24 March 2014

Best UFO Pics Ever! ~ Reality Entertainment

This 8-minute video is a pictorial compilation of Lightships, one of which went as far back as 1929. There's even an image of one apparently taken by Neil Armstrong (image shown above), who, like his fellow astronauts, was silenced by the "agents" and said to have taken his secrets to the grave.

There's one of a military jet chasing a craft, and the famous Moscow 2009 object is also included. A couple of Billy-Meier-type scout ships appear as well. I'm not an expert in this field, but I would say that perhaps a couple of the objects are those of the Cabal.

While I won't say anything about the music accompaniment, I will mention that the lyrics are most appropriate :)

Here for the video.

Thanks to Educating Humanity!

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