13 March 2014

IBOC Communique 13 Part 1 ~ Advice and Clarity for Establishing Local Groups to Prepare for Contact ~ Gesanna and An T'na

IBOC Communique 13 P1 contains many suggestions on setting up local groups to enable the dissemination of information in preparing for Contact, which we are beginning to hear is coming "sooner than you think!" It looks and feels like we are now coming very, very close to finally seeing obvious and apparent events unfolding that no person can deny.

Session 13 - Part 1

Advice and Clarity for Establishing Local Groups
To Prepare for Contact

An T'na: Good day to you all. I have been asked to convey to you the next Communiqué from members of the Intergalactic Board of Council.

The Council: We will be focusing throughout this and other Communiqués on helping you establish your local groups by offering advice for clarity and suggestions that promote the objective for these assembles.

To some degree We have already discussed the necessity of creating global public education programs that are established by-the-people for-the-people. We will have more to impart about this over the successive Communiqués.

Also, We have already spoken about forming local groups so that this endeavor can be undertaken more effectively than has been the case with your major symposiums where people must travel to great lengths and pay high prices to attend these events in order to gain crucial information as well as to have a chance share personal experiences.

While these large conferences have their purposes, they are otherwise impersonal in character as well as being exclusive as to who is permitted to access information from the inner circles of those-in-the-know.

We are urging you to create localized gatherings on a less grandiose yet more personal level that will be of far greater benefit to everyone.

We suggest that those-in-the-know of matters relating to extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings volunteer to organize and lead groups of people within your local areas for the purpose of generating between each member a close rapport that will serve part of the purpose for establishing these groups, which we have previously mentioned briefly.

The more local groups you can establish, the better. The reason for this will be made clear as we discuss Our vision for the numerous localized public education assemblages around the planet for the specific endeavor of focusing on preparing for contact and ascension.

As an example for others as to how this endeavor can be accomplished successfully, We will make reference to the group that has formed in Hawaii.

First of all, we know that you have what you refer to as online methods of finding and connecting up with people in your local areas who are ready to join a group designed for the purpose we are discussing that it be done for. We urge you to utilize those methods of locating people in your vicinities and inviting them to help launch or join your group.

A website, as you call it, will be given at the end of this Communiqué as one such method by which to do this. There are other methods of locating interested persons within your local areas so, please, utilize whatever methods are appropriate and effective for you.

Next, our observations of how you like to do things indicates that making use of titles or names that you assign to this or that group is helpful to you. Let us discuss this idea for a moment.

You may invent, or ask for guidance to receive, whatever name or title to apply to your group. For example, Our assemblage uses the name Intergalactic Board of Council as we clarified in a previous message. We use a name for Our group not for Our sake but for yours.

However, because it is important that you understand this suggestion, We want to clarify to you that whatever name you apply to your group, it is not the name that matters. What matters is the objective of the group itself, the purpose of which the group stands for. This is an important point to bear in mind.

Our Hawaii group received from Us the name of StarQuest Academy. Other groups are free to use this name as well, or apply another name. Again, it matters not what the name, but that you actively engage the purpose and function of the group itself.

The reason why We chose the name StarQuest Academy for Our Hawaii group is because, as the subtitle states, Where the QUEST for Knowledge Lies Among and Beyond the STARS, the group is indeed on a quest to avail themselves of knowledge that prepares them for contact with extraterrestrials and ascension with Ascended Beings. By whatever other name it could have, this is nevertheless the crux of the group’s purpose.

Once you settle on a name for your group, it is important to be clear as to the purpose of the group, which is as We advise in this and other Communiqués. In some visible way state the purpose for establishing the group because it is important that all members clearly know why they have joined the group, what its function is, what they can expect and not expect from it, and so on.

Once you have your group purpose statement declared, through whatever means works best for you gather together interested local people. Create a comfortable sized group. The size of it will be different for each group so we leave that up to your personal discretion.

Now, as We have repeatedly said before, the purpose of these groups is to prepare through self-education yourselves and others for contact and ascension. With regard to the education of such preparation, this objective should be the same for all groups regardless of name or location.

As we mentioned a bit earlier, there is a secondary, yet important function for the formation of these groups, which we will elaborate upon later.

For the moment, we will focus upon the educational aspect of the group.

We have stated in previous Communiqués that new online self-study courses are being created that are designed to give you a broad understanding of who it is that will be making contact with you, and why these Beings have chosen to do so.

For your personal contact experience, it will be helpful that you have some degree of awareness about your various extraterrestrial siblings, if you will; information that sheds a bit of light on the characteristics, nature, and pursuits of each particular species.

The more you know ahead of time who it is you will be meeting, the more at ease you will feel when the reality occurs because knowledge dispels fear and anxiety.

With regard to study material that you can utilize as individuals or as a group, We have formerly said that there are various sources of information that can be availed as study material. We would not want you to limit your sources and resources for this education to merely one or two sources. Yet we emphasize that it is vitally important that the study data you choose to employ is decidedly reliable and sound in what it advocates.

In your world, as we have stated before, some of your information regarding all-things-extraterrestrial and Ascended Being is limited and incomplete. There is much information on the matter that is extensively inaccurate therefore untrustworthy. And much of it is disinformation manufactured with lies by your negative factions to intentionally generate mass fear of the contact event. We wish you to avoid acquiring and focusing on all such sources of material.

For this reason we are having our oracle, Gesanna, compile for you a list of trustworthy study material, websites, and so on that meets with our approval of dependability. This information will be put on the Contact To Ascension website (see bottom of this Communiqué).

Once contact has occurred, then you will be given the full and complete knowledge of your visiting siblings. Until that time, We will offer you a bit of correction here and there.

Also, We do not want you to get hung-up-on details that are beside-the-point of preparing yourselves for contact. We have noticed that getting side-tracked from the main point or focus is easy for you to do. It will therefore be helpful for each group to have a moderator who is able to recognize when the discussion has strayed off the central theme and bring it back on-track again.

In other words, when you are standing face-to-face with an extraterrestrial or Ascended Being, and you have not prepared yourself for the internal paradigm shift that such an experience will induce within you because you chose instead to focus on sensational events of the past – such as stories expounding upon ancient historical space skirmishes between one race of entities and another as they determined who was going to rule your planet Mars – what good will focusing on such stories do you
now when contact is soon to occur?

Knowing your ancient past is one thing, but the time for knowing all of that is now long past. You should have done your homework with that long ago. We are not telling you to disregard it, but we are counseling you to understand that during your group study time you would be wise to instead focus most dominantly on learning who it is that is that you will soon be meeting, and why.

With regard to this entire information, it is time for you as a species to move into the now of knowing who they are and who you are so you can stand face-to-face with your star families and your Higher Dimensional families and not be thrown into panic or shock or anxiety or false worship. But that you can, instead, stand before them with the clarity of mind and the peace of heart that comes from gaining understanding and truth and its resulting state of trust, so that you can look them in the eyes and feel love, not fear; you can be hugged by them and feel compassion, not shame; you can hear them speak a truth and trust it, not be suspicious … all because you know a great deal more about whom it is you are interacting with.

What good are all the juicy tales of the past going to do you when it comes to this life-altering moment? And be reassured, it is coming, and it is coming sooner than you think! So, you have very little time to linger in the misty past when your doors are about to be knocked down for contact!

So, the focus of your groups, we strongly recommend, is best aimed at gaining an understanding of who it is you are going to have contact with; of why they are contacting you; of how you are going to react to it emotionally, mentally, physically.

In-lieu of that, We will recommend study material that has a broad compendium of “who’s-who” in the arena of extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings. And as you learn about the various species, each one of you are going to feel drawn to a particular race of extraterrestrials, or to particular Ascended Beings.

Understand that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, no sublime or evil Beings to feel drawn to. If you go into that judgmental attitude you are certainly setting yourself up for an encounter with some of other Beings that you really don’t want to experience.

We admonish that you each get past any and all judgment regarding who you feel drawn to and why; who others feel drawn to and why; and instead understand clearly that it is all right, it is all good, it is all sublime with regard to each soul’s personal evolution. It is crucial to your personal contact experience that you do this if you want it to be wonderful!

Consider that a cautionary bit of advice from Those-in-the-know of such matters.

Now, as you study who’s-who, what their race is like, and why they are making contact with this planet and with you personally, you need to pay attention to how you want to feel and react when the moment actually occurs.

This is where no one else in the group can help you. You must do this inner preparation work for yourselves. This is your personal inner homework and if you don’t do it for yourself then no one else will do it for you because no one else can.

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