purpose alignment.

Please find out more about them here.

Am I Of Higher Frequency? ~ in5d

Do you notice or even feel frustrated because the supplements, medicines, diets, and modalities that seem to work for other people don’t work for you? Do you do what most would consider “all the right things” for your health and spirit and still feel that you are not functioning optimally? Do your energies, moods, and immune system feel like they need a boost even when you take extra time for “self-care?” 

If you answered “yes” to the previous questions, there is a very good chance that you are part of the 1% of the population that is genetically of higher frequency. People of higher frequency tend to be described as “hypersensitive,” empathic, intuitive, creative, sometimes perfectionistic, and (wonderfully!) complex. 

19 April 2013

Ancient Aliens ~ The Von Daniken Legacy

I've always enjoyed watching Ancient Aliens, initially because it's the first series that I'm aware of that actually explores what is termed the Ancient Astronaut Theory. It has since become more "bold" in the sense that they are creeping ever so close now to the truth of our Human origins.

This episode (Season 5 Episode 10) pays tribute to Erich Von Daniken, who is a major figure behind the Ancient Astronaut Theory and the author of the classic "Chariots of the Gods". He was also a main proponent of the notion that the "missing link" of our evolution was due to ET attempts to jump-start the human DNA. He believed that these "Gods" were ET visitors from a far more advanced civilisation who came to Earth and settled here for some time, creating the megalithic structures found all over the world.

I like what he says..."These visitors will return to Earth again." Maybe he actually knows that they are here already :)

Watch the episode here while it's still available!

QHHT Session With Ron Head and Unexpected Guests Parts 1 and 2 ~ Suzanne Spooner


Ron Head, who channels Archangel Michael, had a QHHT session with Suzanne Spooner that revealed some interesting information about a past life, thanks to an "unexpected guest". Since Suzanne obviously wants it to be a surprise for the reader (because she did not name this "guest" in the title), I won't mention it either here.

So I will just point you to the transcript straightway, which is here. There's a Part Two, which will be available later.

**Update 20 April 2013 ~ Link to Part 2

18 April 2013

The Day The Earth Stood Stood Still ~ Pass The Popcorn!

With "Disclosure Week" coming up ~ Sirius on 22 April followed by the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure a week later, time to take another look a the classic "The Day The Earth Stood Still". Despite being more than six decades old, it's still a great movie with an even greater message for Humanity. Just don't mind the special effects...  :)

If you don't have the movie, you can watch it here in 10 parts.

Or watch the trailer and listen to Klaatu's warning to Humanity.

Channel Panel ~ Dr Kathryn May 18 April 2013

Dr Kathryn May is back with Anne DeHart, and brings some timely information from Mother/Father God, St Germaine and Ashtar. The first bit of this audio had some issues with connections but the call went through OK after the initial difficulties.

Mother/Father God
  • Boston bombing not terrorist attack, cover-up for potential exposure of dark activities
  • We are assured that no global disasters will be allowed to occur and are encouraged to keep our Light bright ~ we are the engine behind this Ascension process
  • Be at peace in our minds and we will begin to heal ~ rest and plenty of water essential
  • Refrain from focusing on the darkness, Light is beginning to fill in all over the world as people start to awaken.

St Germaine
  • Meeting of Cardinals will precipitate truths regarding Jesus' life, including important role women played in assisting him, will surface
  • Apologises for delay in prosperity funds as the Dark has been preventing progress, but now that Vatican is under his “control”, things will get easier as much of these funds are in Vatican Bank
  • This will be done in orderly fashion, as this is how the Light orchestrates events
  • Speeches by Pope have coded messages, so listen out for them!
  • Asks us to spread the word about Sirius and Citizen Disclosure Hearing to help Disclosure process along
  • Mass landings have been prophesied for thousands of years; Galactics are looking forward to this as much as us.
  • Caller is concerned about the masses who are still unaware about what is about to take place once Disclosure occurs. Ashtar explains that this process is very complex and intricate but encourages caller to continue to share what she knows with those around her but to stay away from “spirituality” as this may deter them, tell them the energy levels are rising on the Planet
  • Caller asks St Germaine if he's doing his spiritual work “properly” ~ Kathryn stresses that there are no “rules” when it comes to Enlightenment or raising vibrations. There is no magic way, it's all in the Heart and suggests that he talks with the Masters as well. Asks caller to read one of her first blogs on depression, and recommends dropping self-judgement. There is no such thing as “perfect”. St Germaine advised caller to stop self-judgement and comparing with others. Imagination is doorway to higher dimensional vision. Practise being positive.

Meteors ~ The Seeds of Life ~ Beacons of Light via Steve Rother

There's some great information here from The Keeper of Time via Steve Rother that highlights the reason for the current spate of meteors coming into Earth's atmosphere. I had written in an earlier post that a beautiful Soul had informed me that these meteors carried with them "downloads" but she didn't know more than that.

In this message through Steve, we are told that these meteors carry the "Seeds of Life" and what other effects they have on Earth. The Keeper also mentioned that we were supposed to wrap up Life here on Earth between from 2000-2012, and how these meteors play into the current "new" plan. (Bearing in mind that the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 set the course for a massive change in plans when enough Souls agreed on a Soul-level to chart a new course that didn't involve terminating Life on Earth.)

Read the full message here.

16 April 2013

'A Mu'A Reloaded - Solara's April 2013 Surf Report

This is the free excerpt of Solara's monthly report - please subscribe at the site for the full version. I will reproduce the excerpt here because it is not archived at the site.

April is not easy to describe because there are so many things happening on myriad personal and planetary levels. We are in the midst of unprecedented completions laced with massive new beginnings. We are shedding lifetimes of old skins. We are being influenced by extremely different reality systems until we completely pull out of duality and anchor ourselves in the Ultra Greater Reality. The collective turmoil that is occurring all over the world is strongly affecting us by creating extremely Choppy Surf. The air around us is so full of the swirling currents of chaos and rebirth that it can be quite a challenge to remain grounded and clear.
Some people are grieving or feel Null Zoned that our journey through the 11:11 Doorway is over. This grief will be instantly gone as soon as they realize that the most important part of this magnificent journey has just begun. Some are feeling insecure and scared because they don't see the hoped for evolutionary changes that we've long been working for. Instead, they only see the violence and corruption that is rising to the surface all over the world. This makes them feel as if they don't know which way to turn. This is causing some to turn back to old belief systems, while others are simply confused or in a state of shock.
April begins with many situations and elements in our lives ON THE LINE. We have reached a major Crossroads. Crossroads always present us with a Choice. Which way do we go? Some major decisions will be made this month. We need to make these decisions with eyes wide open while listening to our Heart's Knowingness. These decisions are life changing, so we don't want to fall into default decisions or unconsciously create circumstances that prevent us from following through with our decisions.
Some of our new situations, (and this is true of relationships as well), have a stunning rightness on a very deep Heart's Knowingness level. But on the normal outward levels, things don't totally fit together as we think that they should. Before, we would look for another direction if things didn't work out quickly or easily, but now the resonance of TRUTH in our Heart's Knowingness is so strong that we know we can't consider leaving, because we are in our absolute right place (or right relationship).
I have spent much time wondering why this is happening in this manner. I feel that it is removing us completely from the old ways of doing things. It is shattering any of our remaining expectations of how things should be. And it is pulling away our artificial pillars of support, forcing us to rely on our inner knowingness, rather than on outer events and signs. It is stripping off any remaining layers of superficiality and untrueness. It is teaching us the New Navigation by moving us into a new pace, rhythm and timing. It requires us to throw away our old criteria and judgements so that we can be fully accepting of the HERE and NOW. We are learning that it's OK to have plans and goals, but that it's also OK when they don't happen as we think that they should. And it shows us how to fully ACCEPT where we are and what we do have with deepest gratitude. All of this makes us more Real, True and Free than before.
All of what we've been experiencing has given us a new seriousness. Our beings are being sharpened to a fine point of Trueness, honesty and seriousness of purpose. Even our love feels more serious, deeper, more real and way less superficial. We feel more comfortable with openly being a True One.
Last year on April 20 and 21, we held an important 11:11 'A Mu'a Ceremony on the island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). ('A Mu'a is a word in the Rapa Nui language which means To Go Forward.) Our Ceremony was in three parts. In the afternoon of April 20th, we went to Anakena and did 11:11 Sacred Dances and Mudras. In early evening, we moved our Ceremony to the fifteen Moai at Tongariki. Here, during the Dark of the Moon, we planted the seeds for the 'A Mu'a. The New Moon took place in the middle of that night.

We returned to Tongariki in the pre-morning darkness of the following day. As we watched the glorious sunrise, we felt that our seeds of 'A Mu'a had germinated. The wheels, cogs and gears that had long been stuck began to turn. After that, all year long, waves upon waves of the 'A Mu'a energies slowly spread forth across the planet.
Now, we have come full circle, back to the month of 'A Mu'a. Only this time we aren't seeding the 'A Mu'a; we are receiving its heightened energies. This is the fulfillment of the 'A Mu'a -- The 'A Mu'a Reloaded. It is now coming to us with its full potency, unleashing its tremendous potential, propelling us into the situations, experiences, circumstances, relationships, places and activities that are most right for us.
Throughout April, but especially during the final two weeks, the 'A Mu'a Reloaded is going to bring us a whirlwind of new information, new opportunities, new connections, significant breakthroughs and new understandings about what we are here to do. We are ready for this. Each manifestation of 'A Mu'a will lead to a series of blossomings and breakthroughs. Our New Directions are finally opening up for us. We shall be grounded in the knowingness that we are in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. And this makes us very happy.
This is a very small fragment of Solara's complete APRIL 2013 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

15 April 2013

Lucifer is Gone - Long Live the Light! Mother/Father God via Kathryn May



If this information is correct, things will begin to unfold at an unbelievable pace! I won't write anything else about it, please read and decide for yourself. Meanwhile, we should continue to raise our vibrations and just keep pulling in that gorgeous Light :)

Sprites of Light - Gaia Portal 14 April 2013

More good news from Gaia Portal; looks like we are gaining momentum again after being in "pause" mode for quite a while.

Light Connections among 100th monkey Hue-persons have strengthened and are increasingly connecting with all of “non-enLightened” humanity. These connections appear as “Sprites of Light” to those with 5-7D eyes to see. 

“Sprites of Light” pass from one human to another, even those in “non-enLightened” state. 

This is a Gaia-directed channeling of the Higher D Light whose strength (intensity) has multiplied 10-fold as a result of recent Solar activity. Each human entity has become sufficiently Light-aware (even though often un-consciously) to permit this means of Light transmission within Gaia.

14 April 2013

Opening 5D Gateways and Portal - April/May Missions of Light from Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter has embarked on a mission to open 5D gateways and portals along a crystalline corridor from Sierra to Sedona. She asks us to help in this process as Lightservers, as this period requires connections with the increased photonic-magnetic Light from the Galactic centre through the opening of these 5D portals and vortices.

Sandra uses Lemurian crystals but we can use simple quartz points to program our pure intention to serve in the opening and anchoring of these 5D energies. We align with Gaia's intention to expand into her higher consciousness and in so doing, go through our own expansion and connection with our higher consciousness. This Lightwork amplifies and accelerates the Ascension process, and we can perform this in our own creative way.

Even the Dark is being transformed, no one is impenetrable or immune to these energies. Everyone is affected.

Please watch the video for more details of this mission.

13 April 2013

Drunvalo Melchizedek and Lilou Mace - Untold Mayan Prophecies, Plasma Beings (Inner/Hollow Earth)

Drunvalo Melchizedek and Lilou Mace discuss this new energies that we are in right now, this comes in three parts, links below. Drunvalo also talks about the second part of the prophecy, which many are not aware of (we're familiar with the 21 December 2012 prophecy only). He also speaks about the "collection" of DNA strands from the various root races in order to make Ascension possible, as explained in greater detail by Noel Huntley in "Fall of Man" (see post), albeit from a different perspective.

What I find puzzling is that the presence of ETs is more readily acknowledged as compared to the existence of our Intra-Terrestrial brethren in Inner/Hollow Earth, even though these higher-dimensional beings share the same planet, and have kept a watchful eye over us for eons!

The information here may not be entirely new but it's presented from a different perspective and still relevant.

Some of the topics include the following:
  • Getting to the Golden Mean, where Life/Creation occurs
  • First level is where the Natives (such as the Australian Aborigines) are at, because they are so in tune with the Earth
  • Where we are now is not close to this GM (we don't even care about Nature), but what we are becoming (Christ Consciousness) will get us there
  • When we get to the "other side", current technology will be useless because we can do so much more from within
  • Where we are now is where we need to be (we had to get through all of this darkness), in order to get to that place of Christ Consciousness; we couldn't have been "here" without the ancestral stage, and the ancestors couldn't have gotten "there" without us, we all get there together
  • We've come into the Feminine Energies Cycle now, and these allow us to make that leap to the "other side" - we will remember Who We Truly Are
  • Heart-Mind will make the connection this year, up to Mother Earth to make this Shift; we are in the window of the prophecy
  • From February 18/19 internal changes started, within ourselves and within the Planet, thanks to the massive energies emitted through our Sun, peak of Solar activity in 2013; likely to shut down all 3D grids
  • We are shifting to an entirely new level, leading to Unity Consciousness
  • Whole Universe supporting us and waiting to help prepare for this Shift; this part not really understood by Mayans because it's "too outrageous"
  • We will enter Christ Consciousness (what I like to call "Magic")
  • Migration of into Inner Earth and discovery of giant crystals and geodes, and establishment of dwelling spaces
  • They are helping us in our transition to higher consciousness, a higher level of existence, where we will attain perfected wholeness (this is the part of the untold prophecy)
  • We are the ones who have taken on this near-impossible mission of ascension in physical bodies, in a couple years instead of eons of time, and this will affect all of Cosmos
  • Magnetic pole shift to occur, this may be pre-cursor to Final Shift
  • What we are going through now is result of rift in dimensional fields when Atlantis abused energy and destroyed their civilisation
  • "Earthing" information - being out in Nature and allowing the energies of Mother Earth to help balance ourselves through direct contact with the ground
  • Being Heart-centred is the way to proceed, this is the "fast-track" for shfting into higher levels
  • Dreams from Unity Field consciousness (Heart) are the ones that facilitate our Ascension.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

12 April 2013

Kathryn May with Anne DeHart - Messages from Mother/Father God, Sananda, Ashtar and St Germaine

These are some highlights from this show (audio a bit garbled):

Mother/Father God
  • Addresses the issue of "soon", the Universe does not operate on "time", events are dependant on "domino-effect" timeline so precise predictions are not possible
  • We have reached tipping-point and we need to continue onwards as this is our responsibility
  • Ask for protection when we are undertaking something risky in the course of our Lightwork
  • Be the change
  • We have earned this Ascension!

  • Sananda corrects some inaccuracies and distortions in the Bible, asserts that he was married to Mary Magdalene and had women members in his circle to help teach
  • Never intended to start a religion, and "Apostle Paul" (who never met Jesus) transplanted original teachings
  • Rape and pillage of Planet in name of Christianity has hugely disappointed Higher Beings
  • We are known as "The Brave Ones" to even consider coming to Earth
  • Forgive the Dark and pray they return to the Light.
  • Disclosure-type news sweeping across globe, thanks to Dr Steven Greer's Sirius and Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
  • Disclosure and free energy will change our way of Life
  • Time for everyone to be truly and totally liberated.
St Germaine
  • "Confesses" that his energy is playing the role of the new Pope
  • Reveals that the Vatican Bank is one of the "vaults" for St Germaine Trusts! It will take a bit more "paperwork" to prove St Germaine's ownership over Vatican Bank.
  • A caller received advice on how to ask entity (who has passed over) to return to Light; he will be welcomed back no matter what he did
  • Culture and issues surrounding mentally-imbalanced patients/prisoners will change when we move into higher consciousness.

New Realms of Angels to Assist Your Ascension - ArchAngel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel

"From the Angelic Dimensions comes a wondrous blessing for this special time. Through Divine Dispensation new realms of Angels are available for your ascension process. These Angels hold the frequencies of the spiritual attributes you most need so you can live in harmony with the increasing energies of these precious times of awakening.

Realms of Angels have been specifically assigned by the Archangels overseeing the evolution of the Earth and each person on the planet at this time. As the frequencies have increased you have gained clear awareness of what you need in your life. This is helpful so you can be open to the fields of Divine Light the Angels hold that provide specific assistance for you now. When you ask for their help, these empowered Angels fill you with the Divine Light that offers the blessing you most need in every situation."

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Duality to Triality - Divine Will Made Manifest by Lauren Gorgo

The latest messages that are streaming out in full force lately (after the March Equinox!) are stressing the point, over and over, that we are DONE with 3D...Lauren Gorgo echoes this message in this new update -- we have "switched trains"!

"So we finally, Finally, FINALLY made it out of reverse, and can start moving forward again…altho forward seems slightly subjective in this new territory because, for all intents and purposes, we are without a compass and with no linear marker points to hint at what direction is.  But this whole new reality is pretty slick if you ask me because without linearity, without progressing sequentially, we literally have no choice but to think with our hearts.  Pretty sneaky.  Literally wipes the logic right out of us."

" You are turning the corner from living as what we would call a human DOing to a true human BEing, as you were originally designed and intended to BE.  This switch in dynamic is the basis for your new reality system and one that requires the feminine principal of receiving to BE in first place…that you consciously BE first."

Age of Nefarious...Swami Beyondananda

Here's Swami's witty look at the Age of Aquarius...


Age of Nefarious
A transitional stage right before the Age of Aquarius said to begin when "the goon moves into Lincoln's house and stupider aligns with Mars" (2001) and said to end when we let the sunlight of transparency, love and laughter shine in (any day now).

Releasing the Pain and Anguish of the Archetypal Mother


This is the third consecutive post about our Mother Earth! I certainly did not plan for it to go this way :)

Just a couple of days ago, during my meditation, I allowed myself to take a "peek" and feel into the consciousness of our beloved Planet. I normally do not do this because I avoid at all costs feeling into other people's emotions since I can be over-sensitive at times. However, this time, it was as if I was "asked", and so I found myself feeling an immense wave of emotions. It was pain and anguish that was accumulated over eons of time, so intense and overwhelming, so ancient and yet current.

This experience lasted for about only ten seconds at the most. Somehow, I was shielded from feeling the actual pain and anguish, for which I'm very grateful. But that wasn't the point of the experience -- instead, I received this message:

"It's time to leave the Mother's pain and anguish behind."

I'm aware that this message isn't for Mother Earth. It's from her, to us.

Obviously I speak about the "Mother" here, but this reference is more of the Archetypal Mother. It applies to those, whether male or female, who are in a "Mother" role -- anyone who is playing a caring, nurturing or guiding role. It's not uncommon for those in these positions to feel pain and anguish when they are hurt in some way by the ones they care for. Sometimes, as an Archetypal Mother, we can allow ourselves to become so used or overstressed by the ones we love. This message tells us that it's time to release the pain and anguish, and move on with unconditional Love. We cannot possibly ascend beyond a certain point if we are still feeling the negative emotions of pain.

As a mother myself, I'm perfectly aware that it's sometimes not that easy or simple to just "let go". However, I also know that we don't have to do this alone. We have help, and we can ask for it. The energies that are now available on the Planet make it easy for us to ask for assistance from Higher Beings. Please also remember that it's really time for us to connect with our Higher Self, and if we haven't done so, then now is such an appropriate time to do just that. Our Higher Self will help guide us, if we make that connection.

Mother Earth/Gaia is moving on to the fifth, back to the place of full consciousness before our fall into 3D. She has decided, after untold eons of time, that she no longer wishes to continue the experience of being in pain and anguish. It's also time for us to move along with her.

Ashtar Speaks (via Philipp) - Gaia Talks About the Actual Transition Period - 8 April 2013

What synchronicity! The same message being echoed by Gaia, following the previous message from Gaia Portal for 11 April 2013, albeit from a different angle.

We are reminded here how vital it is for us to release the negativity and to move into Love. This is the pre-requisite that seems to be holding us back from achieving full consciousness. The pathway is already cleared for us to move ahead, and we are assured that no calamities would befall us to derail our Ascension. We just need to make that choice ourselves to let go of all negativity.

Gaia also reiterates that the final Shift would not take long once we unite together in Love and focus on our path. Please read the full message here.

Displacement of Light Intender Beings From Negative Timelines Is Occurring - Gaia Portal 11 April 2013

This is such a loaded message. It underscores, stresses and emphasises what we've been repeatedly told since the Solstice of 2012 -- let go of the negativity and the darkness. As Light Workers, our role has always been to turn towards, assimilate and anchor Light on the Planet. Spiritual Physics allows for faster and more efficient transmutation on the dark when there is sufficient Light. And being little creator gods and goddesses, we affect the outcomes and probabilities of future time-lines.

Choose Light, always :)

Multiple timelines are being exhibited among Gaia inhabitants at this moment. Displacement of Light Intender Beings from negative timelines is occurring via rapid unveiling of potential results of negative timelines. 
Such was not deemed necessary a few years in Gaia’s past; however, sufficient number of Light Intender Beings became mired in such negative timelines. 

Full ascension of Gaia requires full release of all negative timelines.

10 April 2013

Clarifying Gender Principles - Lisa Renee, Shifting Timelines April 2013

As we know, the Goddess Principle is returning to Earth, bringing balance to a world that has been dominated by the Male Energy for eons. On the micro-level, we as individuals undergoing our own ascension process also need to create this balance withing ourselves, on the way to becoming multi-dimensional humans. All is transitioning from a place of Duality into one of Unity; all needs to attain balance, both within and without. This is the gist of Lisa Renee's update for this month.

Lisa also writes,
"Without polarity integration there cannot be biological spiritual evolution or its byproduct, true spiritual marriage, which is the energetic unification between the gender principles."

Following this, our experiences at this point in time will be crafted to allow us to reach that state of balance, and this can be better facilitated if ego-mind gets out of the way and to stop following false blueprints that have been put in place by the Dark.

For much, much more, please go here.

Sheldan Nidle Update - 9 April 2013

Here are some highlights:
  • US Federal Reserve under new caretakers and will maintain its "appearance" until financial reforms are formally introduced
  • All in "holding pattern" until dark age formally ends
  • Angelic guides and Higher Beings working on our energy fields to prepare us for the final Shift to full consciousness
  • Surface realm to be rehabilitated, all Devic Kingdoms will be temporarily relocated for safety
  • Eventual reunion between outer and inner realms
  • Rehabilitation of entire Solar System (including Mars, Venus) will also occur, back to higher states of existence prior to Dark invasion
  • This includes reconstitution of Pax (Maldek - Asteroid Belt) back to its Water World status, joining Earth, Mars, Venus
  • Cetaceans will extend their spiritual influences as guardians of the Waters.
Please read the complete message here.

09 April 2013

A New Spiritual Renaissance Has Begun - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in with the Star Elders

Aluna Joy explains that we are coming towards the end of a 33-year journey through the Dark Rift in the Milky Way, which started in 1983 and culminates in 2016. The 2013 March Equinox marked the birth of a Spiritual Renaissance (a resurrection!) after a period of incubation which we felt as a "void" post-Solstice 2012. By the time of the Solstice in June 2013, our new reality would become obvious to us.

The "void" following the 2012 December Solstice was necessary to allow for our final phase of releasing, re-calibrations and rebuilding. We are now poised to face the New, "onboard and sailing with the spirit of a newborn Earth Star."

Please read the complete article here.

08 April 2013

Bases 20 The New Humans - Mary Rodwell


This 90-minute video has Mary Rodwell giving incredible accounts of what she terms the "New Humans" -- the Star Kids, Crystals, Rainbows etc. These children come in already "switched on", and most of them undergo learning at their home-Starships although they are incarnate and born on Earth.

I didn't take notes when I watched this, so I won't be able to provide a more detailed summary. What's very heartening to know is that the future of Earth Humans is looking really pretty, and going according to Divine Plan  :)

Please go here for the video. It's in two parts - the first is an interview Mary gave in 2011 while the other is in 2013. Miles Johnston from AMMACH is the interviewer.

07 April 2013

High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan, Crystalline Sanctuary 3 April 2013

Karen Doonan delivers this message form the High Council of Orion, which explains that the time we are in right now will assist in our memories returning, and therefore, our knowledge returning. We will then be able to see the Truths in Life. We will shift and change our way into higher consciousness, with "Letting Go" being essential for move forwards.

We are more than just "human", and these energies are upgrading us to be Who We Truly Are, and to ready ourselves for the New Earth that is manifesting. We are to allow the vibrations of Love to flow in and to open up our Heart-space, otherwise our connection with our Soul is not possible. As we begin this Harmonisation process, we will move away from operating from the brain and into the Heart.

"Love is the very fabric of the Universe." We came to this Planet not to "think" our way through, but to experience Life, and we can only feel through the Heart, not mind. Going within will yield answers.

Here for this 19-minute audio.

Zorra Update via Zaraya - Hollow Earth Network 6 April 2013

Zorra's latest call is up on the Hollow Earth Network site, with a summary from Anne DeHart. I'll write some highlights here as well:
  • Peter Olsen tells us more about leaving our 3D-Mind with the 5 senses and going into the 5D-Mind, which is the Heart-Mind/Heart Chakra, with the pineal gland as the antenna. This will bring on the higher dimensional abilities
  • Zaraya explains about the healing rod (having crystals inside the copper tube) and with Quazar relates a healing rod incident on a friend's dog
  • Zaraya stresses that the Galactics will not allow any detonation of nuclear missiles (re.North Korea), and this may even be the catalyst for our Star Family to appear en masse
  • Change our verbalogy/usage of words to create our world in joy and peace; they are precursor frequencies for creation
  • Zorra "reports" that he has been busy with GF work, and repeats that Obama is doing work for the Light and needs our support
  • Mexico and Great Britain have extended official invitations for the Galactics to appear
  • Tesla had technology for free energy using "downloads" in dreams from GF; he also created a force field that will protect it from, and eliminate any threat of destruction, and an advanced version of this "bubble" will be used by GF to protect the Earth
  • Zorra repeats that we will be safe and protected by GF 
  • Some "guests" will appear during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (CHD)  (St Germaine and AAM!)
  • Sirius docu-movie will "open many eyes" and make people "contemplate their existence"
  • Spaceships will appear uncloaked during the CHD in the Washington area!
  • Zorra's Healing Pulse at around 36-minute mark, especially for cancer patients
  • Avoid all negativity at all costs, also speak in the positive, claim and own it, then proclaim it (aloud) to others as Jesus as said before
  • Zorra relates the "experiment" where someone contracted AIDS and then dismissed it, to prove the power of intention
  • Quazar reiterates that it's not yet time for her and Zaraya to move into Inner Earth
  • Some Star beings and ships are already on the surface; one landed in Mexico City to replenish supplies to extra-terrestrial families already on the surface; characteristics - they don't fit in, excel in their jobs, have genius children, fall asleep anytime of day, have extraordinary gardens; they are all over the world
  • Zorra explains how to use the healing rod
  • No currency used in higher dimensions, all have whatever they need for sustenance and barter-system is used to exchange services / talents
  • Zaraya and Quazar will not go on anymore tours after the CHD in Washington
  • Zorra confirms that St Germaine's energy is with the Pope
  • We would know if we come into the presence of these ET families (who have been here since 1943) because they emanate much love and high energy
  • Aurora Borealis are reflections of our own crystalline Inner Sun that appear as halo of Light
  • Zorra explains (yet again!) about Obama being of the Light
  • Crystals can be used for protection.
 Go here for the call.

04 April 2013

The New Pope...View From 2005 - Kryon

Painting by Franklin McMahon

Another Kryon post! I like synchronicity :)

I've read quite a few Kryon books and listened to a fair number of his messages, but I will admit that I didn't remember this when the new Pope was announced. I'd like to think that memory loss is just another one of the long list of symptoms we are experiencing during our transition :)  But truly, our inability to sometimes even recall simple words ("thingy" is a very frequently used word for me these days) is a symptom!

Anyway, back to this. The article takes us back to 2005 when Kryon spoke about the potentials that would come about with a Pope whose mission is to bring Light into the Vatican. In the case of the the previous Pope (Benedict), his role was "interim".

Please read the article here.  It's really informative.

Just a note -- I do, however, remember that Kryon had seen the potential of an insurance company that would bring about the collapse of the Banking industry, and he was certainly right!

You Are A Child Of The Universe - Sitara Ansari

We are, each of us, children of the Stars. It's encoded in our DNA, it's part of our genetic make-up, and the reason for this Ascension. This short video (3:30 minutes) by Sitara Ansari reminds us of that fact, and that we are more than who we have been conditioned to believe. Astounding images accompanied by one of my favourite music track "Dreamcatcher" by Seventh Heaven :)

Watch video here. 

Transcript available here (scroll down a bit). **Update 29 September 2014: It looks like her site is no longer available. I've changed the video link to Youtube.

Kryon and the Lighthouses - via Lee Carroll


I've always associated Kryon with lighthouses and match-sticks, because he uses these analogies so effectively in his messages. Here's a reminder, just to help us "keep on keeping on"  :)

From Book Eleven: Lifting the Veil

2012 represents a renaissance in thought, where light will come onto the planet. This new energy will not support war or the potentials of war. The time that will shift and change is "the old time." Some of you have seen this and you have been in your metaphysical belief long enough to see the changes and the shifts beginning to occur. You know what I'm speaking of.

How many of you consider yourselves Lighthouses? Let me remind you of something we told a group last week: 3D lighthouses on the planet [the actual cement ones] don't know anything about storms. Nothing. They don't know how big a storm is going to be, or how dark it's going to get. They don't know how strong the wind is going to blow, or how long it's going to last. But they and their keepers can see the storm coming, and they know when they're in it. They're built for it, you know? They don 't care how dark or how long, since they are built for any duration! They don't care because they've got a light that's strong enough to help anyone troubled by the situation. You see?

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

03 April 2013

Humanity is at a Crossroads - Jesus through John


Jesus speaks to the fact many Lightworkers felt extremely let-down by the diluted dawn of the 2012 Solstice, and have gotten off the Ascension Train. The time has come where we are once again at a crossroad, and we are being asked to choose to get back on track as that is our role to play.

Adding to the trials is the intense energy that is beaming down upon us, which results in frequent fatigue as our bodies adjust accordingly. Going within is a viable solution.

Read / listen to this encouraging message here.

Radical Transformation is Upon Us - Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel delivers this message which comes with some guidance on how to ground all this intense Light that's flooding our beloved Earth and providing Humanity with the assistance to make our transition. We are getting the support of the Heavenly/Angelic Realms, evident in the numerous sightings of Angel-formations in clouds, rainbows and the Aurora Borealis. Being one who has experienced the magic and awe of seeing an Angel Cloud (posted here), I can certainly attest to the Divine Light streaming in.

There's advice on grounding all this amazing energy, as well as some information from Shanta Gabriel about the 8-week series of Eclipses (called the Wormhole), ending on the June Solstice. She also attests to the transformative energies brought in by the recent asteroids, meteors and solar flares. Looks like we are being assisted from all perceivable angles :) 

Here for the messages.

The Light Of The New Pope - Kelly Jones

Quite a few sources have revealed that Pope Francis I is not who we think he is. A couple have mentioned that he's a walk-in while one has clarified his Soul has been overlighted by another. While they may have brought slightly different information on the "type" of Soul that now carries the new Pope, they have (as far as I know) stressed that the Soul influence (in whichever form) is one of an Ascended Master (St Germaine?), with a clear mission to clean out the Vatican.

Kelly Jones has more information in this video as she receives answers to questions regarding the new Pope. And yes, one of the questions is whether he's a walk-in...there's no denying that this Pope is already making huge waves of changes.

Here for the video.

02 April 2013

The Extraordinary Equation of George Van Tassel - KVOS Webster Reports


I found this 26-minute video most intriguing, and I hope you enjoy it as much. It's a television interview of George Van Tassel by Jack Webster which aired in 1964. What George Van Tassel revealed during this time was so amazing that Webster didn't hide his reactions.

Van Tassel had built a "Time Machine" (Integraton) based on information given to him by ETs. He had tested its functionality by successfully accessing TV shows in the past and also alludes to the secrecy surrounding activities on the Moon by the secret government.

It is most ironic that George Van Tassel died "suddenly" just a few weeks before the completion of the Integraton.

Watch the video here.
For more information, please go here.

Solway Firth Spaceman - Unsealed Alien Files

Firstly, let me say that I'm sure there's some copyright issue involved here, so this video may be deleted in the future. If so, then my apologies.

This is an interesting 20-minute account of Galactic intervention to prevent the detonation of nuclear missiles. It begins with an innocent photograph of a little girl, taken by her father in Solway Firth in UK. This led to the discovery of an image of a "spaceman" which showed up after the picture was developed by Kodak and the subsequent visit by MIB (Men In Black) with the usual deterrent "advice" to keep mum.

The disclosure by Prof Robert Jacob's ICBM that was deactivated by a space-craft is also included via a graphic animation.

Here for the video.

The Higher Consciousness Being

I'm posting this here for my easy referencing and archiving. It was originally written in 2008 for my Amethyst Road site.

"The old is giving way to the new. In other words, the disintegration of our social structures is not the product of a pathology, but the profoundly positive consequences of humanity shifting from an intellectually oriented mode of evolution through the exploration of the physical world to a heart centered mode of evolution through responsible choice with the assistance and guidance of non-physical Teachers – through the pursuit of authentic power."
Gary Zukav

We have been discussing so much about “change” for more than a year and now it’s time for us to get personal. With everything around us in a state of flux, natural laws dictate that we cannot escape without going through some form of change, too. Since we are evolving into higher consciousness beings, our mental and physical beings will be affected in tandem as well. All of nature seeks equilibrium, and if a system of energetic vibrations undergoes a shift, then it follows that the other “parts” will also shift in their own way until a balance is achieved.

In summary, this is what I mean. We are undergoing an evolution. It begins at the spiritual energetic level through an ascending vibrational frequency. When this shift in energy occurs, the equilibrium between the spiritual, physical and mental becomes unbalanced, so there will be a natural tendency for the other two to also undergo their own shift in order to accommodate the vibrational change until a state of harmony is reached.

So what does it mean to be a higher consciousness being?

While I emphasise that our personal journey remains very much a unique path, there are of course general attributes which constitute the model of a higher consciousness being. The basic fundamentals are greater awareness and clarity of what Life truly is.

We will gradually start to view the world around us differently. There will be a sense of connectedness which springs from within for what we see around us. We will realise that there really is no need to have dominion over Earth or any living creature. We will lose the interest to conquer, tame, rule, domesticate, control or colonise. We will understand that Earth or any “paradise” on it belongs to no one, and we cannot claim sovereignty over any part of it. We will finally come to a greater awareness that all we have is stewardship, not ownership, over Earth and other creatures.

We will see beyond social impositions and expectations. As we walk away from these external blueprints, we will inch closer and closer to our core essence, which requires no blueprints because it has always been there – intact, whole, divine, perfect. We will lose our need to be “someone else” just to comply with social benchmarks, and instead feel the need to become our True Self just because it is the authentic expression of our soul. This will lead to the dissolving of our incessant craving for approval and validation from the outside world. This in turn will result in an inner sense of peace which emanates from within and permeates outwards. We will be at peace with who we truly are.

We will understand that separation will only serve to perpetuate the misery which is prevalent in the world. The mentality of “us” and “them” cannot bring us to a place of love. Only when we come to a conviction that no one, no race, no religion, no country is really more superior than another

We will recognise the futility of seeking drama in our lives. For far too long, humanity lived in a state of spiritual wilderness, having lost our connection to our Divinity, our Source. We misplaced our reverence in some far-away realm, reachable only through a specific set of doctrines and rituals. This led to the feeling that we had been “cut off” in some way – the result was that we began to live spiritually empty lives which in turn made us believe that we were dying some sort of death. In order to feel “alive”, we allowed ourselves to create one drama after another in our lives. Living through drama, no matter how bad it was, was preferable to a life devoid of drama. Drama made us feel that we exist, and gave us a sense of identity and a place in the world. Once we re-connect to our Divinity or Higher Self, we will re-establish the spiritual abundance which will fill our lives, rendering the need for drama virtually unnecessary.

We will begin to be responsible over our own actions. We will appreciate the fact that everything we do has a consequence, and therefore claim responsibility over every action that stems from us. This will bring about greater awareness of the world around us, and we will welcome our growing ability to become more sensitive to the people and situations in our lives. We will move from a place of self-centredness to a place of self-awareness; the former makes our world very small, the latter enlarges our world considerably. Our choices will automatically be responsible ones.

We will commence our transformation from a five-sensory human into a multi-sensory human. And then, namaste will not just be a mere greeting…it will be a truth that is deeply felt, understood and assimilated. We will finally begin to see with Divine eyes.

And Life will look simply beautiful.