28 March 2014

Free Energy Revealed ~ Cobra 27 March 2014 ~ Fix The World Team & Hope Girl

Fix The World Team has successfully produced a working Overunity device, and is making the plans freely available for others to build.

I would love to have this Overunity device...right now! But since I'm unable to build it, I would have to wait until it's mass produced. Meanwhile, may others succeed in coming out with more versions of free energy devices. And with Keshe's work now in the public domain, we should be able to see the day very soon when we can finally get off the energy grid!

Please read Cobra's update which has more information...this development is yet another positive step forward!

**Note: Cobra has mentioned in his earlier post (Quarantine Earth Endgame) that he will be "pressuring (two) Disclosure acupuncture points", one of which is Free Energy and the other, Agartha. Looks like he's completed the first...now on to Agartha!

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