26 June 2013

Cobra Update with Alexandra Meadors 25 June 2013


Some highlights from this 58-minute update for June from Cobra, hosted by Alexandra Meadors:
  • Summer Solstice very powerful and marked huge victory for Light Forces and initiated powerful offensive against the Dark on non-physical plane which would lead to liberation on physical, etheric and lower mental dimensions
  • Super Full Moon is portal for grounding very positive Cosmic Energies
  • Trines bring in harmonious energies, more coming up in next 2 months
  • We will win the war, but we are not there yet..."We are finally getting there!"
  • Final phase of liberation on physical plane will be short and efficient, happening AFTER The Event
  • Most of Resistance Movement members came from Planet X in 1999-2000; previously not too exposed to other Races but have since come into contact with them and experiencing Cosmic Love, now they are part of Galactic Federation
  • Earth is last planet to experience this Cosmic relationship
  • Harmonious Twin Flame and Soulmate relationships now possible because non-physical plane sufficiently cleared; these loving relationships create holes in Matrix and portals to higher realms, which is why they were "tampered with" by Dark previously
  • Riots that are breaking out globally influenced by two factors: increased electrical Solar activity (triggers Life-force of Humanity) and instigated by positive groups on surface (sometimes taken advantage of by Dark forces)
  • Strong Light Forces protecting whistle-blowers (not possible before)
  • Turkey is buffer-zone (and therefore shields the rest of the world) for Syrian vortex; this is last vortex that is Dark-controlled, if they lose this..."Game Over"
  • Cobra confirms that it's not the physical pole that has shifted, but the magnetic North Pole; magnetic polar shift will take place eventually
  • Bilderberg ~ strategic meeting to continue their agenda of creating New World Order; they are "middle-management" so are not really in the know about what's truly happening
  • Eric Snowden chose Hong Kong because China would be powerful enough to offer real protection; White Dragons now more powerful, Cabal influence decreasing
  • Positive group behind controlled leakage of intel such as NSA document; mass population would be able to gradually come to terms with all these Truths
  • Cardinal Bertone's resignation result of efforts of positive faction in Vatican; negative faction losing power
  • Steven Greer's message more important than personal allegations against him
  • Plasma = fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas); its activity increasing in coming months, as with Solar activity
  • Limited destruction on Mars due to wars, but other planets unharmed
  • DNA/RNA reset/reversals as explained by Sheldan Nidle need to be carried out, will be done easily
  • "Virus" contamination occurred millions of years ago; its origin due to distorted alignment that was not in accordance with Source; this error now being corrected
  • Positive surface groups working to create openings in mass media to prepare for "announcements"
  • Robert Ford kidnapping ~ result of fragmented infighting in Syria
  • Banking glitch in China not part of Plan, it's just short-term "normal" interruption
  • There will be no war in Syria
  • Several behind-the-scenes negotiations to determine how the world should like like after The Event, but none will matter because the "after-effects" will take everyone by surprise; many in high places aware of The Event
  • Gnostic Illuminati part of Russian nobility initially and has "agenda" against Rothschilds but their methods not peaceful and they are not the ones affecting real change
  • Several groups with own agendas, greed and manipulation involved in Banking Reforms, which is why it's taking so long; Resistance and Higher Light Forces now driving this so we can expect "surprises"
  • On-going physical operations to decrease private powers of Cabal eg. Blackwater
  • New wave of energy coming in October/November; we are now in purification phase
  • Positive military groups' purpose is protection of people and liberation of planet; they have different energetic  make-up; many Starseeds incarnated and went into military for this purpose
  • No two Earths (separating wheat from chaff); just one that is liberated and evolved; no separation of Humanity, at least in initial stages of transformation
  • Suppressed emotions release as a result of Goddess energy is normal
  • After The Event, initial transformations will take 1-2 weeks (inc. reset of financial systems and removal of Cabal), then many long processes inc.Disclosure, humanitarian projects, healing ecosystem etc.which will take some months before First Contact (we don't have much time)
  • Rh negative blood type ~ result of many different factors including positive and negative races
  • Karmic Overlords designed Soul Contracts on etheric realms to prevent mass awakening; birth amnesia result of Archonic implants; we need to establish contact and connection with our Higher Self who will assist in disintegrating implant
  • Some archaeological finds suppressed and destroyed by Cabal to prevent Truths from reaching public
  • Dangerous nanotechnology by Cabal have been neutralised by Light Forces; avoid usage of nano-particles
  • Most likely scenario: stock-markets will crash at time of The Event; we need to remember that these markets are just fictional computer programs that have no basis with reality; losses will be compensated but Cobra's opinion is to get out of them anyway
  • Fukushima radioactivity not so serious; radiation levels due to accumulation of nuclear activity over the years
  • UFO activity near "hotspots" for monitoring purposes, in case of need to intervene 
  • Website to assist in infrastructure operations to prepare for The Event, details will be given by Cobra later
  • Planetaryhealersnetwork.com ~ for those interested to assist.
**Sorry, forgot link to the call...here it is!

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 25 June 2013

5 Cimi, 14 Kayab, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We arrive today to discuss your prosperity! Throughout your world a massive switchover is underway. Eons ago your reality was usurped by the dark and these ones created a ruling caste of minions who have run your planet for millennia pretty much as they pleased. We come now to tell you that this unruly free hand is over. The Light has not only decreed but also explained fully to all concerned that this world is to make a wholesale shift to the Light and each of you is to be transformed into fully conscious Beings of Light. This will be preceded by a series of special broadcasts which will announce our benevolent presence and explain the reasons for the spread of universal prosperity and freedom which you so richly deserve. We come in this moment to declare this to you and to be the heralds of a new realm predicated on the divine ways of Heaven. Our ships encircle your world and are stationed around every planet in this solar system. Your dark ones have tried to make it more difficult for us to complete this sacred mission but their many attempts have failed. The dark must leave shortly and relinquish their minions to the fate that Heaven has chosen for them.


Got Love? Aluna Joy Yaxk'in with the Star Elders ~ 19 June 2013

I know this is past the time period (Aluna requested for a 4-day meditation beginning 19 June) but we can still continue...in fact, we should try to do it daily :)  I'm posting this because Aluna has some good information in this message. It's nothing really new, but it's worthwhile to read what she has to say.

And yes, LOVE is all there is! Love from the Heart, being Heart-centered...we are being told this repeatedly because it is definitely one of the Ultimate Truths.

For the complete message, please go here.

"I Can't Do This Anymore!" as We Finally Touch the Energy of the Heart ~ Our New Home by Karen Bishop

Karen Bishop reports on our Ascension process at this point in time (after going through that incredible Triple Eclipse and then the Solstice followed immediately by the Super Full Moon), and gives a little peek as to what she feels is up ahead. She speaks for so many when she talks about how we've hauled our physical bodies around over the past decade or two, doing the groundwork for bringing in Light. One of the ways she describes it is "We may feel we have aged 100 years in the past 10..." and that is how I'm sure many of us feel. This is how I've described the past years ~ it's like climbing up a steep mountain with a ball-and-chain tied to my left foot, an enormous backpack full of rocks strapped on my shoulders and a block of cement encasing my right foot. But that's okay because we've got both hands free to crawl up the slope, centimetre by centimetre...

But hey, we've made huge progress :) Almost there...

Please visit Karen's site to read her update.

Centeredness In Gaia Conscious Operation Is Of High Value At This Time ~ Gaia Portal 25 June 2013

Going within and staying heart-centered has always been the way "up" ~ we can't go "up" if we are stuck in or distracted by the currently dissolving 3D Matrix. Gaia Portal's latest update is good guidance for our forward progress.

Centeredness in Gaia conscious operation is of high value at this time. Lasting results for Gaia-New-Paradigm construction and Real-ization require Hue-Beings living from their center. 
Outer type focuses become distractions if brought to center of immature soul structures. 

BE-ing from the Gaia center is key for all Gaia-New-Paradigm construction team Hue-Beings.

25 June 2013

Forgiveness ~ Book 6: Partnering With God, Kryon through Lee Carroll

Forgiveness frees us from our unnecessary negative entanglement with another; it prevents us from moving forward and making progress in our own spiritual growth.

I personally like Book 6 a lot because it teaches us so much about being a co-creator with Spirit and bringing in that relationship through our Divinity in our daily lives. This excerpt is from that book:

From Kryon Book Six:"Partnering with God"

Is there someone who you think could never love you or you could never forgive? It’s a setup, dear ones. It dangles in front of you and asks you on a daily basis to correct it. It says to you, “You cannot go forward on the planet until you deal with this issue!” In all love, it begs you to co-create joy in this difficult situation.

Many of you will say, “There can never be joy in this situation.” But we say this: You do not have to involve the other person—ever. All you have to do is correct it IN YOU. And, oh, dear ones, when you do that, and there is true forgiveness and understanding and tolerance for the other ones, watch what happens to them! For they will know that karma has been disengaged, and they will back away from the situation.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll 

Kryon's Website here. 

22 June 2013

Dealing With Ascension Syndrome ~ Miles, PAO Webmaster

Here's a suggestion from Miles (from PAO) for dealing with all those symptoms and high vibrations that can sometimes make us feel like we are about to break out of our bodies! I always believe that the best solutions are, for the most part, simple ones that are do-able and easy to remember. This one from Miles certainly fits the bill. He explains how he was guided to perform a simple exercise to help release  old energies from our bodies and replace them with the new Cosmic Light now streaming onto Earth as we integrate our new 13-Chakra system.

I especially appreciate the diagrams of this 13-Chakra system...I couldn't completely copy them down in time  during Sheldan's webinar when he showed them! So I'm showing all of them here :)

Please read it here.

Nibiru Our Origin and Healing Atlantis ~ A Message From Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin 20 June 2013

Mother Sekhmet reminds us in this message that one of the components of this complex Ascension is to heal the energies of Atlantis. (We had been "evolving" in parallel with the Atlantean timeline, and were repeating what happened there before the demise of the civilisation. This time, we will not face destruction because we have decided to make it our mission to ensure that we save ourselves through healing and allowing Light to come in to guide our actions, and therefore correcting our course.)

There is also some history of On and Nebadon, the anti-matter (Spirit) and matter (material) Universes, and the role of Niburu/Nibiru in this Cosmic timeline leading to full Ascension of Gaia and Humanity, as well as the choices before us.

(The "gods" fell from Heaven/Grace and Nebadon, the matter Universe, was created; some have termed this the "false" Universe, and therefore, holographic. The true state, or original intent, of Life is in the anti-matter dimensions. All Life and races on other "densified" planets are also evolving and elevating towards higher dimensions, which is the ultimate purpose.)

Please read this message from Elizabeth Trutwin's site.

Solstice Open Mic Talk With Ascended Masters ~ Kathryn May and Anne DeHart

This was a Solstice meditation call that included callers' contributions. Please go here to listen to the 2-hour call; I will just highlight three things:

  • Stonehenge was used as a port/cradle for Starships, which sit on top of the outer ring, while the inner ring supported the bottom dome of the ship
  • Zorra sang a truly beautiful Lemurian blessings for Mother Earth (1:44 hour mark) (144!)
  • Look out for Starships on Sunday 23rd, the day when the Super Full Moon occurs as it comes closest to Earth; according to the plan, Ships are scheduled to surround the Moon!

21 June 2013

Ashtar Speaks : Outlook Of The Time That Lies Immediately Ahead Of You ~ Phillip 19 June 2013

"At this present time, while a lot of uncertainty remains among Lightworkers, it is important that you remember who you really are. You have come from dimensions where fear, anxiety, and all the other low vibrational feelings are unknown, and to be honest, you need never fear anything.

Your true essence is one of total pureness where it is impossible for you to judge yourself or others, and not to feel the All That Is. Your pureness is complete and is your true Being.

Why is it so important now to be aware of this fact, which is the only true reality at every moment?"

Continue reading here... 

20 June 2013

Solstice and Full Moon ~ Unity Activation and Walk-Through Practice ~ Sandra Walter

More wonderful information coming our way for the Solstice which is almost upon us, so very quickly, a few highlights from Sandra Walter's 23-minute Light Intel video:

  • 5D Unity Consciousness without the veils and illusions now stronger since Equinox
  • Those who are "ready" will be presented with walk-through experience where false constructs of humane genome (fear, ego etc) dissolve may cause physical "glitch" as body feels this "loss"
  • Body may also feel sleepiness as it adapts to higher energies, need to nap to allow "dreamtime"
  • This "walk-through" is on energetic level to get body more accustomed
  • These are initiation steps (from Solstice~June 21 to Full Moon~June 23 and continuing)
  • High Heart / Solar Heart centre is centre for inter-dimensional communication
  • Gaia creating her spiritual Sun thus enabling her "elements" (our bodies) to catch up, provided emotional bodies have been cleared
  • Awakened and Ascending Collective now running Collective Consciousness
  • Set Highest Intent upon waking, noon and before sleep (or take it up another level ~ each moment)
  • Merging of Higher/Lower Self now
  • "My Heart is clear, I Am Clear, my fields are clear" be in state of clarity.
Read and watch more here.

**Micro-wormholes in the highest quality DNA within all of my cells, open and align with the external portals which are presenting right now. Let me receive the Light and energy signatures of the true human genome, the new template, the Supreme Light that I Truly Am. I Am ready to receive, let it present.

19 June 2013

Here Comes the June 2013 Solstice ~ Denise LeFay

Here comes another one...message about the Solstice, that is :)  This one from Denise LeFay, with a "warning" of the energetic whirlwind that's coming up in the final Trimester leading to September 2013, as well as some great advice for the coming period :

Just a quick note about a few things—

  1) Is that today–June 18, 2013–while carrying my trash outside to my trash barrels in my carport (the poor man’s garage), I couldn’t help but notice that the Light coming through the Sun has amplified yet again. I’ve watched this Process unfolding with the Sun for decades now, and every time I see the brilliant, higher frequency, star-like silver-white Light illuminating everything more than it had been the day before, I know we’re in the midst of another substantial shift up a few more energetic Stair Steps. This of course is wonderful news despite the fact that these higher frequency Light Energies typically make us feel like utter poo for a while. Whatever… who cares… just get a Divine Cosmic Photonic Soul sunburn for a few hours or days. We’ve been doing it for over a decade already and look at how we’re radiating Light now!

Describing the Indescribable ~ Sandra Walter

This is a lovely message from Sandra Walter to take us into the June Solstice. Here is an excerpt:

June’s frequencies are ever-increasing; it’s a consistent flow of new light intelligence with the need for instant integration. This takes the awakened and ascending tribe – the folks driving 5D in co-creation with Gaia and this galaxy – into an interesting passage of the Shift. As we pass through high 4D astral constructs, our lives become more dreamlike and pliable (4D is what we experience as dreamstate – many might feel sleepy as the body associates this state with bedtime). The mastery now focuses on dreaming awake a 5D parallel reality, which is strengthening by collective intent. We have given the go-ahead and are receiving the transformation we were promised.


"We Come to Warn You About Your Race and Your Planet" ~ ET Warning Live on TV in UK (Vrillon) in 1977

** Edited with updated links

This is the famous incident which interrupted ITN's broadcast in England, 1977. It is alleged to be a message from a representative of Ashtar Command, named Vrillon. So here it is for us to view again, or here for a longer video but with subtitles. The message is reminiscent of the one delivered by Klaatu in the classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

18 June 2013

Welcome to the Galactic Centre?

Just a couple of days ago during a meditation, I saw a vision of quite a number of Galactic Beings lining up before the Galactic Centre. At first I thought it represented the role our Star Family plays in assisting with sending Cosmic Light our way. I found it amusing, because they were all lined up in two rows on either side of what I felt to be the Galactic Centre.

Almost immediately, I realised that no, that wasn't what it was. The thought came in very strongly (and very determinedly) that those were Higher Beings (including Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings) that were welcoming us to the Galactic Centre! They were looking so joyful, so pleased. And so full of L.O.V.E! They were all robed in their flowing garments, practically radiating the most amazing Light. It really took my breath away!

I'm sharing this vision here because I feel guided to do so. I don't know what it means precisely, so I will leave the interpretation to each individual reading this. All I know in full certainty is that it means something good...really, really, really good!

Transcension : Moving Beyond Duality ~ Lauren C Gorgo

Lauren updates us with yet another validation that we are certainly moving somewhere! It's a positive indication that we are indeed moving beyond duality, and that we are making progress. Although it's a great message, I will admit that one sentence literally jumped out at me, and that is:

"...there were moments where I wondered if I was literally slipping from reality, feeling afraid that I had gone completely mad from the absolute frustration of being trapped in this never-ending process…what I imagine to be hell."

I totally understand Lauren's words, because recently I had a long moment where a huge wave of panic welled up when I thought "OMG what if I'm trapped in this insane reality forever?". It was not fun, I assure you. Thankfully that truly awful moment passed eventually.

Read Lauren's update here ~ this is the free version.

Water ~ Liquid Crystals That Raise Our Vibrations

"Thank You" http://www.hadousa.com/makingof.html

The Ascension process that Mother Earth and Humanity are going through in this incredible time can mean different things to different people, depending on how they choose to perceive it, and how they best understand it. It can get very mind-boggling if we look at the entirety of this Cosmic historical event. For me, I like distilling massive complex undertakings into very simple, digestible bite-sized nuggets. So I see this process, as I've mentioned before in earlier writings, simply as the embracing and integration of Light. When this happens, darkness is transmuted into Light, thereby changing the vibrational frequency into much higher levels, and therefore ascending to a higher dimension. 

This has been my guiding principle and it's been how I primarily view Ascension. Of course, there's all those mega-factors of bringing Truth out, liberating Humanity, living in Unity and Higher Consciousness, and more. But essentially, I see it as Light.
Vivaldi's "Four Seasons - Summer

And this is how I view Water, which I've touched on in earlier writings. Lately, I've come to a better appreciation of how Water and Light are part of the Ascension equation, and what I'll do now is to consolidate as much as I am able to in one post. Get that cuppa...

The key to my better understanding of this blessed element is its crystalline nature. We ourselves are evolving from being carbon-based to crystalline-based, as this is one of the crucial transformations that we need to achieve for our own physical elevation into higher dimensions. We will need to transform our dense carbon into crystalline-form in order to hold more Light, and therefore accommodate higher frequencies. As we know, crystals are solidified Light, capable of amplifying and transmitting energie; this is the basis for what follows.

The natural structure of Water is crystalline. We know this thanks to Dr Emoto (view his website). In its pure, unadulterad state, Water exhibits beautiful crystal formations. When contaminated with negative energies (harmful substances either in matter, thought, word or intention) they mutate into distorted shapes, losing their crystalline structure. In other words, contaminated Water is no longer crystalline. They therefore lose their “magic”, becoming “dead” and devoid of Light, or the ability to hold Light. This, I feel, is so critical for us to constantly remind ourselves.

It is therefore imperative to drink living Water with crystalline structures.

The composition of our bodies is mainly Water. This is another factor we need to remember, but more of this later.

How do we ensure that we drink Water that is alive, having healthy, gorgeous crystals without having to procure it from somewhere untainted by Humanity? Thanks to Dr Emoto and his work on Water, that can be done with very little effort or money.

"Love" on cut-out felt, used as a coaster
Programming Water With Words
Just like we are able to program crystals, we can do the same for Water. Much has been written about this by many, and I'll repeat it here because it's been proven scientifically (to quell woo-woo fears), and it's the simplest yet highly effective.
*Write a positive, high-vibrational word like Love (always a good one!), Harmony, Health, Joy, Peace, etc on a label and stick it to your Water-jug
*Write it on a coaster or laminated paper and place your glass of Water on it (I write it on cut-out felt)
*Bless or thank your Water before drinking
*Send a wave of love to your Water before drinking

I"tachyonised"common glass beads
Zero-point Devices 
*Orgonite: Use orgonites to re-charge with with zero-point energy. You can make them yourself, or purchase fairly inexpensive Tower Busters and place them next to your Water.
*Tachyon: Place Water next to (or on) tachyon device. I'm aware they can be costly, but you can tachyonise items on your own after being attuned for it yourself. What I've done is to receive an attunement from Ole Gabrielsen  and then I tachyonise items (such as glass coasters) for my family and me to use. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

Solfeggio Frequencies
528 Hz, the Love frequency, can be used to restructure Water (thanks to work by Dr Horowitz).There are several variations of this available (freely) on the Internet; choose one that you like and play it for your Water. It will Love you for it! Plus you get to “smudge” your environment with this wonderful frequency. I personally like Jandy Rainbow's Global Love Intention (free) and Alpha Release Love Flow (purchased here).

John Lennon's "Imagine"
Proven positive results have been demonstrated with music by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. I believe lots of New Age music are also beneficial. Dr Emoto's website shows that John Lennon's evocative and Universal "Imagine" produced well-formed crystals! It's been said that this song was tuned to 444Hz (which produces healing tones) as opposed to 440 Hz (the "standard" that was forced upon the music industry by the Dark in 1939). 

I've recently incorporated this whenever I can – I leave my Water where the morning sun casts its glorious Light and I can almost imagine its sparkling energy positively invigorating the Water! Remember, Sunlight cleanses crystals, and Water has crystals :) 

Shungite has been said to be good for cleansing and energising Water, but I have no experience with it. I'm thinking that “clearing” crystals such as Citrine, Selenite (don't soak this!) and Kyanite can also be used, but I'm not completely sure since I haven't used crystals for re-structuring Water. This is just based on my own suppositions, so please use your own judgement. 

Energise Water
I do this Reiki-style. Just place your hands over your Water for a while and send Universal Love energy to it.

There are many more techniques that we can use, but these are the ones that I practice (except for using crystals). For example, Dr Emoto's experiments also include showing photos of the Sun and Dolphins to Water and obtaining complex crystal formations.

All the above are very simple, very do-able and basic techniques we can use to help raise our vibrations and boost our health through Water intake, something that we do several times a day, every day. Related to this simple principle, we can apply the same techniques to something that contains a lot of water...our own physical bodies! More than half the composition of our biological vessel is water ~ we can apply the same techniques to our own body to increase Light assimilation and vibrational frequency.
Everything is energy in some state of vibration, or having the potential of higher/lower vibration. To raise our vibrations means raising our rate of frequencies, or becoming more Light-filled, until we vibrate fast enough to transcend to a higher dimension. Furthermore, Barbara Marciniak's "Bringers of the Dawn" taught that Light is knowledge. Light carries with it codes specifically meant to unlock and activate all that has remained dense or dormant within the Human body template for so very long. And this is another story altogether :) 

Let's raise that glass of glorious liquid crystals aka Water, and raise our vibrations!

**All  Water crystal images from Hado USA

PS. I would also like to mention this for us to keep in mind. When our pineal gland is activated, it will act as an antenna for receiving higher-level information, transmissions, codes and frequencies for our Ascension. These are constantly beamed to us through the Cosmos. Guess what? Our pineal gland has microcrystals! All we need to do is to flood our pineal gland with all that glorious Light to activate it!

Why He Doesn't Want To Eat Octopus

This is two-and-a-half beautiful minutes of simple everyday proof that the race of Rainbow/Star Kids (or whatever else names they are called) are here :)  In my opinion, everyone should watch this video!

Thanks to Federation of Light for this link!

17 June 2013

The Darkness, the Musical Chairs, and Almost There ~ Karen Bishop 16 June 2013

In this latest energy update, Karen Bishop tells us about the nature of Darkness and how it reacts, especially during these amazing times of great changes and massive influx of Light as each of us prepares ourselves for our own transition. She also tells of the "split" up ahead where individuals decide the direction of their journey, and that not all will choose to proceed with the Ascension process. This will inevitably impact relationships, and all of us will be affected in some way as the energies coming in do their work.

We have been vacillating for so long now as we go through this multi-layered, multi-faceted and multi-purpose transformation, but Karen assures us that  we are "almost there" :)

Please visit her site to read the complete update.

16 June 2013

Ashtar Speaks: The Transformation of Your World as the Basis of Disclosure ~ Ashtar through Philipp, 12 June 2013

Disclosure...a fairly simple word with such strong connotations, much emotion and potential for huge explosive consequences. Ashtar broaches this subject again, this time through Phillip (I was just thinking that it's been some time since we last heard from him!).

Ashtar assures us that the Light is making very good progress, and the turmoil that we see around us is the fall-out from the process of the Dark disintegrating. He also stresses that peace will settle on Earth, but that our main task and duty is still to help bring in the Light that is now so abundantly available.

We are also being told that before Disclosure can take place, some form of transformation that will re-orientate the state of being of Humanity must occur first, as this will then pave the way for something "huge" like Disclosure.

Please read the message here.

Love and Truth Unfolding, Humanity is Coming Home ~ Mother/Father God, Galactic Free Press

This source is new to me but I like the message that is being given. It's a wonderful "wrap-up" of what's been happening, and a declaration of stepping out of our illusions and into the New Earth.

There's the 21-minute video which you can watch here,  or read the transcript here.

Now Is The Time (Part 2) ~ Solara's June 2013 Surf Report

~ NOW IS THE TIME: Part Two~

Over six months have now passed since the Eleventh Gate Activation on November 22, 2012. When the final 11:11 Gate was activated, the Diamond of the Unseen became visible. This opened up a greatly expanded, New Reality which exists within a New Paradigm. Since then, we have been tentatively exploring our New Landscape while in the midst of shedding layers of old skins and strengthening our Trueness.
The expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen is vastly different than anything we have known before. We can talk about the New Reality and ponder what changes and challenges it might present to us. We can imagine what it might be like. But until we directly FEEL and EXPERIENCE the New Reality, we won't know what it is like. And even then, it is nearly impossible to describe....
We are now experiencing a deeper immersion into the New Landscape / New World / New Paradigm / New Reality of the Diamond of the Unseen. It is no longer just a soft breeze of the New Freshness that is laced with potential. We are now feeling powerful gusts of New Freshness that are laced with the energies of 'A Mu'a blowing in. We feel it with our eyes open, while walking down the street in our physical bodies. We felt it wherever we are, whatever we are doing.
Everything is dramatically transforming all around us as we move deeper into the New Landscape. We can clearly see and strongly feel that this is something very, very different from what we have previously experienced. When we are in the New Reality, absolutely anything can happen. The 'A Mu'a Reloaded is powerfully realigning everything around us. Many elements are moving forward, while the obstacles that long held us back are falling away. The doors are open wide and the Green Lights are shining brightly. Difficult tasks are made easy. Rare alignments and synchronicity are becoming the "New Normal". At the same time, everything is moving into their true places and clicking into position. The time has come to manifest our Wildest Dreams. The time is NOW!
Increasing numbers of people are now feeling like our kindred people. We are woven together no matter where we are physically located. There is no separation between True Ones anywhere on the planet, even between us and the ones whom we haven't physically met. Our weaving into One Being is so strong that we cannot be separated by Time and Space.
People all over the world are coming together like never before. There's a stronger sense of Oneness and solidarity between those who are authentic and real, with the knowingness that we are all in this together and that, together as One, we will see it through. This enhanced Oneness and deepening love is emerging on both the physical and non physical levels.
Large groups of people are uniting together as One Being to protest the misuse of power, corruption, greed, nuclear power and lack of freedoms. All these issues and imbalances are becoming more obviously visible and intolerable than ever before. What is exciting is that these demonstrations are by groups of people who wouldn't usually come together.
June is full of breakthroughs as the 'A Mu'a energy powerfully moves us into the New Reality. Since we have experienced such a long time when the doors were closed, this may make us feel temporarily sensitive and vulnerable, but it is also a great gift that fills us with gratitude that the doors are finally open.
Massive shifts into a New Reality require constant adjustments. Every single cell and molecule of our human existence is undergoing these changes to acclimate us to these purer frequencies, so it makes sense that our bodies would have this experience also. While we are adjusting to the energies of the New Reality, at times we may feel extra edgy, nervous, angry and cranky for no apparent reason. We may have flu-like symptoms, especially stomach flu and nausea, suddenly becoming unnaturally hot and cold. We may have strange aches and pains in our bodies or develop skin rashes. All of this is temporary and will pass when we finish adjusting to the New Reality.
The energies of June may sometimes feel super intense and out of control. There's a sparky intensity in the air that makes everything feel highly charged. This is because we are in the midst of an immense power surge of 'A Mu'a energy. This calls us to make strong decisions so we can fully manifest our New Lives. We have deep insights that need to be put into action. We need to grab these insights and make them real. Plans and appointments may keep getting moved around until they end up in their right timing.
We are in strong times and this is a wild, wild ride. One of the most effective things we can do when things get too wild is to sit as Silent Watchers embodying the knowingness that ALL IS WELL.
In June we become much more at home in the New Reality. It's more tangible and real. We're being given the opportunity to take a completely new approach to life. We can now combine our former experiences with new methods and creative approaches to create the True Life that we have always yearned for. A life which is the authentic expression of who we really are.
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We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
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15 June 2013

Specifics of Gaia Portal Use Entering Hue-manity Mind Patterns ~ Gaia Portal 14 June 2013

We are moving, finally! Gaia Portal source here, which is also reproduced below:

Specifics of Gaia Portal use are entering Mind patterns of those of Hue-manity now open and prepared for travel via these gateways. Ease of mind is key to assuming positions in the desired portal entry points. Natural leadings of those Hue-mans will show each to their intended destination.
As Hue-manity population grows, Gaia Portal application will allow each to communicate and meet in a Higher Visual sense.

Group endeavors, particularly those groups of prior Galactic descent, will enter Gaia Portals of transformation, thus transmuting the final pieces restricting the “humanity (small ‘h’) to Hue-manity” conversion.

humanity (small ‘h’) senses this process, and inherently will not resist, as the whole of humanity (small ‘h’) understands the necessity of this trans-mutational and trans-formational Gaia Portal process.

Midway Point 2013 ~ Shekinaspeaks Blue Ray Transmissions

Midway Point 2013 Angelic Star Human Forerunners
New Earth Shift Symptoms 333
The first part of the year had a different energy frequency in the Mother's way; it took time for things to get moving, intuitive, reflective, life reviewing, lots of stopping and going. You may have thought, when will the New Earth begin? The rest of this year will flow more powerfully in the water element essence of the Divine Mother in many ways; know the bridge has been created and you are walking to the other side. 13

You, the new forerunners of the Angelic Star Human Template, have now been fully called and activated. This activation is directed by the harmonics codes of the Cosmic Mother matrix, a revelation from the keys of Enoch of Shekinah's return. These vibratory keys in the Language of Light through Shekinah are manifesting in many way in your reality in retuning the Source Codes of life giving birth to the Angelic Star Human and new earth. 333

As a Blue Ray and Ultra sensitive Light Bearer you may be feeling more intensely through your emotional body and life. Know that you are the bridge builders, overseers, nurturers and world servers of these holy codes from the sacred divine feminine Godhead of the divine human star template. 13
You know that you are the New Forerunners, the new world servers, as you have been guided your whole life by an undercurrent mystical synchronic force to be in service for a higher mission with the Cosmos. This rest of this year is where much will unfold in increasing your unique spiritual specialty gifts and abilities and activating new ones. You are being attuned to your ancient cellular memories of sacred knowledge that is being rewired in the Earth resonances. 

Many of the new forerunners of the Star Angelic Human DNA Template will have recently experienced extreme ascension and earth shift symptoms, with waves of heightening unity source consciousness. This is because you are the star gate portal that realigns and harmonizes the frequencies of the universe to your sacred lineage back to Source Creation in the human DNA. Because of this you had to have acute resonance sensory skills that made you feel unlike other humans. 444

What is important for you to know is you have the grandest honor for you are creating the New Earth through your true essence of being. We hear your spirit say, why this intense clearing and cleansing? Why do I or have I felt so alone? Being the new forerunners of the New Earth, it was necessary that you clear a pathway in the human DNA spirit for resonance of the angelic star human to emerge that activates the Divine Original Blueprint. 333

What is occurring has not been done on Gaia before; many of you have traveled far, from many star systems and realms. You needed to come through the gateway of being fully human which means you also felt the veil of disconnect from Source so that you could be the bridge builders of harmonics from your part of the Creation matrix. Only the most skilled, ascended holy beings of light could come through this fall and keep the resonance of their divine cellular encodements. This is an amazing feat! 555
Because of the fall from grace, and genetic mutations of the Gods, the only way that humanity could be brought back to full Source connection was through the sacred agreements that the ascended light souls would need to be born as humans or walk-ins. The Gods, light beings and extraterrestrials could not come here as they once did through the open portals as this was insurance so as not to create any further manipulations and control for humanity and also instill a higher dedication of souls that only the best of the best would come, and that you are. 333 This means that not only would you be creating cellular resonance within the DNA, you would be re-establishing sacred light portals and pathways of angelic consciousness of Source Creation on the Earth plane. 

Your body is going online as a star gate portal of the divine and your metamorphosis of the angelic star human divine original blueprint. 555

 New Earth Shift Symptoms
It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.
Letting go. Many of you let go of traditions, property, belongings, relationships, and ideas that kept you in the old paradigm-very significant signs that you were truly ascending.
Challenges with eyesight, days of not seeing like you used to, and not being able to focus, can be an expansion and recalibration of clearer, higher vision and sensing, and being more in tune with the heavenly celestial and light realms. You are receiving higher activation of your ear chakras, crown, pineal and pituitary areas. This can also be a sign to allow your soul essence to emerge. Sit quietly with your divine support team and ask. Also during cycles of increase/influx of Cosmic Source energy, this can be a sign that you are spending too much time with technology. Nature is calling you to spend more time with her to put you in balance and harmony.
Where is my place in the world? Feeling waves of expansion that bring energy sensation of heat with the feeling of not being in the body, being out of time and space, similar to déjà vu. This can bring on symptoms of not feeling connected to any place and not knowing your place in the world. You're losing your old paradigm of where you thought you belonged that was safe. You are evolving to a more worldly and universal consciousness. Breathe with Gaia. Get back into alignment by going outdoors with Nature/Gaia and connect your Gaia point at your solar plexus with your higher heart (hands on both points, breathing deeply).
Erratic dietary changes and food cravings. There will be times when your body will be requiring more light and cosmic energies. Your spirit may wish for more greens and good nutrition. This is important for the emotional and elemental bodies to adjust.
Bouts of extreme fatigue where you cannot get out of bed and sleep all day.
Heart flutters, palpitations, feeling unusual activity in the heart area.
Life review and questioning your mission and purpose. As you arrive in the new energies you may be feeling more expansive in who you are.
Craving sweets, especially dark chocolate. Use in balanced quantities, sometimes you may only require a small amount and this can assist the brain upgrades and upliftment of mood. You may be craving more sweetness and gentleness in your life. Nurture yourself.
Not being able to know time, not being able to keep track of the day, or how much time that goes by.
Feeling like you're floating with waves of light energy.
Bouts of laughter.
Brain fog continuing for days.
Ringing in the ears, downloads of the new energetic sensory abilities.
Flu, cold and virus as you go through tremendous upgrades, rewiring the body spirit that prepares for more of your God heart essence in form; this can be a deep cellular recalibration process at a higher level.
Letting go of sadness, with waves of deep release that free your spirit.
Experiencing grander Love of who you are at your core.
Lemuria global awakening of empathy. This is the resurgence of your ancient Lemurian nature that brings greater sensitivity, communion and harmony with all life.
Aching pains in joints.
A sense and feeling of a need to go inward for periods of time.
Times of the energy moving swiftly, with ideas all coming at once, feeling not enough time to get things done, and then a slowing down where nothing can be done until the wave comes again.
Blood sugar issues where what you have done in the past will not serve you now in the New Earth. Care and nurturing of your body and being are of the utmost importance.
Old memories that pop out of nowhere for self-forgiveness, love, and release-do not linger on these. Allow them through you and a new space for your true God essence.
You are finding new ways to be and care for your divine alchemic process of the angelic star human and New Earth. This mass shift in consciousness will continue to evolve with the cosmic star alignments of emerging New Earth technologies, ancient knowledge, alliances of light and reunions of souls. That will assist your crystalline cells to be activated and online with your Divine Original Blueprint. 444.
Be awakened in knowing your star family of light, the angelic celestial teams, realms, legions of light, support you through a created Divine source band around your planet. It is a love frequency of the rays of Creation that you are from. All is coming closer, the veils are thinner, you are stabilizing your New Earth angelic human beingness and you are doing this together as one family of light.

Copyright ©  by Shekina Rose of www.shekinaspeaks.com - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL www.shekinaspeaks.com is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail: shekina444@yahoo.com

Please pass on to other light Star beings and post to your amazing sites to connect and share thank you Shekina Rose

Two Groups of Warriors ~ Kryon via Lee Carroll

You are dearly loved!
Interesting Image
Seven Parable Series

Lee CarrollGreetings, Grace!

This short little parable is one of my favorites. Much is hidden here regarding what we are supposed to do with the gifts of God in this new age. Enjoy!


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Two Groups of Warriors
By Lee Carroll & Kryon

It seems that there were two groups of warriors on a certain place on the planet Earth. Each group knew of the new gifts of God in the new age, and each group comprised warriors of the light. They understood their contracts and knew that there were dark forces at work that would like to prevent them from completing their personal goals. So they called on God for the gifts of the new energy, and each warrior received his package as requested.

Each package given to the warriors was personal, and each contained three items: a sword, a shield, and some body armor. The sword represented truth and could never be broken. Truth is pure, and the sword was, also, offering a perfect defense against the deceptions of the dark ones.

The shield represented knowledge—knowledge of the weakness of the enemy, and knowledge from eons of archives from the ancients. No energy could penetrate the shield, since knowledge voided out secrets and conspiracy. Secrets and conspiracy cannot exist in the light of knowledge, for they depend on a dark place of ignorance for their power.

The body armor represented the "mantle of the Spirit of God." This was the wisdom of spiritual awareness that gave humans the enablement as the "pieces of God" that they are. Therefore, it represented the wisdom of God in all things—especially the wisdom to wield the truth and hold up the knowledge in the face of attack.

Now, it came to be that indeed there was a coordinated attack by the dark forces. Both groups of light warriors felt they were ready, and they quickly turned to their powerful gifts to ward off the enemy. As the dark forces closed in, the first group opened their packages and stared at the contents with disbelief. Everything was in parts! There was a manual with a note that said, "SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED."

They couldn't begin to get ready in time to meet the enemy, and so this group of warriors was quickly overrun and was defeated at the hands of those who would control them. They became bitter and believed that God had tricked them into a false hope and sense of security. Oddly enough, even after defeat, they still had their packages, but they thought the tools were useless.

The other group had opened their packages long ago. They had put their tools together early, and they had practiced with them. It was a good thing they did, for they found the sword to be almost too swift to handle properly. They found the shield to have so many options that they had a difficult time knowing exactly how to hold it, and they found the body armor heavy indeed! With practice and meditation, they eventually learned how to balance everything, and they were ready.

They realized that no single tool worked without all three being engaged. The body armor, the closest thing to their skin, was the key, for it somehow gave them the wisdom to control the sword and the shield. Indeed, the shield was used in many modes depending on the situation, and the sword was easily controlled when the shield was used appropriately. When the attack came, the enemy took one look at this enabled force and fled. The battle was nonexistent, and the warriors rejoiced in their victory. There was no showdown, and no wounds were suffered.

There are some very spiritual people who continue to wait for God to "do something" for them. When they need healing, they ask God to do it, and they hope and hope and hope. When they wish to have situations around them change, they ask God to do it, and they wait and wait and wait.

This comes squarely from the fact that this is the way it used to work, and the old scriptures show it. In fact, the story of Moses exemplifies this fact. God did everything, and Moses and his people were instructed to go when told to. From plagues to parting waters, to carving instructions in stone, everything was done by God. Even when the Israelites were wandering in the desert, God fed them daily, dropping food from heaven.

This was the old energy, before a time when we as humans were given permission to carry a greater energy and ability. When the great Jewish master of love, Jesus, walked our Earth, he was the messenger who gave us the word that everything was changing. The age of God's love was upon us. He spoke of spiritual gifts and showed them to us. He gave wonderful lectures, performed great miracles, showed a fisherman how to walk on water; and even spoke the words, "You can be just like me!" His message was clear: We are newly enabled spiritual creatures if we choose to be, with powers from the love source itself.

Now we find ourselves crowding the millennium, and more gifts are being given to us because, as Kryon tells it, we have earned them in this age of love. Even now, however; there are those who feel the old ways of waiting for God to do everything are still in effect-but they are not. In this new energy, we are asked to co-create our reality. Co-creation requires two entities (that's the "co" part). It requires cooperation between the God source and the God portion of the human called the "higher self."

We are absolutely required to learn the new ways of working spiritually in the new energy of our planet. The “doom and gloom” predictions of Nostradamus will come and go, and many will realize that Kryon was correct. We are in a brand-new paradigm for planet Earth, and as we sail past the time when everything was supposed to end, we’d better start understanding how we contribute spiritually to the entire scheme and find the designed ways to work with God to make this planet a grand place. Those who do not will be very disappointed, and they will not understand what happened.

Learn about the gifts. Pick up the package and use it! Understand how truth, knowledge, and wisdom work together to give great power in this new age!
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