05 March 2014

Light Language Transmission with Jamye Price ~ March 2014

Jamye presents the energy forecast for March 2014 in this 6:35-minute clip. A Light Activation follows, and this video ends with some information about Light Language. Here is a summary of what's in store:
  • March is a month of "movement" and "preparation", with "stir-ups"
  • Reminds us that 2014 is year of personal empowerment, and has to do with inner journey
  • Solar activity that affected back of Heart is now leading to some throat adjustments and openings; expressing our truths will be important this month
  • Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine divide now starting to disintegrate in the outer world; watch for this in our own realities as well
Please watch the video here.

**Personal note: I'm glad Jamye mentioned the throat adjustments here, because that's been affecting me quite a bit these days. I've found that toning (I oooh, aaahh, ohmm and hmmm along with some Solfeggio tones) worked miracles! Thought I'd share this in case you are facing the same issues :)

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