19 December 2013

Unity Consciousness ~ Walking the Talk

Many years ago, when Lee Carroll started bringing out Kryon's messages, I was introduced to an unpleasant situation. I hadn't even considered for a mere second that the situation was going to be something that would re-surface time and again in the following years. Unfortunately, this has been the case...I've gone through various versions of the situation since then. It was unpleasant then, and it's unpleasant now.

A friend and I were following Kryon's messages (via Lee Carroll) with great enthusiasm. We were working our way through the first few books, thorougly enjoying the wealth of information. Prior to this, I had spent quite some time going through Ruth Montgomery's material as well as exploring Seth and Ramtha. Kryon's information seemed like such a natural segue in my seeking.

Shortly after my introduction to Kryon's work, my friend brought to my attention several articles written by fellow Lightworkers who were attacking the information being brought forth. One of the attackers was a channeller (just like Lee); this person is still channeling and is very popular today. Many claims were made against Kryon, which I found upsetting. I had attended one of Kryon's session and had a very profound experience then, so I was very confused about all the negative things being said.

I wrote to Lee and asked him to comment on the situation. This was around 1997-1998, and Lee was still able to personally reply. He told me that Kryon had asked him to do...nothing. To allow the attacks without retaliation and to exercise patience and tolerance. Kryon prevailed; the latest production todate is Book 13 Recalibration of Humanity.

Some years later, another channeler that I had been following for some time started to marginalise a particular group of Lightworkers. It had gotten to the point where the channeler was publicly making fun of this group. Again, I felt moved to write to this channeler to object to the disturbing behaviour. Although I received an apology, I do not know if the attack has ceased because I had by then decided to move away.

Fast forward to the present time. Over the past couple of years, I have found myself in the same sorry situation of LW fragmentation quite a few times. I had written to a popular website asking if they would at least acknowledge the existence of Inner/Hollow Earth (the owners pointedly avoid this in their site). This time, I received no response; instead, they published some information that seemed to suggest no such existence.

More recently, I had written to 14 meditation sites, asking if they would like to join the Global meditation suggested by Cobra for the September Equinox this year. Only two responded.

The latest episode was the Liberation Petition, also organised by Cobra. This time, I had written to only two sites which I knew had large bases. Long story short, they did not believe in Cobra's information.

This latest development is my reason for writing this post. I feel that the Liberation Petition is neutral and not source-specific. There is no direct alignment with any particular Higher Being, Ascended Master, Archangel, Star Being, Cosmic Being etc. I see it as a general petition for triggering the Disclosure process. Isn't that what most LWs want ~ Disclosure? To me, this is the chance for us to exercise our Sovereign Will, to stand up and be counted, to voice our intent. It doesn't matter who organised it.This is not about whose information is correct and whose is incorrect. It's not about whose sources are "higher" in the hierarchy. What matters is that we make a collective show of our intention for Disclosure, as soon as possible!

We are supposed to be learning to live in Unity Consciousness, from the Heart. That is what most of the sources tell us is imperative in order for us to move forward as one race...the Earth Human. I find it very sad when we can't even unite together as one collective voice to petition for Disclosure.

I can't help but feel that perhaps this is the litmus test to see how we would react as a collective force. If we are unable to even respond as one for something so crucial as Disclosure, how can we ever expect to come together, living in Unity Consciousness?

Come on, LW Community...it's time to Walk the Talk. Let's show them we are able to come together as one. Let's start be-ing the Higher Consciousness Being that we're working so diligently to become. Let's speak as One Voice and bring on Disclosure!


  1. Thank you :) may we learn to move forward with Love, Wisdom and Consciousness.