16 March 2014

IBOC Communique 13 Part 2 and Other Updates ~ Contact2Ascension ~ Gesanna and An T'na

There are a whole lot of updates at the Contact2Ascension website. I had earlier posted Part 1, but you can read both Parts 1&2 together on the website here.  An T'na mentions the New Energy that even scientists have noticed (and are completely baffled by). If I'm not mistaken, she could be referring to what I call Star Power (posted here). As we know, massive amounts of Light is being pumped through the Galactic Centre and through our Sun, to be beamed at our Solar System. This is not yet the full force of its might...Michael Ellegion (in his interview with Alexandra Meadors, here) has said that the faucet has not yet been turned on fully.

Judy Satori has also told us that New Energy has been streaming in from Alpha Centauri, to boost our Ascension process (post here).

Please go here to read the Part 2 (scroll down until you get to it).

Here are the other updates, copied from the website:

**Communique 13 - Part 2, with Link to Live Audio Channeled IBOC Message  See also at StarQuest Academy
**New StarQuest Academy page - In-Class IBOC Messages - Class #1 - keeping you informed of recent Council Messages
**New StarQuest Academy page - Class Reviews - keeping you informed of recent class activities
**New subpage added to SQA main page - Council-recommended Meditation Aids
**New Message on StarQuest Academy Page - see bottom of main page
**IBOC Communique 13 - Establishing Local Groups
**Next MeetUp Gathering Schedule Now Confirmed  or go to our MeetUp website at,
**New Pic of L'ima - Member of the IBOC.

 "Stay tuned and connected to the Earth
because she's your ride home!" 


  1. Gesana...el sitio web no está disponible...podría enviar los COMUNICADOS...(hemos leído hasta el 9) a nuestra dirección. lcwattson@gmail.com
    Le agradezco
    Tom Sawyer

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I'm as surprised as you are! Perhaps the website is temporarily down, or Gesanna no longer wishes to continue with this. Let's check back occasionally, perhaps it will return in due time. Blessings