31 July 2013

Energy Gifts Are Of Earth Forever ~ Brenda Hoffman

There can never be just one specific manner or way of doing things that applies blindly to over 7 billion Souls on Earth. The Lion's Gate energies brought up a lot of "methods" and it's very encouraging to read the information that Brenda brings forth that assures us that these energies are gifts that are meant for ALL on the Planet.

Dear Ones,

Thousands of words have been written and spoken about the miracle of the next few days’ “Lion’s Gate” energy burst. Many relay that you will manifest all you wish. That you will be healed. That you will move into joy.

But according to many, such manifestations are true only if you chant this or do that. There are rules for this major boost. If you review those rules/dictates/actions, you will realize that these rules are yet again society dictates. Of course, if these rules or actions feel joyful, they are right for you. But please do not believe that you must do this or that within a certain period or you will not gain the manifestation boosts many are touting.

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 30 July 2013

1 Imix, 4 Pop, 10 Caban
Selamat Balik! We return with more news! First, a belated Happy New Galactic Year to everyone! This is the year of 10 Caban, a galactic year that is mostly reserved for inner and outer discovery. It prompts you to learn more about who you really are and to look at your native abilities in a new light, and it is these energies that are now becoming most prevalent in your reality. You are embarking on a period of manifestation and discovery about what you think Life is all about and hence, what kind of world you wish to live in. The coming prosperity and new governance are to kick-start this process of self-exploration. However, what you discover about yourselves at first will merely afford you glimpses of the magnificent truth of your real Inner Self. As Spirit begins this unveiling with you, you will learn how your outer world reflects and stimulates the growing expansion of your inner experience. The new year of 10 Caban will indeed be loaded with all kinds of new and stimulating adventures. Just to begin with, personal debt will end and you will be thrown into a world of prosperity. You will become able to meaningfully interact with your new governance, which will sincerely seek your input and truly wish to serve you. This, of itself, will be a big adjustment!

   All across your globe, much is coming into being. Those who have been working in secret to bring about new governance have won a series of legal battles, opening the way to replace your corrupt regimes with new governance charged with restoring people-oriented policies. Gone will be the supremacy of the power-hungry elitists and of an untouchable corporatocracy intent on driving your globe into ruin. As you know to your cost, these dark coalitions imposed illegal amounts of taxation and debt to control and enervate you, and the purpose of the new governance is to rectify this unlawfulness and free you from decades of debt slavery. There is to be a new hard-currency system which will end the manipulation and oppression of a fiat-currency system. This fiscal 'dry-rot' will be transitioned rapidly to global currencies that are backed by precious metals, and your new governance is to support and promote not only the hard-currency system but also the beneficial social programs which accompany it. As these nuts-and-bolts aspects roll out, your rapid inner growth will enable you to partner meaningfully with government, to formulate and then oversee the changes you wish to see in your quickly transitioning world.

Continue here for the rest of this update.

30 July 2013

Cobra Q & A With Eben Ray

I didn't really take notes, but here are some of the things covered in this Q&A session between Cobra and Eben Ray:

  • Positive progress being made on financial re-set front
  • Egypt situation actually getting more positive
  • When enough people embody and balance the Feminine/Masculine, it would create the critical mass point for the entire population
  • What can hold up The Event? Non-physical negatives still able to manipulate surface population
  • The Event is meant specifically for surface population
  • Earth going through own transformation, grids being stabilised by Galactics
  • Mars now cleared, no more negative entities
  • "Trauma is a very bad motivator!"
  • Giza Plateau one of the main vortex points, Pyramidal grid around planet stabilising situations on surface
  • Negative timelines all closed, nuclear wars no longer possible
  • Syria, Israel critical for Light victory
 We are close to the final stages of Victory...Go, Yoda!

Here for the interview. Please note that the shorter one is just part of the longer one.

26 July 2013

Galactic History Show ~ Andrew Bartzis with Chris Hales ~ Walking in Energy

Andrew Bartzis again, this time with Chris Hales as they commence this Galactic History series of interviews. Andrew is known as the Galactic Historian.  I haven't yet heard them all but so far it's been interesting, with Andrew exploring the multi-layered, multi-dimensional and multi-timeline reality of Earth. Any listener will certainly come away appreciating how immensely challenging and arduous it has been to liberate and heal Earth and Humanity from their tortured past, and definitely have a better appreciation of why it's been taking so long.

We all have a role to play in this Ascension process, and we need to constantly remind ourselves to do all we can to help it along.

18/19 July 2013
23/24 July 2013
24/25 July 2013
25/26 July 2013.

24 July 2013

Letting Go Of Your Final 3D Safety Net ~ Brenda Hoffman


More on the Big Let Go process...releasing, releasing and more releasing until we have nothing to hold us back in our Ascension. I call it getting squeaking-clean, and free-falling into the arms of our Divinity.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you think the perception shift we are addressing will be little different from what you experienced or discovered when cleansing your inner-being. For have you not already sifted through your personal and historical debris to open yourself to a new you?
The clearing stage we are speaking of is more personal.

You distanced yourself from some friends and relatives. Maybe you changed jobs or fields of interest. You are a different person than was true just a few months ago.
You shifted, cleansed and changed. At the same time, you allowed the piece in front of you – your personal life to go on as before. That  piece was or is your safety net. You just did not have the energy or bravado to cut away that last piece of security.

You might have been unhappy at times with that piece – but not enough to challenge yourself to let it go.

Many of you are concerned that we are addressing negatives – in your terms. Perhaps we are. But then, perhaps we are not.

Maybe you needed to maintain angry feelings towards another being or entity. Maybe you needed to see your home as less than it was with the dream of upgrading in the not-too-distant future. Maybe you needed to stay in the security of a relationship even though it was not feeding your joy.

It does not matter what piece you held onto for stability. You are now strong enough spiritually, emotionally and physically to let go in whatever fashion to allow yourself to breathe in your beingness.

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 23 July 2013

This is good...really good! 
7 Ix, 2 Vayeb, 9 Eb

Selamat Balik! We return with more to say. Your global society is beginning the transition which is designed to rebuild and renew all aspects of it. New governance will bolster a new financial system, and on the North American continent it is to follow the edicts stipulated by NESARA. This new government will cancel all debt and end the debt slavery of its residents. A whole new level of freedom will come into being as the Canadian and U.S. governments enforce the provisions in their charters which liberate all citizens, permitting them to be truly sovereign. The prosperity, which is to be distributed to all indiscriminately, will spark an economic renaissance which will feature devices and technologies that can swiftly clean up all aspects of the environment and promote non-polluting transportation vehicles. In addition, communications technologies will leap forward more in the first few months of this period than they did in the past two decades! These changes will take place in the run-up to first contact. Once we land en masse, we intend to furnish you with an entirely new technology that is to set your sciences and associated dominant philosophies on their respective ears!

US to Create Exopolitics Department to Run Alien Affairs, According to Insiders ~ Michael Salla

How much of this is true, I really have no idea. But things have been rumbling recently, and the rumbles have been growing louder and more pronounced. It's like little cracks and tears have been appearing all over, allowing Truths to seep out increasingly. I wish they wouldn't use the term "alien" though!

According to well-informed sources the US Government is set to announce a new department or office that would run extraterrestrial affairs. Today, in his latest installment in the popular Veterans Today website about an undeclared space war, Dr Preston James argues that an internal decision is about to be reached by a secret “exopolitics” committee that manages extraterrestrial affairs. They are on the verge of deciding that the time has arrived to go public – full disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence. The Secret Committee is called Majestic 12 or MJ-12 according to Dr James, and it is about to approve the creation of a formal Department or Office of Exopolitics. Its job would be to formally conduct relations with extraterrestrial life in the same way that the Department of State manages US relations with international governments. Dr James claims several “esteemed” individuals are under consideration to run the first Department/Office of Exopolitics.

For the rest of the report, please go here.

All Aspects of "humanity to Hue-Manity" Mass Transitions Have Been Initiated ~ Gaia Portal 23 July 2013

Another significant progress report from Gaia Portal:

Shimmering sparkles of Higher Energetic Dimensions are appearing to many, as 5-7D Gaia presents herself in anticipation of humanity recognition.
All aspects of “humanity to Hue-manity” mass transition have been initiated and progress appears as anticipated, although extremely slowly for some. High degree of care for those with fragile “shock” layers is being called for by Gaia at this time.

Many of Higher Realms are active on Gaia surface and Gaia Inner Realms as full awakening process begins in earnest.

All is proceeding as desired.

22 July 2013

Andrew Bartzis ~ Galactic History and Future ~ Shattering the Matrix Radio Show

Here is another presentation of our unimaginably and unbelievably uber-complex Galactic History, this time as interpreted by Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis, from the perspective of the Akashic Records. Generally, much of the information ties in with those from other sources and serve to piece together more pieces of the Galactic History puzzle.

Andrew is linked not only to the Akashic Records of Earth, but also 20,000 other planets, all of which are karmically-connected to this Planet. This 2-hour show is crammed with historic information of what happened in the ancient past, and how it all led to the situation that Earth Humans are now in. Andrew also brings us up-to-date with the current situation, and how Prime Creator stepped in to resolve a Galactic stale-mate, which was the pre-cursor to what Andrew calls "the paradox remedial reality" ~ the reality we are living in now.

These are the notes that I took, but please know that they do not cover all that transpired.
  • Timeline genocides 52 MY (million years ago) and the 72 first species of Earth
  • Timeline manipulation used to erase each of these races, resulting in 35-40 paradox situations
  • 7-22 MY ~ missing pieces of Soul which can only be retrieved through resolution of paradox reality
  • 60 MY Earth formed (60 times current size), new 6D-Being Planet, invited other races to colonise. Plan was to be 7D Galactic Seed Planet (the only one so far) with special womb chakras that allowed sentient beings to live on surface and have DNA constantly upgraded, then seed and create other planets; like a living library (as explained in Barbara Marciniak's Bringers of Dawn) 
  • Moon ~ transportation portal to transfer these seed codes
  • Concept of war introduced into this Galaxy from another, with permission from respective Prime Creators of both Galaxies. This was to induce change, but resulted in Earth being captured, wounded
  • Earth sent out urgent distress call for help and this triggered massive migration of races from other systems to liberate and heal her. Known as First Migration to Heal Earth
  • Light and Dark wars fought on Earth
  • 15 Dark beings took over Earth to "play chess", they created Archon Grid and major soul family relations
  • They now form 17% of Earth Humans (those in control)
  • We are Stargates and have "built-in passports" to travel to any Universe
  • The remedy to our present situation? Take back our Sovereignty and claim our I Am Presence in Unity Consciousness
  • 100% Free Will Universe so it's up to us to choose our own liberation
  • Dark wants to prevent Ascension
  • Polarity of Light/Dark is still Duality
  • Prime Creator's design = our DNA allows inter-breeding with all other races
  • Audit of Galactic Council 20-22 March 2013, they failed!
  • Prime Creator replaced Council and this affected all other systems that serviced it eg. Archon Grid, Illuminati
  • Paradox remedy reality where we created paradox to facilitate Soul reintegration of those trapped in timeline genocides
  • LW community should heal and cleanse themselves first
  • Many channellings already hijacked by Dark, also if claims are made that they are incarnated as "someone" such as St Germaine
  • 65% of population have "Graduation Code" and all must accept this code for remedy to work
  • Contract removals statements on www.AndrewBartzis.com
  • "No one graduates until we all graduate"
  • Salt and Sage smudging very effective
  • Anastasia books very informative (Ringing Cedars series)
  • 4 phases of The Event (at 1:32:00 mark) *Children sharing similar dreamtimes  *Adults experience deja vu and having similar dreamtimes as children  *Religious breakdown   *Manifestation of air (light?) cities
  • We are the fundamental missing pieces that some other worlds need to graduate ~ we are holding them up!
  • When all of us have complete Soul Code for graduation, it triggers Graduation Event
  • "Stand in your Sovereign Free Will".
Here is the link to the 2-hour radio show on Blog Talk Radio.

Event Support Groups ~ Cobra Portal 2012 ~ Make This Viral!


This announcement is reproduced in full, and Cobra's website is here.
**Update 24 July 2013: Video here.

It has been requested from the Light forces that Event support groups begin to be formed on the surface of the planet.

Those groups will be the main nodes of the network of Light at the time of the Event and will stabilize the transition. Before the Event, these groups will hold the Light for the planet and train their members in preparedness. After the Event, these groups will assist the human masses in dealing with the transition by providing intel and counseling.

Event support groups need to be formed around the world in every country. Instructions for group formation:

1. Every Event support group needs to meet physically once a week at the same time, preferably in the same location. Virtual meetings on Facebook or Skype are not enough.

2. It is suggested that every Event support group does the Weekly liberation meditation. Instructions for this meditation are here:


And the video here:


Therefore the best time of all Event support groups to meet is every Sunday evening.

3. It is suggested that members of every Event support group discuss their own preparedness for the Event and actively search for ways of contributing to the transition. Members of Event support groups can join our Renaissance, Technology, Financial, Leadership, Healing and Media teams here:


You can also join our translation teams to help spreading the message locally in your part of the world. Currently there are more than 200 people translating our message in 38 languages.

4. Existing Event support groups are listed here:


If you find your location listed and would like to join an existing group, you can contact our Prepare for Change team here:


They will connect you with the group nearest to you. If there is no group close to your location, you can create one and inform our team of its existence:


You can also create a Facebook group for your local group to make its coordination easier.

19 July 2013

Message From The Masters ~ 16 July 2013 via Meg Blackburn Losey

Dr Meg describes her personal experience of ascending in her body, and the beingness of Oneness and unconditional Love that followed.

She continues with The Masters' message for this incredible time of massive change. From all that clearing of old energies that have occurred, and continue to occur, we now arrive at a place where our creator abilities are becoming more evident. And with that, the awareness of Truth having an evolving nature.

For the details and more, please read the entire message here.

Sacred Geometry by Endre Balogh

These gorgeous sacred geometry artwork created by Endre Balogh, as referred to in a previous post from Carol Ann Ciocco. I wanted to feature them in a separate post, for easy reference.

Here for the gallery.

The Sacred Covenant of the 13th Disciple ~ An Earth Hive Transmission ~ Corrina Steward

More about this very crucial alignment that's just days away. This is from Corrina Steward and includes a 52-minute video.

Hello everyone,

On this day of the Grand Water Trine of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, the impossible becomes possible.  I’m absolutely giddy to be sharing with you the latest Earth Hive Transmission that breaks through the barriers of impossible and reveals the infinitely possible.  It’s posted in TheEarthHive YouTube Channel where I will be posting transmissions and teachings on living as a multi-dimensional co-creator in the Earth Hive.  The direct link to the transmission is below.

Opening Your Third Eye with Archangel Raziel ~ Sharon Taphorn

"Everyone has the ability to see with their third eye. For some of you it was closed off as a child by yourselves or others because you or they did not understand it, feared what you saw, or told you it was just your imagination. Truthfully imagination is the key to unlocking and understanding the messages, colours and symbols you receive via your third eye.  This is a splendid time to work on opening up your third eye and enhancing the visions you receive so that you can trust more in what lies ahead as well as offering you a greater understanding of your life and how to make the best choices for yourself in your now.
When your third eye is open you will receive visions and messages such as shapes, colours, symbols, movies, dreams and pictures. You will also notice these messages with your physical eyes in the form of recurring sequences of numbers such as 444, 144, 1212, 1111 as well as symbols like coins, feathers, rainbows, clouds, animal spirits, and more. Your guides and angels try to communicate with you in ways that you will understand at your present time. Be open each day to expanding your clairvoyance and ask your angels to send you a message to let you know that you are on the best path and that you will understand and know that it is a gift from spirit, and you will receive a sign. As you third eye opens you may also see flashes of light, moving objects and even beings from other realms although the latter is less common at first, and with practice you too can see more than meets the eye. Once that awareness has been opened up, and you begin to see beyond the 3D, the beauty and the images will amaze you."

Please continue here.

Additional Tools for Working with the Star of David Merkaba Stargate 29 July 2013 ~ Carol Ann Ciocco

Here's more information about this Alignment on the 29th.

"July 16, 2013 / Hi it's me again. I have something to tell you:
THIS http://ow.ly/mXeDk is the link I meant to use (when I wrote the following in Parts 2 and 3 of this newsletter):  "PLEASE check out these paintings of the Merkaba Star and other sacred geometry forms. If you do nothing else, simply meditating on these photos on July 29th will be a powerful activation!"  I kept using the wrong link! sorry:) 

Yep, I sent another newsletter within a few days of the last one to tell you this because I think these photos are really helpful for tuning in to the Sacred Geometry of this month.
Also, my friend and colleague Edna Spennato (http://ow.ly/mZMGN) asked me a very important questions: what specific times (on July 29th) might it be good to work with the Star of David? See below for an answer to that question. It might help you to plan your awesome festivities:)   

AND: a Sound Healing Meditation created in alignment with this month's celestial energies has come to light! This meditation was introduced to me by Lauren Jubelirer and Cayelin Castell. It was created by Daran Wallman who "uses the powerful sounds of the ancient didgeridoo, singing bowls and vocal harmonics to resonate with the physical body and balance the chakras. When sound is used in vibrational healing, the deep vibrations permeate the muscular, skeletal and energetic systems, creating a unique "sound massage" experience. This can release energy and emotions that have been suppressed by trauma or other life experiences. The result is a feeling of support and guidance in the ongoing process of your journey, helping you experience greater clarity, balance and harmony."  http://ow.ly/mXf09"

Please continue to read the rest of the information here.

Finalization of Gaia Portal Connections into Fully Operational 5-7D Planetary Grid is in Process at this Now Moment ~ 18 July 2013

Energetic couplings and finalization of Gaia portal connections into fully operational 5-7D planetary grid are in process at this now moment.

Such connections and couplings have been designed for New Paradigm multi-dimensional manifestations and will be experienced by multiple Light-aware and non-Light-aware beings, across planetary surface, as well as throughout Inner Gaia realms.

What some might term “mass awakenings” will occur in due time, yet for each individual human unit will manifest appropriately for their individual consciousness level.

The “Might of the Light” will be seen at individual and “mass” levels, and will not be deniable.
Individual and “mass” Higher D strengthening is experienced at this time, whether fully aware or not.

“Explosions of Light” are here… Now.

18 July 2013

Cerchio nel Grano Robella Asti (Crop Circle Robella II) ~ Aereo Visione

This, to me, is the perfect solution to all the funding woes faced by Crop Circle researchers who have to spend large sums of money to get up in the air and firm the formations. The images are remarkable, and these machines are able to manoeuvre with greater ease than helicopters. I see it as a positive use of a drone-like contraption :)

Watch this 2:41 minute video of the Cavallo Grigio Crop Circle, courtesy of Aereo Visione.

**More on this Crop Circle here.

17 July 2013

Descending Into Ascension and Closing In on a New Reality ~ Karen Bishop 12 July 2013


This update from Karen Bishop reflects the most recent theme of "almost there".  I believe there will be much to look forward to in the days just up ahead!

Karen explains in this energy update that the 11th of each month usually presents with a portal to allow us to "touch noses" with the New Reality, then get drawn back into where we were, with perhaps just a wee bit of progress. And so it has been all these months when we were gearing up for something "more" ~ we go through seemingly never-ending cycles over and over again, yet still very much not "there".

This month, however, Karen report that things are different. We didn't have to slip back too far, and were even able to experience the New Reality for increasing moments of time. We can now "set up our mailbox", as she puts it.

For the complete update, please go here.

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 16 July 2013

13 Manik, 15 Kumku, 9 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We arrive with more to tell you! Your world has begun to manifest its new reality! Those who for so long have been putting together the myriad pieces of the new governance and the new monetary system are at last beginning to unveil their illustrious progeny. These new conventions, which reflect a new ethos, will bring you peace, prosperity, and an end to the globally embraced philosophy that put wealth in the hands of a chosen few. In this new society everyone will possess prosperity and thus the old divisive beliefs about money can be put to rest. Wealth will lose both its power and prestige, and be returned to its original use as an instrument with which to achieve a given purpose. Similarly, power can return to its true source as the sovereignty conferred by Heaven on every individual. Under these new principles humanity can flourish, and graduate into its sacred responsibilities as it journeys toward full consciousness. This is the promise made to you long ago by Heaven and we fully intend to assist each of you to achieve your destiny!

   The coming changes are mere prerequisites of the environment which is presently being put together by Heaven. 

The Lion's Gate Initiation: The Next Step In Your Spiritual Awakening ~ Archangel Gabiel via Shanta Gabriel

A New Partnership for Life

The Lion’s Gateway Initiation – July 26 through August 12

Dear Ones,

We have called this time New Life Awakening – your spiritual journey through human birth into Homo Luminus – becoming an awakened being of Light in the fullness of your human form. You are in the process of incorporating your Divinity and your human-ness as a co-creator in the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.

As with all spiritual journeys, there are initiations, portals through which the devotee must pass in order to incorporate the next level of spiritual awakening. And so it is now as you approach the Lion’s Gateway from July 26 through August 12 – a two-week portal with extreme waves of Light that will activate the coding within your DNA to the next level. This will assist your integration of the 5D imprint that is a part of your Soul’s Destiny, if you are the one reading this work.

Continue reading here.

Galactic Humans 101 ~ Sheldan Nidle

The free webinar is now on Youtube! It's 87-minutes long and full of information that can serve as a helpful introduction to this Shift in consciousness, from a Galactic perspective. If you know people in your lives who didn't get to catch it when it was aired live, just point them to this.

This is the summary of the webinar from Sheldan's website:

Sheldan's GH101 Topics:
My Story And My Mission
About PAO
Our History & ET origins - Starseeds
The Great Shift - Why Now?
The Galactic Federation and Other Factors in the Shift
Becoming Galactic Humans.

15 July 2013

Mother Sekhmet Speaks with the Great Council at Shambhallah Regarding Changeover on Earth ~ A Message Through Elizabeth Trutwin 14 July 2013

An amazing account of Mother Sekhmet pleading for Humanity's cause to bring on the Changeover events, and some advice for us to assist our own evolution. It addresses the conundrum of the pre-requisite of "no fear" for Ascension to occur, while still existing in energies imbued with fear. This led to the Ascension impasse that we are currently in. 

The message closes with some wise counsel for us to ensure that we do all we can to help bring on the changes. Love is the key.

For the complete message, please proceed here.

Solara's July 2013 Surf Report ~ An Excerpt

Solara's website is here.


July brings us a messy mix of varied elements. It's like there are opened cans of paint in all the colors that have been thrown all over everything. Beautiful, vibrant colors of New Life are splashed randomly, while over there are patches of the murky colors of a dying, distorted reality. Our task is not to just choose the pretty, bright colors and ignore the dark ones, but to paint a new picture with the vibrant colors of the New World that incorporates the murky colors of duality in such a way that it creates an entirely new dynamic.

Our old world is not what it used to be. More and more skeletons are tumbling out of the closet of our collective psyche. This is triggering increased alarm, panic, insecurity and fear in some, while bringing a great awakening to others. The world of duality is dramatically collapsing all around us. Things that always felt secure and stable now feel uncertain, precarious or hollow. It's like traversing a landscape laden with hidden land mines; we are walking a fine line between Life and Death, between illusion and what is real. It takes tremendous focus, clarity, trueness and courage to navigate through it.

We've been in a holding pattern for quite some time, like airplanes circling an airport for years waiting for a signal from the tower that we can finally land. Now it feels like our airplanes have been miraculously refueled with supercharged turbo fuel and have set off on a completely new trajectory to a totally new world. Even if our new destination is still unknown to us, we know that we now need to be our stripped down True Selves; without doubts, fears, hiding, ego, pretending, ulterior motivations or masks.

We can strongly feel that we are passing through the border crossing between two very different worlds. This is not a static position as there are constant movements and upheavals transforming the landscape around us, causing everything to flip over. Everything is moving at hyper speed. The doors to our old world are closing quickly behind us, while the doors to our New Landscape are bursting open right in front of us.

Once the flip-over into the New Landscape occurs, a massive shift takes place. We are now completing a major life phase. The Fast Forward is in effect and the new MUA has begun! A significant passing of the sceptres is taking place. The main emphasis of our life is dramatically changing. We move from a very long phase of searching to a new phase of creating and manifesting. Our years of searching are now over. This is a complete switch of gears that causes a significant change of track. If we were searching for our True Home; the search is now over and we are getting ready to build it or move there. If we were looking for our True Purpose; it suddenly appears with a stunning rightness. There is also a passing of sceptres in the sense of what we are leaving behind: people, places and jobs. This shift of tracks is a huge thing. After we shift tracks, we are pulled along by the most intensely powerful creative surge we have ever felt. This is when the wildest of Wild Rides begins!

The Wheels of Time are spinning out of control. They are turning so rapidly that Time itself is collapsing. This makes one month pass by in the time that used to be a week and each week is like a day. Time can now expand and compress itself as needed. Since Time is an illusory construct created in the plane of duality, it is less rigid and far more flexible than ever before. What we now need to do is to harness this energy of Accelerated Time and align ourselves with it.

I strongly feel that there is a different measurement of Time in the New Paradigm. And that Mastery of Time is an important element of inhabiting our New Landscape. It requires consciously stepping into Time, rather than being unconsciously affected by it. If we can align ourselves and all the myriad tasks and projects that we want to achieve with the Acceleration of Time, they can be done at super speed and ease. This is how we enter the Fast Forward.

We enter July stretched way beyond our comfort zones, feeling overloaded, excited, super creative, deeply grateful that the energy is moving forward and sometimes exhausted. Many things feel very hard and uncertain. We also feel a deep poignancy and tenderness at all that is happening. Yet while there are extremely mixed energies all over the world, our New Life in the New Landscape feels tremendous exciting.

July requires lots of focus, organization, planning and effort. We are planning, revising our plans and refocusing our priorities so that we can make a huge leap in our lives. Like a general who organizes their army, making sure that they have enough food, supplies, blankets, weapons and saddles for their horses, we now need to become highly organized.

At times, there is a crackling intensity and strong tension in the air. This tension is created by a variety of sources. There is the tension that is felt right before a serious or far reaching event. There is also the tension that we feel before we make a life-changing decision. Or the tension that is present when there is a multitude of things going on. This tension can be felt in our physical bodies and may create physical problems, especially with digestion. The knowingness that ALL IS WELL greatly serves us in dealing with these tensions.

We are in a time when important decisions need to be made. Each decision that we make calls forth its family of related, smaller decisions. Being faced with such an endless stream of decisions can produce much stress, even when we know that our original decision was the right one.

It's very exciting to open the book of our New Story and pick up our pen. There is a creative surge which is pushing us forward which brings exciting us new adventures. There is a strong, absolutely brilliant flow of wondrous events taking place, one after the other, which have a feeling of complete rightness. The Sleeping Giant of our One Being is coming to life all over the planet. The Aslans are on the march. The huge Wheel of Destiny is turning, faster than ever before. We are zooming into living True Lives as True Ones on a massive Fast Forward.

This is a very small fragment of Solara's complete 12 page JULY 2013 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

Support and Preparedness Groups ~ The Event ~ Prepare for Change

The website for supporting and facilitating preparedness pre- and post-The Event is now available for people to sign-up. Called Prepare for Change, it is meant to provide grassroot infrastructure to the general population to calm and help maintain some semblance of order as well as provide a level of support, serving as an information hub.

Please read more about what Cobra has to say about it here.

PS. Mesmerising image of our beloved Planet cocooned in a Flower of Life formation!

14 July 2013

Increasing our Consciousness in Our Daily Moments

The more we withdraw from the old paradigm of duality and separation, and the more we unplug from the 3D-matrix, the faster will be the disintegration and transmutation of dark energies. This action will greatly diminish the effects of these energies, at the same time helping to accelerate the further anchoring of Light within the Planet and Humanity.

If we do our meditation or Lightwork to build up the Light Quotient, and then fall back into the old paradigm of duality or get back into the flow (or upheaval) of 3D, we will be almost negating all the work we've done previously. As an example, if we allow ourselves to get caught up in vibration-lowering experiences such as enforcing separation ("us" vs "them), being inconsiderate/selfish/confrontative/irresponsible/etc. or being ensconced/participating in the 3D-world, then we may adversely affect the Collective Consciousness. When we plug ourselves into the 3D-matrix and its illusions, we are empowering the creators of that existence. In order to "starve" out the dark energies, we will need to withdraw as much as possible from all that they created, which carry their energies of an absence of Love and Light. When enough of us step away as much as possible from their creations, this will only serve to quickly diminish their influence, which is already waning due to all the Lightwork and Light energies sent to us through our Sun.

Many do the Lightwork, but then many return to 3D states of consciousness after that. One can spend 30 minutes in meditation, and then allow themselves to get drawn back into the world of 3D/lower consciousness and participating in it. The trick (and tricky part) is to remain in higher consciousness as much as possible throughout our daily moments.

The Global Ascension and Integration that Awaits You All ~ Magatha From Agartha via Meline Lafont


The Agarthans (Aghartans) have been the True Guardians of our beloved Planet for eons of time. They have been protecting and assisting us for so very long, and have been instrumental in our development over this period of evolution, in spite of the Dark control over Humanity. It is also by way of Inner Earth that Humanity will go through Ascension.

Magatha's message speaks about a decision being made to move up our Ascension process by 2 degrees and about the need to further integrate our expanded consciousness and Multi-dimensional Selves. We are also reminded that we are playing out the last phases of the Lemurian-Atlantean timelines, but this time, with a joyous ending instead of calamity.

Please read more here.

Visit of the Galactic Federation of Stellar Nations ~ Arbre Solaire

This is a great video that should go viral! It's Arbre Solaire's contribution towards First Contact, accompanied by some wonderful images and music that takes you "there", courtesy of Robert Coxon. Should also be very enjoyable for Star Trek fans :) We can watch this and feel as though we are "Home" for 23 minutes...

And hopefully this will end all the debates about the various names that the Federation goes by ~ Galactic Federation (with or without "Light" attached at the end), Confederation of Planets, United Federation of Planets etc etc etc.

And also remembering our Inner Earth Family is part of this, too :)

13 July 2013

Next 56 Hours Crucial ~ Violet/Blue Flame Upgrade from Source ~ Anna Merkaba

"Greetings dear ones, greetings dearly beloved children of light and love and the universal energies of this delightful reality. I am here to speak with you now about a new chapter a new beginning for all of you, a new beginning for the planet of GAIA and the universe as a whole.

Ready be children of light for the help is on the way, help is on the way in the form of radiant energies of light and love, in the form of the violet light and etheric blue healing energies of love and light."


12 July 2013

Sandra Walter With Suzanne Maresca ~ Heavenly Blessings Radio Show 9 July 2013

Some highlights from the radio show hosted by Suzanne Maresca, featuring Sandra Walter: 
  • 5D vibrations of Unity Consciousness are here for us to move into if we so choose, we are all One
  • All attachments are being released on individual basis to allow us to be All That We Truly Are
  • Coordination and Creation now supports highest good and highest intent, slate of "past" wiped clean
  • Too much splintering at the moment to allow for one massive Ascension
  • Diverging consciousness and how one can be "invisible" to others who are not in the same "bandwidth"
  • Gaia  has to go first; we can't go there before she does (personal note: this Ascension has always been about Gaia)
  • Things are about to get more intense, including Earth changes
  • Current energies support our being in 5D states as much as possible
  • Sandra relates her sighting of a Sasquatch on Mt Shasta and how he played a role in "protecting" the vibrations
  • Sandra's personal communications and connections with Shasta, which is a generator of Divine Love
  • Our meditations are the channels for receiving Truths
  • Acceleration and amplification of 5D energies on-going; to recognise Star Family assistance/support
  • Higher Self merging with Lower Self = something brand new
  • Consistently challenge our fears to help us release them
  • Am I ready for the recalibration? Check ~ Have I done my clearing? Have I mastered my mind consciousness and focus? Am I able to meditate and tap into the stillness? Have I let go of my ego? Have I surrendered to Divine Will? Have I experienced Divine Unity? These are the steps to the next level of the "Perfect Storm" of Ascension (there are several levels)
  • "Weird is normal"

  • Time to move on, time now for Unity Consciousness
  • Our Heart Centre is where we can access all these higher vibrations, unconditional Love
  • Creativity is huge bridge to connect with Higher Self; Gratitude is a huge key; No judgement; The Dark ~ Let it all go!
  • Dark no longer controlling Collective Consciousness; it's up to individuals now
  • Stargates are Cosmic trigger points for more intense energies to stream in; the 13th will be very powerful; they are like Merkabahs around Earth
  • Also opening our own Stargates within us (remember, we are our own Stargates !); this 13th Stargate opening end-July will be personal
  • Move into our own authenticity, speak our Truths without judgement
  • We play this Game together, we all have a piece of the puzzle, encourage those who are awakening
  • Spread the Ascension word around, time for us to plant seeds all over, spread it around, trigger others!
  • Sun's radiation is actually causing our evolution
  • Clear, bless and charge our food and drinks, we can do it ourselves without external tools; empower ourselves
  • Be and play in our awakened states, stay expanded even when we go in the outside world, walk around as our Higher Self and crank up our Light intensity...all the way to the Cosmos
  • Interact with Nature, whole Planet vibrating at higher rate now
  • "I Am Love, I Am Light, I Am Ascended"
  • Lots of surrendering now, be in alignment, if it feels trying let it go.
Join Sandra and Suzanne for this 93-minute discussion.

Note: Sandra has just posted a video about this 13th Stargate Recalibration here.

11 July 2013

Unknown Force Changing Cloud's Shape ~ Live Leak

Well, that's the title of the source page, but I believe it's more than just that. Thanks to the gorgeous Soul who sent me this :)

Many Of You Are Not Equipped To Deal With 3D Life ~ Multidimensional Ocean 8 July 2013

"Greetings dear ones, we are the Arcturian group.

We wanted to salute once again your courage for being part and embracing the material world on Gaia. You accepted to come down on Mother Earth and to descend from being fully conscious beings to being limited by the material form you have taken. This is a heavy duty for you to undertake, fully knowing that the vibrations of your souls were not suited to live in a material environment.

Many of you have struggled all your life with the 3d mentality and way of doing things. Since a very young age you have observed a world that made very little sense to you, fully knowing who you were and why you were here. As your age progressed, the memories of your mission on Earth had subsided, and you were left with many questions concerning the human way of life, and were surprised to find yourself stuck into the human uni-matrix, with tools that did not match your needs and abilities."

Please continue reading here.

10 July 2013

Welcome To The Hollow Earth

Almost seven minutes' worth of images that depict Hollow Earth, some of which are excellent aerial photographs which clearly show the entrance at the Poles. There are a couple that could have been the remains of a very tall being; our subterranean brethren are known to be about 3.5 - 4.5m tall.

Thanks to Galactic Free Press; link to Youtube video here.

Sheldan Nidle Update 9 July 2013

This is an excerpt from this week's update:

"The social masks you have to wear and the dilemmas which now burden you are to be dissolved, and once this happens the true and wonderful You can emerge. This new beautiful Being and the sacred world you live on will absorb your attention, leading to an understanding of universal unity. You all possess Life and the ability to access the wonders it presents you with each day. This is the real 'currency.' As you interact with each other in this new light, you will experience Life in a new way, learning how to sustain it and the amazing spiritual energy that pours into all that you are and all that you do. Now you are on the road to full consciousness! All galactic societies embrace four sacred laws, given to physical Angels by Heaven. These aspects of civility are reviewed every day by each individual and their counselors. Heaven and physicality blend, forging a reality which takes full measure of everyone's abilities and connection to Spirit. Out of this melding comes an organic method of organization that we call 'group fluid dynamics.' In it is contained principles which form the core structure of our galactic societies."

Please read the full message here.

09 July 2013

The Oracle Report ~ Monday 8 July 2013

This is such an encouraging report, and although it's for Monday, the information relates to the next three months. It's a time of clearing and purging of all vestiges of Dark, a theme that seems to be repeating often recently!

Full report below, and link to source here.

Monday, July 8 

New Moon Phase-  Moon in Cancer
Ruling Mahavidya:  To be Announced
At the moment of the New Moon early this morning, a frequency of energy which will unfold all month long was imprinted.  This frequency is wonderfully complex and will guide the collective toward radical mind shift.  The New Moon in Cancer, one of the cardinal cross points, is marked as the cycle where the collective of humanity rises up and pulls away from the Archons.  It is a special time in history and it will last three months.
Here’s the long and the short of it, in practical terms:
  • ·         it will not be as easy for mind intrusion (mind intrusion gets us started in a negative and self-defeating state of mind where generalized dissatisfaction takes over)
  • ·         dissolution of our perceived failings takes place if we so desire
  • ·         the energetic frequency causes a feeling of being “exposed” or vulnerable, which is a position of personal power because it invites change and transformation
  • ·         restraints, limitations, restrictions cease their reign
  • ·         we begin to see ourselves with more clarity, grounding and integrating more of our higher selves; this develops from times of quiet reflection, so we find that we retreat into ourselves more this cycle
  • ·         a distinct reconnection with the planet occurs en masse (or strengthening of connection for those who are already connected with the planet)
  • ·         within relationships, unaligned energies will conflict and seek to be discharged – relationships undergo much-needed changes
  • ·         we will go beyond our normal “sphere” with new perspectives arising from larger realities
  • ·         we see how dissatisfaction with our immediate situation/surroundings and always looking elsewhere is not only counterproductive, but life-draining
There is so much to this month’s energy – much more than I can relate in today’s post.  One thing we will see this cycle is how things happen in their own time and how our rush to develop things only creates frustration and fatigue.  Most of what I want to relate about this amazing time will need to be given in audio format (including this month’s ruling Mahavidya).  Look for that audio in the next few days.
For now, I leave for your consideration the Sabian symbol for the New Moon in Cancer: the seed grows into knowledge and life.  Joy to the world.
(And let’s keep an eye on the Sun.  A behemoth sunspot is poised directly at us, ready to amplify the current energy frequency.  Knowing the magnitude of this month’s energy, we will not be surprised to see the Sun’s participation.)

Hilarion's Weekly Message 7-14 July 2013 via Marlene Swetlishoff

Hilarion's message for this week carries the same theme as the previous post (The Grand Event via Anna Merkaba) and the Oracle Report for the weekend past. We've entered a period of deep clearing for the individual, but this is now relatively easier to get through because of all the previous cycles of cleansing that had already been successfully completed. We are being asked to maintain our equilibrium when things get a little crazy around us, and to remain connected with our Higher Selves. Empower those who are going through their personal clearing, but know that we can't do it for them. Hold the image of ourselves as being the Rainbow Bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Here is the full message, and this is the link to Marlene Swetlishoff's site.

July 7-14, 2013

Beloved Ones,

As the completion of many issues comes to a close in your personal lives, know that there is a turning point approaching that will see you finally free of the heavier densities that you have been grappling with. This was because many of you have chosen to take on and experience these lower vibrations as a way to facilitate a speedier cleansing of the collective field of humanity which surrounds the Earth.  The field has been cleansed for the most part and this now makes it easier for awakening souls to deal with their personal issues which are beginning to surface as the energies increase and intensify. 
That which you have completed is now being experienced by the general populace but without the accumulated density from generations past to encumber them.

It is important for each of you to maintain your high connection with your higher self and your spiritual guidance at all times and to avoid being drawn in to the personal and collective dramas that are occurring. Your task is to remain centered upon creating and holding the vision of a new reality of a better life for all. Know that this can be a tricky process as those you love and care about will be going through their own growth process of awakening awareness and this can affect your own equilibrium and balance in your desire to help them. Empower them as best you can while knowing that only they can go through whatever it is they are going through. No one else can walk their chosen path for them.

You it is who are the light of the world during these times so it is important that you continue to nurture and care for yourselves. As the downloads of energy activation continue, rest as much as you can, to assimilate and absorb these with greater ease and grace and always maintain your daily disciplines to keep your personal energy field strong and healthy. Picture and know yourself as a being of light, a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth, a conduit of love that is bringing in and anchoring heaven on Earth. Honor yourself for playing this role and hold steady. Your way is now becoming easier as humanity as a whole is willing to take greater responsibility for all that occurs in the world around them.

The signs are everywhere that change is the impetus of these times and this requires changes within society. All that was accepted as the norm can no longer be relied upon as a given, for all is now in a state of flux and humanity must become adaptable and changeable as well. They must dig deep within to find their own connection to Source and as the changes occur, this will be accomplished. They will realize that the acquisition of the things of this world was not the primary purpose for their being upon this planet and that these things can quickly disappear in a way that is out of their control and that what is really important is the connection they have with each other.

Continue to stand firmly in your light while being grounded into your planet as you pioneer the way forward. It is only upon your own connection to Source that you can count on. Become the observer of all that comes into your own field of possibilities so that you can maneuver your way into the unknown. 

Know thyself, for this is the key to everything. You and you alone, hold the key to the kingdom within you.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

The Grand Event ~ Purging, Cleaning, Another Planet, Mothership, Galactic Federation ~ via Anna Merkaba

The Grand Sextile theme continues with this post ~ it appears to be even more significant than what was alluded to in the previous post about the Grand Sextile by Randy Cosmichand.

This message via Anna Merkaba speaks about another massive wave of Awakening that will be precipitated by the Grand Sextile on 29 July. Although we have made major strides thus far, there's still more to go and the days leading to this Cosmic Alignment will be crucial in eliminating the darkness, individually and Planet-wise. Emotions may become magnified and diligent cleansing and protection techniques are a must.

(Previous post from Oracle Report that echoes this theme of cleansing, "...throw off Archonic intrusion en masse...")

We are also strongly advised to seek help and guidance from our guardians and Higher Selves, ensuring that we choose always to be in the Light.

Here for the full message.

**Personal note: Although this message may seem to bring on fear, please take it as a strong plea to remain in the Light should the world around us break out in even more chaos. Kryon has always used the analogy of Lightworkers being lighthouses who shine the Light in dangerous waters to help those around them. Focus on being the Light, and shining it brightly.

This Is The Big One We've All Been Waiting For...The Grand Sextile ~ Randy Cosmichand

The Grand Sextile occurring on 29 July 2013 is said to be an extraordinary astrological alignment. I don't think one needs to have a deep level of understanding of astrology (mine is barely minimal!) to appreciate the this sensational formation where Earth is practically held in planetary unity by our Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto (makes me think of the lyrics to "Age of Aquarius"). They create a Star of David stargate which will allow for more even more downloads of Cosmic Energies.

Great expectations from this Grand Sextile.

For the complete article on this alignment, please go here.

There is also an article that suggests that the Cavallo Grigio Crop Circle in Italy depicts this Grand Sextile.

06 July 2013

The Oracle Report ~ Friday July 5 to Sunday July 7, 2013

Reproduced in full below, here is the link to the source.

Balsamic Moon Phase-  Moon in Gemini/Cancer
Ruling Mahavidya:  Bagalamukhi

I am combining Friday's report with the weekend report because the energy unfolds like the lace manadala of this spiderweb. It's a wave that builds out. The wave builds until the New Moon enters early on Monday. I've looked beyond the wave to see what's ahead and I can tell you that between now and October we are in for something unseen on the planet before. It is so good that I cannot even put it into words to share right now, but I will most definitely be recording an audio as soon as we are able to arrange it.

So just place the knowledge of the nature of what's to come as the backdrop of what develops this weekend. Keep in mind that links and connections are weaving together to perfectly position us for a great boon (or at least the kind of boon that those of us engaged in co-creating with Wisdom Goddess Sophia would relish). The collective of humanity has stated its intention to be released from whatever binds it and Sophia has heard. In essence, the power struggle between the collective of humanity and those forces that stand to annihilate humanity (and Sophia) begins to tip toward the collective of humanity. We will begin to throw off Archontic intrusion en masse (individually in the micro level of our own lives and holistically at the macro level of our race).

The Sun (Sabaoth) appears to be powering up in a new way as we approach the New Moon. The Sun's southern hemisphere is becoming active for the first time in years and the magnetic fields are building to X and M class flare level. (Let's all say thanks to Sabaoth this weekend.)

Additionally, we have another compelling dynamic at play with Jupiter coming up on the heels of the Black Moon and the Moon entering Cancer for the first time since the Black Moon entered Cancer. Cancers and Capricorns (and those with the Black Moon in those signs) will experience the weekend's unfolding web/mandala most profoundly. Remember that this energy is going to release us from the prisons of our minds. Take heart.

Taking all of this down to the mundane level, Friday we are prone toward feeling a little lost, Friday night and Saturday we are prone toward indulgence so partake but be smart, and Sunday we are struck by mystery. Seek out a good book (spiritual, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi) if you feel confused or need guidance. Follow your impulses to pick up certain books.

Above all, see this energy as the connecting line in a cosmic tapestry that is weaving into existence. If you've been following The Oracle Report for a while, you know that I call it like I see it - good, bad, and ugly. I often use the word "ugly" to describe the energy. I translate visually. Trust me when I say that it is getting ready to get gorgeous out there.