07 March 2014

Alignment of Earth, Sun, Moon and Ison in March ~ Forum Galactis

Alkesh had explained in detail about an upcoming alignment of the Earth, Sun, Moon and Ison. This is expected to take place in mid-March (posted here). It is interesting to note that Courtney Brown's "Announcement" (posted here) is also expected to be broadcast around the same time-frame. March has already proven to be a fully-loaded-and-ready-to-fire-at-any-moment month!

What I'm posting here is some more information about this alignment from the Galactis.net forum. It is in reply to a question about the energetic impulse that is to be directed specifically and exclusively to Earth. I will be posting the complete answer here but you can follow the thread at the link given below.

Source: Forum Galactis

Last month Alkesh was inteviewed by Maarten Horst from the Netherlands and in that interview Alkesh spoke about the alignment between the Earth, sun, moon and Ison in the middle of March, and that there will be an energetic impulse. Could you elaborate on that subject a little more if possible? Thank you.

Referring to the second energetic implementation in the magnetic field of the Earth, which will be done by the comet Ison in the second half of March (starting with March 14th), it will thus integrate a certain frequency and resonance in our planet. Therefore, this second implementation is somehow more important as it is linked directly and specifically to our planet. It will generate certain phenomena of "readjustment" at the planetary level. Most probably things will precipitate internationally in the following weeks and months, in the social, economic and financial sectors. Also the weather will present spectacular and unpredicted transformations, which many will consider "strange": there will be rain in the desert, and rainy areas will suffer droughts; there will be snow where it does not usually snow and so on. These phenomena, at the physical and subtle level (emotional, mental etc) will balance the "holes" in the structure of the planet and the people.

The three energetic implementation of comet Ison are like some energetic "codes", which prepare our planet and the human beings living here, for the great energetic transformation that will follow. This preparation means the completion of a set of specific frequencies which the planet needs to resonate with at the moment of the Event, in order to allow the energy to be received and assimilated correctly. Otherwise, it will be similar to having a valuable TV transmitting station, without having a correctly tuned television to receive the signal. In such a situation, the show would be transmitted, however we would not receive anything or, in any case, very little of it. Because of this the "readjustment" of the receptive bands of frequency of the planet is essential, for the Event to have the maximum effect.

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