31 October 2013

Present Singularity of Mass Upgrading Continues Harmonious Process for Establishment of Gaia Higher Self ~ Gaia Portal 30 October 2013

From Gaia Portal. I highlighted the sentence that made up sit up!

Present singularity of mass upgrading continues harmonious process for establishment of Gaia Higher Self.
Beings of Enlightenment are in development as energetic grids continue upgrade process. 

Essentials are finished. Details are in final stages, nearing completion.

“Singularity of mass upgrading” is the point of no return.

[ÉirePort note: the term "singularity" appears best defined as:
"A point of infinite density and infinitesimal volume, at which space and time become infinitely distorted according to the theory of General Relativity. According to the big bang theory, a gravitational singularity existed at the beginning of the universe. Singularities are also believed to exist at the center of black holes."
The singularity term here would imply a point preceding a "big bang" in overall Gaia consciousness.]

Contemplating? Just Surrender to Love and Trust ~ Meline Lafont 30 October 2013


This period is so intense. The overall message we are receiving from various sources (and our own Self)  is to go within, once again. Perhaps now more than ever before, because we can only get "there" by journeying deep within. Here is Meline's message:

"That is what I find myself to be doing right now. Contemplating over things in my life that have happened or are happening, within me, around me, outside of me all over the world. Contemplating about my own meaning in this lifetime and my precious being that feels expanding but locked at the same time into this physical body, wanting to get out of this but at the same time wanting to experience this all and to be of service in a true nature, in a spiritual way..

What matters is this: allowing the true nature of your being to BE and that can only be done in complete trust, Love, and surrender. This we can do by allowing, accepting and relaxing..Breathing in and out, experiencing energies, frequencies, life, love, feelings. All experiencing it, acknowledging it, embracing it but not engaging with it, not defining it, not labeling it but to just simply experiencing it and Be just that for a few moments without any attachments whatsoever to it."


Tips for the November 1-3 Energy Gateway ~ Selacia

Tree of Stars ~ abstract desktopnexus.com

I'm unable to access Selacia's website so I'll copy the entire article from my email here:

Selacia's Article:
Tips for the Nov. 1-3 Energy Gateway
- A 3-Day Window of Opportunity -
with invitation to upcoming events
Last Call: 11/2  Eclipse Event
Year-End Event on 12/7
Divine Changemaker Series
Blue Banner from Aaron  

Tips for the Nov. 1-3 Energy Gateway
- A 3-Day Window of Opportunity - 

by Selacia   

Managing your energies becomes of vital concern during the Nov. 1-3 energy gateway now just around the corner.

In this article, I explain why this is important and I give some practical spiritually grounded tips for being in balance during this gateway. I also explain the connection between the eclipse occurring on Nov. 3 and other high-energy factors influencing us during the 3-day period.

What's an Energy Gateway?

An energy gateway is a powerful window of time when you can perceive more about yourself and your world. During such moments, you can connect more tangibly with spirit and benevolent unseen forces - receiving helpful insights about your life direction and needed course corrections.

During a gateway, you have expanded levels of help in moving through your obstacles, clearing old patterns, and seeing yourself more clearly. Leading up to a gateway, it's typical to experience increased ascension symptoms and a choppy roller coaster ride. You can easily lose your sense of balance and clear thinking unless you are mindful and have energy management tools.

What's Unique about This Gateway?

The Nov. 1-3 energy gateway is unique from a number of perspectives.

First, on Nov. 3 we will have a powerful Scorpio solar eclipse, potentially the most transformational one like this since 1994.

Second, we sit in the middle of a challenging mercury retrograde cycle that asks us to rethink how we live our lives and brings up past unfinished business to complete.

Third, on Nov. 1 we experience another in a series of revolutionary Uranus-Pluto squares - catalyzing an intense combination of upheavals and surprises and stimulating out-of-control emotions and fears about the uncontrollable things in our lives.

Why is Personal Balance Vital?

Here's the first reason. Your ability to remain centered, balanced, and in your heart is vital if you want to take advantage of the opportunities to receive profound insights about your next steps, along with a magnified momentum to affect real and positive change in your life. Do not underestimate what can shift for you as a result of one of these cycles!

Here's the second reason. Getting and staying in balance now and throughout the three days of this gateway is essential if you want to avoid missed opportunities, and of course to stop yourself from having emotional outbursts or making unwise choices.

Acting out your anger at work or in a relationship during this explosive time could bring fragile situations to a place that's beyond repair.

Also, opportunities continually come along in your life, but sometimes with just the right juxtaposition of energies like in this gateway, advantageous circumstances may be presented within a small window of time. You must be present, emotionally balanced, and awake in order to recognize them when they appear, and then to take action right then.

5 Energy Management Tips for this Gateway

The following tips will help you to manage your energies to benefit fully from the Nov. 1-3 energy gateway. Work with them now, ahead of sleep, first thing in the morning, and throughout the next few days. Trust that doing so will help you to find your center in the midst of chaos. This allows you to become one of those divine changemakers who can help others find stability, too.

First, think before communicating. Avoid misunderstandings by taking a few extra moments to think of the most appropriate heart-centered way to communicate your message. Words have energy, your feelings behind the words have energy, and once said you cannot take words back.

Second, intend to feel gratitude. Intending this will help you connect with gratitude as you contemplate your life, where you have been, what you want to release, and the plethora of potentially chaotic input and experiences coming your way during the gateway.

Third, remember why you are alive. That may sound simplistic and obvious, but trust that this remembrance helps you better navigate this gateway. You aren't alive, for example, to get down in the mud with the pack of people who constantly complain and live only on the surface of life. You are a divine changemaker, here on the path of ascension to create a more loving world.

Fourth, proactively rethink your life. This gateway is an ideal time to do this, for the energies support your contemplations about what needs to be revamped or tossed out. Include routines. Everyone has routines in life, and some like good habits are helpful routines. When your routine turns into a rut or living by rote, it's time to reconfigure your approach. Right now, with this energy gateway,  is a perfect time to take a fresh look at your routines and see what needs to shift.

Fifth, be mindful of emotions. In this cycle of extremes, you are best served by discovering your inner courage and applying it to stressful situations. Others around you may be having meltdowns or out-of-character angry reactions. Do what you can to stay calm, centered, emotionally nonreactive, and in your heart.

(Note from Selacia: If you missed last week's article with my 5-step process to prepare for our eclipse gateway, please see this link:  You are welcome to participate with us at the 11/2 global meditation gateway event with The Council of 12. All officially registered at the link below will take part in an eclipse energy gateway healing, receiving spiritual fuel for transforming out of the old and into the new. Attend live or with mp3 at this link.).   

Copyright 2013 by Selacia - All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com  

30 October 2013

Cobra's Update ~ Interview with Alexandra Meadors 29 October 2013

Galactic Fantasy by Timothy Schellin

Here is the link for Cobra's interview with Alexandra Meadors. I haven't yet heard it because this past couple of weeks have been...let's just say "interesting"...Anyway, I didn't want to wait until I had the chance to listen because I feel that things are accelerating once more and Cobra may have some crucial information you wish to know. He has already posted FIVE updates for the RM in just two days!

Here for the audio file. I may add some notes after I listen to it.
Update 5 Nov: Transcript available here.

Update ~ Some highlights (56 minutes):
  • Generals being dismissed by Cabal, but Light Forces have counterplans in place so this will not change anything
  • Nazi formed NASA but Light has infiltrated it
  • No advanced Space civilisations will need to hide their craft behind moon
  • Much information about Comet Ison is baseless (yes, I know I know ~ some sources say it's a craft...)
  • Saudi regime trying to align with Eastern alliance because they realise Illuminati is losing grip, so are Ayatollah Khamenei, Jesuits and Rothschilds
  • Financial reset ready to go since July 2012, just waiting for right time (after The Event)
  • Israel "clearing" needs to take place
  • Many incidents with potential disasters have been "managed", nuclear power already neutralised
  • Complete removal of etheric influence is complex, still being worked on
  • "Black-hole technology" and communication has been lessened but still not completely gone
  • Chart used in Cobra's update for 6-planet Star Tetrahedron formation on 23 November is heliocentric, not geocentric, "let's wait and see" what happens
  • Fukushima ~ Galactics will prevent any potential disaster
  • US Government shutdown plan was to trigger martial law, which will not be allowed to happen
  • Higher levels of 4D already cleared
  • Awakened people tend to home-bound or sheltered to avoid lower energies from masses
  • Syrian rebels infiltrated by Rothschilds
  • When The Event happens, all weapons of war in all forms will be removed
  • We're down to US and Israel against whole world, in terms of "factions" Cabal-wise
  • GMO project belongs to Illuminati, possibility that it will be dismantled even before The Event
  • Delicate balance between degree of Galactic intervention and Cabal reaction, that's why it's been taking so long...and also because surface population not cooperating because they remain asleep...(personal appeal: PLEASE LET'S DO ALL WE CAN TO WAKE THESE PEOPLE UP!!)
  • Banks are least safe place to keep our money
  • Iceland, Ireland etc trying to break free from financial system, it's a good sign
  • US Veterans march and truckers protest, a good sign of awakening
  • Snowden ~ helping to awaken people, another whistleblower set to come forward in near future
  • Bitcoins to be reactivated again
  • The Event ~ will affect all on Planet, physical effect will be undeniable, financial system shut down, mass education to further awaken people
  • Keshe and others ~ safer position now to get tech out now, but ultimate goal is to mass produce free energy for all
  • Please participate in the AION portal activation.

Sheldan Nidle Update ~ 29 October 2013

From PAO newsletter

Here are some keywords/phrases used in this bold update, which indicate things are accelerating:

  • Necessary to terminate any thought of further delays
  • Each of you is stretched to the max
  • It is finished
  • This blessed world is now seething with gracious change
  • The Divine has spoken!
  • The moment for blessed altering of this reality arrives
  • Re-connect to your I Am Presence.
Here for the full update.

29 October 2013

Red Alert, Ignition Test and Stardust 3 Operational ~ Cobra Updates 28 October 2013

I normally don't feature the cryptic codes and messages that Cobra posts on his site for the benefit of the Resistance Movement operations, but I just had to highlight these latest updates. There are THREE of them, they sound really important and urgent, especially the one about Stardust 3 being "operational". Cobra had explained in earlier messages about this Stardust technology.

Here are the posts:
Red Alert
Ignition Test (the video is not available at the time of writing)
Stardust 3 Operational.

Pure Light for Pure Conduits and New Light Waves ~ Sandra Walter 28 October 2013

New Light by esk6a deviantART.com
Sandra Walter explains the current energy upgrade we are experiencing right now, and gives guidance on how we can help ourselves over this new transition into November and the eclipse on the 3rd (it's been called a "rare hybrid Solar Eclipse", see article here).

There is also a video Sandra has created, encoded with Light frequencies (16 mins).

Here for the article and here for the video.

Supporting Portals for all Gaia Next Steps are in Place ~ 28 October 2013

Source: Gaia Portal

Supporting protocols for all Gaia next steps are in place. 
Such steps will occur at appropriate now moments, and create mass transmutation of overall Gaia Consciousness.

Participation portals have been operating at near full “capacity”. hu-manity is accepting its higher awareness.

28 October 2013

New Earth Begins ~ Suzanne Lie

AION Portal Activation ~ Cobra 24 October 2013

Update: I must add that in this update from Cobra, the one thing that really made me sit up was that this Portal will allow the Light forces to become proactive, instead of just "containing" any potential explosive situations. Time for the Light Show to begin. As per Sheldan Nidle...WOOHOO!!
Let's do this! We were successful before, using the power of Global Meditation and affecting the morphogentic in an incredible way. This is a window of opportunity that we MUST utilise and put our Heart and Soul (and Spirit) into manifesting the Golden Age. Let's make this happen!


(Shift of the Ages)

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the heliocentric Uranus Pluto square on November 23rd. Many of us will gather and visualize the Event happening in the NOW and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.

Our visualization will support the plan for planetary liberation, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We can do it! It needs to go viral! We need to reach many people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people dong this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

The time of the AION portal activation signifies the peak of Uranus Pluto square, which is occurring in the 2012-2015 timeframe. This is the most important astrological aspect of our times and its meaning is very simple: revolution of Light. The exact heliocentric moment of the Uranus Pluto square comes on November 23rd. At that moment, a very interesting heliocentric configuration will be taking place apart from Uranus Pluto square. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto will form a six pointed star mandala around the Sun:

Please continue here.

Earth's Golden Age ~ Matthew and Suzy Ward


I first saw this on Federation of Light, while the source appears here on Matthew Ward's site.

Matthew gives an overall summary (no mean feat, considering our convoluted history spanning eons and eons and eons) of what's happening here on Planet Earth, and how we have been receiving assistance from our Star families.

Earth's Golden Age

What happens on Earth affects the whole universe, so it is of utmost significance to advanced civilizations that the dark energies that have held sway on your planet for eons become reconciled within the light.

In keeping with universal laws, assistance from one civilization to another can be given only when it is requested. Your heartfelt desire for a peaceful, harmonious world is your request - what is in your hearts rings out to the universe as clearly as your voices - and God authorized many nearby and far distant civilizations to come to your aid.

Your bewilderment about how to heal your planet's pervasive environmental damage also is part of their assistance mission. But you are in charge - Earth is your homeland and you chose to be there specifically to participate in this world transformation and spiritual renewal that is underway! However, assistance from extraterrestrials started long, long before their infusion of the light that saved Earth's life more than seven decades ago. Throughout the planet's history our universal family has served in one kind of supportive role or another.

Members of some highly advanced civilizations had a hand in designing and establishing the flora and fauna, and human life on the planet derived from several civilizations' seeding programs. Among today's populace are descendents of those ancient residents, some of whom were gods and goddesses who chose to lower their body density by incarnating rather than remain as pure love-light essence like the rulers of the universes did.
During the eons when Earth was known as Gaia or Terra or Shan, twice negativity amassed in such amount from humankind's ungodly ways that Earth had to rid herself of that unendurable burden through catastrophic upheavals. In the first occurrence, individuals who had retained their light were rescued by their ancestors and all others perished.

Please continue with the message here.

27 October 2013

Divine Dispensation Will Be Resolved Now ~ Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma 26 October 2013


[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans, this is I, Archangel Raphael speaking to you.

This is  a new message that I am bringing to you and with it we are concluding a past series of messages by which I have informed you repeatedly about ascension, health and your activities pertaining to these topics.

Now we shall choose some new direction. And this has been already explained a bit by my brother Archangel Michael in his message of this week.

And here I am to continue this new line.

As you know meanwhile human mankind here on earth has made great progress so that we may now direct our focus towards other matters. Our focus is as always on ascension, is still the ascending human being yet we shall add here still another component to our endeavours which will give the entire undertaking still even some more interesting touch.

As announced already you will obtain some dispensation from our all Creator. This has been announced already and now I want to explain you this piece of information in a bit more detailed way.

With this dispensation you will be liberated from everything which was made for you extraordinarily in order to learn your lessons here on earth. This again comprises everything that you have decided yourselves – e.g. which lessons you wanted to have for your learning – before you incarnated here on earth.

Please continue reading here.

The Silence, The Stream, The Fractal ~ Sandra Walter

I AM the Divine Light consciousness of HU,
the Photonic Reflection,
and the metaphor of Creator-In-Carnate dreamed awake.

And so are you.
The Silence
In the beginning there was silence. The stillness of pre-creation. Prior to the first great exhale, the moment when Source projected part of its consciousness in order to create separation, and before the Mother-Father God system birthed the Christ, there was silence. Contemplation of creation.
This passage in our Ascension process reflects the stillness; the direct connection back to Source. It makes us very aware of our words and creations during the merge of Higher and Lower Self. This is why you don’t hear very much from those on the Ascension path right now. Communication is difficult, strange; we can summon words to interact with others when needed, then our Higher Levels pull us back into silence.

Communication shifts to harmonize with 5D structures. You will recognize it, and probably be aware of it as you mimic old communication styles until the new presents. We’re out of ourselves at the moment – stepping out of the old self (the walk-out sensation) – in order to create deep change, a permanent merge with our Higher Self.

There is an awareness of how powerful our creator skills are about to get, and this brings a caution toward miscreation. The Higher Self is rewriting our reality in alignment with the True Self and Divine Will. It makes us aware of how much distortion has been created by our Lower Self. It puts us on hold, so we only desire to create as our True Self.

Fragments of the lower level constructs – ego, mind, emotion – are surrendered. Last bits of wavering, doubt, fears are lifted up for a last free-will review. It is your Lower Self choice to surrender the miscreations and all of the beliefs that came with them. In the stillness, those constructs do not exist. Note the awareness that this has already occurred if you chose that timeline. The delay is perception; honor the stillness.

Please go here to continue...

First Contact ~ Sheldan Nidle

From my Inbox, which I feel I should share:

Planetary Activation Organization (PAO)

Introduction by Sheldan Nidle

We have to see all the things that are now happening as very interconnected and quite representative of a profound holistic pattern that the Supreme Creator is weaving for us. This divine plan is being unraveled before us in a most incredible and wise way. Each move is being made like the moves of a most enlightened chess master. Each step has a meaning that exists on many levels at once. Every move is designed to impress each of us toward one wonderful goal — first contact with our ancestors and our galactic brothers and sisters. This path leads toward a deep reflection into the true meanings of the human soul and how this truth forms the basis of who we truly are. For this underlying truth is the foundation for all knowledge. We are all seekers of what is real and of how this reality forms the basis for all things that exist in Creation. We all endeavor in some way to amalgamate our truths with the profound ways of the Supreme Creator. Now is the time when this wish shall be granted not just to a select few, but to all of us.

We are now in the interim period before a first contact is attempted between us and the member star nations of the Galactic Federation. What it means to us is that we are now on the verge of a new global society that will allow us to finally see who we really are. Many scholars have attempted to discover the inner meanings of what this thing we call civilization is really based on. The final conclusion that PAO will attempt to demonstrate is that we are really a star seed society, founded as part of a divine plan that has led us down a side road for many, many millennia. Now, we have been put on a detour that will take us back to the main highway and permit us to see our true place in the galaxy. Our time of quarantine is just about over. The means to that now-hidden knowledge lies in the genetic research that permits us to see all life, and especially human life, as founded in a three-stranded DNA protein. This three-stranded protein serves as the basis for our physical existence. This important discovery allows us to see that the road back to the full integration of our spiritual and physical selves is not as distant as we would believe. The clue to this endeavor lies in a new approach to biology — quantum biology. This new form of biology sanctions the relationship between thought and body.

Quantum biology states that the energy of thought can alter body cells, change metabolism, and most importantly, transform RNA/DNA. Consciousness can now be scientifically seen to create changes in our physical reality. The most important aspect of this discovery deals with human gene structure. Geneticists have noticed in the past half-decade that humans have been using the third strand in their RNA/DNA to mutate into a more profound being. 

Many children born with connected three-strand DNA have some wondrous abilities. These capabilities have included the ability to be telepathic, to disappear and reappear at will (teleport), and to move an object of some weight easily across rooms. It now appears that we are changing into a much more conscious being. In addition, the number of beings modified in one way or another has increased exponentially in the last three years. Clearly, we are a species undergoing a most profound shift in our reality.
Not only have our bodies changed, but we have also become more aware of the spiritual side of our nature. This spiritual awareness has led to an increase in our study of subjects that previously seemed either too strange or too profound to undertake. This study has led humanity to an interest in Angels, UFOs and the extraterrestrial origins of all life on Earth. We seem to have a deep desire to learn how one relates to the other. Yet there seems to be an endless series of beliefs that are put forth trying to explain this aspect of human knowledge. To these beliefs, I would like to add one more caveat — think on these subjects with your heart, and not with your head. The waters of knowledge that you are now entering are based on sensation, on passion, and on the truth of your intuitive soul. It is a most profound shift for our present civilization. One reality is being squeezed into making another, in a very short time. For our planet is now on the verge of a transfer into a new fourth-dimensional reality. This reality will lead us into learning more about ourselves than we have ever thought possible.

As the profound changes have increased in their intensity, we have been forced to accept that something quite fundamental is happening to us. Also, time is beginning to be compressed. A by-product of this compression is that our karma cycles have been greatly accelerated. One of the things that you have probably noticed is that when any karma is created, it is swiftly alleviated. Often this action happens hours or days after the initial incident occurs.

Now Time
We are in a reality that is quickly being altered into something quite different from what we are used to. Another change is that the yearly time-line is also accelerating. Many persons who study time have noticed that recently, years have been reduced seemingly to months. These phenomenon point to the fact that this period is one in which our planet is moving towards a new reality.

Cosmology has been discovering that the physical universe does not always obey the presently-known laws of physics. Energies, gas clouds and even galaxies do some quite strange things. On a similar note, the same paradoxes exist in the world of sub-atomic physics. The hand of universal knowledge seems to be leading us to a new concept of reality. This subject has been at the forefront of discussion among scientists for the past decade. Yet the form of the "cover-up" to maintain the old orthodoxy has kept these matters from becoming public knowledge.

Everywhere, the old order of power has tried to maintain a facade that all is as it ever was. Yet there is much in the new secret discoveries that make many scientists almost bold enough to let the "cat out of the bag". From what I have heard, there will be more scientists who will be willing to start to tell their tales of what is really happening, both out in the heavens and in the atmosphere, continents and oceans of planet Earth. These tales will be another factor in finally allowing Earth’s citizens to see the truth and prepare for our inevitable contact with the ETs.

It is the purpose of this organization to bring you up-to-date; to reveal what is happening out there in the heavens that surround us; and to advise you on how to take action to prepare yourself for a new reality and first contact with the Galactic Federation. We are all together in the need to see that we are all ONE, and that what is happening, is happening to all of us. Let me close with blessings of love and light to you all. 

Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be in Joy!)
Respectfully submitted,
Sheldan Nidle

Attunement by Alan Cohen ~ Inspiration for the Day by Shanta Gabriel


The great shift in life comes when you cease to be guided by forms and you become attuned to frequencies.
                             ~ Alan Cohen

Explore your process with a Next Step Reading from Shanta.  TheGabrielMessages.com and ShantaGabriel.com
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24 October 2013

Two Gaia Portal Updates ~ 23 October 2013

Please click on the titles to go to the source at Gaia Portal.

Gaia Calls for "Essentials Awareness" at this Moment
Gaia calls for “essentials awareness” in all matters at this moment.

Higher D guidings are primary. Secondaries, tertiaries, are being requested to be shelved, at this moment.
Hue-manity activities must now align with Gaia Purpose.

All Hue-Beings are “called”, as it were, to team with the Whole Gaia Consciousness, and to set aside individual ego desires.

There is only one Being at this moment… and that is Gaia.

Cosmic influxes are continuing to dissolve (eliminate) separation paradigms, on all levels.

Unification of Gala Higher Consciousness with Hue-manity is prime at this moment.

hu-manity will follow, shortly, however Hue-manity is called, strongly, to accept and embrace their lead rôle at this moment.

Portals for hu-manity Unfoldment have Opened
Portals for hu-manity unfoldment have opened and allow such beings to experience full awakening to Higher Self.

Establishment of secure growth portals has been restricted, until the current moment. hu-manity whole consciousness levels have risen sufficiently to allow this next step.

Fortification of such portals permits large numbers of hu-manity to enter as group, as well as individual, entities.

23 October 2013

Sheldan Nidle Update 22 October 2013

7 Chicchan, 8 Tzec, 10 Caban

Dratzo!! Much has happened since we last talked. A number of agreements are in place and a schedule for the next set of covert events is finished. We are happy that these things are moving forward, and it is important that a number of other events occur now as well. At present, the schedule agreed to is underway. Although these things cannot be described to you in any detail, the various dark governments are on their way out. Until the current situation is resolved, we are not able to give you any information on what is to happen next, but the actual deliveries of numerous prosperity funds are very close. The current situation is very fluid and requires a degree of stability before things can move forward. We are monitoring this closely and intend to help when appropriate. Meanwhile, we are aiding in a series of arrests, and recoveries of funds. The dark cabal cannot be allowed to stay in power without them intimately knowing that they are being watched and checked on. These arrogant ones know that their time is ending and a new epoch is ready to begin! 

   As all of these various actions are played out, it is important for you to realize that the changes being carried out by Heaven have accelerated. Your head chakras need to be primed. Your neck and upper body chakras require a vast set of readjustments. Our medical teams have reported that these physical changes are now underway. Hence, some of you are experiencing either degrees of dizziness, increasing bouts of forgetfulness or even a temporary loss of vocabulary. Along with these symptoms is occasional blurriness of vision accompanied in many cases by headaches. Neck aches and shoulder aches have also been described. In short, your upper body and head are the centers for a number of upgrades. The things that we have just described are only the symptoms for what is now happening to you. The next areas of attention are the places most affected by the energies that come to you from your silver cord. These carry heavenly information used by your body guardians to maintain your physical essences.

   As your physical essences are divinely adjusted, you begin to experience higher and higher physical vibrations. This permits you to rev up your present consciousness. Thus, you are having more vivid dreams and feeling an increased level of expectations as you connect to the life energies that surround your beautiful living world. Gaia is feeling this alteration as well. She is speeding up many of the preliminary phenomena associated with the returning of her surface to its previous pristine condition. This increasing level of change is being felt by her numerous ecosystems. Each group of elementals assigned to a species of animal will facilitate how the animals react to the action of Gaia. Life on your surface is going through a series of stresses that is taxing the overall nature of these diverse ecosystems. These stresses will ease after humanity leaves for its grand transformation in the realm of Inner Earth. The time for these great changes is not very far off. A divine timeframe is definitely in effect. 


A Short Update on the Energies ~ Aisha North 21 October 2013

Inner Journey by Luiza Vizoli fineartamerica.com

I won't be exaggerating if I were to say that this past one week has been a really strange time for me. The only way I can describe it is that I felt like an Observer observing the Observed, observing the Observer. Somehow I feel that you know what I mean!Being so removed from everything that "Life" looks more and more unreal, while the inner reality feels more and more alive.

Aisha North's update underscores this phase ~ the inner journey of our hallowed space, the return to our Self.

Please read it here.

22 October 2013

The I Am Presence Descending and the Ego ~ Meline Lafont

The I Am Presence, now descending and being merged, can bring up issues with ego if we get too caught up with the "identity" instead of Oneness. Here, in this 25-minute video, Meline shares what she's going through and advises us to remember that we are Oneness, and not an individuated "Self" with ego that is loaded with whatever beliefs or programming we insert onto our identity.

Also, as Wayshowers, we should not force anyone into taking the path of Ascension, because they have their own "alarm clock" for Awakening. We are also here to teach and learn at the same time.

This process of integrating with our I Am Presence is a time of going within, and at the same time, letting go of all that comes from the ego.

Here for the video on Meline's website.

Grounded ~ Steve Kroschel


This 1:14-hour long documentary is about Grounding, made by Steve Kroschel, using our beloved Planet's energies for healing. From what I understand, the video will be available for free until 26 October 2013.

I've only managed to watch a part of this, but what I saw was incredible! For more about Grounding, please read Dr Mercola's work here.

The Visceral Effects of Ascension Syndrome ~ Miles, PAO Webmaster

Many who are here for this Ascension Process have lots of "loose ends" to tie-up. One such loose end is the cataclysm of both the Lemurian as well as the Atlantean civilisations. Miles, the Webmaster for PAO, shares his awareness and experience here with us. Another thing I need to mention is that there is a lot of trauma and fear associated with these lifetimes for those who perished. In this lifetime, the "job"  is to release the trauma and fear, to let it go. Intend and give permission to release these deep-seated genetic emotional scars associated with the memories of the destruction. It will be a huge step towards our own Ascension path.

The Visceral Effects of Ascension Syndrome

by Miles, PAO Webmaster
For some time now, I have felt that I was being tested on a visceral level. Out of nowhere, I am overswept by towering waves of fear and despair.
They can come over me while walking, after meals, in the middle of the night - almost any time. I ask myself what this heavy dark energy is that keeps pummeling me.
Now, at long last, after leaping over many of the physical and emotional hurdles of ascension syndrome symptoms (described in a previous blog), I am able to share an insight.
Long ago, our human ancestors living in Atlantis and Lemuria were fully conscious. Then came the Annunaki who, as part of their dark experiment, banished us from 5D to 3D. And so we have been for the past 13,000 years. Now, we are awakening. Our RNA/DNA and chakra systems are being adjusted in preparation for the journey back to full consciousness. In the process, our poor bodies are dragged along for the ride, enduring headaches, vibrating pericardia, skin irritations, digestive and kidney issues, blurry vision, fatigue and a whole host of other maladies. At our lowest moments, we can't help but wonder if this process will ever offer relief!
On a visceral level, part of our awakening entails tapping into the memory of what happened to us when our ancestors were stripped of full consciousness. My guess is that, at this point, we are re-experiencing the anguish those ancient humans felt during that unspeakable loss. On a personal level, I wonder if some of what I feel is species-repressed anger at the monstrous outrage of having full consciousness stolen away.
Simply by realizing that cellular memories can explain on a visceral level what we awakening 3D humans are experiencing, I feel better equipped to grapple with the challenges of our ascension process.
In the meantime, we try to be patient, waiting to finally hear the Announcements and to meet the Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters and our Agarthan cousins.
As a collective, we must hold the intent. Disclosure can't come soon enough for me!

Physics of Love ~ Kryon via Lee Carroll

Physics of Love
"Kryon Book VI"
Partnering with God
When you truly recognize light, there isn’t one of you who will choose the dark instead. If it seems that this takes place, then the light was never actually seen. The God within you, or “Higher Self,” will always guide you to the truth. Your entire reason for being here is to discover this, and once it is before you, there isn’t one of you that won’t step into the light of home. Exposure to a higher vibration carries the attribute of severing the desire for a lower one. It is the physics of love.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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21 October 2013

Solara's October 2013 Surf Report ~ Excerpt

Another message telling us that our New World is already here! We now have to match the frequency and vibration of the new-ness.

Solara's website is here.


The New Landscape of the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen is
a TOTALLY NEW REALITY, completely different from what we have known before.
It is amazing. It is wondrous. And it is here, NOW....

To fully inhabit the New Landscape we need to become totally new, fresh beings. It's more than simply letting go of the traumas, heartbreaks and expired behaviors of our past; it's allowing these parts of our past to crumble into dust. It's like burning a piece of paper until the words written upon it disappear and there are no more old stories to read.

This doesn't mean that we have to let go of everything that happened in our past. We can incorporate much of the past into the HERE and NOW as threads of our being. We can bring all that was before into a New Level of Trueness. When we are around old friends, relationships and family, we can be Who We Are Now, rather than Who They Expect Us To Be.

To reside on the New Level, we have to completely remove ourselves from our old mindsets and duality-based behaviors. If we don't do this, we may get submerged in the powerful pull of duality's outgoing tide. This is why we've been doing so much releasing and completing. We have been like hot air balloons letting go of their ballast so they can fly higher. Everything needs to be either released or moved to this New Level.

This New Level is the starting point for getting into our true positions. It is fully anchored in the expanded HERE and NOW. It resonates with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE and the knowingness that ALL IS WELL. The New Level is a totally new frequency band that is greatly expanded from what we've known before. It's an Ultra, Ultra Greater Reality! When we step onto the New Level, it triggers a thorough recalibration of our beings. 

October is an important month for setting the scene for our future. There's a strong theme of convergence and reunification at this time. The myriad elements of our lives are coming together as never before. We are emerging onto an expanded New Level. Our True Purposes are converging into One Purpose. The Family of AN is arising and reuniting all over the world. There is a tremendous strength in the vast love of our One Being which has never been more alive.

In September we planted many seeds. At the time, we had no idea or expectations of what kind of plants would grow from these seeds. Now we can see that our seeds are bringing us various varieties of melons, melons both large and small. These juicy melons will ripen and fall right into our open hands from now until the end of the year. 

This month feels loaded with unexpected events. There is the sense that something huge is about to happen. There is a tremendous build up of energy just below the surface. We can feel massive tsunamis of the New poised and ready to come in. And a whole series of even larger tsunamis fill the distant horizon, beyond the ones that we can see.

Yet at the same time, it feels as if we are traveling through a series of Yellow Lights. This requires that we do everything with an ultra alert awareness and proceed with caution and trueness. At times, there will be pockets of extremely mixed energy which can be quite changeable and sometimes volatile in nature. When the surf becomes choppy and the waves unexpectedly shift direction, we must learn to shift with them. Don't be frustrated or let yourself be weakened by what you cannot do in this moment; instead focus on what you CAN do.

During the past few months while we've been experiencing major completions in many areas of our lives, some of us have encountered forlorn fragments of our old selves. These forlorn fragments are expired parts of our beings which now feel abandoned. They call out for our attention so they can be set free. When they appear, these old pockets of our former, duality-based selves can fill us with hopelessness or despair. When this happens, it's important to recognize that this energy is not part of who we really are. All we need to do is to gently tell them, "Go away, my dear, you are no longer my reality and this is not who I am." And thus, they are set free.

October contains the continued alignment of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT PEOPLE. We are becoming increasingly aware of and attuned to the vastness of our being. Our One Being is converging, bringing us deeper benefits with the collective Oneness of our One Being. Our navigational confidence is deepening and becoming second-nature, thus we are launching into a new, profound realm of fearlessness we have never enjoyed before. The power and lightness of our fearless being is breaking any lingering barriers we might imagine! The trueness of our One Love is expanding and transforming everything.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete OCTOBER 2013 Surf Report. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

Energetic Upgrades for Selected Hue-manity Groups are in Process ~ Gaia Portal 21 October 2013

Acceleration by Team Gaia is in full swing, with several updates coming out recently. This latest can be found here, and I am also posting an earlier one which seems to differ from the usual Gaia-Portal-ish format, appearing like an update from Cobra!

Energetic upgrades for selected Hue-manity groups are in process at this moment. 
This is in addition to general consciousness upgrades occurring in all of Gala’s inhabitants. 

Fracturing and dissolution of outdated low frequency paradigms has allowed this step.

“Selected Hue-manity groups” includes many continuing to set directions from energetic levels not yet suited for Gaia whole, and primarily addresses vibrational dis-harmonies.

Interests of all Gaia inhabitants are honored at this time.

Omicron 2.0 Established 19 October 2013

Omicron 2.0  established. Attenuation 3.3. Resource Level 4.6.