10 December 2013

Financial Reset and Event Update ~ Cobra 9 December 2013

As some of you know, I describe my meditation visions here on the blog every now and then. Since I'm not able to recall visions at will I usually pay attention to what shows up, and if there is synchronicity with something significant then I will try to write about it.

This morning, I was presented with an image of a dazzling star with many points. The points then elongated towards Earth and exploded into an amazingly spectacular display of Light, engulfing the Planet. It was awe-inspiring! I was so profoundly moved by the scene unfolding in my mind. Somehow I vaguely thought that I was witnessing the symbolic representation of The Event, and then the vision dissipated. I thought no more of it and carried on with the rest of my meditation.

Later on, I saw Cobra's update and had the A-Ha moment. It's about triggering The Event.

This update is so loaded, I won't even attempt to summarise. Please head to the site and read the update there. And vote!

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