20 March 2014

Conversations With Cobra Chapter II ~ Elizabeth Whitney 16 March 2014

This is the second interview that Elizabeth Whitney has conducted with Cobra, the first of which was on 16 November 2013 (posted here).

Cobra delivers some information on what happened to MH 370 ~ he stresses that no extraterrestrial involvement occurred. There's also some discussion about The Event. Cobra also indirectly explains his coded message to the RM "decrypt final L0" which basically means this last etheric layer is being cleared at this point in time.

Please go here to read the interview.

Summary of some of the topics:

  • MH 370 involves Chinese-US conflict over advanced technologies; also serves as a distraction because major things unfolding for planetary liberation; "zero extraterrestrial involvement"
  • Humanity's position where free will largely compromise is not jst due to Cabal and Archons, because humans have "weakened" their ability to exercise free will over time
  • Without active human participation, liberation would not be possible even with Light Forces' assistance
  • We will eventually understand how we ourselves contributed to this situation of bondage
  • Suffering was never meant to be part of Life; however, even in dire situations we have the option to make a positive difference in small ways, this helps the whole process
  • Keeping Humanity in pain and ill-health as well as in financial lack are main tools of Cabal
  • Healing technologies will be released to alleviate pain and diseases so that people will be able to exercise more of their free will
  • Basic neccesities for Life will be provided unconditionally
  • Huge progress being made, especially in etheric plane where much clearing has taken place; one more very strong network needs to be dealt with before The Event can occur
  • Cosmic alignments connect us to the 5th and higher dimensions then higher energies can flood our Planet; we then transmit these higher energies and change quantum signature of Planet. This is Consciousness, a process that is inexorable, even the Cabal cannot stop it
  • Light absorbs the darkness and transmutes it to Light
  • When people start awakening from this dark nightmare, they will feel anger in the absence of higher perspectives; however, this is only transitional because new technologies and free energy will be introduced to move them to the next stage of evolution
  • At time of The Event there will be a huge download of intel for the masses through the mass media
  • Intel will be in form of hard evidence on human history, Cabal, ET existence, financial control etc; to be released via the mass media
  • Journalists at the moment may have hints about what's unfolding but are threatened to remain silent; it's not completely safe
  • Humans will lead transformation in the very beginning after The Event, under guidance by RM; Argathans, Light Forces and other races will only "appear" later on
  • Information war going on, we are being asked to use our discernment
  • Since clearing of etheric layer began (between physical and astral), more energies penetrating through
  • Easiest way Archons have kept Humanity in bondage is through manipulation of emotions to the point that we are always triggered to react; we are unable to think clearly
  •  When this last layer is cleared, there will be even more energy getting through and things will improve greatly; changes will be "dramatic"
  • Spring Equinox portal on 21 March involves asteroid occultation which will bring on demise of financial system; portals to be activated in Asia
  • Time for people to demand free energy, technologies, freedom etc.
  • "And don’t wait for the Event. Start working on it."

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