03 March 2014

Celebrating a Spiritual Reunion ~ Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman ~ March 2014

Beloved masters, let us join together during this sacred time as we share our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future. Yes, we also have great hopes and visions of what miracles will be wrought by you and for you, the Starseed of planet Earth.

Close your eyes for a moment and breathe deeply as you settle your awareness into your Sacred Heart center. Now envision, if you will, that in this timeless moment, we are all coming together to rejoice, remember and reestablish our Divine relationship, one with another. See within your mind’s eye, and feel the emotions of recognition well up from within your Sacred Heart, as your vast spiritual family, past, present and future, come forth to greet you. Watch as shining Facets of our Father/Mother God, and all the shining, radiant Beings from throughout this Sub-universe, down to the tiniest elemental Beings, present themselves in their magnificent splendor, as they surge forth to walk amongst you. There are no limitations here, no one is excluded, for in this great gathering in the higher dimensions there is room for all—every soul who has ever incarnated on Earth is present in his/her Etheric bodily form, as well as all the precious Beings from throughout this solar system and galaxy. You see, it is a grand reunion reminiscent of the time when you all gathered in celebration before beginning your many long sojourns into the physical world, on planet Earth.

Have no doubt, beloveds, that you are welcome and that you belong at this gathering. We see you in all your glorious radiance—your unique, auric color pattern shines forth for all to see, and the sweet tones of your special vibratory harmonics--your personal Soul Song--add to the celestial music of the spheres, blending and merging in Oneness. You naturally migrate to those who radiate the same colors and harmonics as you—those whose celestial tones blend perfectly with yours, for these are your dearest and closest soul companions, from whom you were separated so long ago. Let your mind wander a while: what new insights come to mind, what words of wisdom surge forth, what do you remember that is of great importance to you? Allow the possibility to enter your consciousness that henceforth, you will have access to new information, advanced thought patterns, creative ideas and wisdom, which have been stored in Light packets within your Sacred Mind waiting to be ignited during these important and momentous times.

As you blend and flow together, merging with group after group, you will gain the benefit of their experiences and particular insights, as well as offering your own wisdom to them. See yourselves sitting amongst the beloved masters who are dearest to your heart, as they surround you in love and compassion, and suffuse your auric field with their radiance. Each in turn offers their special attributes: truth, faith and protection; clear perception and illumination; gratitude and forbearance; clarity and humility; concentration and dedication; peace and tranquility; and transmutation and purification, to mention only a few. These are just some of the attributes and qualities of the seven Rays of your solar system that we have spoken of so often. Which of these attributes do you lack? What is your “weakness in Spirit?”

Again, turn inward and honestly take an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses—no judgment, dear hearts—just observe. We are offering you a grand opportunity to tap into the Divine Stream of God Light, the Source from which all blessings flow. Take all you can contain at this time; however, we ask you to please use what you take to assist others to awaken and reclaim their birthright.

It is our greatest desire that all on Earth awaken and remember the Spark of the Divine that each Soul carries within. It is vitally important that you remove the barriers, boundaries and restrictions which separate you, one from another. We envision you, each and every one, healing your body, mind and soul and returning to the sanctity and harmony of Spirit. We see your Earth returning to its pristine beauty once again with sparkling, clear waters, fresh, pure air, and rich, fertile soil. We will encourage and assist any and everyone who is willing to nurture and care for the animal and nature kingdom, as you remember that you were given stewardship of these great gifts of Creation. We offer guidance, direction and assistance to you each time you move to a higher level of awareness and step out into the unknown. We give comfort and nurture you as you release many things in your lives that you hold dear. We assist you to the maximum that Sacred Universal Law permits in your endeavors to overcome your shortcomings and imbalances. We do not see your imperfections, beloveds, only your radiance and its intensity.

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