12 March 2014

Get Ready for the Landings! Michael Ellegion and Alexandra Meadors ~ 11 March 2014

Alcyon Pleiades 9
Alexandra Meadors interviews Michael Ellegion in this 1:55-hour session. I have only listened to about 30 minutes; you can listen to or download the mp3 here.

Some topics I heard discussed:
  • We're in new timeline now (previous timeline had only 1/3 survival rate ~ World Evacuation) where 90-95% will make it through (Open Contact), and we are now helping this 5-10% to make it through as well (minus the 1% Cabal), we are the "surrogates" for them (what has been termed the "heavy lifting" for the Collective)
  • Cosmic Sting Operations occurring since the 70's
  • The concentrated energy pulse from our Great Central Sun (The Event) "will discombobulate the Cabal", it's just "around the corner"
  • Large enough numbers of Humanity need to be ready to receive such a massive download of energy
  • "Cosmic secret agents" are in the various Black Ops to help expose secrets; don't be misled by their actions
  • Also validates what Cobra recently said about quarantine being lifted
  • Conflicting information ~ go with what resonates, "don't throw the baby out with the bath water"
  • Financial reset to come online soon, more of us are energetically more aligned to receive prosperity
  • Without Galactic Intervention, situation on planet would be much much much worse.
Update: 14 March 2014
I didn't get to finishing the interview, but here is a link to some observations from Kauilapele about a couple of topics that were discussed, in particular the roles that Obama and Putin are playing.

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